Hi, Should I have a sewer camera inspection? Any info, or experience is greatly appreciated!?

Asked by 1st Time Buyer, sone to be Beverly Hills Sat Oct 4, 2008

My home inspector advised me(very adamantly) to have a sewer camera inspection company inspect the sewer pipe of the home we are going to purchase. The house was built in 1985 on a lot where two older homes once stood. My real estate agent said it would be a waste of time, and money for a house of this age. We did find permits for a replaced sewer, and connection to the city pipe from 1985. I feel that I should have it inspected, but my agent acts annoyed, and makes me feel like I'm paranoid, and unreasonable. She also stated that the only reason the home inspector makes this, and similar recommendation is to justify his fees.

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Josh Goldste…, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Sun Feb 2, 2014
As an agent I ALWAYS recommend my clients get a sewer inspection. It's important to make sure the pipes are clear of any roots or blockages, and also to make sure the pipe isn't cracked or separated as that can be a very expensive problem. This inspection is relatively inexpensive and can be done very quickly, so there's no reason you shouldn't have this done before moving forward with your purchase.
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They're right, I would get the inspection if you are that unsure about it. You'll want to make sure that everything is working properly in your pipes. Drain cleaning can be a pain, but having a backed up drain can be even worse. Sometimes to pays off to spend a little bit of money to prevent problems. http://www.mikesdrainandplumbing.com/drain-cleaning.html
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I agree, it never hurts to get an extra inspection of your drains and plumbing as well. You have to make sure that you aren't in need of a cleaning. I don't think that there is anything worse than a sewage backup. That could completely destroy the value of your home so quickly. http://www.cincinnati-plumbers.com/drain-cleaning
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I agree, Josh, having a sewer inspection is a great precaution. Along with a sewer pipe inspection, making sure all of your drains are clean is another good idea. You can find a drain cleaning service to come in and inspect all of your drains to be sure they are free from clogs. I would recommend having them also inspect the traps underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks as well.
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St. James +…, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Wed Dec 18, 2013
One should consider the investment of a few hundred dollars vs. the potential $10,000 repair. Penny wise vs. Pound foolish.

I have been blessed with the knowledge and expertise that comes with having represented many Buyer's and Seller's in the purchase/sell of homes over the years. It is my definite opinion, and I certainly recommend to all my clients, that one does a sewer camera inspection when purchasing a home.

Best regards,

Markus Canter
Luxury Properties Director
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CA Properties - Beverly Hills
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jkirkevold, , Seattle, WA
Wed Dec 11, 2013
If your house has had permits pulled for a sewer this could mean the whole sewer was replaced or just one portion. This is a red flag and you should definitely get a sewer scope (inspection). If a portion was replaced this means the rest of the line may too have problems. ALWAYS get your sewer inspected by the proper people. Often home inspectors do not have the right kind of camera or knowledge about sewers. Hire a sewer company to do the inspection.
Web Reference:  http://www.sewerfriendly.com
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Matt Sweeney, , 90210
Sat Feb 16, 2013
Hey First Timer,

My advice is that you can NEVER have too many inspections, especially if your gut is telling you to conduct a specific one. As an agent and broker, I will always discuss with my clients all potential inspections a home might require before we even commence the actual house hunt. I also provide rough estimates as to what to expect cost wise. From there, I let the buyer decide which ones they want to add on (in addition to the ones I require ALL my clients to conduct for everyone's protection: general, mold, chimney, termite, and pool if applicable).

A general home inspector typically does not provide a thorough sewer line inspection. To do this, they need to put a camera up the line to evaluate blockages, etc. You are then provided with a disc to watch of the lovely contents within your sewer (it's great to watch over a crackling fire and glass of wine as well as your Chimney Inspection video) as well as a report and recommendations. I sold a house in the hills north of Sunset on lower Kings. I would have naturally thought the line was connected to the city...WRONG. We did a sewer line inspection which revealed it was an a septic tank which needed to be completely pumped (septic was unknown or undisclosed by seller) and that the city had made a line available for connection in the last few years if he wanted to connect down the line (pun intended). That $1500 inspection yielded a $3500 credit in return, a pumped septic paid by seller, and knowledge we didn't know prior.

