Does anyone have any experience with Gehan homes? We are looking at purchasing a home at the Commons at Row Lane & appreciate any insights.

Asked by New2ATX, Pflugerville, TX Wed May 1, 2013

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viennamichae…, Home Buyer, Pflugerville, TX
Tue Apr 28, 2015
I know your question is posted two years ago, but I only hope that this reaches all potential customers before they make the biggest mistake of their lives.

We built in Hutto (Austin, TX area). But have dealt with this company as far up as we could (regional offices, their corporate attorney, anyone we could get a hold of).

We purchased a home with Gehan back in August 2014. Not to mention we moved our entire lives from the Bay Area, CA to Austin, TX. We kept in contact with Gehan (our sales agent), our lender (their preferred lender that they kept pushing us to go with), and did everything they asked us to (get paperwork, reply, calls, etc.) in a timely manner. We obviously, and undoubtedly trusted that since we did everything on our part, they would too!

Long story short is that Gehan DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. They aren't in the business of building and selling HOMES but TAKING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS MONEY. They're fairly "new" compared to many established builders and my husband and my hopes are to reach EVERYONE and ANYONE looking to build homes and for them to NOT GO WITH GEHAN!!!

Sales agent-Monica Brown- now at the Georgetown location (was at Hutto before that) pressured us to go with their preferred lender- ADVISA MORTGAGE- and told us all the perks of it (money back, credits, blah blah blah, the normal spiel). She really pushed back on us and said that Michelle Wilkins (with Advisa Mortgage) had our (my husband and my) best interest at heart and wanted to get the loan funded ASAP. When in all reality, we did everything we were supposed to (again) and come THE DAY BEFORE CLOSING WE ARE TOLD THEY CANNOT FUND THE LOAN. (Yes i understand this is NOT Gehan, but it's all part of what happened)

When we went back to Gehan to figure out how to get the loan funded since THEIR PREFERRED LENDER dropped the ball and obviously didn't do anything with our file until it was TOO LATE, Gehan tried to ding us $4500 for a 30 day extension. Not to mention, THEY wasted three of those days by saying we should "wait until Monday"--but still try and charge us for it.

We lawyered up and hit the bargaining table. We COULD NOT just keep giving these scum balls more money, especially when they have proven to 1) not care about the customers 2) not do their job 3) not have a good product (that's another story i'll add later). BUT IT IS NOW 8 MONTHS AFTER WE STARTED THE BUILD, THAT IS 2 MONTHS AFTER WE WERE SUPPOSED TO CLOSE--AND WE HAVE WALKED AWAY. We are getting $3,000 of our money back, except I don't have it in my possession yet--all I can guess is that someone working for these scum bags is "processing" it and it will be here some time not in a timely manner. BUT THEY ARE KEEPING ALMOST $9,000 of our money. Per contract, sure it's all "correct" but what my biggest issue is WHY ARE WE PAYING FOR YOUR AFFILIATED LENDER'S MISTAKES???

Tim Gehan, the owner is an attorney too. We could never get a hold of him. Gehan WILL NEVER EVER EVER give your the contact information of ANYONE with "power" to make decisions.



Gehan, your motto, "Gehan HOMES, Designed for Your Life." IS SO SO SO WRONG. It should be, "Gehan, designed to RUIN your life!"
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We are smack in the middle of dealing with Gehan right now. Supposed to close this Friday but of coz aahhhh the good ole appraisal came back and we have to cough up the difference. It is a battle right now but judging from what you say, we are between a rock and a hard place!! I am waiting to see what happens today, been working the phones and trying to pull teeth to get a hold of these executives. Advisa's appraiser is a whole other other. Filing a case with the appraisal licensing body soon as possible.
Oh, we are buidling in Hutto. Dealt with Monica, then she went to Georgetown, Holley inherited us, quit right after, then Melodie, she moved 2 Blackhawk, now there is Karen. Whoa!!! and also temp agency staff . So yeah, I really want this dam house, I dont wanna lose any money or cough up any more than I have 2 bring 2 the table @ closing, but at the same time, don't want 2 be stuck in a house that is being appraised so damn low despite all our upgrades.
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Chris Temple…, Agent, Austin, TX
Wed May 1, 2013
Good Afternoon,
I have sold Gehan homes before. My clients/friends are happy with them as well. Make sure you have a Realtor with you when you negotiate/purchase the home. It is vital to have somebody representing ONLY you when dealing with builders. Builders understandably look out for themselves primarily. If you go in without representation, you will more than likely overpay for the house. Keep in mind that Realtors are compensated by the seller in every transaction, so it is never a cost to the buyer. This is something that we do on a daily basis, so having the experience of a great Realtor on your side is important.

