How do I report a bad realtor?

Asked by imag28, Middle Village, NY Tue Oct 2, 2012

I saw a home for sale on trulia and called the realtor that was listed on it. My husband and I saw the house like it and want to make a offer on it. The realtor said that the Seller want $10,000 for himself because he lost a lot of money on the house which is a Short Sale! We went home that night and called our attorney. Our attorney said it was illegal. We were still interested in the house and still wanted to make a offer on what the bank was offering. A simple phone call of wanting to make a offer lead to a argument with the realtor for 45min. about not paying the $10,000. I repeatly said to her I just want to make offer. She was so unprofessional and kept saying the seller is not going to accept the offer unless we agree to pay the $10,000. The realtor never once asked if I was pre-approved? Or how much my offer was!! She never heard my offer because she was to busy arguing about wanting the $10,000 first. So how can I report this Fraud!!!!

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Maureen Mizuno’s answer
Maureen Mizu…, Agent, Ozone Park, NY
Wed Oct 3, 2012
This is very simple. Contact the ny Dept of state. This is who gives real estate licenses. You will need to prove that what you are acusing the agent of is true. If it is true it is in fact against the law. Also, if this agent is part of a board of realtors, they will be seriously dealt with. You should also report it to the local board of realtors. In this case I believe it is the Long Island Board of Realtors.

The home owner who is in forclosure (short sale or not) is not entitled to any money from the deal. The bank is losing far more than the owner. There are some short sales that allow the home owner to receive some money for relocation expenses. It is called a HAFA shortsale and it is the bank that will give the seller the money if they are eligible to do this kind of shortsale. That is between the bank and the seller. It has absolutely nothing to do with the buyer.

Do not give anyone money outside the normal sale of the property. I would also start to look for other houses as this could get very messy and take a very long time, in addition unless the price is already finally approved by the bank, the price might change.
Finally, you should get your own representation. Sign with your own Realtor. Other you are dealing with the sellers representative. If you want further information about this, I'd be happy to explain exactly how this works.
Good Luck! Maureen Mizuno
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Martina Ryan, Agent, Flushing, NY
Tue Oct 2, 2012
Concentrate on houses on the MLS. This way there is more transparency. The property may not be a Short Sale property. Get yourself a buyer's agent & have them make the offers on your behalf.
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Thanks Martina, I think I will do that. I/my family are just disappointed and really wanted the home. But the argument between the Realtor and I made it very awarkward and upsetting to deal with this realtor.
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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Tue Oct 2, 2012
You can begin by contacting the agent's broker owner and or office manager; if no satisfaction contact the local Board of Realtors, for the Queen's area it's the Long Island Board of Realtors; if no satisfaction contact the NYS Department of Real Estate Licensing...
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Thank you.
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Kate, Home Buyer, Hoboken, NJ
Thu May 21, 2015
We worked with our realtor and found a house listed by Ms. Marion Romano of Van Dyke Realty in Manahawkin. After offering on the house in just two days, we waited two days for a reply from Ms. Romano for a response which is customarily answered in a day at most. Our agent called and called her, with no reply. Eventually, we got a response. This happened through counter offers as well, when, finally-- *we waited for nearly two days when we met the counter offer of the seller.* During the process, it was clear, Ms. Romano was doing all she could to make it as uncomfortable and unpleasant as possible for us. Finally, our contract went into attorney review and we did everything we were asked and expected to do, to meet the process effectively. Our attorney sent the contracts to the seller's attorney and...the very day the contract should have come out of review, we received a call from our agent, to tell us-- the sellers might have another contract offer for more money than our offer (which, again, was the one quoted by the sellers and which we agreed to). Meanwhile, our lives are upside down, we started a process for financing, transferred funds after closing an account to do it, called inspectors and buy-out companies to sell household items and began packing and donating things to charities. We were floored and called our attorney, who got back to us, saying he tried to contact the sellers' attorney with no reply, after three attempts. He spoke with that attorney's paralegal, who said there might be a contract offer but there was NO contract presented yet, so 'we' remained in review, without any word of our status. I should say, here, we are completely qualified, financially and in every way. with no debts or obstacles to buy the house, so there is NO problem on our end. We believe the realtor, Marion Romano, has done everything she can to create havoc and distress to us, although we have observed every protocol and followed through with every act necessary to meet the process of buying the house. She has ignored our agent's calls from the beginning of the transaction, through to the current time, when our agent was unable to make any contact with her. *As a matter of fact, to get a response to our agreement to the counter offer, our agent's Broker/Manager had to contact Ms. Romano's Broker/Manager to get a response.* Now, we are at a place where we have had to take a stand, since the feeling we get and the observation of everyone we have spoken to, tells us--this is unethical and underhanded and NOT the way a moral, honest agent and realty conducts business, with such disregard for all decency of professional practice--even to knowingly cause havoc and chaos in our lives for a reason only Ms. Romano knows. So, our attorney has written to the sellers' attorney, advising that we have not been able to make contact with regard to the dubious developments and, that said, we stand by our current offer until 12 noon 5/20/15, at which time, we should either have an approved contract out of review or withdraw it. We believe there is something unsavory happening here and we cannot support it by offering more money, when there is but one contract at this point in review-- that is ours. From the onset, we were ignored and treated in a very unethical, unprofessional and disrespectful way by Ms. Romano, even to the extent that our own realtor had to ask his Broker/Manager to intervene, so we could proceed. We did all we were asked to do and we know the sellers are very nice people, which leads us to wonder if they are aware of what has been going on and whether they would support it. Surely, the agencies and authorities that monitor, control and assess the integrity of realtors and the real estate agencies have a vested interest in assuring a standard of practice and ethics that keeps the industry from abusing people, as we feel we have been. We regret, since we have shared our bad experience with Ms. Romano and Van Dyke Realty with many people, both personally and online, we are learning such practices are disturbingly common. It seems almost illegal to allow an agent to seemingly pick, discriminate and choose how and who and when she will sell a property, which is what it seems is what she is attempting here. It is very disturbing, indeed. Of course, we will continue to share our bad experience and hope it will prevent havoc, distress and chaos from being inflicted on another innocent, trusting real estate buyer, particularly referring to our experience with Ms. Marion Romano of Van Dyke Realty in Manahawkin, NJ.
At this writing, we are waiting for the 12 Noon deadline, May 21, 2105, to learn whether we have been, in all effect, cheated of the home we believed we purchased with every honest means required of us. Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you will give me some input.
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Jeff Gamble the general manager Van Dyk has responded to your post. Please see below.