One final thought about your situation. By doing your complete due diligence, you not only alleviate liability for your agent, her brokerage, and the seller but you are also getting peace of mind. Any agent who is reluctant or "acting annoyed" because you want to pursue this further is suspect in my book. Some agents want to scoot by with as minimal inspections as possible b/c the less problems discovered, the less likely you are to want to back out. Potential deal breaker = loss of commission for agent.

Best of luck to you. When it comes to any big decision in life, always go with your gut and know that we as agents are here to look out for your best interests at all times, regardless of financial return.

All the best,

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After moving into your house, you should definitely get everything inspected. It's better to be safe rather than sorry. By catching the problems early, you can repair small parts of your septic system, rather than having to replace the entire thing. http://www.lutzkycontractingnj.com
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Rob Weber, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Plainfield, IL
Tue Mar 13, 2012
I purchased a home and in the summer that followed, had water in my basement twice from sewer backups. I learned the hard way to get the sewer inspected prior to closing. At the time, I didn't realize what a 'clean out' was or why it was important (common sense to any homeowner, not to me at the time being a renter). It turns out that my home was built when the local building code didn't require them and you had to take the toilet off to rod out the sewer line. Any homebuyer who's looking, make sure you know how your plumber will rud out your sewer line, I ended up having a finished basement converted to an unfinished basement and over 10k in damage to the home/belongings in the basement at the time, a $125 sewer line inspection (camera) would have made all the difference.

Denoument: I ended up having root infiltration from a big tree and we have clay pipes (had), the roots broke through the weak 'coupling' pieces and had created a net trapping anything that tried to go past it, making the problem very difficult to fix. We ended up having to have the entire sewer line from our house to the sidewalk tore out and we had them add a clean-out at the same time as well, everything was PVC afterwards. They forgot to use the root treatment and we ended up having water again a month later (the portion after the sidewalk to the main line had another section with roots). Make sure you get the company to put in writing what they did so if they didn't and you end up with water, you have a leg to stand on when it comes to who's paying the bill/deductible. After the second time, they used a super sized cutter to get the remaining roots and root killer. After htat it's a yearly maintenance or shell out the extra $3k to extend it to the main line (probably do that this summer so I never have to worry about it again).
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I have found it may be an option to have your remaining pipes lined instead of paying the expense of fixing sidewalk and probably the street also . Use a system that burst the old pipe to get proper diameter
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Adam Spradlin, Agent, Fort Smith, AR
Thu Jun 30, 2011
I can think of 10 reasons off the top of my head to have the inspection done professionally and only one reason not to.
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You guys are right, the sewage inspection can prevent a lot of problems in the long run. Have you ever had a backed up septic tank? It isn't very much fun. A simple diagnostic check can save you so much headache later. http://www.pennyplumbing.com/services/
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I agree, you should definitely get a home inspection done. It will save you from having to clean your drains later, from having to pump your septic tank later, and having to do so many other repairs. It's better to just get all of these problems out of the way early on. http://www.rapidrooterseattle.com
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Hotog12, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Sat Jan 21, 2017
We have had lots of issues closing on a property. First the property wasn't ready for the 2 days that we were originally suppose to close. Then we did a final walk thru the day before the closing date and found the basement toilet had sewage spilling out. We requested it be fixed prior to closing the next day at 1pm. Time came and went and they finally had someone to attempt to fix it by 3:30pm but we had to close by 4pm. We decided that they were not holding up their end of the deal and the home was not ready for us to be done with the deal. Has anyone else had this experience? This seller is also an attorney threatening to sue us for not closing but the home has raw sewage in two rooms in the basemen! Thoughts?
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Wendy Legert…, Agent, Huntington Beach, CA
Fri Apr 15, 2016
I am shocked that an agent would tell you know. The inspection is NOT their job and you should listen to your inspector. I can tell you as an agent and investor, I always do a sewer scope!
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Daniel Casti…, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Tue Nov 10, 2015
Hi 1st Time Buyer,

I can see that your agent assumes since this is a newer house that a sewer camera inspection may be a waste of time,

However, never Assume anything ! Have it done, you can even find some plumbers who will an inspection for FREE , and if any repairs needed you can use their services.

It's your Agents job to help you with any possible issues that come up.

Please feel free to contact me at (310) 584-7721 if you have questions. I would be happy to answer any questions.