Even if you choose another Realtor, don't go at it alone. I, of course, would be love to have the honor of assisting you throughout the entire transaction.

I am available available to my clients 18+ hours a day, 7 days a week. Please check out my profile to read testimonials from some of my previous clients.

Feel free to call, text, or email at anytime.

Chris Templeton
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Don Groff, Agent, Austin, TX
Wed May 1, 2013

I have helped several clients purchase homes by Gehan in different parts of Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock. They are a good builder with a good reputation.

The main thing to know when buying a new build home is that the sales representative is representing the builder and not you. I wrote an article about it you can find in my profile. You want to look at comparable homes too be cause the set prices a builder charges are not set in stone. If you have the information you also have the power to effectively negotiate the best price for your new home. Be aware that you will typically pay a premium for a new home over existing homes. That is pretty much always the case.

If you would like to discuss anything including financing please let me know. I am also a licensed mortgage broker in Texas and can give you financing options you can also show to the builder as they will try to get you to use their financing. Having good quotes will keep them honest as I like to say.

Hope this helps.

Don Groff | REALTOR® & Mortgage Broker
Austin Real Estate Pros & 360 Lending Group
o 512.669.5599 | m 512.633.4157 |
websites: |
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Adam Stumpf, Home Buyer, Irving, TX
Sat Jun 17, 2017
Gehan Homes is a builder I will never do business with again. Their sales staff are a true sales team - tell you what they have to, in order to sell the property.

This builder says to just put in a warranty ticket and the sloppy completion issues will be fixed. This is untrue. This issue is one of many from myself and other neighbors.

The contractors used are terrible and unsupervised. We the home owners at Carnegie Ridge, Argyle, TX will be filing individual suits or combining as a class action.

Avoid this builder at all costs.....
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i am interested in joining with you, i have a gehan home (brand new) falling apart and many neighbors in the same situation. we need to work together. i am not sure how this works.
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momlovesdom, Home Owner, Frisco, TX
Wed Nov 16, 2016
I purchased a Gehan Home in Frisco, Texas earlier this year. I used their lender and got a better rate than I was offered by my bank. The loan and the closing process went very smoothly. I purchased a Gehan Home because I felt like they offered a really good value, the floor plan really worked for my family and we had a great rapport with the salesperson. We purchased the Villanova plan. Now that we have lived in the home for a few months, I am very pleased with the quality. I have had some minor touch ups needed and those were done quickly. I am truly happy with our home and would recommend Gehan.
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Powder759, Home Buyer, Pflugerville, TX
Wed Jul 22, 2015
I just have another questions for all you Gehan experts out there. We are building with Gehan in Arizona and are 8 days from our scheduled close. On inspection today we found that an upgrade we purchased, an 8,000 triple slide glass door was substituted for a lower quality door. The example in the model has a flush threshold with the floor, solid metal frame with bumper and high quality sliding functionality with smooth movement. It's a brushed metal and really beautiful. The one they put in the home that is to be ours is poorer quality, painted a beige color, lighter weight, looks more off the shelf, has sticky slide functionality requiring lean in push to move, no bumpers, and about a 2 1/2 inch high threshold. It's clearly a cheaper quality and I'm extremely upset because we paid for the upgrade that we were shown in the model and they are giving us this lousy option. I feel cheated and the victim of a bait and switch. I spoke with the broker today and he informed me they would not be changing it out and asked what they could do to work this through. I was not prepared for that and asked him to trade my door with the one in the model. He did not agree to that and tried to explain that contractually they had the right to make this change and have no obligation to inform us. I continued to push back and he agreed to talk to his boss and get back with me. I'm not feeling optimistic at this moment and am hoping they will step-up.

This is a week after we found them constructing a three foot by about 14foot courtyard wall with a gate across the front of the home. It was not an option in our plan and not shown in the elevation we chose and we were pretty shocked when we found it. They told us that because they had it permitted that way the wall had to stay. In this case we were ok with the wall as long as they made it match the elevation of brick. Their original plan was plain stucco that didn't match the house so they really did work with us on this but we felt like this was something that should have been discussed, disclosed, and agreed upon four months ago.

