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Find a private investor to buy home and then lease back to me?

Asked by whitney, Kansas City, MO Tue Sep 17, 2013

I've rented my home for the past 5 years, but a couple months ago the bank bought the house back after foreclosure. I would love to buy my house, but I'm self-employed and can't get a loan. The house is in fairly good shape, but does need some repairs. I've already gotten bids from several trades and have an approx idea of what these costs would be. I was wondering is it possible to find an investor to purchase it and then lease to purchase it to myself? Or is it possible to find a way to get the bank to do it? Any information would be very appreciated.

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I represent several investors that are looking for investment property in the Kansas City market. We especially like properties with long term tenants such as yourself. We also like to setup our leases with purchase options for tenants because it gives us a built in exit strategy. Our interest will depend on where the property is located and the price. Please feel free to call me to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Jeff Johnson
Equity Realty
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Hi Jeff,
Are there any in Atlanta, GA
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We have never lived in NY and I can't get that off of my message.
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Do you have investors in the OK City area? We are in need of a home, preferably a doublewide and/or modular home and we want to lease purchase it. I have no down and my credit needs to come up.
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Will you do this in the Chicago area?
If so please email me at akourafas@att.net
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I nee soBuy property $ 275,000 cash or finance you are first place and only lien holder. Total income one year $ 12,000 (or whatever your loan/debt service is) Sell back to owner $ 285,000 (will get financing to repay/buy back)
Profit on deal $ 10,000 for one year without having to do anything!
Monthly rent scenario depends on the rate the lender has, we have to make sure it gets covered. Currently payment is $1500. Loan is due, was due in January and the credit score is like 5 points shy of getting a decent rate. The term length is negotiable. This guy needs a buyer or loses the house. He has been there 6 six years and invested over $50k in rehab doing the work himself (so retail would be $90k) – he is a licensed general contractor. The house had been a foreclosure and vacant with no running water or heat and he has made it awesome. Thanks! CJ 970.237.2535 cj@dogsrock.com
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We are investors in this area and have worked with banks to purchase properties, and we also have experience with lease options. Contact us to discuss details of your situation and options that you have. We also know of a great credit repair/building program that gives out free information on their web site that is very helpful.
Dave & GayL
(leave a message if we don't pick right up and we will call you back asap)
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I am Theresa, My Husband is Jon Craner. We had a fraudulent loan thru Countrywide & BOA. Our Home was illegally Foreclosed on, we have been evicted. Investor is willing to sell our home back to us as is for $395,000. Our home is our 4Ever home! We raised our Children & Grandchildren here. We recently lost our 11year old Daughter & were part of the Economic Downfall as General Contractors. We live in the Subdivisions in which we built custom homes. Our neighbors were our Bread & Butter. They are all extremely satisfied with their homes. We have not been able to get financing because of our Foreclosure and other Medical Hardships from Our Daughter and Myself. I am disabled & My Husband is working. We can afford payment, we just dont have the time to repair our credit in time to purchase our home back from Investor. We pray that you will understand our Hardships & help us save R home in Willard, Utah by offering a Lease to Own contract.
Will provide personal recommendation
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I have worked with self employed clients before. Please call me anytime at 816-863-7797. I'd be very happy to assist you get financing or find an investor.

Thank you
Michael Diggs
Realty Executives
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Hi Michael,
I want to buy a house for my family but my credit i am very low in finances. I have strong employment history for over 5 years and my salary is $5k+/ year. I was wondering if you could find me an investor that I could work with. I live in Kenya. Please send me an email.
Thank you.
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Hi Michael,
I want to buy a house for my family but my credit is ugly due to a divorce. I have strong employment history for over 16 years and my salary is $70k+/ year. I was wondering if you could find me an investor that I could work with. I live in Massachusetts. Please send me an email. Thank you. JD
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The bank won't do it.

Note: The bank didn't buy the house back. It hadn't earlier owned the house.