Daniel Castiel
GoldStar Realty
(310) 584-7721
BRE #01023338
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Kj Stpierre, Home Buyer, Sacramento County, CA
Sat Aug 29, 2015
My agent is doing the same thing. Tell him his advice is inappropriate and that he is to represent your wishes and respect your reasonable inspection of the home or you will find another agent. (But don't actually change agents in the middle of the house transaction without checking with a lawyer. You need to be sure you have legal foundation to switch, preventing any action against you for breaching the agency agreement.)
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djennifer009, , Salt Lake City, UT
Wed Apr 15, 2015
Actually, an inspection now could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. A sewer repair is one of the most expensive homeowner repairs out there. Regular maintenance on the other hand, like inspections and cleanings, are relatively cheap. It's much better to invest now than pay for it later. http://www.tierra-environmental.com/sewer-cleaning/
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Bobby Schultz, Agent, Austin, TX
Tue Mar 3, 2015
If you're a buyer, getting this inspection done would definitely increase your chances of having the seller pay for repairs. If you're a seller, it would provide a higher level of confidence to buyers.
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...also, it's very unfortunate that you're real estate agent is recommending against the inspection. Clients should NEVER be discouraged from getting an inspection! -bobby
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Daniel Casti…, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Tue Mar 3, 2015
Yes, it would be smart to do it, notice, especially if you have certain types of trees growing near and around the sewer line. Take into consideration the age of the home, the length of the sewer pipe and so on.
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Carrie Rolli…, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Thu Feb 26, 2015
With out a doubt, YES! Sewer is a tricky issue if there is a problem. I have had deals go south because of huge sewer issues- they can be costly. Well worth your money!
Best of luck with your inspections!
Carrie Rollings
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Michael Szak…, Agent, Ventura, CA
Tue Feb 24, 2015
The downside is a few hundred $$$ for the inspection, the upside knowing about a major problem that could be potentially thousands $$$$ to fix, even more if you need to dig up the street to connect to the city (I have seen this be as much as $30,000). If you think that there is an issue, and it will make you sleep better at night, then do it, the risk is small. And the "risk" is that you spend a little money to know that you are buying a house with a sound sewer line.
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lewisremingt…, Home Owner, Rochester, NY
Tue Feb 24, 2015
I think that a sewer inspection would never hurt, especially if you are slightly paranoid about it. I know that when I'm paranoid about something I can't really focus on other things, and it just ends up feeling like I have something in the back of my mind bugging me. It might also be a good idea to get your drains cleaned, or see if they need to be cleaned at least.
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cathysmith135, Home Buyer, Wilmington, DE
Thu Jan 8, 2015
That's a great question. It's totally dependent on where you live. I would ask your home insurance provider if they think it's a good idea. It may not be necessary to have that extra coverage. Then again, better safe than sorry! http://www.maynardinsurance.ca/en/home_insurance.html
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Tristam Biel…, Agent, South Pasadena, CA
Thu Jan 8, 2015
It is always good advice to get a sewer inspection. Its not unreasonable at all, especially if there are trees anywhere near the sewer line.
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Jackson Will…, Home Buyer, Provo, UT
Wed Jan 7, 2015
I think it's extremely important to have sewers inspected. You have no way of knowing what kind of problems the sewer lines might have. The last thing you want is to have an avoidable problem come up a month after moving in. You should look around for some reliable companies to do this service for you.
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Gary Birtles, , Scottsdale, AZ
Wed Jan 7, 2015
I don't think it would hut to have it done. It is best to find out as much about the plumbing as you can before you make a purchase. This should help you make a safer decision. You don't need to feel paranoid, you're just being smart. http://www.dbrplumbing.com/Commercial.html
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Gary Birtles, , Scottsdale, AZ
Wed Jan 7, 2015
I don't think it would hut to have it done. It is best to find out as much about the plumbing as you can before you make a purchase. This should help you make a safer decision. You don't need to feel paranoid, you're just being smart. http://www.dbrplumbing.com/Commercial.html
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Sun Dec 28, 2014
You can have any and all inspections you would like and are willing to pay for. I personally think a buyer can go overboard with these and end up paying for things the seller will not correct.
You are not paranoid or unreasonable to want to know what is going on with a property you are about to purchase.
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Alex Lee, Home Buyer, Beverly Hills, CA
Sat Dec 20, 2014
If your accepted offer is low enough, you shouldn't make any construction defect contingencies. Your sales price should be low enough so that you have enough equity to pay for structural issues on your own. You don't need to remind the owner of the defects THEY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT...they will know how much to tumble on price. I like to offer as follows: Drop your base offer 6% from asking ---this is the sales commission. From this Figure NEVER offer more than 10% below this base offer. Of course always start as low as you can, and make few if any contingencies. The sales agents want a FAST transaction--NUMBER ONE GOAL ( both sides of the deal). Its best to use a Conventional pre-approved loan at much less than you can afford. If you want to refi later you can, why mess up the deal with mortgage -property inspections? f the seller has equity ---they may be FORCED into a sale---by some other reason. Look up the Five D's of real estate. My last deal was accepted at 19 % BELOW ASKING--- FIRM STRONG OFFER--- DEMONSTRATING ABILITY TO PERFORM. Sellers may dislike this but reality FORCES LISTING AND BUYERS agents to NOTICE--- no problems with inspections, mortgage approvals = FAST CLOSE to FAST MONEY---with little work. AGENTS LOVE THAT.
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garypuntman, , Los Angeles, CA
Thu Nov 20, 2014
You should find a plumber and ask them if they can do this. I think that it would be a good idea. You want to make sure your sewer is working and everything is in good condition. http://www.murphyplumbing.com.au
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mattdalek47, , Columbus, OH
Mon Nov 3, 2014
I would recommend it highly. You want to know beforehand if you are going to need it cleaned soon. If it needs cleaned and it isn't taken care of soon enough, it will cause more problems than you can imagine.