Dear Kathie:
There are some facts left out of your statement, and there are several errors that compel me to respond.

1. No Crossroads manager or agent contacted me until I reached out to them on May 22, 2015.
2. The selling agent was NOT a Van Dyk agent.
3. New Jersey law requires that the listing agent submit ALL offers to their seller client up until the property closes title.
4. During this multiple offer negotiation, all offers were submitted to the seller's attorney before any response was made to each of the prospective buyers.
5. The other agent's buyer saw the property prior to the offer made by you.
6. The Van Dyk agent followed the Realtor Code of Ethics throughout the negotiations as the documented evidence supports.
7. At my initiative, all of the above was discussed with your agent's manager on Friday May 22.

Multiple offer situations frequently leave one party suspecti
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Adam Krzesni…, Agent, Jackson Heights, NY
Thu Oct 4, 2012
Report the agent to the local Board of Realtors
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Wed Oct 3, 2012
Anna, Martina and Maureen said it perfectly:

1. Get yourself a great Buyer's Agent who will work diligently on your behalf to research homes on the MLS and get your Offers presented and get you into a home.

2. The Seller is not entitled to any money back unless previously approved by the Seller's short sale Lender (and this rarely ever happens). The Seller appears to be attempting to defraud the Lender.

3. Report the agent to the local Board of Realtors, in this case it's probably LIBOR (Long Island Board of Realtors) unless the property is on the North Shore of Queens in which case it's the North Shore Board of Realtors.

4. NYS Dept of State is the State Agency which licenses (and revokes licenses) of real estate agents.

5. Mostly I'd recommend moving on. Leave this house alone; the whole thing stinks and you're not going to win this house in the end. You have better things to do with your time such as shopping for another house with a legitimate and motivated agent.

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Tim Moore, Agent, Kitty Hawk, NC
Tue Oct 2, 2012
I doubt it is fraud. It is confusing though, I never heard of a short sale seller asking for money under the table, and that would be illegal if it happens, but it has not happened so I say you don't have much at this point. Do this, each office has a person in charge of all the agents there, they are called many things depending what state you are in. Broker, Broker in Charge, Principal Broker or Office Broker are a few. Call the agents office and ask to speak with the office broker, let's hope your agent is not the Broker there. Tell the Broker your story. All listings belong to the office and that broker - NOT the listing agent so you should have a talk with the managing broker. Let us know what they say.
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I did a search on the Realtor and the Real Estate. The person happens to be the owner of it.
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Believe me I find it confusing myself. The realtor said that the Seller is asking for $10,000 because the bank screwed him over. The Seller had bought his home back in 2005 for $650,000 but the bank is offering $460.800 on a Short Sale. So the realtor said the seller losing out on a lot of money and is asking for $10,000 on the side. That the $10,000 will help with his moving expenses. I said to her but doesnt the bank provide the short sale seller a program to help move. She said yes but its only $3000 and its not a lot. Then the realtor started telling me the seller business why he couldnt pay. And that its not easy paying a mortgage. You have to pay taxes etc. I said to her ms. what does this have to do with me. I just want to make a offer. I am not paying $10,000 under the table its illegal. I just want to make offer. I am a potential buyer trying to make a offer. My offer was never heard.
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Alan May, Agent, Evanston, IL
Tue Oct 2, 2012
You can report the agent to her governing body... in New York the New York State Association of Realtors ( is probably a good place to start.

But in the meantime, you might want to find a buyer's agent of your own, and allow them to help you in placing an offer on the property. A buyer's agent will know how to approach the situation, and how to make sure that your offer is presented sans the $10,000 illegal bribe that this agent was insisting upon.

Good luck.
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My words got cut off. Our family has been through 2 agents since our search began in January. We decided to just check this home out since it was within the neighborhood. But I guess the safe way to go is the buyer agent. I just can't believe a whole argument was about giving $10,000 under the table. My family really liked the home and it was/is in the location we wanted. The price was right but the Seller/Relator was so wrong.

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began in January. But I guess the safe way to go is the buyer agent. I just can't believe a whole argument was about giving $10,000. My family really liked the home and it was/is in the location we wanted. The price was right but the Seller/Relator was so wrong.
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