Can anyone provide advice on whether or not Green Valley Ranch would be a good area to live in? I'm a single

Asked by Deborah Campbell, Colorado Springs, CO Mon Jul 21, 2008

parent with a two-year old and am interested in community events, low crime and decent schools.

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Cindy, Home Buyer, Denver, CO
Mon Mar 2, 2009
I've lived in GVR twice and liked it both times. You do have to compete with Oakwood Homes as a builder but other than that their houses are really nice with the tiled roofs and hey they're still in business! I'm getting ready to move back out there to the Bungalows. My kids went to both schools out there and did really well at Marrama and MLK. They went to George Washington for high school, but I had moved into a different neighborhood. I would not recommend them going to Montbello for high school, I would put pressure on DPS to build the high school that GVR was promised years ago.

I'm excited about moving's a quiet neighborhood for the most part and with all the new businesses opening it's not miles back and forth to go grocery shopping any more.
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Noplacelikeh…, , Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO
Wed Oct 10, 2012
My husband and I are in our 50's and have lived in Green Valley Ranch for 8 years now. We love it here! Its a wonderfully diverse neighborhood -- all ethnicities are represented -- its like the united nations! People in this community are hard working folks striving to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Its an easy drive to the main roadways which can take you just about any where you need to go. Light rail will be coming to GVR in the next 4 years and that will provide an economical transportation option as well.

The neighborhood is very quiet. Sure, in the summer there will always be a few teenagers who act up, play music and hang out in public, but you get that anywhere there are kids. For the most part, I see parents engaged with their kids, pushing them to be better and take advantage of all that is accessible to them -- schools, church, parks, sports, library, etc.

Green Valley isn't about "keeping up with the Jones's"....if you like that rat race, then you need to look elsewhere. If you want a fairly simple way to live, are willing to make some friends over time, enjoy a diverse neighborhood experience that mirrors the "real world", then GVR is just that place.
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Deedeecp, Home Buyer, Denver, CO
Wed Oct 10, 2012
I've lived in GVR for over 10 years now and moved a couple of times within the community to experience the neighborhoods and now own my own home there. It's a beautiful, quiet place. Not sure who these other people are who are downing it -- I assume most of them do not live here. You get a lot for your money in terms of housing, the majority of the yards are well-taken care of, most of the schools (a couple not so good) are really great and my children have excelled. I have always felt safe here without a doubt. My neighbors wave to me when I drive past and we have trails and parks that wind throughout -- not to mention a beautiful golf course. I guess if young men listening to their radios in a parking lot (I guess this only happens once in awhile in Green Valley Ranch and no where else) scares you, then maybe look for another neighborhood where that does not happen. And, if you do not want any diversity in your neighborhood, then GVR may not be the place. I happen to love the diversity here and in the schools here. We have a large mixed group of people who live here and like and respect each other. Lastly, I love that people who've only visited once or twice, think that we are so FAR out of the city. That makes me laugh. We are near a couple of highways and it really isn't far out -- it takes 20 - 25 minutes to get just about anywhere. But in a way, I like that misbelief and how it keeps our community quiet and like a diamond in the rough. I'll take that any day!
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Robert McGui…, Agent, Denver, CO
Sat Aug 11, 2012

I just saw this old post in reference to Green Valley Ranch. Some of the answers below reflect my feelings. We lived there from 2001 - 2008 until in Bradford Village by the golf course. We loved it there until moving back to Park Hill to be with my aging mother. Since that time there have been vast improvements. The k-12 school is built, more shopping, foreclosures (due primarily to predatory lending) have all been swallowed up, and there is great appreciation in the value of the homes. It is also a very diverse community economically and otherwise.

I have always said you can get the most for your money there more than any other community in the Denver Metropolitan area. I have sold several homes there in the last couple of years and my clients love the decision they made although were originally told by some friends to stay away from the area. Not only now, but for the last 2 years there have been multiple offers on almost every decent home that comes on the market. I would highly recommend it for buyers up to the $300,000 price range. Any other questions or concerns about GVR don't hesitate to contact me.