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Read my reply above- If your accepted offer is 19% of asking....is that enough money to allow you to have your own contractor do the work? If the accepted price is good---don't sweat the small stuff.
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Mark Leach, Home Buyer, Pine Bluff, AR
Thu Oct 30, 2014
I am in need of a drain cleaning company as well. I have tried over the counter stuff, and it just isn't doing the trick. Are there any companies that you would recommend?

Mark Leach | http://jimmyrooter.com/services/
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Mark Leach, Home Buyer, Pine Bluff, AR
Thu Oct 23, 2014
I don't know if a sewer camera inspection would be necessary, but I would definitely have a drain cleaning done but a rooter company. It could be a real easy solution for what you are trying to accomplish.

Mark Leach | http://www.guaranteedrooterservice.com
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Joel and Jul…, Agent, Cranston, RI
Tue Oct 7, 2014
YES, absolutely! Even though it may cost $200-$400 for this inspection, it is totally worth doing. I learned the hard way....I bought a rental property, within a couple weeks of advertising the house I had found great tenants. A few days after they moved in, they mentioned to me the bathroom in the basement kept backing up. I tried snaking the toilet, the shower, but that did not work. I called Roto Routers, they did a sewer camera inspection and the cast iron pipes were broken on my property in the driveway!

It cost me 10K to rip up some landscaping in front of the driveway, then the driveway itself, fix the piping and put everything back together.

Please do this inspection!
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Julie Kryuko…, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Fri Sep 26, 2014
I think it is worth the investment to get one done. It costs about $300 but problems with a sewer that you aren't prepared for can be tens of thousands. It's good to do it even for preventive maintenance. The thing about real estate is that like anything else, it must be maintained and taken care of, same goes for the sewer.

If you have any more questions or need referrals for inspection, please feel free to call me.


