Do you have to attend the home inspection if you are also getting a written report?

Asked by Trulia Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL Wed Jan 16, 2013

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Wayne Collier, Other Pro, Bowling Green, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
I always find that I like to talk to the buyer at some point during or after the inspection. Verbal notes are are good as some things on the report are hard to explain without verbal communication. I tend to concentrate more when alone. I invite questions but at same time have had buyers that are really distracting not asking questions but wandering off topic. Most inspectors have a system and are methodical. The inspection process takes about 2.5 to 3 hrs depending on size ,features and age of home. Older wood frame homes tend to take longer as they tend to have more issues and crawlspaces. Most issues found are minor or cosmetic if the home has been properly cared for.
Hope this helps.
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Patricia Sal…, Agent, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
No, You do not have to attend, but is is always a good idea to attend so you can ask questions as you and the Inspector go through the house. He has a check list to go through.
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Jacques Wurms, Agent, Plantation, FL
Wed Apr 15, 2015
Hello Wayne,

I advice you be at the inspection if you can. This was you can ask questions, or point out things that concern you.
If you are not represented by a Realtor please feel free to give me a call in case you have additional questions 954-383-0090
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Caleb Hart, Renter, Orem, UT
Tue Apr 14, 2015
It sort of depends on the seller. Some sellers really like to have the buyer there for the home inspection. This eliminates any ambiguity when it comes to the things mentioned. The buyer can't say it was never mentioned if he was there and saw the inspector note something.
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Scott Godzyk, Agent, Manchester, NH
Wed Jan 23, 2013
It is too bad this is a planted question as it lack detail that could have helped consumers. I recently wrote about this topic in detail . The buyer should attend, they are paying for it and should have first hand knowldege of the home. The buyer agent and listing agent should also attend. The one variable is the seller, some sellers could handle the stress while others may not, the listing agent should guide their seller appropriately.
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Bill Eckler, Agent, Venice, FL
Wed Jan 23, 2013
As the agent, buyer or seller?
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Chad Gray, Agent, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wed Jan 23, 2013
Trulia Fort Lauderdale,

The short answer to your question is, no you do not have to attend a home inspection.

Here's a great resource you might find helpful about home inspections and what to expect:…

After you read the post, you may decide it is advantageous to be present during an inspection. At Luxury Living Fort Lauderdale, we always send an agent to the inspection as part of our service to clients.

Chad Gray PA, Realtor
Luxury Living Fort Lauderdale
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate

100% of clients rated our service as "EXCELLENT"!

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Valley Prope…, Other Pro, Las Vegas, NV
Fri Jan 18, 2013
It is not mandatory you attend, but highly advisable. I prefer my clients to be present so they may ask questions and watch while I perform the inspection, which may raise more questions. Once I complete my inspection, I will have a walk through to show them areas that need attention and if there are special features, show them how to properly operate them. I will also advise them of any safety issues encountered.
Clients that are unable to attend, I contact by phone if possible after I send the report. I take about 120 to 160 photos on a 2,000 sq ft home on the average and a good number of them are included in the report.
If you have any questions or concerns, contact your inspector first so he may be able to explain or possibly re-inspect the item in question. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Lee Taylor
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James Furlong, Agent, Brookline, MA
Thu Jan 17, 2013
Oh YES, most definitely and you should require your real estate agent to attend also. This is a critical part of the entire purchase process.
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John Bourassa, , Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thu Jan 17, 2013

It is not required but I highly recommend that both buyers and sellers be there because at the end of the inspection, the inspector will review by showing and explain the affected areas and will make his/her recommendations for solutions.

However, there are properties that are sold "AS-IS With A Right To An Inspection". Which means that sellers declare that their properties are not new - even if some properties had been substantially upgraded or remodeled - and they are selling their properties in the condition as seen by potential buyers. Therefore, sellers claim that they will not contribute one penny towards any repairs. But, equally, upon an inspection - depending on the Sale and Purchase Contract's AS-IS provision, usually buyers don't have to buy the property if there is something wrong at all, even if it would cost one penny to fix a problem (please make sure you have the AS-IS clause of any contracts fully explained by your real estate professional or consult with an attorney to explain the entire Sale and Purchase Contract if you are buying directly from a seller).

Even if buyers are interested in properties that have been "completely" upgraded and they appear in perfect condition, I highly recommend to all buyers have properties of interest fully inspected. The average cost of $350 can be a great and wise investment.

Generally, in an "AS-IS" property sale, an inspection is beneficial for buyers to look for heavy structural damages or repairs that can add up to substantial costs, then decide to move forward or not with the purchase.
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Christopher…, Agent, Tarrytown, NY
Thu Jan 17, 2013
Hi, It's always a good idea to attend the inspection. Walking through with an inspector gives you the chance to physically hear how things operate and how to maintain them. It's one thing to read about something but to have actually seen what the inspector is talking about makes a huge difference.

Christopher Pagli
Licensed Associate Broker
Accredited Buyer Representative
William Raveis Legends Realty Group
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Annette Law…, Agent, Palm Harbor, FL
Thu Jan 17, 2013
That is a great question.
You would not have asked it if this was not a issue for you at this time.
IF you can not attend, you would be well advised to have someone you trust to be in attendance. Inspectors have a goal that may be different than that of the home buyer. Those that may be selected from the yellow pages that advertises they will recover the total inspection costs by finding 'stuff" will complicate this situation. Instead, follow your agents recommendation and use an inspector familiar with homes of this type and in this environment. Your agent wants you to receive relevant information regarding this homes condition not the hysteria that many inspectors can create.
Should issues be found as a result of the inspection....and there will be....your designated observer will need to be able to convey to you the significance of this finding in the ENGLISH you can understand. If the home computer is plugged into the outlet and it working properly, what significance does reversed polarity really have? There is a lot of 'nonsense' in these inspection reports. This observer will need to ask, "When this problem is resolved....'What will it LOOK like?' Very often it is impossible to determine if a repair has been made relying solely on the written report even with all the pictures.
This is where your trusted real estate consultant, once more, demonstrates their value. They can identify for you the 'non-sense,' the cosmetic, what is expected in a home of this age and type, and those issues that would require re-opening negotiations or finding another house.
All agents would advise you to be present. If that is not possible, it is important you do not lose the benefit such a protection provides. Choose wisely.

Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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I like agents such as yourself Annette. Good answer.
Flag Tue Jan 22, 2013
Judi Loporto, , Fort Lauderdale, FL
Thu Jan 17, 2013
It is always a good idea to be there and see what is going on. The inspector always points things out and gives advice on ways to fix ect.
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Antonio Vega…, Agent, Saint Cloud, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Each inspector is different and have their way of doing things. Some may want to go on the roof and walk it to inspect for soft wood and have a close look at the shingles. while other are happy to look at the roof with binoculars from the driveway. Some crawl into the attic, others push the attic door open and just take photos assuming their zoom will find everything there is to see. Some will write a light needs servicing, while others will specify the bulb needs replace or the electric sucket needs change. In other words, each inspector will be strong in some areas and not so in others. That said, it is a good idea for you to stick around and ask questions and clarifications, make them earn their pay...and then give them a little extra tip for putting up with you all day. It will be the best spent dollars you'll ever had. Was this answer helpful? If so please click on the "green thumbs up" or the "best answer".

Tony Vega
La Rosa Realty
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Bill Hilton…, Agent, Boca Raton, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
It is in your BEST interest to be with the inspector when he/she is reviewing the property, so you better understand what he writes in the report as you both looked at the same area at the same time.
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Rhonda Hooper, Agent, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
It is not required, but good thing to be there at the end of the inspection. As a realtor I always attend inspections to represent either the buyer or seller. At wrap up the inspector will give you written details and a great over view of the concerns.
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Stefanie Coh…, Agent, Weston, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
I highly recommend that the buyer be present at inspections. I am always there for the entire inspection, regardless.

Getting a report, even if there are photos, is not the same as walking through with the inspector.

An inspector will show the buyer items that may be fine now, but might require attention in the future. They will get the inspectors opinion on construction, energy efficiency and other things that are not required to be in a report.

Of course, if the buyer is not local, or simply cannot be present, that cannot be helped. I know that in those cases my buyers feel better knowing that I am there for them. I will go through the report with the inspector at the property, so that I can discuss it with the buyers and explain any items that may be noted.
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Julie Rosent…, Agent, Jupiter, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Hi if you can be present at your home inspection try to be. So you can ha e your home inspector explain in depth . A good home inspection report should include the inspectir's photos of the noted defects or items that need attention.
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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Dear Trulia

It is prudent to attend the property inspection, as a property inspector will give you a very
good idea on the attributes and issues with the home.

It also pays to ask questions, and understand how things work, how long they last,
new products available. etc.

Good luck
Ruth and Perry
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Nadine Mauro, Agent, Lake Worth, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Hi Trulia,

Nobody is required to attend. That said somebody has to let the inspector into the property.

I always suggest to the buyers that they attend the inspection if possible. Many times when dealing with investors they might not be anywhere near where the property is located.

I always attend all inspections regardless whether I represent the buyer or seller. I want to be able to give my customer a firsthand report of what I have personally seen. Although the inspector usually takes photos of any deficiencies in the property it is nice to know that your agent has firsthand knowledge of what the inspector finds. Or to have the knowledge to point out certain important facts to the buyer when they take possession of the house.

For instance: if the inspector writes in his report that the water shut off for the whole house is on the left side of the garage door, I want to be able to show that shut off to my buyer when we do the final walkthrough.

Nadine Mauro
Highlight Realty
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Robert Zeoli, Agent, Plantation, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Tricia answer to this question is great. As a buyer, there is no requirement that you have to attend a home inspection. As a buyer and someone who is about to probably make one the most significant investment their life, I would strongly recommend that you would be present for the home inspection if possible. A written report with photos is great but will not in any way be better than attending and observing with your own eyes what will be included in the report. It's a good idea to stay out of the inspectors way and let him do his job. Once finished, a good home inspector will walk you through the home and point out the items that will be included in the report. You should always be certain that the home inspector is licensed and reputable. An experienced Home Inspector is extremely important in a real estate transaction. If you have someone inexperienced an don't attend, you could possibly purchase the wrong home with some serious issues and set yourself up for major problems down the road after purchasing.

I hope I was able to help!!
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Tricia Luther, Agent, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Patricia is correct. You do not have to attend. However, if you are working with a Realtor, it is good for them or someone that represents you to attend on your behalf (I go on behalf of my out-of-town buyers and those that can't get away from their work schedules). Just be sure that it is a Licensed Inspector and if you can't attend, be aware of what their reports are like. The Inspection companies that I recommend to my customers all take great/specific photos and their notes are right below each photo, so when you receive it, it's almost as though you were there. The benefit to having someone there is often times once the inspector is done, they will give a recap on their results. Many times, they may tell you about things that can't put on their report (because it may be more on the cosmetic side), but might be a good tip. Also, a good inspector might tell you things like "this fix on my report shows $50 to $100, but if you could replace this on your own by getting XYZ at Home Depot for $10".
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Meir Aloni, Agent, Plantation, FL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Dear Trulia, it is up to the buyer/s to attend or not.....

With enthusiasm,

Meir Aloni & Team

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CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert)

RECS (Real Estate Cyberspace Society)

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Direct phone# 954-338-5220

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