Does Mattamy Homes build a nice home or are they "cheap"?

Asked by Jean Marc, Belmont, NC Sat Sep 1, 2012

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Daniel Fisher, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Sat Sep 1, 2012
Good afternoon, Jean Marc:
Mattamy Homes is the largest new homebuilder in Canada with more than 50,000 homes in over 150 communities in and around Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and major cities in the United States. A company generally does not have that much success by following shoddy building practices. In a recent independent home inspection by a recent client of ours who had a home built for them in Mt Holly, there were very very few issues discovered - and these minor items were quickly fixed.

But if you are buying a new home, you should remember that everyone the builder has you meet with works for the Builder. But when you come in with a New Home Buyers Agent Advocate (see below link), you will have someone working exclusively for you, always in your best interest. from the first contact through negotiations and construction to the final settlement and closing. Every decision. All the time. If you have a full time agent with a Masters degree in Planning with Finance and over two decades of experience, working for you, you will likely do better in negotiations. Id be pleased to provide that service.

The great thing with the advertized price of homes builders sell, is that a Realtor's commission is included so you can have a New Home Buyers Agent Advocate expertise at no additional cost to you. Buyers who fail to choose exclusive representation from their own Buyer Agent Advocate should expect to miss many thousands of dollars in unadvertised upgrades and savings. Because the built-in commission is not taken off of the price, your choice is essentially putting extra profit in the Builders pocket without any benefit to you. If you appreciate this answer, please give it a thumbs up, or if this was the most helpful answer, please say thanks with a best answer click.
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tquick26, Home Buyer, Watertown, WI
Fri Sep 11, 2015
We have experienced a lot of dishonesty with mattamy. The upgrades are very expensive, but the standard items in the homes are very cheap. The management does not respond to concerns and does not look into the misinformation that we were given before signing for the home.
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12345678, Home Owner, Huntersville, NC
Sat May 16, 2015
STAY AWAY! Our entire experience from closing until now with the 1 year follow up has been a complete nightmare. The level of customer service we have received is laughable. Even getting the regional presidents involved doesn't do anything. This is just a snapshot of what we have dealt with:

- We signed the paperwork to build then they told us we couldn't choose 6 different color combinations. Luckily there was only one we liked.
- Paperwork was delayed at closing
- Grass was completely dead when we moved in. They laid the sod before turning on the water from the city.
- We then laid an irrigation system out and flagged all of the heads for them to lay the new sod around and had a meeting with the landscape manager. When I returned home, they laid the sod over the flags and heads!!! I had to dig on my hands and knees to find the heads and pull the flags out! There were 8 water bottles on our lawn and red clay smeared all over our sidewalk out front. I was so angry and fired off a harsh email. Their response congratulated me for being unprofessional and didn't even address the issue!
- After closing we arrived at our new home (and dead yard) to dusty floors and vans parked all over the front. We couldn't even move in! They were still working on the closing list items we gave over a week before. About 2 out of 30+ were fixed.
- Painting around the exterior was horrendous. Missing paint, uneven edges, splatter on the siding, paint smears on the window frame, bubbling around the door frames. We had a paint crew come out 5, yes 5 different times just to paint a door frame because they couldn't do it the first time.
- Hardwood floors were dented and damaged in several places upon move-in
- Stair banister was cracked
- HDMI didn't work
- Garage door trim was broken
- Multiple doors were oversprayed with paint that dripped down
- Kitchen counter was unfinished
- Ceilings painted wrong color in every room
- Cabinets were scratched
- On over 10 different occasions the sub-contractors have either not showed, been unprepared, had to reschedule, shown up late, etc. Once they do show up, the work is shoddy at best.
- Since we have moved in and before installing an irrigation system, we have constantly had standing water on the back corner of our house. Mattamy has sent people out that say the 2% grade should provide adequate drainage and that they aren't going to fix it. The blame it on overwatering and our irrigation. We continue to have this problem through the winter with no irrigation on. Instead of trying to fix the situation to make us happy after all that we have been through, they want to push the blame onto us and our neighbors yard draining into ours. Well guess what, YOU graded the whole neighborhood so that is NOT MY PROBLEM!!!!

