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Can I change Realtor? We havent yet visited any homes with him.

Asked by Vernon, 55422 Wed Jan 6, 2010

I started working with a realtor 1 month ago. The guy sent us some information about home listings over email, and thats all. We havent visited any homes with him. We have been unhappy with hisservices, he never answers phones, doesnt reply to my emails on time, doesnt give us detailed information etc. We havent begun looking at homes yet with him. Would it be OK to change realtor at this stage. Once I start looking for houses with him it will be more difficult to change him. But I want to know if it will be OK if I change the realtor now, since he sent me some information on home listings over email.
PS: The information he sent was anyway available on Trulia, and the homes were listed here.

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Yeah, dump him.

Finding houses is easy - real estate agents want it that way. We put signs up and arrows pointing to them and everything. So finding houses is a sanp.

Where an agent really gets useful is in their role as a guide, helping you evaluate the homes and neighborhoods for your particular lifestyle and desires. That's the agent you should be working with - and if they're good at that, I'd forgive them the fact that they're not accessible 24/7 - or even, 8/5!

One thing to clear up with your new agent, however, will be - how do you communicate best: phone, texting, email, smoke signals, whatever.

Good luck!
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Homes are listed on the Local MLS, in this case, northstar mls. Most companies have an agreeement with other compaines to feed Trulia database. Do not be confused about it. Trulia is feed by the compaines / Brokers.

May I ask what is your Finance status? Are you pre approved?

Good luck and find someone that answer your questions and returns emails/calls.

Do him a favor and explain the reason you do not want to work with him.

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You can do as you wish. If you are unhappy with your Realtor yes you can change. If you have signed an agreement with them simply contact the firm preferably in writing, email, or fax and terminate the agreement. Now if they showed you a home and you go into that same home with another Realtor there maybe some issues with procurring cause and the commissions but that can be worked out by the two agents.

Hope this helps,
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Homebuying is one of the biggest investments in your life! You are serious about it, and so should your agent. You can very well choose another agent, especially if all he did was send a couple of emails to you. If you have signed a contract with this agent, it would be in your best interest to be up front with him and his broker, letting them know you would like to cancel.

Good luck & congrats on becoming a future homeowner!

Ashley Conyers
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Hi Vernon!

Of course you can! From what you have written here, you are not yet under contract with the agent and if he is not providing the type of service you expect, you have every right to work with someone who does!

Interview one agent or several to find a REALTOR that you enjoy working with and who will answer your calls, emails and questions in a timely manner. As soon as you find one that you really WANT to work with, sign an agreement for buyer's representation and stick with that agent!

Good luck with your home search!
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All the agents have given you the right advise. Interview a few "full time" real estate agents for the job of finding you a new home. Do an interview like hiring a new employee. You need to feel comfortable with thier knowlege and skill level in nogotiations. Then hire an agent to work for you....remember, you are the boss and client! Good luck with your search!
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As others have said, if you are not under contract with the agent you can walk away anytime. He may have sent you an "Agency Relationships in Real Estate" disclosure form that kind of looks like a contract but isn't. A contract would have a title such as: "Exclusive Buyer Representation Contract" and would have effective contract dates and would need yours and his signature. If you are under contract you need to speak with the agent and his broker. If you are not under contract, please continue.

It is ok to talk to a couple agents before signing an agreement & you can even see homes with them once or twice to feel them out. If an agent is pushing you to sign a contract right at the beginning, you can always ask them to hold off until you feel comfortable or go find a different agent. There are many of us around.

If I can be of assistance, please le tme know.
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As long as you haven't signed an Exclusive Buyer's Agreement with him, then yes. You're fully entitled to change Realtors. If you don't have a comfort level with him, at this stage, when he should be trying to impress you with his knowledge and abilities... I don't hold out much hope for any improvement, once you start looking at properties.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Just because an agent sends you emails, doesn't mean you have to work with him. If you have a contract, that is a different story, but all you have to do is write up a cancellation. Responsiveness is important and if you feel you are not getting the responsiveness you need, there are several other agents out there. I am a buyer's representative so I hear the horror stories all the time! Hopefully you have another person in mind. My suggestion is to send an email that spells out your diappointment so at least that person knows that he is not performing well. It will help him out and you can get it off your chest:)
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If you haven't signed a buyer's brokerage agreement with the Realtor then yes, you can easily switch Realtors.
In the state of Georgia either party may terminate an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement simply by notifying the other party. I would think it may be similar in your state.

