Does anyone have information on super low rentals.?

Asked by heythereyou111, Ridgewood, NY Tue Jun 18, 2013

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Anna M Brocco’s answer
Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Tue Jun 18, 2013
Chances are super low rentals could be scams, therefore always verify ownership before exchanging any money; for scam related information see link below...
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alybakder4488, Home Buyer, Brooklyn, NY
Wed Aug 13, 2014
No they Are Not Scam.. I go Apartment from them. They work bit slow but at the end they do help. i refer to friends as well they also got there apartments.
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Adrianne Col…, Renter, Brooklyn, OH
Mon Dec 2, 2013
Please be cautious with and The Affordable Equity Project:…

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Androocarneg…, Home Buyer, Brooklyn, NY
Sat Nov 16, 2013
And yet is still accepting listings from…

Here's how they make their money:

1. You register on their site and pay $50 for a "processing fee" that is good only for the apartments currently listed. When you don't get one of those apartments (because they don't exist), you will then be told to pay another $50 for the next crop of "available apartments" that also do not exist. Repeat until you understand the scam.

Gradually the "available apartment" listings turn to "rented as of xx/xx/xxxx" listings with personal information added about the person they claim rented the apartment, like this:

"The one bedroom apartment in St. George, Staten Island was just rented by a Mr. Benjamin Dejesus. Mr. Dejesus is retired and receives rental assistance from SSA and section 8. He signed a lease on Oct 4, 2010."

If these people actually exist and did rent the apartments, then their personal info including whether they receive any type of public assistance is now available for all to see. But of course the don't exist. Nobody had to advertise below market rate apartments, all they have to do is ask the super to find a tenant.
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Lopezcn88, Renter, Queens, NY
Thu Sep 26, 2013
My thing was not to save a bunch of money though. I am a single mother and was looking for an apt at a reasonable price. I never went to their site initially. I was browsing the web for apts and was on a site that had different apts for rent. Superlowrentals put an ad on that site. I felt it was reasonable for the area in which I'm interested. Also, It's very hard to find apts for rent in my area. This alleged apt was only a few blocks away from where I reside now ;therefore, I wouldn't have to change my childrens school. That was my main concern. My kids have been in the same school since they both first started going to school and I didn't want to put them through too much change. I'm already moving them from their home of 9 years so, I didn't want to put them through a change of school as well. It's less trauma for them so, that was my motive. It wasn't to save on an apt. I just wanted to make that clear :)
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Lopezcn88, Renter, Queens, NY
Thu Sep 26, 2013
Annette is absolutely right!! And yes I did let my bank know what was going on. They are actively pursuing these clowns! I'm glad that I did let them know what was going on because, not only did they return my money to me but theu Aldo put a flag in case superlowrentals tries yo tale any more money from my account. It definitely was a lesson learned! I will not be that gullible again. I am now working with an actual real estate agent, who does not get any money until I find an apt and sign a lease. Listen to Annette she knows what she's talking about!
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Thu Sep 26, 2013
Thank you for sharing your story.
In the end, your bank was the one that was robbed by this scammer. The ban has the resources to make law enforcement pursue these fraud activities. Please insure they are aware and pursuing proper action.
ask yourself, "Why would anyone publish a 'super low' rental? The answer is when an adverisment stimulates 'greed' folks do foolish things. In this case GREED is the potential to 'save a big bunch of money!" The result as Lopes shared is exactly the opposite whether it be a super low rent or a lease/option or rent to own...the purpose of for your money to leave your pocket and go to someone else and will leave you in a worse situation.
if you are really looking for a place, you need to get out of harms way and either work with a professional or the ON-SITE leasing office.
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Lopezcn88, Renter, Queens, NY
Thu Sep 26, 2013
Yes! they are absolutely a scam!!! I was foolish enough to pay the application fee for an apartment I saw on a different website. I thought oh wow! that's a great price for a 3 bdrm apt. Right in my same neighborhood. I call the number and spoke with a "Mark Robinson" obviously an alias because he didn't sound American. Anyways, I was pretty desperate in finding a place close to where I live now as not to have to change my children's schools. I paid the fee on their "official" site and even saw pictures of the alleged apt I was interested in. after a few weeks I started calling to find out what the next step would be. I kept getting their voicemails and no call backs. I then started to email the company with few responses. I received an email saying someone would call me back the next day and indeed a woman called me. She gave me some story about it taking a little while and blah blah blah. I bought it for a while but, then after a fee more weeks I hadn't heard anything so, I call the woman "Sarah Paxton" at the number she called me from. I left several messages. On Aug 30, 2013 A man called me from "Ms. Paxton's" number. his name was "Don Clark" this call he reassured me that my application was given to the landlord at the apt and he guaranteed that the landlord would call me directly that weekend!. needless to say. No landlord called me. The first week of Sept. I called their main number again only to get a message that the call could not be completed from my calling area. I then tried with my home phone and the call went through. At this point I thought it was some kind of mistake. I wanted to believe they were legit. I then left several messages from my home phone, which went without any call back. The next week calling from my home phone again, I received the same message. I again started emailing them and got no response! I then decided that I would walk to the location as I live very close. I did not have a building address but, the cross streets were listed in their ad. I went to the location only to see that there were no buildings over there at all nor were there any apts for rent! I then became very suspicious. I called them again this time from a different cell phone and my call went through to a voicemail.. I realized that both my cell and home phone numbers had been put on a call blocking system so that when I called my calls would not go through. I would just get a message. I then emailed them informing them that I was aware they are a fraudulent company scamming honest people out of their money!. I then filed a report with the FBI internet crimes unit. I checked the initial email they sent me informing me that they received my payment and my application was processing. There were phone numbers in that email for questions about billing. I called and explained that this company is fraudulent and that they have no apts for rent and I was robbed. That man assured me that their company had no idea that superlowrentals was a scam (yeah right) either way he said he would make sure my money was reimbursed to my card and it would take 5-10 business days. I received my money back the next day! I was happy that I got my money back but, I was disappointed because I was excited for an apt that never existed. I felt like a fool because I usually know better! I am still going to proceed with my FBI complaint and do my best to get these people prosecuted. I don't want them ripping off anyone else. I don't want another honest person looking for an apt to go through what I did... DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!! They do not have any apts for rent! They are a scam and will rob as many people as they can! It's a shame! Really despicable! Keep in mind as I will from now on. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!
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