And no sane investor will, either. Being self-employed can make it more difficult to get a mortgage--you don't have those convenient W-2s--but if you CAN'T get a loan due to your self-employment, why would an investor take the risk?
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Hi Whitney,I am a private investor I might be interested in buying your home and leasing back to you,send email to me swoodhatch@hotmail.com with property address and anything else you might want to tell me about your situation.regards steve
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My apologies. I'm new to all this and am finding that most things real estate related are confusing to me. Thank you for the clarification and I appreciate the information. To answer your question, I was hoping that a private investor would take a more personal interest in my situation, rather than tuning me out upon hearing the words "self-employed" like the banks I've dealt with.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Lee Smith call me (816) 694-6916 I work for a investment group, we buy investment properties any condition foreclosure, bad tenant,fire damage, relocating, broad range etc. we evaluate income properties and make a offer in 24 hrs close in 7 days some.

Referral welcome thank you all for your Time
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MA contractor looking for investor to flip houses. Please contact acampanhausa@msn.com. Thanks
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single mom recently lost her 9 yr old child in NH. Needs help financing home.
Looking for an angel or a miracle. Can anyone help?
#cookies 4 christopher will tell you all about my son on FB and twitter.
Just need someone to write the note..
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I would highly recommend that you do not consider lease purchasing any home, because there are really no advantages to lease purchasing a home.

I would recommend that you get your credit back on track, save up about 5% in downpayment and make sure that you stay in the same line of work for at least two years and pay your taxes.

Make sure that you show enough income after deductions so that you will show enough income to be able to qualify for a home.
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Hello, there is an investor who I worked with in the past. I am a Realtor in California and I can be reached at (916) 812-8013. This Investor works Nationwide with lease options and I can help you! Feel free to call me.
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Hello My name is Marthe Woodard.. I am married with children. I have found the perfect house but need an investor to help with the process. Do you help in Georgia? If so please please email me at kboucard@yahoo.com, I can explain the whole situation.
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I need an investor to purchase and let me lease a modular home $58k near Raleigh, NC, someone who can look at me as a person and my situation and not just the numbers. I know I'm going out on a limb, but you never know. I'm a self employed single mom, please email me at theladydmp@gmail.com I need to do this ASAP, thanks!
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My wife and I have found a home we want to purchase.We tried getting a mortage but cause we are self-employed they wouldn't do it.Im looking for a investor to buy the property and then lease it back to me.We have around 40-50k to put down and could pay it all off in no more than 5 years.If anyone could point me the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.I'm locate in northwest Indiana.Thanks David d.p.boreit@hotmail.com
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I live in Melbourne fl. I rent a 3 bedroom 21/2 bath pool house in great gated community. I pay $2200 a month rent. I been here 9 months now my landlord wants to sell it. I want to buy it.but we are waiting for irs papers from back taxes that we worked out with tax attorney. It may take longer than expected. My husband makes $130k year and we would rent from investor who buys it. The owner wants $300k
I want to eventually buy it. I love it here. I barely unpacked. My rent always paid early. Please respond
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Dear Investors/Financial Seekers.

I am Registered Private Loan Lender, I offer loan at 5% interest rate within 1 year to 30 years repayment duration period to Individual and Companies that are in need of financial assistance and to any part of the world.