They are so understaffed that I had to be the project manager all day long for our year check up! No one even showed up for the whole two days they were there with the checklist that we made and 8 things weren't done. I had to follow the crew around that couldn't speak English and babysit them all day. They left twice and I, not the project manager, had to bring them back to fix things and they still left unfinished! They were supposed to sand, stain and apply poly on the all of the stairs... they LITERALLY slathered stain on top of the stairs without sanding and only did the bottom 7 steps! Now we have two-tone sticky stairs wrapped in plastic until they come back to try again. I now have to take off work to reschedule to do it right!

Our experience could have been COMPLETELY different if they would have just did things right the first time or at least second time, been prepared at closing, treated us like clients that just spent $300k on a home. What started off as a long list of minor little issues (other than the yard) has turned into one of the worst of experiences of my life. When we think about our home the feelings are disgust, anger and frustration. I literally tell every single person I meet that is looking to build a home to not even THINK about using Mattamy. Thank you for ruining what was supposed to be one of the greatest experiences of being married. You have completely sucked the joy out of owning a new home.
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We bought our house last yer on March 2016, and we are having the same problems.
*A/C "Brand New" unit they had to change a valve on the indoor unit, a freon leak on the outside unit and a kinked line that had to be fixed, and YES fixed they cut it and weld and new one, never replaced. During the summer the A/C never worked at its best (Florida is hot almost all year).
*sewer smell coming out from master bedroom shower, 7 month later and i cannot say the fix the problem.
*The list of things that needed to be fixed around the house this is ridiculous.
*And most surprising STANDING WATER IN THE BACKYARD. We have the same problem we've been fighting this issue for 10 month already and is always the same answer.. our irrigation, the neighbors irrigation, the rain, the sun, etc... it is never their fault... we even suggest to put a french drain and they refuse to put it, they have a big problem grading the land and they want to blame the homeowners.
Flag Fri Jan 13, 2017
Awesomecustombuilder, I guess you know both sides of the story to have made your comment sound like the OP was to blame for all the problems.
Flag Sun Mar 27, 2016
Thanks for that as was looking at Mattamy in York county. So sorry this big life event was a nightmare for you and the family and am shocked at the unprofessional treatment you experienced.
Flag Sun Mar 27, 2016
There are people that are not worth doing business with and unfortunately, you sound like one of them. I am in a related business and generally can figure out who will be impossible to please and I send them down the road. These type of people never tell the whole story and leave out how they make it impossible for others to do their job. They constantly interfere and take up our time so we can't get the job done. I guarantee there's a whole lot more to this story. Everything they list is fixable and no one wants to make return trips especially to people like this.
Flag Sat Jun 20, 2015
olson.adam.j, Home Buyer, Medina, MN
Fri Dec 19, 2014
Mattamy homes are built cheap with cheap subcontractors and cheap building materials. Our windows leak air and allow bugs in. None of our appliances have worked correctly. Our gas lines were leaking when we moved in(workmanship) and the shower leaked water profusely and we couldn't use our master bath for over a month while it was repaired.
They do try an help address these things within your first month, but after that it'll be tough to get attention. Would not recommend
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Rojonfl, Home Buyer, Belmont, NC
Fri Dec 2, 2016
Mattamy homes are not well built. Look at BBB reviews as well as others.I have had problems with my Mattamy home and Mattamy has not resolved it. Stay away from them.
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April.paddock, Home Buyer, Belmont, NC
Fri Sep 9, 2016
Matts my homes are just ok. Make sure you stay on them. They will never fix things after you close. Their warranty sucks!
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Dmarieluvs4, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Sun Jul 10, 2016
