Does anyone know the reputation of Ryan Homes? I've heard they weren't good, but I don't know if the source

Asked by Johnson Chris, Mt Pleasant, AR Mon Feb 18, 2008

was credible.

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Amnaa82, Home Buyer, Copley, OH
Tue Aug 29, 2017
Hi, I recently bought a new build with Ryan homes in 2016 in Columbus oh. The name of the subdivision is Woodbine village. Everyone here hates them. They lied about the 6 foot mound they were going to put in the back. They have put smaller hvac units in houses , making the upper portions of the house uncomfortable in the summer. The carpet. Ended to be restretched. The installation of the fire place , hvac and kitchen faucet was done wrong. The faucet was leaking so badly their was water dripping in to the basement. The fireplace left soot on the mantle , the hvac wasnt installed properly and they put in a 3 ton hvac for 3200 sq ft house. Water leaked into the electric panel of the water heater short circuiting it and leaving us with cold water in the winter for 2-3 days. Poor insulation of the room above the garage led to water freezing in the bath tub pipes. The temperature set on thermostat downstairs is 68 and temperature in the upstairs bedroom is 78 . IVe only been in this house for 1 year and 8 months. I hate it. Its the first house we bought and I hate it. Wish I had gone with the other builder. Made a huge mistake. Ryan homes really is a nightmare ask anyone in wood bone. These people are liars . They swindle you out of hard earned money to put you into a very cheaply built home. Pay the extra money but definitely go with the other builder.
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Ryan homes in Virginia sells you one floor plan and specs and then builds something less and says that's just the way it is. You can't have the basement windows that are on the sales material. You can't have the master bath as depicted in the sales brochure. But they don't tell you this before you sign their contract. And their "project managers" are extremely difficult to work with.
I don't recommend them
Flag Wed Sep 27, 2017
Yashi.velez, Home Buyer, Copley, OH
Fri Aug 18, 2017
I am currently in the process of trying to get out of a Ryan homes contract. I don't care if they keep my good faith money. They are liars and mislead me the entire sales process. Once my house started being built I noticed it wasn't what I was promised. They are protected completely by their contract. It basically says anything they tell you verbally does not matter. They can change anything, at anytime without telling you. I have been to a lawyer and it looks like there is nothing I can do to get out of this. They can force me to close or I will get charge 1.5 percent everyday until the house is closed on.

I did some research and found out many people have experienced similar things.
Honestly, I am so upset that this company is allowed to do this to people. Run as fast as you can. Do not buy a Ryan's Home EVER. I wish I had been told this before signing anything.
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Danyellmg, Home Buyer, Copley, OH
Thu Jul 20, 2017
Don't waste your time and money. Four years later and everything is breaking and falling apart with normal use. Extremely over priced too. Our HVAC company told us that they did a horrible job Jimmy rigging the system together and that it shouldn't have passed inspections. Cheap matierlas put together by cheap labor. Wish we never would have built this home. I will NEVER recommend Ryan homes to anyone.
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Maya Walsh, , Ohio
Wed Apr 23, 2008
I hear that about Ryan Homes all of the time. I personally own a Ryan home and love it!! I have been there for 4 years and when I did have a small problem they fixed it right away. Ryan obviously must be doing something right. They do not build spec homes only homes that are sold!! They are a national builder.

Give them a chance, I think you will be very happy!!