I hope you find a Realtor who gives you the service you deserve.

Good Luck in your home search!
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Hi Vernon

Regret to hear you are having so many issues within one month. Clearly based on the lack of responsiveness
From your potential agent and lack of detailed information you need to move on.

You need to sit down and interview agents about three or so. Get a few referrals, go to some open houses and see how agents act and whether there is a fit. Also consider some on this board who are writing to you.

So go ahead and make the change. Trust you are pre approved, if not you should do so before you get a new Realtor. This then determines what you can buy and can make an offer effectively when a home that you covet comes along.

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It is unfortunate, but I have seen a serious lack of professionalism in the industry. If he had shown you homes and you wanted to make an offer on one he showed you, it could be argued you had intent of agency and even that is hard to prove. Bottom line, you didnt sign a buyer broker agreement? If not, you are fine and this is how we learn. Call your Realtor, if they dont answer they should return your call within 24 hrs. I dont care how business they think they are, that is being professional. if they cant return your calls and emails they are too busy to provide you the service you deserve or worse, they just are not very good. Either way, ask around. Ask your friends, co-workers, family, ask the ? on Facebook, odds are someone worked with a good Realtor they can refer you. I work only by referrals. Best of luck.
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As others here have stated you can terminate the agreement if you signed one. You want to work with someone who wants to work with you and this guy doesn't seem to fit the bill.
I agree interview other agents, ask them how they keep in touch with their clients and let them know what you have experienced, most of us do not want anyone to think poorly of Realtors and will bend over backwards to make sure you are well taken care of from now on.
As for the information being on Trulia, that is not surprising as the information is coming from the MLS, the difference should be that the agent will save you time searching for the information.
If you are in the Houston are give me a call, I promise to keep in touch.
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Wow Vernon!!! I'm so surprised you have an agent who won't return your calls or anything!!! Shame on them. Most of us are very eager to assist our home buyers. As the other agents have done here, I suggest you shop for and interview with agents who are dedicated to providing you with SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE!

Of course, I'd like it to be ME, but in your own best interests, shop around~
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Let me also add that if a buyer agreement has been signed it is not simply a matter of telling him you are cancelling. A contract is bilateral (sp), between two parties, so there must be a meeting of the minds. Depending on what is in the contract regarding fees, he could make a claim.

In some buyer agent contracts, the company may have some kind of clause dealing with this type of situation. When I was an Exclusive Buyer Agent we had a clause that the contract could be cancelled at any time by either party (yes, we could "fire" buyers just like they could "fire" us). So check your contract for language. Likely you will need a cancellation that is signed by both of you.

And as the others have stated, if there is no agreement in writing this person is not "your agent" anyway. A written agreement is required to legally represent a buyer in Minnesota.

Good luck.
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Even if you have signed an agreement with the agent, you can ask to be released from it. First, ask him. If he declines, then set up a meeting to talk to his broker. I agree with Alan that his behavior isn't likely to change once you start looking at houses.

If you talk the broker, the broker may encourage you to stay with the current agent. Failing that, he'll probably encourage you to work with another agent in his office. And that can be OK. Just go through an interview process with several agents (whether in that office or elsewhere) and choose the one you're most compatible with. (There are lots of threads here on Trulia on how to select an agent.)

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
Do you have a written agreement with him (Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer)? If so this would have to be cancelled first. The fact that he sent you some information on houses would not be the major concern.

I would just be up front with him and tell him that the relationship is not working out and you would like a cancellation. Understand that buyer agreements are usually exclusive to that one agent (actually his firm). It is a contract so it needs to be addressed.

If you don't have a contract then you don't have to do anything. He is not (by law) "your" Realtor. But a courtesy call or email would be appropriate.
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If you haven't signed a contract with your agent, yes you can switch--call a few realty offices, interview a couple of agents and choose the one you like best--after all you will be spending some time together.

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience with that particular Realtor. You can change Realtors at any time especially if you haven't signed a Buyer's Representative Agreement. If you have and you're unhappy with his services (or lack of), then you can put in writing that you want to cancel the agreement.

Going forward, I would recommend meeting with at least a couple of Realtors to interview them and see which one you feel most comfortable with.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!
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If you have not signed a contract with the Realtor you are free to switch and find someone who will give you the attention you deserve. If you did sign a contract with the Realtor you may want to have this conversation with them to see if they can change their ways. Good luck.
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It depends if you have signed a contract, or not. If you have it may be more difficult, if not, you have no obligation to work with him.
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