Does MS allow you to "squat" on an abandoned property to take possession of it?

Asked by Karen Gronek, 38611 Mon Sep 24, 2007

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Perry Hender…, Agent, Austin, TX
Mon Sep 24, 2007
Squatting = Stealing. Do your part and report to the nearest authority.
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In my experience, squatting by John W. Sexton got him almost six months in a rental house of mine in California. He brags to other tenants that this is his 5th in a row, and that he can get six months on each one. I can't find a place to list his name as a bad tenant without paying a fee.
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#1, , San Francisco Bay Area
Mon Sep 24, 2007
Not really.

Adverse possession can occur if you open and notoriously use the property of another for 5 years... at least in California.

To prove adverse possession is another thing. Thousands and thousands of dollars in attorney fees and the burden of proof is on you. Dig in and be prepared for the long run and have lots of skeedas in your bank account or your pocket.

The owner of a property has a "deeded" interest in the property. You will have to prove you have a secured interest in the property. How do you propose that you will do this?

MS. Is that multiple sclerosis?

Doesn't matter where you are... you do not get something for nothing. I do not care how many real estate Guru seminars you have been to.

The law protects us all... real estate wise.

Hook up with a great Realtor and buy a home. Get a great deal.

Forget what you read or hear on TV about how to get cheap real estate from these real estate dum-dums promising you a trip to Hawaii.

They don't make their money buying and owning real estate. They make their money selling you to buy their stupid programs.
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ian cockburn, Agent, New Orleans, LA
Mon Sep 24, 2007
Only of you stay on it for 10 yrs, and the owner does not claim it...but then can be arrested for trespassing in the meantime.
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Debra Martin, , Jackson, MS
Mon Sep 24, 2007
Yes, under certain circumstances that can happen. "Adverse possession" is the legal term. You will need to check with an attorney for additional information.
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Kimberly Bar…, Other Pro, Booneville, MS
Sun May 1, 2016…

This link tells about Adverse possession laws " squatting laws " in Mississippi. Hope this helps.
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Errol H Cele…, Home Buyer, Smyrna, GA
Sun May 17, 2015
Karen asked a good question. This is Mississippi we're talking about. Nothing in this state operates as it should, even the legality of property possession. Abandoned lots are being sold for $50-200. If you squat on a property, pay the taxes on it first. Merely the possession of the receipt will stop any type of legal actions against you "in Mississippi". After the second year, the property, land etc is yours. So, Yes Karen, it is possible.
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Ruthless, , 60558
Mon Sep 24, 2007
What an interesting question. Even though I would have answered the same as Ian, I thought Perry made the point much clearer.

I think things have changed a lot since the law about squatting was written probably 200 years ago. Something as simple as a gift certificate from a department store has changing rules about expiration dates. What is considered "abandoned" is what is changing, even though the actual law may not change. I'm sure if the owner is not living there but is still paying property taxes on it, it would not be considered abandoned.
So even if the squatter was living there for 50 years, it is doubtful that possession would be granted.

I also doubt that "trespassing" charges are the worst case scenario. Not only is stealing a likely possibility but what happened to the owner? The squatter could be charged with murder. Have you seen the TV show "The Riches"?

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Ute Ferdig, Agent, Auburn, CA
Mon Sep 24, 2007
Hello Karen. I am curious to know how you know that the property is abandoned. Who owns the property? I would also want to know if there are any no trespassing signs. Adverse possession is not a right. It's a way to acquire a right to property by meeting certain legal requirements (most states have statutes that set forth what the adverse possession requirements are). Even if you were to satisfy the adverse possession requirements, you'd not be able to get title to the property automatically. You'd have file an action to quiet title.
Your question was, however, not how you can acquire title by squatting. You just wanted to know if MS allows you to take possession of an abandoned property. I would check with an attorney.
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