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Asked by Sunnytofremont, 94539 Thu Mar 29, 2012

Hi i am trying to understand whether we should put offers in Fremont or sunnyvale , elementary school for the kid is not an issue as they go to a premium school( Millikin) now but given that sunnyvale has no good middle/high schools ( best seems to be peterson/Adrian wilcox) we are debating whether we should look for houses in fremont which seems to be comparable in price and in many cases cheaper than sunnyvale .. which for whatever reason seems to be really heavy on prices///.. Also given that santa clara seems to be spending so much on a stadium i am beginning to worry if they will run out of money to provide services eventually :)

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Greg & Sheila…, Agent, Los Altos, CA
Thu Mar 29, 2012
I agree with Marcy, you have to know what your priorities are. And again, Sunnyvale is served by many school districts : Elementary: Sunnyvale and Cupertino, and Santa Clara Unified. Middle schools: Peterson (santa clara unified), Sunnyvale Middle, and Cupertino Middle, and we have Fremont and Homestead in Sunnyvale part of the FUHSD, Adrian Wilcox serves sunnyvale neighborhoods, but is Santa Clara unified. It sounds like to me, that you need good guidance from a professional Realtor, who will be able to help you make sense of the schools, and the differences between Fremont and Sunnyvale. Generally, the east bay has fallen back in price more so than in Sunnyvale, and for good reason, schools and proximity to jobs. But with the recent surge in Real Estate, I would not waste any time finding a good Realtor to help you sort it our and help you with your purchase. It is very competitive right now, and we are experiencing multiple offers in most markets. Wish you well.
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Marcy Moyer, Agent, Palo Alto, CA
Thu Mar 29, 2012
Thanks for your question. Have you spent much time in Fremont? Do you like the neighborhood? Is the commute ok for you?
In general the areas of Sunnyvale with the higher scoring schools are more expensive than a similar home with a similar school in Fremont. Also, many homes in Fremont are newer than they are in Sunnyvale, but the newer homes have smaller lots.
Is lot size important to you?
It is more expensive in Sunnyvale not only because of the schools but also because of the proximity to employment centers.
I am assuming you mean no good Santa Clara middle schools are not that good, not Sunnyvale.
Parts of Sunnyvale feed into Cupertino schools which makes the homes very expensive.
Marcy Moyer
DRE 01191194
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Marcy , I did check fremont , it is little laid back but i guess that is acceptable for the pluses.. The commute is prabably 30 minutes more.. But the advantage is the proximity to san mateo/ newark.. When i was reffering to the schools , i was refeering to Santa clara i.e peter son and wilcox which dont really seem to be anything but ordinary ( unless i hear that they are improving by leaps and bounds:))
Decisions , Decisions.
Thx for the comment though
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Mindy, Home Owner, 94306
Tue May 15, 2012
I have a couple close friends in Fremont and I lived in Sunnyvale for 9 years, so I think I can offer a thought.

Sunnyvale is expensive because of the accessibility to great deal of companies in the valley. Sunnyvale schools are recognized as great schools (although I have no experience with schools). At the same time, properties are older than Fremont, lots smaller and typical view is city view.

Conversely, Fremont is considered to be hard to commute (both 880 and 680 are terrible during commute times, as is Dumbarton), during peak hours. Mission San jose School District is considered to be one of the best, and you can get better/bigger house for your money than in Sunnyvale. Demographic is quite family oriented. Best feature of many houses in Mission is the phenomenal bay view or Mission hills view -- a similar location on the peninsula or south bay will cost you much much more.

Overall, if you want a nicer/bigger house with possibility of a view and great schools to fall back on, then choose Fremont. In South Bay, a house in the hills will cost you a lot more.
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Elena Talis, Broker, Palo Alto, CA
Sun May 6, 2012
Seems like you are leaning towards Fremont already. If commute is working for you and you like school situation - Fremont it is. Go to open houses, see the neighborhoods, knock on the doors of homes next to the open homes and talk to the residents and decide if it feels like home. Don't ask people to make a decision for you.

If it would be my personal choice, I would pick Sunnyvale...
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Holly Kick, Home Buyer, Santa Clara, CA
Sun May 6, 2012
first , i think you will find a lot of agents from south bay trash east bay , so i dont believe you can ever get an answer here , all you have to do is do some research youself. Typically people living in fremont will say that is better and people living in sunnyvale say that is better. Also sunnyvale does NOT have a thriving downtown, it used to , but thanks to target and macy, they took all the space and there is a small non thriving downtown left, if you still want to call it that. So basically you dont have downtown like moutain view or palo alto or campbell.
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Ruth and Per…, Agent, Los Gatos, CA
Fri May 4, 2012
Hi Sunnytofremont

Sunnyvale is quite central to Silicon Valley and commute is great to N Bay and S Bay.

