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Can a buyer use more than one realtor to represent them in purchasing a home?

Asked by T_hennen, 77058 Mon Jan 11, 2010

I live in a large metro area and would like for more than one realtor to represent me in purchasing a home. As a seller or my existing home, I understand that I can only be under contract with one realtor to sell my home. I have been advised that it can be quite advantageous for me to have a realtor represent me in the purchase of my next home. Additionally, whether or not I can use more than one realtor to represent me in my next purchase, is this a "contractual" arrangement?

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Not sure how using several agents can be advantageous. If you are looking in different towns, then maybe choosing an agent from each area might be helpful, however, many agents work in different towns or areas outside where their office may be.

If you are looking within the same area or very close to the same area, then using multiple agents could get confusing or down right ugly. All the agents should have access to the same information. It's likely that you will receive the same listings and advice from several agents and would then have to decide which one to work with.

What you should do is interview several agents and find an agent you feel comfortable with and work with that agent. It could save you a headache later.
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You can use as many agents as you like when looking to purchase a home, as long as there is no written agreement with any agent-- and you should inform each agent . However, if you like the services of the Realtor selling your home, why not choose him/her as your buyer agent--after all you already have an established relationship--if he/she is good enough to sell your home why wouldn't that be the case in helping you buy--If on the other hand you feel you need a different representative in purchasing, why not interview a few and choose the one you like best--When using more than one agent--ultimately, only one will get paid--therefore why waste another's efforts, time, gas, etc.-- would you want to work for free I wonder--especially if it would be costing you money. Choose your agent with care.

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I'm not sure whether you're asking if you can use more than one buyer's agent, so that there can be more than one agent out there searching for opportunities for you (perhaps in different communities)... or if you're looking for multiple agents, so that you can have a "team" of agents negotiating for you.

Either way, as long as the agents agree to allow those circumstances to occur, it can be done, and can be done contractually. Yes, you can have multiple agents searching for properties (although as Cindi suggests... make sure to be "upfront" with them, so they know where they stand... will they share the commission, or are they competing to see which one finds the "winning" house for you?...

If you're looking for a stronger negotiation... maybe you want to avail yourself of one of those agents who presents him/herself as a "team"... that might make you feel more strongly represented.

Good luck.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
It would be fair to all agents representing you to let them know you are using multiple agents. Just make sure you do not sign buyer-broker agreements with each agent, unless they are very agent specific.
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The Hagley G…, Real Estate Pro in Pleasanton, CA
Are you asking whether you can use a different realtor than the listing agent on your home you are looking to sell? Or, do you want to work with different agents to show you different listings?
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Realtor have exclusive listing that is not available on MLS. You can hire many realtors and be specific about buying an exclusive listing. MLS is available to you without the need of an agent. It is even better to call the listing agent directly. The first question they ask you is do you have an agent? Wonder why??? In a hot market like in syosset long island, agents put a sign for sale for two weeks before they listed on MLS to sell the house without sharing their commission with other agents. Other agents intentionally make an open house eventhough they have offers from buyers before the open house date. This is just a few from many many things that agents do. Didn't mention the bid war on selling a house. Good luck. Remember it is not a seller market as of yet. In syosset for example, one nationality brought the housing prices skyrocket for no reason and agents set the price NOT the sellers.
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Actually this happens all of the time. Especially when a buyer is considering homes in two different locations that are a ways apart. Buyers are always best served when their agent is knowledgeable of the buyer's local market.

When a buyer finds themselves in a situation in which the use of multiple agents is essential, it's always best to make the parties involved aware of these plans so there is no overlapping or duplication of services.

However, if the use of more than one agent from an area is being used just for the heck of it, you'll likely see a decrease in effort and sincerity when the agents involved find out on their own.

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Be careful of the answers you get. Realtors act like they are the only ones who have to invest time and money to get sales. Every business only gets paid on completely a service and every business has to pay to put a shingle out somewhere.
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When you work with more than one agent, chances are you'll receive the same information from each agent. They pull information from the same source - the local MLS. The key is finding the RIGHT real estate agent. If you are unhappy with someone's services, let them know. But If you are going to use more than one agent, please let all the agents know your intentions.

All of us in the real estate industry have faced this situation at one time or another. It's only fair to let the agents decide if they will work with you knowing you have other agents "on the side". Most real estate agents take their careers seriously and are only compensated when you close on a home. When you use more than one agent, it reduces the chance of being compensated for time and money spent finding you a home.

Good luck and I hope you are able to make a decision using only one agent to help you.
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I'll answer this question as a lender, and perhaps I can be a little more blunt since I am not a realtor.

If you need multiple realtors to look at different areas for you, I hope you are upfront with them that you have multiple realtors. Another idea would be to choose one realtor who knows the multiple areas you're considering, since theoretically it would be helpful to have a professional help you choose among those areas.

