Asked by Tom Labadia, Fort Lauderdale, FL Sun Dec 23, 2007

We are trying to find mid century modern homes in atlanta - what areas should research?

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Hank Miller, Agent, Alpharetta, GA
Mon Dec 24, 2007
Hi Tom -

There are a number of ways to find homes with specific criteria that agents can use. Your question is a bit open as there are a number of neighborhoods in Atlanta "proper", in neighoring cities (Decatur, East Point, College Park, Vinings....), and outside in nearby cities.

As is always the case - location is the first thing we'd need to know. From there it's a combination of desk research, MLS, and boots on the ground stubby pencil work. My team has sucessfully helped buyers like yourself, some find what they want quickly and it has taken others many months - it all depends on what you'd like.

We'd be glad to help -

Hank Miller, SRA, ABR
Associate Broker & Certified Appraiser
REMAX Greater Atlanta
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Lee Taylor, Agent, Decatur, GA
Tue Dec 25, 2007
My business partner Greg Ruis and I are mid-century modern enthusiasts, particularly in and around Intown Atlanta and Decatur. There are quite a few new construction projects being led by some cool builders, as well as some excellent renovations of ranches in different pockets of our community.

We refer to two nationwide "modern" listing websites regularly - if you want more info, lets talk.

Your options are endless, even in a price range for less than $300,000.00. We know about a new build coming up in Kirkwood that should be a stunner in the low $300's. There are 4 builder close outs from one of my favorite architects, Michael over at InsideOut in South EATL all for sale in the $300's. There are renovations galore in northern Decatur. Tucker/Doraville's Northcrest neighborhood is like going to a candy store if you love mid-century houses.

How much do you want to spend? Do you want to build from scratch? Contact me - I can help you find what you seek.
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Looking at spending up to $375000. Can build from scratch or something that's been renovated
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Janell Carter, Agent, Atlanta GA 30018, GA
Tue Dec 29, 2015
Hi Tom,

It really depends on your price range and your preferred area. I just helped a client of mine purchase a mid century modern that had been renovated in Decatur for 150k. If you are still looking I would love to help.
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Debra Johnst…, , Atlanta, GA
Fri Aug 13, 2010
Call Debra Johnston, Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty, 404-312-1959
Mid-Century Modern Atlanta Specialist.
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Rac, , Atlanta, GA
Fri Jul 17, 2009
I disagree. Atlanta has literally thousands of midcentury modern homes. From all price points, $150,000 to $2,000,000 plus!!

The greatest concentrations are Northwoods, Northcrest, Briarcliff Road between Shallowford and Clairmont. These houses range in price from about $150,000 to $450,000. Some of the starter midcentury homes in Northwoods have not been molested and are a steal in the $150,000 to $225,000 range, some have .5 acre lots. Amberwood has spectacular midcentury homes designed by Green who was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright., one home recently sold for over $1,000,000. The homes in Northcrest are larger and are a bargain as well in the $200,000 to $350,000 range. Both are not in "trendy" neighborhoods, yet both are relatively safe and are in secure neighborhoods and both are located near the international business's along Buford Highway. And both are very convenient to Downtown and Buckhead, so they are hidden treasures.

There are many others, as well, spread thoughout the city. Sandy Springs and Buckhead have spectacular midcentury homes in very good condition. And they can sell for $500,000 to millions. Unfortunately, a lot of these houses have been lost in high end neighborhoods because of new constuction. One good thing about the present economy is not many new homes are being built, so it's a blessing in disguise for our midcentury treasures.
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Team, , Georgia
Wed Jan 16, 2008
Did you buy yet or are you still looking?

Try the lovely areas Oakhurst, Kirkwood & Eastlake depending on your budget
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Normajean305…, Home Buyer, Atlanta, GA
Fri Dec 9, 2016
What type of loans are available for self employed people? I have used the no docs in the past.
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Zakmutema, Home Buyer, Atlanta, GA
Sun Dec 27, 2015
looking for 5br 3 bath home for sale in Atlanta, great schools for 5yrs old, lots of yard space .I don't know much about the area so I would help.
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Vanessa Reil…, Agent, Atlanta, GA
Wed Oct 27, 2010
I have one word for you: NORTHCREST!! There are several amazing MCM homes in this neighborhood. I'm a fanatic when it comes to the Mid-Century Modern Lifestyle and design. For more info and to see actual listings that are available right now visit the attached link or read my blog... it's always about something that has to do with MCM homes!! Have fun!!
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Garrett1605, , Douglasville, GA
Sun Jul 25, 2010
If your having a difficult time finding a home in good repair, you might want to look at FHA's 203k. This loan allows you to purchase a home as is and adds money for repairs or up grades, Before the Home Inspection I would suggest a feasibilty inspection.

