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Home buyer rebate

Asked by Payal, Los Angeles, CA Mon Oct 8, 2012

Hi, I am looking for an agent that gives home buyer rebate back to the buyer. If you know someone who may be able to help, let me know.

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Jim Olive’s answer
Here's another angle to look at...if you're paying half a million dollars for a home and you're looking for a few hundred dollars savings, it's really not worth asking for. Even a few thousand is such a drop in the bucket, it's not worth all the emotions you're going to stir up on both sides to ask. Best of luck with your purchase...
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You will get a lot responses here telling you that anyone who gives you a rebate isn't worth hiring. That is not necessarily true - we are a full service firm who also rebates a portion of our commission to all buyers and we are VERY good at what we do - but as Jane points out this is one of the most if not the biggest purchase of your life and it makes no sense to hire someone just because they give you a little back. Find someone who is really good at this and if they also rebate you something it's a bonus.

Most firms who offer rebates are discount firms that offer something less in service, and I would never use one of them as an experienced agent in your area can probably more than make up the difference in knowledge and negotiating skills
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I second the sentiment that most of the realtors have responded with. It's not how big a rebate, but how strong a negotiator and well-connected a realtor is in the neighborhoods you want to buy. However, even top agents are willing to rebate a portion of their commission, and you can find them on our site. Simply submit a request, easily compare top agents across their reviews, experience, and rebate amounts they promise you. Select the right one for you, and win the home of your dreams.
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go on redfin.com and find an agent
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Dear Payal,
I believe this is what redfin does with their clients. I know they do it with listings. It is a limited service Brokerage but perhaps that is what you are looking for.
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good point
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I believe what you are looking for is Redfin.com. Be careful though, as this is both a huge decision and purchase at the same time. Do you really have this as the top priority in choosing a professional to assist you? I would go through your priorities again. I always find that a truly serious buyer will never have this as a top priority and instead is focused on finding an agent who is experienced, knows the specific neighborhood in which they want to live, and someone who they feel they can work well with on a personal level. Oh yea, and the old adage ALWAYS rings true: You get what you pay for. I this case, even when you aren't actually paying for anything.
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Establishing upfront with your agent what services will be provided and what fees will be charged is good business for both sides. If a buyer is willing to pay me by the hour, I rebate them the whole commission and get paid for all the time I spend working on their behalf, whether they close or not. I also offer plans where the buyer pays an upfront retainer and receives a partial rebate of the commission at closing. A good buyers agent can definitely help protect your interests and if they know they will be paid, can give you unbiased advice instead of steering you to close no matter what. Agents working straight commission have to make up for clients who don't close by overcharging those that do. Any buyers agent who tells you their services are free to the buyer since they come out of the sellers proceeds, is, in my opinion, not a good buyers agent. Buyers can do much of the work on their own that agents used to do for them, but many brokers are stuck in traditional ways of doing business.

I am in NC so can't help you in 90025. This website may have someone who can:

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How much are you anticipating? A small amount may be negotiable. However, FYI, manytimes the discount brokerages rebates don't add up to much. I did a comparison for a small condo in Encino. I negotiated all new flooring (about $4000), the discount brokerage rebate would have equalled about $1500.
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You want to pay less fee and get the same amount of work. Let me ask you. If your boss came up to you and said: " I want the same amount of work from you, but I am going to pay you less." what would you do?
You are looking for a desperate individual, who will be willing bo cut their fee just so they can make some money. Some money is better than no money, I guess.
Good luck!
Remember, you get what you pay for!
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I like your comments. You are right on. No one works for free.
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That depends...if the lower pay is the highest I can find anywhere, then that's my worth. Your price is what someone is willing to pay for it!
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I think the expression is "Penny wise, pound foolish".
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Why do you feel the need to reply to forum questions, if you don't have an answer to the question asked?
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Since you don't pay the representative who is helping you with the most important transaction of your life, and you want them to pay you, I am not sure you want to go that route.
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The clients I work for are almost always asking for a rebate, sometimes as much as 50 %,
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Feel free to contact me and I would be glad to put you in contact with a local expert who offers this.

Feel free to also check out


For some FREE informative articles & reports for sellers.

Also http://www.taylorcresswell.com has properties that are currently available for sale.

Taylor Cresswell
Real Estate Agent
BRE# 01945015
(424) 302-8008
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i'd rethink this idea, as it might seem like a good way to save money but its not really.

Contractual and legal issues aside, if a Realtor gave you a share of their commission, that is likely going to be a bigger loss to them than if they negotiated a price equivalent to the amount of the rebate.

A lower sales price of the same amount as the rebate still gives you the same saving, and the realtor will be more motivated to get you the best deal.
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There are many company & agents that give rebates ,why don't you talk to some of your family & friends who have bought and ask them for a referral & then interview a few & ask them about a rebate ! You can also Google agents online & put in buyer rebates & check out the area you want to look in. Good Luck !
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This is a great discussion thread, and wanted to add to it. At the end of the day, the most important factor is finding an agent that you can trust and you work well with. As for the rebate part, however, this is why we created out website, Upnest, in order to help buyers find top agents and buyer rebates. Rather than go through the hassle of negotiating 1:1, let agents compete to offer you the best service and rebate possible.
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Hello Paya,

To answer your question regarding buyer's rebate, I offer rebate to my buyers & sellers. let me know I can be help you in your real estate needs.

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Hello Payal,

Agents are not allowed to give REBATES back to the buyer. An agent can offer a credit to the buyer to offset closing cost. If the agent chooses to do so, it is done thru escrow. No money can change hands from the agent directly to the buyer in the form of a rebate, kick back ect. This is a clear violation of the code of ethics.

If you need closing cost help, your agent can also ask the seller to credit you some funds towards your closing cost, this too will be up to the seller to agree on , and is done thru escrow.

Best of luck to you.
Kawain Payne, Realtor®
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I am curious why you are looking for an agent for a rebate. Did you have a previous purchase that you may over paid and you looking for rebate?

Let’s talk I am a very good negotiator.

Claudia Hansen
Keller Williams Realty LA/Westside
DRE 011555245
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I completely agree, the idea of having a buyer's agent is so they will work hard for you, negotiate on your behalf to get you a good deal, help you through the inspections and look out for your best interest. Majority of agents work very hard, when is the last time you went to the doctor who works very hard and asked him to pay you 1/2 of his paycheck. Take my advice-value and cherish the Realtor you choose to work with and it will reward you greatly-you will have a wonderful new home and be ensured it was a smooth transaction.

Good luck!
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