If you feel the realtors you're working with are not adequate, then you are working with the wrong ones.

Lastly, quite frankly, realtors expend great amounts of time and resources-- which cost real, actual money-- in order to help you, and they are only compensated upon the closing of your transaction. Realtors, like all of us, have families depending on them. I personally would think long and hard before tying them up for something that will ony cost them. If they are dedicating their time to you, then they are not dedicating their time to someone who will be a little more respectful of their time and resources.
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I guess I would ask why?
A good reason to do this might be if you are looking in a big city and two different realtors have expertise in different parts of the city you might consider. For example in San Francisco you might use one Realtor for Marin county and a different one for South Bay. There could be some that work both areas and know both areas. You might use a 3rd if you were looking in East Bay.

If this is your case you could sign buyer's representation agreements for specific areas, counties, cities, etc. I would advise each as to what the other is doing for you exactly.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Putting aside the reasons for not having your listing agent represent you on your purchase, you have provided the precise reasoning why so many agents insist on exclusive buyer agency agreements - we do not want to show you a bunch of properties, educate you on the possibilities and limitations in the marketplace, only to have you buy from another agent.

If you do not enter into an exclusive buyer agency agreement, then you're free to do as you choose.
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I agree with some of the ansewrs below me. I dont understand why you would want to use a different agent than the one you are currently using to sell your home. If you trusted this agent to sell your home and they did a good job why switch? However, if you did not have a great experience, and didnt build a good realtionship, you may want to go out and interview other agents. Good luck!

Matt Laricy
Americorp Real Estate
Brokers Associate, e-PRO
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My Question is - WHY would you want to use a different agent to represent you buying your next home? You should have a trusted business relationship with your listing agent. They already know you and should work delingently to SELL your current home enabling you to purchase your next home, it is in both of your interests.
Some agents will discount if you're going to use them for two transactions. The only reason to change is if you are dissatisfied with your listing agent. If you are happy then you gain nothing by switching. Just remember it is wise to have a contractual exclusive agreement with your Realtor (A licensed Realtor adheres to a strict code of ethics) this benefits you both in the long run. The Realtor gets paid , they EARN their fee, you have rights as to their performance and confidentiality, in compensation. A good Realtor is worth every cent. If you're moving out of town, then they can also refer you to another reputable Realtor.
Please feel free to contact me and browse my website for further information without any obligation: http://www.agoodehome.com - Good Luck!
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NO you can use one buyers agent,

I represent buyers in Dallas Fort Worth area I have resided in area since 1981 been in business for 20 years not part of this entire community I don't know about

You most likely have a great idea area you want to move to. why is your listing agent not representing you for next purchase?

Never purchase a home w/o a Realtor being involved.

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You should hire a team of two or more realtor from the same office.
Just make sure they are real pros.
good luck
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Answer: YES you can

Needed notes.... YOU will pay for one and the seller will pay for one.
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The only scenario that I can think of for having more than one Realtor representing you in your next purchase is working with a team of Realtors or working partners. My mom and I work together as partners, essentially offering 2 Realtors for the price of 1. But in any other scenario, one agent is most likely not going to earn a commission.

If you can put your faith into one Realtor and sign a contractual agreement (Buyer's Representation Agreement), they will work hard for you. If you can't make that commitment, that Realtor shouldn't be expected to make the same commitment to you. As Realtors, we don't earn a dime until a deal closes, so expending time and energy into a client that is working with multiple Realtors--in most cases--just doesn't make sense for us.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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As long as it is disclosed to any other agent, I dont see why you couldnt

Now will many agents want that, probably not.

You have to look at it this way. Even if you compensated say all 3 agents. If they have to all split the commission then split it back with their broker. It is almost nothing at the end of the day.
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Any agent should have you sign a Buyers Rep once they start working with you. The first thing an agent should ask you is whether you are already working with an agent. You should be upfront. Although the Buyers Rep does allow you to specify if you want an agent to show you a specific area of town ONLY which then enables you to use another agent in a different part of town, it is not right to play agents against each other. All agents have access to the same information and work hard to find the right place for you. I don't work with clients if they are working with another agent already. Find an agent that is compatible with your personality and use that agent only.
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Hi T,
Yes, it's always wise to have an agent represent you when purchasing a home. We have the skills to negotiate for the best terms/price for our clients. We also can do the research to make sure you aren't overpaying, etc. The other answers are correct when they say that you shouldn't enter into a buyer's representation agreement with multiple agents. Doing so would leave you holding the commission for one or more agents. We all have access to the very same information. I personally will not work with buyers who have multiple agents out their on a wild goose chase. We work hard for our paychecks and it's best to be up front and honest with all parties concerned. Good Luck!
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