Bellefair Community in Rye Brook. Any views of living in this community for a family moving from NYC.?

Asked by Mick, 10570 Fri Dec 25, 2009

Is there a high-level of airplane noise at the Bellefair community which is adjacent to Westchester Airport? Also, what is the current market like for the sales of homes in this community? I note that there are several on the market with recent price reductions. Thank you.

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Hhc, Both Buyer And Seller, Rye Brook, NY
Sun May 8, 2011
I live in Bellefair also and Sammarcus is not spot on at all.
1. There is no tennis in Bellefair.
2. Taxes are not close to 25K (we pay less than 20K) but then you have common charges to cover fees for the pool, gym etc.
3. There 32,000 yearly flights from HPN not 200,000 and I would estimate that 90%+ are small regional jets that service the northeast. No "Ear Popping Noise" from those guys...not even close. Sure you get your JetBlues and AirTrans every once in a while but 5-8 a day or so...

The reason the HOA member was skewered for his position on busing is because most of this community is made up of young families with children and this was an older man who DID in fact want to cut back busing, a major NO-NO when most of your homeowners have school age children. Foreclosure? "One, perhaps two" homes? When you have more than 200+ homes? Please...

Also, you CAN park overnight (It is the whole VILLAGE of Rye Brook that bans overnight parking November thru April) and no one bothers you for leaving toys out - where does this guy (Sammarcus) think we live? Cuba?!?!? On another note - taxes may have doubled based on SMALL numbers but so do home values. I purchased my home here 10 years ago for 400K, and yes prices have dipped but it is still worth more than double. 3-4 years ago it was worth 1.1M - and I would bet the RANCH that taxes will NEVER be $200,000 a year in 30 years!!! That is just insane thinking!
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Amr, Both Buyer And Seller, Rye Brook, NY
Mon May 31, 2010
I live in this community. I am not a real estate agent or in any way associated with a realtor other than I own a home. I have resided in BelleFair for 3 years and I LOVE the community and I love my home. the schools are fabulous and my 2 kids are really enjoying leaving in this community where they can go down the street and meet their friend. There is definitely noise realated to the airport and this is something that depends on your personal choice. For me, it is well worth it.
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Robin Lynch, , Westchester County, NY
Wed Apr 21, 2010
Hi Mick,

I always like to reference the New York Times for their articles about community living. Here is one such article about Bellefair:…

Robin Lynch
Keller Williams Realty Group
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Didier Auriol, , Scarsdale, NY
Tue Feb 16, 2010
I lived there for a few years but later moved to Scarsdale. Sammarcus' comments are spot on. My home was right in the path of the planes so it was quite loud and could become annoying. That's why regardless of whether it's 10 below or a beautiful sunny day, no one is ever outside. Doors and windows are always shut. But because of the noise insulation built into the homes, the homes are very comfortable even in the coldest winters. The strict rules are there for a reason so you'll likely never have any complaints about much. Home Depot trips are also rare so if you don't mind the noise, it's a nice place to live.
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Stacee Liebe…, Agent, Armonk, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
Hi Mick -

I grew up in Rye Brook and would be happy to answer all your questions concerning Rye Brook, Belle Fair and the surrounding areas. You can contact me at 914.806.6981 or I presently work with Houlihan Lawrence in Armonk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

Stacee Massoni
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Sammarcus, , Rye Brook, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
FYI - re airport: There is an average of approximately 200,000 operations per
year or 550 operations per day. An operation is defined as an
aircraft takeoff or landing. Airline and commuter service accounts
for approximately 100 scheduled flights per day.

useful info re airport noise:…
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Susan Handel…, Agent, Rye, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
Hi Mick, I have lived, sold and listed homes in the community for the past 10 years. I currently have 2 active listings in Bellefair on the market. Moved here with my family from the city and currently have 2 children enrolled in the school district. The homes are extremely well insulated for noise reduction and most homeowners don't even notice it. It is predominately a commuter airport with the planes having a nighttime curfew. Homes prices have been reduced accordingly with the rest of the local market. Would be happy to show you some homes and give you a tour of the development and it's various amenities.

