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Sondra K, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Oct 10, 2007
Hi David, I agree with the answers that have already been sent. Just to add a few comments.
Remember lenders do not give mortgages on views of any thing, they are only interested in square footage, the condition of the building and the surrounding comps.
The best thing to do is have a Professional Realtor look at your property and give you a complete market analysis of your neighborhood. This will give you a fair picture of the market in your area. Hope this helps.
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Spirit Messi…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Jan 9, 2013
It is an opinion, and really comes down to the appraiser that appraises the property. Sometimes views make a property more desirable, and add some value as well.

If you have questions, call a local Realtor for a CMA. You can always pay for an apprasial as well.


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Jerimiah Tay…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Mon Nov 5, 2012
It's going to be a percentage of the price of the home. If it's a million dollar property 100k isn't out of line, but a 250k property 25 will be the max.

I just sold a home with the best views in subdivision (probably some of the best in OV and we were able to get 347,500 where everything else in the neighborhood was going for 275 and under.

We also did a MASSIVE marketing plan on the home to get it to compete and the next price point up.

If you're thinking of selling, interview some agents and look at their track record stats from MLS, don't take their word for it, have them show you live stats. We all have access to each other's stats as well.

You want proven results not talk.

Jerimiah Taylor
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Calvin J Case, , Tucson, AZ
Mon Sep 10, 2012
It really depends on how good those views are, how much land you are on and the value of the surrounding properties. I have seen views worth as much as $100,000 in an appraisal and similar views from a home with surrounding properties that show some deferred maintenance and an appraiser give them $10,000.00. It is certainly a case by case basis but a quick walk through of your house and a CMA could give you a good idea of the view value.

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Christine D…, Agent, Oro Valley, AZ
Tue Feb 1, 2011
There is added value for an unobstructed view of Push Ridge Mountains, as long as the buyer is looking for that. I agree with all of the answers which have been given. Your best bet is to find an agent that you believe in, have them show you comps in your area, with and without a view. Then make sure that the square footage, and condition are the same. Then market stongly with pictures and write ups boasting about the view. You'll attract the right buyer's whoMAY be willing to pay extra, just to call it their own. Remember though, unless you get a cash offer, it still must appraise. Make sure that your comps are from the last 3 month if you can. That is super important for pricing it right.
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Jerimiah Tay…, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Wed Jan 12, 2011
Not long ago I asked this exact question to two different appraisers and found a similar response. 10-15,000 is about the maximum adjustment for "views."

A more accurate answer would require your address, and some in depth comparable research fo your property. Essentially comparing what homes with no view sold for, versus similar homes with views.

Jerimiah Taylor
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Louis Parrish, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Tue Aug 17, 2010
Have your realtor check recent comparable sales with and without comparable views. It is possible to get a fairly accurate idea of what the view is worth to a buyer that is looking for your view.

Keep in mind that markets change. What your view was worth in 2007 is likely to be different today.

Louis Parrish
Keller Williams Southern Arizona
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Marilyn Stark, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Fri Jun 25, 2010
Hi David

Just as every property is different, so is every Buyer different.

An unobstructed view would be priceless to some Buyers, and you could expect that to be reflected in the market value of your home.

When preparing a marketing plan to sell your house, your REALTOR® will emphasize the value and benefit of the view as one of its selling points.

Marilyn Stark
Century 21 Heritage
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Richard Leci…, , Tucson, AZ
Sun Apr 18, 2010
There is no easy answer to your question. I have seen an extra 10K and as much as 100k. Location, size of the home and the condition of it all play a part in the value of the home. Getting current comps is a good start. Any local Realtor will do that for you free.
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Libby Meyer, Agent, Salt Lake City, UT
Tue Mar 30, 2010

That is a really difficult question to answer without knowing exactly where your home is located, what other properties nearby feature, and the price point. Adding $75,000 to a $150,000 condo with Pusch Ridge views is not the same as adding that amount to a $1,000,000 home. The value is also determined by current market conditions. Buyers who would ordinarily pay high premiums for views (luxury, second home, etc) are fewer in the current market, so the premium paid for a view may also be lower.

My best answer: Consult with an agent or appraiser who is familiar with your neighborhood to get a real picture of the overall value of your home.

Good luck!

Mary E. Diaz, Associate Broker
Long Realty
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Dp2, , Virginia
Sun Feb 28, 2010
What if the potential buyer is blind or hates mountains? Should that buyer qualify for a discount, since s/he won't get any enjoyment out of that "unobstructed view"?

Basically, those rhetorical questions are my way of demonstrating that the value of that view is highly subjective. You should base your sales price on the comps.
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Doug Seemann, Agent, Tucson, AZ
Sun Feb 28, 2010
As you can see David, there is no formula. It doesnt add a percentage or a specific dollar amount. Views, cactus, sunsets, and other desirable features are subjective. What it does do is get your home seen while others may not be seen. It raises your value and desirability of the home. If the right person sees it, it's like the commercial says, it's priceless! Make sure these features are well represented in the listing and marketing, to include pictures. If you are still in the pricing phase, have your agent run comps and find similar homes nearby. Then (and this is the important part) go see those homes with your agent. Then decide where your home fits in the competition.
Most important, price your home right. You will get the bulk of your activity in the couple of weeks after you list a home.
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Brad Bergami…, Agent, Prescott, AZ
Thu Oct 11, 2007
One way to check out the value of a view is the Lot sales in the area if there are any. A lot with out a view may sell for 50k less than one with. This can give you the cost approach to the value. Appraiser friends tell me they have a hard time giving value to view.

That doesn't mean that a buyer will not pay more for a view home, they will. In Prescott a home with a view usually comes with a lot that is less level. This may actually be a detriment to the sell of the home. So, if you have a great view but have a lesser home or lot this may not add any value in the market place.

I rarely see sellers check out the competition as if they are the buyer. You may have the same view as the one two streets down that is 100k less and you don’t know that without getting out there and looking at the home. Great advice in all of the answers that where given here. Take the advice of your Realtor and urge him/her to take you shopping as if you where buying a home within your desired price range.
Be objective and then price your home accordantly.
Good luck, happy selling.
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Holly Grigai…, Agent, Cottonwood, AZ
Wed Oct 10, 2007
I agree with both answers, but just wanted to add, that an unobstructed view can never be guaranteed unless you own the land that could block your view! And just because you buy land that backs to a wash or State, BLM or USFS lands, doesn't necessarily mean it will always be open space.
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ian cockburn, Agent, New Orleans, LA
Wed Oct 10, 2007
Get those Realtors to show you in writing. This translates to get CMA's of homes like yours, with and without views to get a realistic idea of the added value. Also, get a list of solds in the area with same amenities, sf, etc as yours with or without views and look at how long they stayed on the market.

Armed with this information you help remove the element of doubt, and give yourself real information.
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Annamidkiff, , Tucson, AZ
Wed Oct 10, 2007
Hi David,
It actually depends on to what beginning value it's being added. In other words, if most of the homes in the neighborhood have equally lovely and unobstructed views, there's not much to add to comparable sales in that area. If however, most of the homes in the immediate area, or the same subdivision, do not have similar views of the mountains, there is certainly a number of buyers who would pay a premium for the view. However, this is assuming all other things being other words, the home has a desirable floor plan, a nice lot and has no deferred maintenance or updating required. Bottom line, any thing that differentiates a home from those immediately surrounding it is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. If you'd like to have the comparable sales sent to you, I'm happy to do obligation of course!
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