Julie Kryukova
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Eileen Walsh, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Thu Sep 11, 2014
If you want to conduct a sewer inspection, then you should do so. Which inspections to do depends on your budget and the specific facts of the property. Also a good place to begin answering this question is the opinion of the general property inspector. I generally recommend that my clients begin with the general inspection and see what he recommends as to guidance with respect to which further inspections should be done. But if money is not an object, and it makes you more comfortable and secure to do the inspection, then by all means do so. As to your situation, I'm not hearing any facts which would raise a ref flag. Eileen Walsh, Keller Williams Larchmont, Top Producer. 310-738-3807
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inna ivchenko, Agent, Calabasas, CA
Fri Apr 18, 2014
The Realtor should never advice to ignore the necessary inspection. It is only your decision.
What would happen if you buy this property just to find out that the sewer line has tree roots in it and it will cost your thousands to repair the damage? It is very common that homeowners do not realise that they have a drain problem and this leads to disastrous consequences( the cost of replacing the damaged pipes). We live in EQ zone, pipes do crack.
Go ahead and order a sewer inspection using a sewerline camera whether the home is fairly new or an older home.
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jameseleasure, , New York, NY
Thu Apr 17, 2014
First Time Buyer,
by now, you have probably already bought a house.
Whatever the case, I have personally been the technician on the seen to clear a blocked drain, that ended in an excavation to replace a damaged pipe. The people were lucky. They just moved in and had not closed yet.
That situation does not occur very often. So, be very cautious if you are told you can move in before closing. Maybe it was a rent to own, situation.
Anyway, have the sewer inspected as part of the closing.
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Murphy Team, Agent, Portland, ME
Mon Mar 17, 2014
Lots of answers to your inquiry. I would certainly listen to the building inspector you hired and get the camera inspection. This is why you paid for the inspection, to get advise on the condition of the property before you purchase it. The cost of a further inspection of the piping today is considerably less than the cost of replacing the piping if a problem is discovered after you purchase.
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Brad Penske, Other Pro, Coeur d Alene, ID
Wed Feb 19, 2014
As the owner of a sewer lateral inspection company in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, I can tell you that your home inspector is very wise. As with any inspection, the only reason your agent would have discouraged the inspection is to protect their own pocket book. A buyers agent should have a moral duty to protect you and your investment.

Very few property owners are aware that they are responsible for the sewer line from the building to the city main. Broken, flat, bellied, offset, or root-infested sewer or septic lines can cause sewage to back up into the house or commercial building leading to extensive property damage in the home or business. Sewer back-ups can cause thousands of dollars in property damage and loss of valuable operating time for businesses. Although insurance companies will usually pay for cleanup and restoration; repair or replacement of the line is typically excluded, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Because we do not replace, repair, or service sewer or septic systems; we are truly unbiased in giving forthright information to our clients.

Standard home inspections do not cover the structural integrity or condition of sewer or septic lines. A sewer scope provides an innovative approach to make an educated buying decision, plan for upcoming maintenance, budget for necessary repairs, or gain valuable purchase price negotiation. When a line is video inspected (scoped) it can also be located. Locating a sewer or septic line is also an important step prior to any future excavation, remodeling, concrete, or landscaping projects.

I know this question was asked several years ago. So what ever happened? Did you have the inspection? What was the outcome?
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http://www.americandrain.net for information on sewer relaited camera questions.
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Tom Sommers, Agent, Lakeville, MN
Wed Dec 11, 2013
I have sold many homes where my clients have had this inspection as part of their over all home inspection. The main thing you want to consider is having the line cleaned before they scope it with a camera. There are many companies that specialize in this service.
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elijahali21, Home Buyer, Philadelphia, PA
Tue Nov 5, 2013
I have been looking for someone to come do a sewer inspection. It's really important to get inspections done on a regular basis.
Web Reference:  http://www.thedraindoctor.ca
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Truliablessi…, , Cameron, TX
Mon Sep 23, 2013
I would have a Licensed Plumber conduct a static test instead. A static test will let you know if there is any separation in the piping. Static test can indicate a problem better than a Camera and will be less expensive. The Plumber will plug the line leaving the house, fill it up with water up to the top of the slab and if the water does not drop after 15 min. the plumbing is good.

We do these tests all the time in Central Texas for about $100. as long as there is a cleanout .

Master Plumber M-2984
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hyderali.urg…, Home Buyer, Elmhurst, NY
Sun Sep 22, 2013
If you are interested to find the information about this topic you must have a look at this website you will find all the answers of your question here. http://www.rubberflooring-direct.co.uk
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Daniel Casti…, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Tue Jun 25, 2013
I would just go ahead and do it, you can find plumbers doing this for $200-300.
Considering what a sewer line replacement costs, especially if the line is in the middle of the street,
repais can easily go over $10,000. Even with newer sewer lines tree roots can still get in where the 6 inch sewer lines connects to the 4 inch line (because of loose rubber boot)
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Truliablessi…, , Cameron, TX
Fri May 10, 2013
Your Home should have a Static Test conducted. This will let you know if there is a problem.
If there is a leak, then a Camera should be able to locate it.
Get it tested with a static test. You don't want a house that will have foundation problems.
Good luck,
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Truliablessi…, , Cameron, TX
Fri May 10, 2013
This Question was asked 5 years ago But:

Any home being purchased should have a static test done. This will let you know if there is an issue,

A camera inspection would only be needed if a static test indicated a break in your line.