I am a 203K Consultant Trainer, 203k Consultant and I own a Construction Company. We charge $150.00 for a Feasibility Study. A Feasibility Study Inspection is used to answer the question "is this property feasible" for the 203k loan. It is a quick walk thru inspection to identify what repairs must be done to meet HUD's property standards, your desired items and offer a ball park cost estimate before you have to bear the full expense of full blown Consultant Work Write Up.

This might be a good option for you. Check out the web site below for more information.

Garrett Feis Sr.
Douglasville, GA
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Jckidd2, , Atlanta, GA
Thu Jul 22, 2010
Home Buyer,

My name is Judson Kidd and I am a Realtor in the Atlanta Metro area and I specialize in nothing but Mid-Century and Classic Modern homes. Please reach out to me if you are still looking in the area. 404-353-1249
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Chris Carroll, Agent, Atlanta, GA
Thu Jun 17, 2010
Atlanta Intown Real Estate is about to list a Robert Green home near the river. Contact me and I will
send you the information when it is on the market.
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Ignatz Ratzk…, Home Buyer, Atlanta, GA
Mon Jun 14, 2010
Can anyone provide addresses or other details for the five Robert Green houses mentioned below that are for sale?
Thank you.
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Johnnyapollo, , Atlanta, GA
Tue Jun 1, 2010
There's nothing invalid by anything in my previous post. Sure you can get Ryan Thewes or someone similar to do the adjustments, but that's still a far cry from getting an actual Robert Green home custom designed for you, a home sited on the property, taking into consideration sun exposure, elevation, etc. Don't get me wrong, Mathew, I have a tremendous respect for your father's plans and if you can get Lee Taylor to bite, more power to you. I just don't think it's the answer that most looking for an MCM home in Atlanta is looking for. As it is, I'll just leave the party now and let you two hash things out, since real, honest opinions aren't what you two are looking to get.
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Devildog2006, , Stone Mountain, GA
Tue Jun 1, 2010
There is also a very small area in Stone Mountain (just outside of Tucker) that was built by the same builders as Northcrest. Only a couple of dozen homes but all are great, nearly original homes. I moved in there less than a year age and just recently found out the background of this street. For anyone looking it is the Summit Ridge subdivision( but only the teeny little original section). I lucked out and got mine for 56K, needs a little work but come on- think I'm complaining?
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Johnnyapollo, , Atlanta, GA
Mon May 10, 2010
There are currently 5 Robert Green homes for sale in the Atlanta area - one as low as $279,000 (Smoke Rise), so if you're in the area why build? The problem with buying an RG design is that an Architect would have to sign-off on the plan - since RG is no longer with us you would still need to engage an architect for the build. Since many codes have changed in the ensuing years the plans may not be as relevant as they once were - also, since RG practiced Organic Architecture, the individual plans were sited to the lots where they were intended to be built. I think you'd have a difficult time adapting the individual plans to other sites (well, with the exception of some of the spec houses, but if you're going to buy an RG plan I don't know why you'd get one of those).
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Lee Taylor, Agent, Decatur, GA
Sun Apr 4, 2010
How cool is this?

Matthew-I will be in touch by email.

I think that there is a huge play for Robert Green houses and other utilitarian designs right now. A scaled down value version would work well across a lot of Intown Atlanta tear down lots. Many on a half acre or more and many that would offer the scale and the topography for cool houses.

On the luxury side, tear down lots over 3/4 acre abound.

Land has never been this cheap to get.

A smart developer could get famous doing some Robert Green style urban renewal.
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Matthewgreen, , Atlanta, GA
Sun Apr 4, 2010
I am Matthew Green. Son of Robert Green. I have all my father's original drawings for sale. Build a house much cheaper than buying one of my father's already existing houses. Contact me at
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Gene, , 30338
Sat Jan 2, 2010
There are far more of these homes in Atlanta than many enthusiasts may realize. I recently created a Google maps and will continue to update and improve it:…

You will find many little pockets of homes all over - including some in less desirable areas around Atlanta. There are even a few spots that would be fantastic if only appreciative buyers would move in and improve things.

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Hi Gene, your post was a few years ago, hoping you'll get an alert of my comment here. I live your map that you linked and would live to pick your brain! We are desperately looking for an L style ranch home from the 60s around atlanta. :)
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Tc, , Atlanta, GA
Thu Jun 4, 2009
We live in a great house (true MCM, post and beam, clerstory over double door entry, 1965, stepless, Palm Springs style - with rectangular pool) in a great neighborhood called Murphey Candler Park. So far quite a few MCM houses have escaped the tear down and are still in good shape. I encourage you to check out the neighborhoods between Chamblee-Dunwoody and Peachtree Dunwoody, just ITP, and also check Dunwoody and Sandy Springs just OTP. We were very pleased to discover this part of town.
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John Gianoul…, , Atlanta, GA
Wed Jun 11, 2008
If you are looking for a deal, You can also find some mid-century modern home affordably priced in the Northwoods neighborhood of Doraville. Some have been molested beyond repair, but you might not pay the premium being asked at Northcrest, where thye know what they have and want a pretty penny for it.
I have lived in more than one of these style of homes and love the open feeling of the living areas.
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Jeff, Both Buyer And Seller, Macon, GA
Wed Jun 11, 2008
Come look in Macon, GA we have them spread all over the city and you don't have to deal with the high prices of Atlanta! We can be in Atlanta in 1 hour about the same amount of time you spend sitting in the traffic but it is an easy commute.
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Lee Taylor, Agent, Decatur, GA
Sun Apr 20, 2008
Great answer, Lisa.

