Has anyone else in MH purchased a Pulte Home and experienced any or all of the above?

Asked by Steve, Mountain House, CA Mon Aug 25, 2008

Has anyone else in MH purchased a Pulte Home and experienced any or all of the above? Something not listed?

- HVAC issues
- Plumbing Leaks
- Second Floor deflection
- Window Installation Errors
- Problems Seeking Warranty Repairs

I purchased a new home a home in Feb. and have had issues which stated once we moved in. The HVAC was never installed, we have had a plumbing leak and our windows were not installed properly. I have seen other posts here regarding this builder and wish I had read them before purchasing from this builder. I have heard Lennar and Centex are the better builders in MH.

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larsonjewelry, Home Buyer, Novi, MI
Mon Apr 14, 2014
I am in the final phase of construction and 2 weeks ago noticed a crack in my basement running from the top of the wall to the bottom. The crack is approximately 3/8 inch at the top and is cracked through the entire wall to the outside. The grack is open and visible to within 1 foot of the footing and Pulte claims that this is normal. I live in MI and we had one of the coldest winters and the basement and footings were poured in the last week of January. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Jeri, , Mountain House, CA
Wed Oct 29, 2008
You know, a friend of mine recently toured a Pulte model...that obiously had mold damage....I would stay clear of this builder.....
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Susan, Home Buyer, Williamsburg, VA
Wed Oct 29, 2008
I noticed Matt had a couple of links about my friend and I who have defective houses in the Kansas City area. Yep, we still do. Recently we received a letter that stated they (the builder) had no more responsibility for repair of the houses. Now, we moved in June 2006 and August 2006 respectively. hmmm 10 year warranty. If you have issues you should file a complaint/claim with their warranty company, PWSC professional warranty services corporation. Perhaps they won't tell you like they told us, they really don't offer any warranty services, they just mediate. Well, who does warrant and I thought foundation issues were covered for ten years? One of the reasons we moved into the builder's development is because of their highly acclaimed warranty.

I don't care what type of house you buy or from whom, but have both a housing inspector AND an architectural engineer or a structural engineer inspect the house BEFORE closing. The first will show you the items that are visually seen; the second can tell you if your house was built structurally sound. Knowing what I know now I would NEVER and I say NEVER close unless all issues were resolved prior and I would NEVER purchase another house without having it thoroughly inspected (although I did have a housing inspector, he couldn't see the defects in the structure). It might cost me a bit, but it would be well worth the trouble.



These two sites are invaluable for ALL homeowners throughout the United States. Don't buy anything without stopping


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Matt, , Phoenix, AZ
Thu Oct 16, 2008
Here's some background on Pulte for you -

I would not recommend Pulte Homes. I personally had a nightmare experience with Pulte and others have emailed me various issues with Pulte Homes. First of all, their contracts are written heavily biased in their favor. I have had attorneys review their contracts and if you have any dispute with them it must go to a arbitration company called AAA arbitration. I was told by an attorney that the arbitration board can consist of members of the home building industry, so with a solid case the arbitration board can be biased in Pulte's favor. In addition, you have to be suspect of a company referring all of their arbitration cases to the same arbitration company. So if you have any issues with your home, you are already at a disadvantage with the company as soon as you sign the contract. Also if you lose in arbitration, you are liable for also paying Pulte's attorney fees. Next issue is the lending, the way the contract is written, if you use Pulte Mortgage(Pulte gives incentives to use Pulte Mortgage so they can further trap you) they issue a loan approval whether you are actually qualified for the loan or not, you are locked in and your earnest money is non refundable. I had one individual that contacted me that on his loan approval condition, he had to rent out his current home more than twice the average market rental, he could not rent out his home for this amount, could not get the loan and lost his earnest money. The contract is so vague if you don't qualify on the loan, they have a paragraph that you must make a good faith effort in obtaining financing. Well trying to decipher a good faith effort with attorney fees that may cost you in excess of $200/hr you may never define a good faith effort. Next is workmanship, Pulte uses a separate LLC for their lending division, and their building companies. So if you try to sue Pulte for workmanship it not only again goes to arbitration but also a separate LLC that they can easily shut down and move on and you may never get your repairs completed. Also Pulte is notorious for other unexpected surprises for you, including assessments that were never disclosed that you would be required to pay later down the road. Pulte keeps the top attorney firms on retainer, and will drag your claims out until you exhaust your resources in attorney fees that will exceed your damages that you are seeking. In addition, you may also have to pay their attorney fees if you lose. Do you really want to do business with this type of company?

Here are some articles for you, also I would do Google searches on Pulte and you will find some horrible stories regarding these folks.

Here are 2 unhappy KC buyers -

Now Pulte is pulling out of the same KC market! Hmmm, I wonder why, shutting down the LLC and skip out on making their repairs?

Testimonials of unhappy Pulte customers







I would not walk away from doing business with Pulte, I would run as fast as you can for the exit.
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Joey T., Home Buyer, Mountain House, CA
Tue Aug 26, 2008

Yes, I have had similar problems with my second floor. I recall seeing something about Pulte is in a lawsuit over faulty trusses, let's hope this is not the problem. I also have a friend who bought a similar home in MH that is having many problems too....

I do notice the wind tends to come in through my windows seals...does anyone else have this problem?

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Bryan Merrill, Home Buyer, Walnut Creek, CA
Tue Aug 26, 2008
Steve, we have a Pulte and have not had this type of problem. We did have an incomplete phone line installation, but it was addressed within a week of bringing it to the attention of customer service. If your customer service representative is not responding to your phone calls or emails (ours seems to prefer email), then I would strongly suggest that you call their main office and escalate your situation to management. This company wants to do the right thing...it sounds like you've got a defective rep. I have no idea how well Lennar and Centex do on service, but their floor plans are hideous compared to Pulte. And frankly, they did not get as much value into the transaction as Pulte did (all of the included upgrades and premiums). My neighbor says that he has to be tough with his representative, which is not my preferred approach. However, whenever I arrange for service, I get a commitment and I contact them immediately if they fail to keep their commitment.
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