Robert McGuire ASR
Your Castle Real Estate
1776 S. Jackson St. #412
Denver CO 80210
Direct – 303-669-1246
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Helpme, Home Owner, Denver County, CO
Tue Jul 10, 2012
I live in GVR and I hate it!!!!!!! The schools are Horrifying !!!!!!! I wish I would have NEVER moved my family here...We would have been better off of EAST COLFAX....DON"T MOVE TO GVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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PaintingDenv…, , Denver, CO
Wed Dec 2, 2009
Deborah, GVR is small, quite, and convenient now with major retail being built up close by. Remembering 10 years ago, it was out all by itself. With the coming of DIA, GVR is a viable sector in our community, which offers a lot to Suburban Living. Good Luck, and Welcome to Denver!~Cal
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Reuben, Both Buyer And Seller, Denver, CO
Sun Nov 29, 2009
GVR is perfect for a single person. I'm single and retired. For the record, GVR is a stable, long established master planned community with a strong HOA and a very friendly GVR Metro District staff. It is part of the City and County of Denver which provides free trash and recycle collections, and provides the best services of any municipal government in the area, bar none. The master builder, Oakwood Homes, has a motto, "more house less money." I worked at the nearby Denver International Airport for 14 years and have access to downtown and all suburbs via I-70, I-225, 120th Ave., and of course, E470 (the big beltway). These major freeways are within one or two miles of GVR. If you want good, honest, hardworking, friendly neighbors, this is the place. I'm a Denver native and have lived in all parts of Denver. I'm impressed by the strong work ethic and pride of ownership I see here. The foreclosure problem is abating and private sales of exisiting homes are picking up big time. New buyers are well advised to grap a an affordable house here NOW!!
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Noplacelikeh…, , Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO
Sun Nov 1, 2009
My husband and I have lived in Green Valley Ranch since 2004. We love it here. It's fairly quite, not crowded. There's lots of families just trying to make a better life here. Our neighbors are great, everyone is friendly and most try hard to keep their yards nice and neat. For the most part, everyone seems to be mindful of one another. Our Oakwood home is beautifully built. Its 2x6 construction environmentally safe insulation, quality concrete roof, stucco and cultured stone exterior. We've got all the room we could possibly want at over 4500 square feet. We've added a fully finished basement, that gives us another 900 square feet, and an in-ground pool. Pat Hamill, the owner of Oakwood has made a significant contribution in this community, with parks, community centers, supporting the new schools going in, etc - he's been amazing. And after having previously lived in Highlands Ranch, Douglas County....all I can say is I'm so thankful to have Denver/Denver County services! There's real sidewalks and parkway trees that in years to come, will continue to enhance the neighborhood.
Yes - This community is going through some changes due to the economic downturn, but its a real gem and for us, a long term investment we'd encourage others to make!
PS: If you're a golfer - Green Valley Ranch Golf Club and the Golf Academy is fantastic!
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Lovehorses, , Green Valley Ranch, Denver, CO
Wed Aug 19, 2009
We have lived in GVR for 5 years, there is nothing wrong with it. We have had no problems with our house which is 5 years old, it is a quiet neighborhood, and we personally have not experienced any crime whatsoever. Lots of kids and dog lovers. We love it here!
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Peggy C, , Denver, CO
Tue Aug 11, 2009
Deborah, location is the most important consideration when buying a home. You are smart to try to gain information regarding any prospective new area. While one person may love living in an area it may not suit another's lifestyle at all. I recommend visting the area at different times during the day and evening during the week and weekend to see how it fits your lifestyle. Since you are in Colorado Springs this may be hard to do. So, you might want to find a realtor you trust and allocate a block of time to view homes in the area a couple of times before you make any big decision. Also, there are many websites that provide good unbiased statistical data, such as There are some good bargains throughout the metro area as well as Green Valley Ranch, so there are many options available to you. Realtors cannot steer clients to or away from a specific area, but we can provide you information on the housing market as you investigate your future neighborhood. Good Luck on your search.
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Tessie, Home Buyer, Englewood, CO
Fri Aug 7, 2009
I visited Green Valley Ranch on a few separate occasions last year. Based on my impressions, I would never buy there. The houses are cheaply made and stacked on top of one another. 5 or 10 years from now that place is going to be scary. Even now, crime is a growing concern. I did some shopping there and the parking lot was full of young guys hanging out playing their car stereos.

I'm a mom too and I would rather rent an apartment in a safer, more established area than buy a house in Green Valley Ranch.
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Kim Olson, , Denver, CO
Tue Apr 28, 2009
Hi Deborah,

I have attached a link below that should provide you with a good starting point in regards to statistical information. Personally I have a good friend that lives in Green Valley Ranch and her husband works nights on 3-4 day stretches...she has never mentioned to me that she felt unsafe or concerned about anyone in her immediate community.
Although Green Valley Ranch has had considerable foreclosures, the area is fairly close to downtown and only 15-20 minutes from Denver International Airport. I encourage you to preview several areas in Denver. Southeast Aurora has wonderful schools and depending of your price could possible get into a nice, relatively new home for the mid 200's. Let me know if you want more information on the property mentioned. I would attach a link to the review I wrote on the home, but I think statically data is more of what you are looking for in GVR.
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Esther Harns…, Agent, Littleton, CO
Sun Apr 5, 2009
I was out in GVR today previewing some homes. There are approximately 100+ active listings in GVR and yes, there are foreclosures as well. It is a well kept newer community. Realtors can provide you information so that you can investigate for yourself items such as crime, schools, community info, etc. and it is up to you to determine if the area is right for you. I see that you've been provided resources for this type of information, so I encourage you to do your homework. Set your critiera of what you want in an area e.g., schools, walkability to amenities, shopping, proximity to work, home criteria, and so on. The more specific you are about your future home, the easier it is for your Realtor to assist you in finding the right home. I'd be happy to help you and can be contacted via my email and or via my website. Regards!
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Anthony Stav…, , Colorado
Sat Apr 4, 2009
To paraphrase, the real estate commission’s strand on questions of this nature, you pick the area you are interested in, Realtors can provide information with respect to the area and it's ultimately the buyer's choice as to where they want to live. has community, school, tax, etc. information on Green Valley Ranch as well as all communities in our MLS. I suggest you visit that site so you can see the crime rate and quality of schools in that area and more.