Just bought a Mattamy home in Verrado Buckeye Az. Before buying it I read a lot of complaints about them. I just never thought it would be this BAD!! $80,000 dollars in upgrades and all my NEW ITEMS I PAID extra for was DAMAGED!!! Yes the unprofessional workers they hired damaged my cabinets that I'm sorry shouldn't cost as much as they did!!! Cheap material that I spent way to much money on! Also my countertops $12,000 later! Ring stains from paint cans were very visible my upgraded stainless steel sink huge numerous number of scratch marks my upgraded shower while installing the glass door they broke it also broke numerous Ike around it too!! We moved in and 2 weeks later still no shower door. This has been a NIGHTMARE!!!!! Do not buy a Mattamy home! So many more problems I can't lost all. Doors broken my upgraded glass pantry doors won't even open! I'm disgusted and upset that all the money I spent for BRAND NEW turned out to be damaged! I will fight till the end whatever it takes. I will be going to the BEtter business bureau with these complaints! Cracks in my windows that I demand be replaced! So many items it's sad. Stay away from Mattamy homes
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Mattamybuyer1, Home Buyer, Belmont, NC
Wed May 18, 2016
We bought a Mattamy home in Minnesota. We have had a very poor experience with Mattamy. We have had numerous fixes needed. Too many to even list. We have had to fight with the warranty department to get anything fixed. The houses do look nice, however they sub out everything to very cheap contractors. I would highly recommend NOT buying a Mattamy home. We have not had any experience go right whatsoever. They do everything in their power to try and position the issues as material problems (manufacturing issues, etc) They do not stand by their work or their word. I wish we could return the house and move.
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Mark.wilson1…, Home Buyer,
Mon Apr 25, 2016
I recently purchased a Mattamy home in Litchfield Park, AZ. The sales team is very nice and the houses really look nice. But the truth of the matter is they cut corners by hiring sub-par contractors with questionable craft and trade people. I bought an Estate property and I'm not happy with it at all. Sure my house appraised high however, it's a new construction and there are really no comps to give it a run for it's money. I have been in the house for less than 30 days and I have had workers replacing, repairing, and troubleshooting every Friday. I have had the microwave oven replaced after using it 3 times. The so called "lead" person came out to fix it and said there was something wrong with the microwave itself. A week later I got a new microwave and it didn't work either. The electrician came out and said the receptacle wiring was not tight and he tighten it. Last night the microwave went out again! Terrible quality and a total disregard for detail. I have windows that are not squared and should be. My double ovens have a drawer at the bottom that used to open however, there was a base board that needed replacing because part of it was cracked. It turns out the baseboard piece was cracked because the sliding drawer will not slide with the baseboard piece installed. Can you say bad engineering design. The list goes on and on. The drywall and doors/trim are the worst. If anyone is thinking of buying a Mattamy home please look around first. My house looks great on "prima facia" however, the things that make a house a home are missing!
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Xrwb51, Home Buyer, Belmont, NC
Tue Mar 15, 2016
I have a new Mattamy Home in Crosspointe Subdivision, Peoria, AZ. If you wish to a home that looks good but is cheaply built with multiply flaws that will keep you going back to Warranty time after time these are your people. I have owned 14 homes before this one and this is among the worst I have ever owned. The HAVC system, vents were installed backwards, ventaltion motor did not had to be exchanged because it would not run (I stumbled on this one), jump duct between Master and living area was missed, Access to attic over downstair living area was missed therefore they forgot attic insulation in 1500 sq fto of the house (minor problem, Really!) Tile shingles are falling off, paint is thin on exterior, toilet paper and towel holders are falling off walls, calking around fixtures is half done, blinds were installed but I have to climb to the ceiling to reach cords, locks don't work on bedroom doors, electrical problems, irigations system floods backyard ( they can't get it right, dead plants front yard). The gates never work. Look before you leap, They think being nice fixes things, but that is BS. I'm the Squeaky Wheel.
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Jasvinderrai, Home Buyer, Belmont, NC
Fri Jun 2, 2017
Dont buy from Mattamy, I found the workmanship to be of a poor standard. Their customer service is even worse. If they're outstanding items to be fixed dont expect they will come and fix them. I have been emailing, calling and even going into their office to get items fixed to no avail. After 10 months the items bought up in the PDI are still oustanding.