I give out loans ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000

contact me : Mariakredit@hotmail.com
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I'm actually looking to do something along these same lines. I'm currently in a Lease Option in Euclid, Ohio and the owner is truly motivated to sell!!! It's a 4 bed 3 bath home that is approximately 2000 square feet and I've been her tenant with no issues since February 2015 unfortunately a divorce prevents me from buying it now but I'm employed with a regular stable income. Is there anyone in the Ohio area looking to buy the property and lease option it back to me? I'm willing to discuss increasing the profit margin in the contract to make the deal more attractive!!!Please contact me at roderickthechemist@yahoo.com. Thanks
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I am currently looking for the same. Live in NC and have contract to buy home and I am very close to being approved for mortgage. Wanted to see if there is anyone to purchase home in case it falls through. email to mreyn1972@gmail.com
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Hi I'm Dario I live in California looking to lease a home with the opposition to buy any investor out my way that would be interested Thursday may 28 , 2015
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our family is also in a simular situation with credit. I have moved 3 times for a company I was employed with. with each move our rent went up. We are looking forward to owning our own home. my husband and I have a combined income of 80K. I live in fl. looking at moving closer to where we work.
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I need help buying houses in! Philadelphia
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I live in Northeast Ohio and have a fabulous opportunity on my hands to get a home at below market value on 5.5 acres and the best school system in the state. Is anyone interested in talking to me about this Ohio property that we are lease optioning now? Thanks.

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I live on a beautiful 76 acre piece of property, nestled in the Cumberland Plateau hear in Huntsville Tn. This is our dream property and have tried to find loans that are a little more accommodating for individuals that are self-employed, to no avail
This property has beautiful rolling meadows, two large waterfalls, three cabins that are rented to riders that come to the three 20,000+ person 'Rider events' like the White Knuckle Event http://www.whiteknuckleevent.com/ held here in Huntsville tn. Trails even connect to the property.
This property has great potential for expansion with multiple cabin plots that would accommodate these riders and fields that would accommodate the RV campers. This property easily pays for itself.
We are hoping to find an investor that sees the same potential as we do with this property and would be interested in purchasing this property and leasing it to us with the option to buy.
Please, Contact me any time with ideas.
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I am in a very similar situation! After 15 years, I took my 3 children and walked away from an abusive relationship. My boss's girlfriend moved in with him, and offered for me to rent her home. This has all taken place since last Saturday. I am not even completely moved in, and then yesterday I find out that someone approached her in regards to buying the home. She was up front with me about what is going on, and has even offered me first dibs at purchasing the home. It appraised at $129,000 and she will sell it to me for $125,000. My children and I haven't felt so safe and happy in many years. The problem, I make a mere $30,000 a year, and the homeowner is giving me 45 days to come up with the money. I have 20% to put down. But, without a private investor/lender, I fear my children and I will be forced to return to the home we just left, or otherwise become homeless. If you have found resolution with your answer, please share any advice you may have!!

Thank you kindly!

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I'm looking for a investor to purchase a home for me and lease it to me I will do the repairs to the home. Please someone contact me a distress mom who is trying to get a home for me and my kids Anitra Sims.
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I'm looking for a investor to purchase a home for me and lease it to me I will do the repairs to the home. Please someone contact me a distress mom who is trying to get a home for me and my kids Anitra Sims.
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Hi there, Whitney! I'm not a real estate agent like everyone else that replied, I am an investor (and a real person who's not copying and pasting their replies to everyone!)

I would love to talk with you more about it!

I'm a 27 year old guy in St. Joseph, but I usually live far from home so I think we would be a perfect match! I'd like to have a long term tenant and not have to replace someone often since I'm far from home and I'm looking for a property to buy.

If the house you're in hasn't been sold, shoot me an e-mail at darren_gove@yahoo.com
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I am an investor from Canada, my partner has properties in the Kansas City area, I have properties in other States some with Lease Options and Owner Financing sold properties. I am also a private money lender for other investors.

I am interested to purchase you house if the price and conditions are right, please send me information, including the address, the bank that owns the REO, you phone number and your situation... etc.

My email address is dano@adeder.net

Danny W Der
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Hi would you be interestng helping me with my apartment? Its in Pompano beach Florida. It will not be more them $160k and maybe it can be less.
My email is usammg@hotmail.com

Thank you!
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Hello I would like to speak to you I'm in the Columbus Ga. area my name is Anitra Sims
Flag Wed Jan 29, 2014
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