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Asked by, MA, Sat May 12, 2007

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Joe Marchetti, , Brockton, MA
Tue Jul 10, 2007
Hire a buyer's agent that will invest the time it takes to inform you of all aspects of the transaction. A buyer's agent should have knowledge of the area of interest, local building codes and construction methods in addition to a firm grasp on the area market conditions. A good buyers agent will consider themselves as an educator of clients. By taking the time to educate a client prior to initiating a transaction the buyer's agent will close more deals in a timely fashion and guarantee customer satisfaction.
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Lawrence, , San Francisco, CA
Wed Jul 18, 2007
My wife and I just bought a place, and our agent did a great job. Here are the reasons we liked her. For reference, we are newly married 26-year olds buying our first home:

1) She was easily reachable both through phone, and more importantly, email.

2) She was on top of all the things that needed to be done to buy a home, and could answer all of our questions. I don't feel like there's anything I am unsure of or that was forgotten.

3) She was very diligent about getting the seller's agent to move on things, as there were a number of things the other agent lagged on.

4) Not only did she not encourage overbidding (common here in San Francisco), but she worked to help us underbid successfully on our place. This was really impressive, because she showed us quite literally that loyalty to her clients is more important than money.

The only negative experience I can say that I had with our realtor is that she pointed us towards a particular mortgage person. This isn't necessarily bad, but we didn't like the rates/service offered by this person, and when we wanted to go elsewhere I felt that she was pressuring us not to. I would have appreciated general guidance on the mortgage without any pressure to use a particular lender.
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Melissa Manc…, Agent, Plainville, MA
Tue Jul 17, 2007
Hi Chris: Thank you for your feedback, as it allows me to expand on my prior comment! I 100% believe that caring about the buyer(s) is #1, and as a result, most of my business comes from repeat clients and referrals, as I strive to build life long friendships with them along the way. One of the “duties” of a CBR, legally, morally and ethically is Loyalty: always putting their interests first and doing for them what I would do for myself. The agents who invest the time and the money to earn this designation or the ABR have already demonstrated their level of caring and commitment to their clients, as this allows them to provide the best representation possible. Congrats on your ABR!!

Melissa Mancini, Realtor, CBR, GRI
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Chris Tesch, Agent, College Station, TX
Tue Jul 17, 2007
The perfect buyers agent would care about your transaction as much as you do! Finding the right homes, digging up the facts and figures, getting the inspections done and amendments written, negotiating for the last dime and really, truly caring about the clients welfare.

It's not about designations (yes I am an Accredited Buyers Representative)'s about caring and commitment.
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Trulia Roger, Home Buyer, Alameda, CA
Sat May 12, 2007
We were so pleased with our buyer's agent we hired her again when it was time to sell our place. She rocked because 1) she was on our side and aggressive but realistic when it came to offers and prices, 2) she doggedly kept in touch with the seller's agent during the whole process, 3) she was available anytime, anywhere to discuss terms, draw up offers, or fax documents back and forth, and 4) she cared about getting us into the house we wanted on terms we were comfortable with. She didn't encourage us to overbid, and she educated us about what kinds of offers and concessions would likely work with a seller.
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RoostWise Te…, Agent, Bedford, MA
Mon Oct 20, 2008
I asked my buyer clients this question. None could describe a 'perfect' agent, but told me that I worked well for them because I listen to them. I LISTEN! Besides all of my training and experience that's pretty easy! I think a good fit for any realtor/client relationship is rapport. If my clients can't talk to me comfortably, that's as far from perfect as you can get. Knowing what a realtor knows is critical, but relationship management skills - people skills - is what makes or breaks any client/agent relationship.
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Paul Slaybau…, Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Wed Jul 18, 2007
There is no such thing. All agents should strive for the highest level of professionalism, honor their fiduciary obligation to the client to the utmost, and help their clients make educated purchases. It is easy to sell someone a home they love, but a good buyer's agent on occasion will be forced to kill their own potential sale to protect their client. I say there is no such thing as the perfect buyer's agent because once these prerequisite factors are met, you are left with human issues such as personality meshing and trust. An agent can be the most skilled and successful in a given area, but if he/she doesn't click with the client, it's irrelevant.
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Wed Jul 18, 2007
A perfect buyer's agent has:

1) Knowledge: marketplace, comps, history of the property, understanding of housing, systems,
2) Experience: provides the ability to gage reasonable decisions, have contacts, relationships, history
3) Skill: Presentation, negotiation, sales ability ( from prior career history as well and/or real estate)
4) Education: Real Estate, Sales, Negotiating Classes
5) Work Ethic: Will work hard for you, be reasonably and quickly available
6) Moral Ethic: Deals with all persons fairly and honestly, while maintaining fiduciary with client.