One of my buyers just moved into Green Valley and I got him a very good deal. It was also an area he wanted to live in before and after he reviewed the statistics. One should note that it is in a high foreclosure area.
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Chuck Strau…, Agent, Denver, CO
Mon Mar 2, 2009
I did some work there yesterday and found a couple of pockets of homes that I think have some real potential in terms of value and community feel. I might suggest that you spend some time in the area, talk to home owners and get a true feel for the neighborhood, but overall think it is coming back and in a couple of years will be a great place to live and raise a family.
good luck.
Chuck Strauss
Keller Williams DTC
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Catherine, Home Buyer, Denver, CO
Wed Aug 6, 2008
If you like living near the airport, then yes. It's waaaay out there and because the houses are large and priced low, even though the market is down, I'd be concerned about the quality of the build. I'm a CO native and I wouldn't want to be out there near the Rocky Mtn Arsenal even though they say they've cleaned it up well. I personally prefer living near the foothills where it's somewhat protected and yet still near major highways and the mountains. I grew up in Golden and Lakewood and so those are the area that I know to be safe. Also South Denver, Englwood, Littleton, Wash Park... those are decent areas as well. GVR is just too far out and not a proven area of stability.
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Ken, , DTC
Tue Aug 5, 2008
GVR is not a good place to live at the moment. I would give it a couple years to see if it gets better. It was a master planned community like Highlands Ranch, but it didn't turn out like HR. When the community came together, there was a lot of mortgage fraud and therefore there is a lot of foreclosure.

Also, there is an element of crime and housing prices are decreasing.
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Bill Fung, Agent, Centennial, CO
Mon Jul 21, 2008

Just for timely information, did a search of homes available in Green Valley Ranch from $00 to $200,000, there were over 100 homes available that have at least 3 bedr 2 baths with Garage for 2 cars and at least 1,000 sq ft. In Green Valley Ranch you would have a lot of choices for homes.

However keeping in mind about schools for your 2 year old son, Green Valley Ranch is serviced by Denver Public School System.

There are other areas about the same price range that you can also look that give you choice of school systems for your son. Parts of Aurora are in the Cherry Creek School system and in Aurora Public Schools.

Even in Parker there are some homes available in the price range I mentioned and Parker is in the Douglas County School system.

In the southern Denver metro area Douglas County Schools and Cherry Creek Schools are considered by most buyers and home owners to be very decent school systems.

If you are looking for Community events, Low crime rate and decent schools, you will need a variety of information sources to help you make a decision you will be happy with for the next 5 to 7 years since your son is now 2 years old.

This really is a situation where you will want to talk with people you know in the area you have an interest in, as well as websites and Realtors to give you a better picture of the areas you might be interested in.

Yes there are tons of sites so if it helps here is another one it is

This site provides a wealth of information, almost too much. It's a great site to start that info search.

If you need help regarding specifics of areas or interpret information, feel free to contact me through email or phone at my website.

Good Luck

Web Reference:
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Peggy Payton, , Denver, CO
Mon Jul 21, 2008
Green Valley Ranch has a lot of different homes/styles available at affordable prices. As far as community and schools, several Denver metro areas are worth looking at, because that is such a personal preference.

Schools and school districts are important to consider since your two-year old will have all of that ahead of him. Cherry Creek, Douglas County and Jefferson County schools have top ratings. There are also many excellent charter schools.

As far as crime, you need to check with the Denver Police or whatever area you decide to live in to find out the statistics.

If I can be of any further help, please let me know. Good Luck! Peggy Payton Cherry Tree Properties, Inc.
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Chuck Strau…, Agent, Denver, CO
Mon Jul 21, 2008
For community information, Oakwood homes provides the following link:
Crime statistics, from a variety of sources, here's a list of all within the past 6 months:…
And schools:

Hope this helps. Contact me if you want my opinion, and not just websites
Chuck Strauss
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