Sunnyvale has a new and dynamic down town that is thriving, along with High tech companies that
have set up shop in the down town area.

The valuation premium for Sunnyvale is that it is a suburb to Santa Clara and is thriving while
associated with Santa Clara County.

Fremont, has great schools, but one has to consider commute on 880 as well as be cognizant of the fact that it is in a different county and sitting close to the Hayward fault line. If schools and costs are important then you should buy in Fremont.

Good luck
Perry Mistry

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Rita Hutchins, Agent, Sunnyvale, CA
Sat Apr 21, 2012
Please call me
I am a expert in manufactured homes
I will walk you through the process
Rita Hutchins
Allisance Homes
408 215 0084
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Robert Lei, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Fri Apr 20, 2012
Hi SunnyToFremont ,
Which city you prefer is a personal decision. It depends on your priorities and preferences. Sunnyvale is more convenient to the majority of South Bay high-tech employment centers due to its central location and organized multiple parallel roads which provide a checkerboard pattern of roads north-south and east-west across it.

Do you think you are your spouse will both stay at your current job for a many years or is there a chance one or both of you might get enticed to a different company? If the latter, then you may want to consider buying in a city that has easy access to the majority of companies in your industry. For example, a software professional may consider convenience of his home's access to Mountain View.

How many kids do you plan to have? If you will stop at 1 child, then you do have the option of buying in a convenient location and sending your child to private school.
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John Juarez, Agent, Fremont, CA
Wed Apr 4, 2012
I have lived in Sunnyvale as a renter but when it came time to buy, I drove across the Dumbarton Bridge (it was a drawbridge at that time) and bough in the East Bay. Why? My real estate dollar went a lot farther then and it still does. I could buy a new house that was nicer than the older houses that what we were looking at in Sunnyvale for the same or less. Your money will go further in Fremont.

Schools? Have you checked out the API scores of Fremont’s schools. The Mission San Jose High School attendance area and the schools that feed into Mission San Jose High are the leaders. They rank with the top California schools. Fremont has other fine schools.
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Hassan Sabba…, Agent, Campbell, CA
Thu Mar 29, 2012
You might want to go to Fremont and stay all day to see if you like Fremont. Drive from your work place to Fremont a few time at rush hours. Do the same thing for Sunnyvale. Look around and make decision which city you like. Each person is different and the choice is yours to pick up Fremont or Sunnyvale. Talk with a few agents and decide which one is the best for you as your buyer agent. Talk with your loan officer and get loan approval first. Good luck.
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Nina Daruwal…, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Thu Mar 29, 2012
This is a very subjective thing and has many little things that need to be considered....Price, size, Schools, COMMUTE time for one/both parents...etc etc...this is a detailed conversation, along with the process for purchase....I have helped clients in Both Cities find good homes!
If you would like to sit down and talk things through in detail, pls do get in touch with me...
Be well and safe, regards,
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Monica Goyal…, , Cupertino, CA
Thu Mar 29, 2012

Sunnyvale and Fremont are two very different cities. Do you work in or close to Sunnyvale? If you move to Fremont would you like the commute? As the economy gets better so increases the traffic on already busy highways. Personally when we made a choice to puchase a home many years back, we had the same dilemma. We chose to stay here because with both me and my husband working around Sunnyvale the commute was too much. Time is precious and we didn't want to waste it in traffic. Another thing to think of is if a child gets sick and has to be picked up from the school, you have to drive a while to get there. These suggestions are from my personal experience, presuming that you work in or around Sunnyvale.

I would love to be able to help you answer any further questions. Look at all the available options and look at long term.

Monica Goyal
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Terri Vellios, Agent, Campbell, CA
Thu Mar 29, 2012
I agree with Marcy and the Bensons. Where you buy is a very personal decision and the type of community and how you intend to live in that community should be the main concern.

If you can define the number one goal of purchasing a home and then the second reason and focus on that the answer will become very clear to you. Many times buyer's get hung up on resale, and although that can make a difference, it generally makes a difference for like minded people. Those with similar goals.

The final thought is that we can try to look at what the future will hold, the reality is that we can really only know what is happening today and make a decision on known factors.

Have an Amazing Weekend!
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