Deborah Madey - Broker
Peninsula Realty Group, Inc.
New Jersey
(732) 530-7755
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Tom and Joan…, Agent, Boston, MA
Thu May 20, 2010
In my opinion the perfect buyer's agent will sit with a client in the client's office for 45mins to 1 hour educating the buyer on the process soup to nut. We must set the expectations of the buyer up front as so many things can and do happen in this business. At the conclusion of the this meeting the buyer and broker go over the home work done by the buyer and that is to review the potential clients' needs and wants list.

Next they have the client do their due diligence and then head out to see properties while continuing to educate the client. Once inside homes the broker educates the client about the home and the market, and will eventually assist the client in the preparation and presentation of an offer.

Our jobs are to communicate with the buyer and help them get where they want to go smoothly and cost effectively.

This is my abbreviated version of the buyer broker, but would be happy to discuss further over coffee.
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Jeanne & Jul…, Agent, Hyannis, MA
Fri Nov 2, 2007
I try HArd to be! First and foremost an ABR (accredited buyers rep) designation should be required. Lengthy courses and requirements of at least 5 successful closed transactions as a buyers rep are a pre -requieit. Buyer's agents should be willing to hand you referals for you to see for yourself a satisfied client.
I tell my clients that I am treating them as my children or parents and looking out for THEIR best interest in regards to caution and negotiations and strategizing.
Interview a few to find a good fit for you. CAll me 508-888-6540 X 35 to discuss or check out my website to search the web FREE with addresses and open house dates allowed!
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None, , 27615
Wed Jul 18, 2007
The perfect buyers agent can be many things for many people. It depends on what that individual is looking for. Overall being a good buyers agent is looking out for the BEST interest for your client/buyer. Educating them on the homebuying process. Being available to answer their questions and if you don't know it them let them now you will find out. Treating them as a person, with feelings, no matter the price range. Taking the time to LISTEN to them. Being able to flex your learning style to theirs. Putting THEIR interest over your commission check. Showing them you actually care about them. There is a saying that says, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
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Alisha Gunraj, , Homes of Fairfield County, Stamford, Norwalk
Wed Jul 18, 2007
A buyers agent should have a home buying packet that details the process, should be regularly viewing properties in the respective communities, updating themselves on new laws and tax info of the areas, updating themselves from both a macro and micro standpoint about changes in the market/industry. be tech savvy, and most of all be soft on the people and hard on the problem! Communication is key in any great business model.

Here are some questions to ask:
They should be a full-time professional REALTOR® Ask them how long have you worked full-time in real estate? What geographic areas do you specialize in? What is there track record?
Do you have a Website? What information can I find there?
How will you keep me informed during my home search and throughout the transaction?
Do you have a staff or a team? If so, what roles will they play in my transaction?
Will you show me properties from other companies’ listings?
Will you represent me exclusively, or will you also represent the seller? May I have that in writing?
How will you get paid? How are your fees structured?
What distinguishes you from other real estate agents? What is your negotiating style?
May I contact some of your recent clients as references?
Do you have a performance guarantee? If I am not satisfied with your performance, can I terminate our buyer agency agreement?
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Kim Chitwood, Agent, Fayetteville, GA
Tue Jul 10, 2007
I believe a good Buyer's representative will take the time to explain the difference in a "Customer" and in a "Client". When you are my client we have an exclusive agreement. In Georgia, without a Buyer's Brokerage agreement signed, the Seller automatically becomes our "Client". This means, no comping the neighborhood, no inside information such as divorce- etc. Becoming my client gives you an edge and best of all, it is free of charge. Commission is paid by the seller so you get top notch service free of charge. Having a Buyer's rep means you have access to a list of Lenders, Inspectors, and other great people we do business with. We will take you through the process from A-Z. Buyer's representation should mean NO STRESS for your buyer.
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Delroy Robin…, , Atlanta, GA
Sat May 12, 2007
A buyer's agent is an agent that put the buyer's interest first. Always Outline to the buyer how you work and what is expected of them, then ask for their approval. Identify needs vs want. Pre-qualify the buyer first before you take them out to look at property. Prepare the buyer for the unexpected. Under promise and over deliver. Always very any questions that the buyer may have, if you don't know the answer ensure the buyer that you will find out. Never wing the answer. Have an open line of communication.
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