By the way, anyone reading this - Lisa runs the best property for sale website on the internet that specializes in Intown Atlanta properties only.

Y'all check it out ...
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Lisa Crowder, Agent, Atlanta, GA
Sat Apr 19, 2008
It's relatively difficult to find a mid-century home in Atlanta. First, it wasn't one of the more popular styles here so there aren't that may really good examples (except in Northcrest and Amberwood, which previous posters have mentioned). There are plenty of out-of-the-box ranches and split levels in the neighborhoods built in the 50s and 60s, but only a few really groovy mid-century's. The local MLS does not list "mid-century" as a style option when inputting a listing (and there aren't truly that many agents who would know what that meant anyway so it would be misused). The best alternatives you have are to find an agent who specializes in mid-century homes (more on that in a minute) or to have whichever agent you choose create a custom search that focuses on the appropriate construction period and searches for "ranch", "traditional", "contemporary" or "split level" homes -- all of which are descriptors that the average agent might choose when describing a mid-century. Your agent can also search the text description for "mid-century," but, again, that pre-supposes the listing agent understands the importance of the term. Probably the single best web site for locating mid-century and modern architecture is, which offers expansive descriptions and multiple photos of homes in Atlanta (as well as other cities). Using that site, you can also find agents who know enough to recognize their listing is a mid-century (or modern) and on the ball enough to find a good niche web site to advertise it. Other than Northcrest (which is predominantly mid-century -- link in the preceeding answer), and Amberwood (which was all custom and is probably about half mid-century with about a dozen designed by Robert Green -- protege of Frank Lloyd Wright), you'll find scattered examples of mid-century (some very fine) in pockets around the city.
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Amy, , Atlanta, GA
Sun Feb 17, 2008
One of the largest remaining areas of midcentury modern homes in Atlanta is the Northcrest subdivision, located just outside the perimeter at 85 & 285, with most homes built during the 1960s. You can check out the neighborhood's website at the link below. While not everyone who owns in the neighborhood appreciates the style, there is a growing community of people who have restored these homes with atomic age flair. Prices in the neighborhood range from $169K for a foreclosure fixer upper to around $300K for a fully restored home. I live in the neighborhood but am not a realtor and don't have any ulterior motive other than wanting to see folks who appreciate the style buy in the neighborhood and do right by these homes.
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J, , Atlanta, GA
Tue Feb 5, 2008
Atlanta has so many wonderful homes! If you consider other options...check out and view wonderful complete walk-through virtual tours of homes for sale. No sign in required. Lots of agents too! Shop the Agent Directory on the home page!
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Jonathan Bow…, Agent, Stoughton, MA
Wed Jan 16, 2008
I think they were all burnt down during the Civil War.

Ha, ha! Just joking. :0)
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Laura, Home Seller,
Wed Jan 16, 2008
Hi tom
We live in a very well known modern area in atlanta called Amberwood subdivision. We are selling our robert green mid century home in the spring. If your interested give me a shout
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Lisa M, Home Seller, Lilburn, GA
Sat Jan 5, 2008
We have a MCM for sale in Lilburn, GA - 30 minutes from midtown. Also, Northcrest and Briarlake are good areas to look. There are several real estate agents who specialize in MCM, like Cindi Sokol.

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John Anthony…, , Redding, CA
Sun Dec 23, 2007
If you're serious about moving to Atlanta, I've worked with Coldwell Banker agents all over the country, and know a man down in Atlanta who is an excellent resource for people relocating to his area.
He also happens to be a Top Producer, and has systems in place to make your transistion to the area nice and easy. The way it should be.
If you need my help, I'd be happy to put you two in contact.
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James Dudley, Agent, Suwanee, GA
Sun Dec 23, 2007

I would be happy to help you! I could run a search for homes built during the time period you are interested in and send them to you.

If you have any additional requirements such as style, or building materials I can customize it any way you like. For instance if you are looking for a brick tudor or a cedar shake home. It sounds like you have something in mind already and the more details you have the better. There are a number of homes in different areas that fit your catagory.

Just click on my profile and you can shoot me an e-mail.
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