If you have a static test done and your system has a break.......It is extremly important to get the line repaired.

You will have foundation issues if you don't get it repaired and that could make your home worthless.

Never listen to e Real Estate agent when it comes to not being careful.

Remember the Agent wants the sale to go through, that is how they get paid! Some Real Estate Agents are only in it for the money and do not care what you end up with.
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SERVICE.PLUM…, Home Owner, Metamora, IL
Thu Apr 11, 2013
On ny wesite http://www.russellsplumbing.com/ blog
There are many pictures of what you may encounter with this drought in midwest tree roots are destroying sewers. Not to mention during the building boom if 90'sI corners where cut. I have fixed shear breaks where pipe shears next to house and generally sewer line sinks a few inches you may not notice until it washes out. Landscaping in front of house must be taken out, any concrete decks, side walks on top must be taken out and repaired. Ive found the shears to be cheaper to fix than concrete or landscape restoration.
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mark clark, Other Pro, Colorado springs, CO
Thu Apr 11, 2013
Home buyers should not make such large investments without first checking the plumbing and sewer system integrity of their future home.

A Sewer Line Inspection can help identify Problems before they become an Expensive Problem!

When your ready to make an offer on a home it's always best to have a plumbing or drain cleaning company run a sewer camera down the line. It’s an affordable insurance and good safe guard. If you happen to find a clean and good drain pipe, you win.

If you find some tree roots or damaged spots you can have the choice to buy the property or pass. If they want to sell the house, more than likely the seller will agree to get the drain pipe cleaned before the closing on the house. If you find a broken or damaged sewer line you have won. By spending your life savings and hoping that if there is a problem you can find enough money between pay checks to fix the repair is not the way to go.

-Pro Power Rooter
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americandrai…, , Miami, FL
Thu Mar 21, 2013
If you are you planning to purchase or remodel an older home or building? As these structures age, the condition of lines deteriorates. Far too often thousands of dollars are spent on remodeling, without consideration as to the condition of the sewer and drain system that lies below newly installed and very expensive flooring and/or cabinetry. Companies like American Drain systems perform a video and transmitter inspection to determine the condition of lines before the remodel begins. It could save you time, money, and a lot of aggravation.
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Jefferson He…, Agent, Los Angeles, CA
Tue Feb 19, 2013
I ALWAYS advise my clients to have the sewer scoped when buying a single family residence, even if it's only a few years old. And I agree with what another poster said, you can never have too many inspections (within reason, of course). If your agent is making you feel paranoid and unreasonable, you might want to rethink your choice of an agent next time. Certainly I've had clients who I felt wanted to do inspections that didn't make any sense, but I try to let them know why it's probably not necessary and then let them make the choice.
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junior63110, , Beverly Hills, CA
Fri Feb 15, 2013
Hello my name is sylvester and im a master plumber and rehabber .I dont personally do sewer inspections but as a rehabber and invester i strongly suggest sewer inspection I personally lost my but on a flip becus i dident spend $150 on a sewer inspection .an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. e mail junior63110@yahoo.com
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SERVICE.PLUM…, Home Owner, Metamora, IL
Mon Jan 28, 2013
Yes I am a plumbing contractor and just replaced 2 sewers on homes people just purchased within a year. You have a very good inspector
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Ed Sparks, Both Buyer And Seller, Los Angeles, CA
Mon Aug 27, 2012
Its always nice to be thorough but sometimes the adage is seek and you shall find!
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Truliablessi…, , Cameron, TX
Fri Mar 30, 2012
AS a Master Plumber, I would highly recommend it. WE can detect cracks in lines that can result in thousands of dollars in foundation repairs in just a few years. I would also recommend a static sewer test as well
. This will insure there are no breaks seen or unseen by a camera. An Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure. Good luck.
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Beth, , Burbank, CA
Tue Mar 13, 2012
Your agent is justifying fees! Are they really working? Drain chief told me about sewer camera inspections and saved me thousands and a lot of headaches on my home purchase. Do it!
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I think in any underwater reservoir you should have it periodically checked and cleaned. It will save you a lot of trouble later down the road, because you are more prepared. I would try and do it sooner than later, because you never really know what's going to be down there. http://www.southerncommercialdivers.com.au
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