I don't want the cheap door, I want the one I was led to believe I was getting or at the least one of similar quality. Does anyone have guidance or recommendation for my situation?
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Write a complaint to Gehan Corp. and BBB about the contracted build. They need to know they are substandard.
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Bobby Baylor, Agent, Pflugerville, TX
Thu May 9, 2013
Gehan Builds a great home! We have sold many Gehans - and even some were in Commons at Rowe. quality construction and decent standard features. As to the build time comment above - you've got to keep in mind what all happens before they break ground on a home. A lot of time is spent finalizing your deco options, ordering them, scheduling the crews and most importantly obtaining permits from the city and gaining ACA approval from the developer. So, it's common for a 2 month lag time between contract signing to the beginning of construction. Once construction begins - you will be amazed at how quickly they can build a home.

I've gotta tell you - it is a COMMON misconception that you get a better deal if you don't use a REALTOR when buying new. That is absolutely NOT TRUE. Having worked for a builder before, I know their commissions come out of an entirely separate budget. The bottom line on that house is the bottom line - Realtor or not!

Having said that, many (not all) agents are skilled at working with builders - and speaking from experience: I know just how to negotiate with them.

If you would like to discuss this further - please do not hesitate to contact me. I have worked with the onsite salesperson there (Melodie), and would be happy to help you negotiate a deal on your next house.
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Ladyrestored, Home Buyer, Pflugerville, TX
Yesterday at 9:38am
I've lived in my Gehan home since 2004 and love it. Maybe because it seems more structurally sound than the one (Fox& Jacob) I was in before this one. I'm in a middle class neighborhood and the design is beautiful and rooms fit my active family. Had a A.C. flood inside and the water stayed in the one area because the walls were built so tight. So far we are enjoying it.
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Kluvxoxo, Home Buyer, Pflugerville, TX
Sat Aug 12, 2017
I hate to reply so late as well, but I don't think people are getting a true reflection of Gehan. It truly depends on where you are located to who you will speak with and work with. I can't speak for all the sales people, but I can speak for mine. Debbie (Katy, TX). My family built our home about a year ago and we absolutely love our home. Not only was Debbie sweet and patient with us but she was helpful too. She guided us through the steps. She even sent us photos of the development phases as it went since we did not live near the site. The home buying process is what you make it, and Debbie helped us so much with making it easier. We're so thankful because we didn't have time to be stressed! We would build another Gehan home if we were to ever move again.
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Gregelle01, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Tue Feb 14, 2017
My wife and did not have a good experience dealing with Gehan Homes. They charge a high non-refundable deposit at the beginning of the process. You can expect to add at least 30k at the design center because the the standard configuration of the floor plan is very limited and everything you choose is considered an upgrade. You will be charged 30% of the cost of your design center upgrades, that added up to a 10k check for us. We haven't even meet with the builder yet and we're being charged $13,500. Gehan charges so much money up front that we backed out of the contract before further hidden fees were requested, we forfitted the $3500 down payment and marked it up an expensive lesson learned. Runaway from Gehan before you get taken like we did.
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nsbtx, Home Buyer, Pflugerville, TX
Thu May 9, 2013
We put money down to get a house built through Gehan in the exact same location. I don't know which street that you are thinking to build the house, but with my street, I was told the construction will not begin till May.

This week I was told it won't be till June. So consider your timeframe if you are really want to buy. Fortunately we don't need to move out from my current house till Nov/Dec, so we are ok with a little bit of delay.

Negotiation wise, if you dont have realtor, negotiate hard. We don't use realtor but we bargain hard. We would have paid for base price + 35K upgrade without negotiating but we ended up paying base price + 5K (35K worth of upgrade). It's probably not a lot for some ppl but I think we are ok because it is still below our budget.
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what all comes standard with gehan homes? Are hardwood floors upgrades down stairs? Can you list your upgrades and prices? Thanks
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Thanks for the insight. Very helpful information.
Thanks again!
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Robert (Bob)…, Agent, Hutto, TX
Mon May 6, 2013
I have sold Gehan Homes in many areas including San Antonio. Gehan builds a quality home, but when dealing with the builders always use a realtor. The price of the home does not change if you use your own realtor and the realtors represents you, not the builder. The on-site sales person works for the builder, not you. Representation is the key when buying a home. Remember, the on-site sales person represents the builder not you.

Some will try to convince the buyer that they do not need a realtor and if you meet one of those, run as fast as you can and find another on site sales person or get representation. As realtors, we cannot stress the importance of having representation. Having seen and heard buyers over 30 years regarding the pros and cons, most will say that you need representation. As I mentioned before, the cost of the home does not change with large builders when you have a realtor.
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