My advice is simple dont purchase from Mattamy.
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Catzpaw3, Home Buyer, Belmont, NC
Mon Aug 8, 2016
I noticed so many negative reviews for Mattamy Homes in every blogs that I visited. This is the third times we deal with different builders. First was a small business owned builder that was disappointing, second with DR Horton. Recently with Mattamy Homes quick move in homes that we recently purchased a month ago.

Our experience with Mattamy is good so far. From Sales to Closing and today, we had our 30 days warranty visit from the warranty supervisor and we will have the next one on the 11th months, month before the one year warranty expires. Of course, there is another 10 year warranty covered for the foundation and if there are some issues we need to report inside the warranty period, all we have to do is call or email them. In fact we already have reported minor issues, (door was hard to opened) and they took care of that today. So I would say, Mattamy is really taking care of their clients, based on our experience.

For materials, I liked the standard materials DR Horton used on our previous home. As other reviews said and based on what is installed in our house, like the kitchen cabinets, appliances, and doors looks cheaper compare to what DR Horton used on our previous home. Everything looks pretty but the quality is just ok and just hope it will last for a long time. Everything else is fine, typical builder materials. Will I choose Mattamy Homes again? Yes. But I may upgrade on some materials if I need to build again.

We had issues with DR Horton too, but they took care of it. There is no perfect builder and if there is issues, all we have to is be nice to ask and I am sure they will take care of it.
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Bsandor53, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Mon Jul 4, 2016
We recently built a brand new home with Mattamy in Litchfield Park, AZ, which should have been complete at the end of May 2016. Our experience with Mattamy from the start to finish was a disaster. Mattamy told us that they are a trustworthy and good company however, they turned out to be the complete opposite. Our first major issue was the staircase. It was supposed to look exactly like the sample home staircase, but the height on our staircase was made 4 inches shorter, as if Mattamy thought that we were midgets. The second major issue was the kitchen cabinets. We up-graded the kitchen cabinets, but what we received was trash. After arguing with them, and calling management, they finally fixed a few cabinets, which ended up being completely different colors then the original cabinets. It was a disgrace. In the master bathroom, the shower was also up-graded. The seat in the shower was supposed to be 12 inches wide, but ours was made 9 inches, where no one could even sit on it comfortably. During the building of the home, the workers left bottles filled with urine in the tubs and trash everywhere It was extremely disgusting and unprofessional work. If we were not there everyday to check on the house, all the trash would still be there today. The list of wrongs and disgrace during the building of the new home goes on and on. At the end, they only ended up fixing the staircase and everything else they refused to fix. We even got to a point where we contacted, Margie Bringas, the Director of Sales, which was very very disappointing experience. We have built new house in the past but we have never dealt with such unprofessional, unhelpful management, who called us picky because we told them that their job is useless.
The same day as our settlement, we had the walk through of the home, and the house was STILL not 100 percent fixed. We asked the supervisor to give us a paper that states that they will fix everything. We have never received any paper. Just a few hours short of our settlement, Ms. Bringas, the Director of Sales, called us and told us that the house is "Livable". For 60 Thousand Dollars extra on a brand new home it should be enjoyable not livable. We never ended up going to the settlement. After all this, Mattamy, forced us to sign the paper, stating that we do not want the home, however, we NEVER said we do not want the home. If anyone is looking into Mattamy home, please think twice before you purchase anything. They are only nice in the beginning until they have your money. Mattamy Homes is nothing but a disappointment and a shame of how they treat their costumers. We were expecting to move in to a beautiful new home for our 30 years anniversary, but thanks to Mattamy, they have ruined our experience for us. The entire construction from the foundation to the top was crap.
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Andy Matejka, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Greensboro, NC
Mon Sep 3, 2012
Unless you are paying all "Cash" you are going to need the lender's appraisal to prove that the property is sufficient colaterral for your loan.

With that being said, I don't think there are too many Builders completing new homes that don't appraise well in this day and age.

Of course I know nothing about Mattamy Homes so actual results may vary but you may want to walk through a model home to see for yourself if possible.
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Susan Zongker, Agent, Charlotte, NC
Sat Sep 1, 2012
Oooh, what a question. In my opinion, Mattamy Homes builds a good solid home for the money. As in anything else, you get what you pay for. In the building industry, a lot depends upon who is overseeing the construction project and how well they supervise their subs.

Now days, most builders are not churning out a large volume of homes are better able to supervise the work.

If you do not have a Realtor to represent your best interests, I would be happy to share how it can benefit you.

Susan Zongker
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Flag Tue Mar 15, 2016
They really build bad homes. My home is less than 3 years old and I had a litany of issues that appeared and they refused to address any of them because these issues are a couple of months out of warranty. The AC, the carpet, the wood floor, the electricity switches, door knobs, cracks in the walls are some of the issues. Stay away from them.
Flag Wed Sep 10, 2014
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