Please feel free to call me with any other questions. 440-781-5087
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Just because they're a national builder doesn't necessary mean they're a good builder.
Flag Sat Dec 9, 2017
Teresa Fiore…, , 44224
Tue Apr 22, 2008
Hi Chris,
Ryan Homes have been in business for many years. I have sold many Ryan Homes that were built in the 1970's as well as the newer Ryan Homes built in the early 2000's. I think that you should take the time if you haven't already, and talk to a representative. Of course, you could talk to a realtor as well and have them represent you. Give me a call with any questions at 330-760-0697.
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They are the worst stay away from Ryan home. I am trying to find a lawyer right now to sue them for refusing to fix my counter top
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Pglancaster28, Home Buyer, Copley, OH
Wed Nov 22, 2017
The lady at the pondview community in md was very unprofessional She kept insisting to use a va loan and our 401k as down payment We tried to tell her no, but she kept insisting we wanted a tour of the models since we are looking to buy early to mid 2018 She said come back then.
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Jodysmit98, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Thu Sep 14, 2017
I've owned a Ryan Homes house for 11 years. I have just learned that the workmanship of their roofs is only warranteed for (1) ONE YEAR, and the shingles are 10 years. ONE YEAR for their work for an item that can cost $30,000.
What does that say about the confidence Ryan Homes have in the people they employ to build your home?
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Zid2112, Home Buyer, Copley, OH
Mon Aug 14, 2017
Yes. I purchased my Ryan townhome 9 years ago and have been repairing the poor workmanship ever since. During construction I stopped in several times but no one working on my house spoke English. I just called customer service because I am replacing the original vinyl floor in my foyer. What I found behind the trim and gallons of caulk was weather damage due to the front door not being installed correctly. The customer service woman told me it is not covered under the other 10 year warranty as it was not a foundation problem, nor was it a load bearing wall. I explained this is the front outside wall which is certainly load bearing. It's not covered she explained. It was after hours so there was no supervisor I could speak with. They are going to call me back tomorrow. Ten to one they don't call. But I am very persistent and will continue to call customer service every day until I get some kind of answer as to how they built a house where the front exterior wall is not considered load bearing. Do not purchase a house built by this company. You will regret it.
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dctriumph2014, Home Buyer, Sterling, VA
Tue Feb 18, 2014
I personally own a new home built by Ryan and it is simply falling apart. The service reps keep telling me that it is normal, but for all three shower/tubs to crack in the corners from top of the shower to the bottom seems a bit much. The plumber stated that I needed to have it repaired immediately to keep from getting a mold issue.

Another point is that the finished product is not very good on the paint and finish work. The drywall was so poorly finished and the paint job just mirrors that as well.

Floors have already started coming loosing and are going to have to be redone with screws to try to eliminate the squeaking.

Over all I am looking forward to the market improving and see if I can sell this home and find a quality builder.
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Gus Lejeno, , Lynchburg, VA
Sun May 5, 2013
In my subdivision of in Copley, OH, Ryan Homes was the low end builder among several local home builders. Towards the end of the development of the subdivision, Ryan bought up many of the unsold lots in 2009-2010 for cheap and built very low priced homes [i.e. lower quality of materials, e.g. no tile or hardwood, but vinyl floors; formica counters, not granite or tile; smaller square footage houses; no stone of brick facing, all vinyl exterior, etc) All the NON-Ryan built homes were originally sold for more than $300K+. But Ryan Homes was a low-end seller in this subdivision and sold many homes for $100K less than the other builders which made many of the existing homeowners unhappy. I'm sure that when Ryan built homes in the subdivision that their homes met building code requirements. But the quality of the materials they used on their houses was lower in quality grade when compared to other NON-Ryan home builders in the subdivision so they can afford to make a profit selling substantially lower priced houses relative to the $$300K+ neighboring houses. So yes, you really have to research what you’re getting for a Ryan built home at least in my Subdivision.
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sdeidjs, Home Buyer, Copley, OH
Wed Dec 5, 2012
All I got to say about Ryan Homes, Let the Buyer Beware. Do your reseach...!
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Maureen, Home Buyer, Fort Mill, SC
Wed Nov 9, 2011
Could you tell me how things turned out and if you are happy with your Ryan home.
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James Gordon…, Agent, Hamilton, OH
Thu Oct 15, 2009
Chris you may want to check this city data blog about what happened here. Decide if you can stand it up there.…
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D, Home Buyer, Maryland
Fri Sep 19, 2008
Hmmm... from a buyer's perspective, beware! Ryan is in the business of selling homes, period. If you take a buyer to a Ryan home, make sure they understand that the sales agent will do anything to get a signature on a contract heavilyt weighted agains the buyer -- expertly spinning facts to give the appearance of working 'with' the customer, along with flat out lying about contract terms, options, costs, and timelines were just a few of what we experienced during the sales process (now looking back after about a year). And that's just the beginning. I haven't even taken delivery on my home yet so I can't speak to quality, but I can't wait to be done with these people. Ugh, the stress.
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