My contact information is

Susan Handelman
Houlihan Lawrence
16 Elm Pl.
Rye, N.Y. 10580
914-967-7680 office
914-907-2125 cell


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Anna M Brocco, Agent, Williston Park, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
Real Estate professionals are prohibited from enticing a buyer to purchase, or not, in specific neighborhoods. Why not visit and re-visit the area--pay attention to the sounds, traffic, and anything else of importance to you so that your comfort level can be reached. After all opinions are just that and what may be good for one is not necessarily good for another. Oftentimes, price corrections are a good thing, after all a home is worth what someone is willing to pay for it; it doesn't matter what the seller needs or potential buyers can afford to spend--market conditions do matter as the immediacy for a transaction to take place. Make your decision based on your wants and needs of your lifestyle and a good Realtor will guide you through the process.

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Sammarcus, , Rye Brook, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
Hi! I have lived in Rye Brook for 30 years and have friends in Bellefair.

The pros:

Self-contained: pool, tennis, deli, transport to train, meeting room, maintenance, etc.
A lot of sq ft for the money
A real community - (but very political)

The cons - as I have witnessed and been told by residents and my neighbor who is a contractor and has done work there:

You cannot sit in your backyard when planes are in the air. Ear popping noise. You can almost see the color of the pilot's eyes is the hyperbole.

A good friend had his kids and grandchildren move because of the smell of fuel fumes concerned him.

Isolated and self-indulgent - many residents flaunt their money - the are young and made too much too soon. They are known as the Yuppies of our village. The truth is I have met some nice folks and some that are not as well. There is virtually no diversity - perhaps 99.9% white.

When the previous head of the home owner's association signed a petition that allowed a ballot item to appear re reducing school busing - note - he did not agree with reducing school busing - he agreed that it should simply be on the ballot - an email was sent to residents warning that this person may be very lonely in the community - basically inferring he be shunned for signing the petition which would have reduced busing in the community.

Questionable quality of construction (as told to me by my neighbor who is a contractor) - but a lot of sq feet for the money.

Prices have risen too fast are falling fast - a lot of houses for sale there and in Rye Brook (over 100)

One, perhaps two, houses in foreclosure (as you will see on

My neighbor is a contractor and does a lot of work there and told me that many houses are basically unfurnished - people cannot afford to furnish after the big mortgage

Controlled environment: if you have not seen the movie, The Truman Show, see it - it is Bellefair: almost everything is controlled - color of house and trim, cannot park car in street overnight, cannot leave a toy outside on your lawn over night - many, many rules.

Very little land - which can be a plus for some people

Real estate taxes are among the highest in the village - my best guess is that they start at $25K but I can off here. Worth checking.

Also note that our taxes double every ten or eleven years - based on my 30 years of paying taxes. So...if your taxes are $25K, in 10 years they will be $50K, in 20 years they will be $100K and 30 years they will be $200K. Sounds incredible but it is factual based on my 30 years here.

On another note - the schools are good. There is basically no diversity - 99% white plus or minus. Costs about $25K to educate each child; more than 99% of the 23,000 districts in the country. We have elementary teachers who make close to 200K with benefits.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck.

PS - the other response is from a real estate agent but it seems balanced

Sam Marcus
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AnneMarie En…, Agent, Thornwood, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
HI Mick:

Bellefair is a lovely community but you do get airport noise, as the planes fly overhead to and from the airport. It is a large community so there are bound to be a few homes on sale but that is everywhere. The overall market has a large inventory and Bellefair is no different.

If you would like to view more homes like an agent, you can go here and search for yourself. If you should have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to give me a call.

AnneMarie Encarnacao
Better Homes & Garden
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Andrew Rogov…, Agent, Rye, NY
Fri Dec 25, 2009
First let me say Rye Brook in general in a great place to live. I have been here for approx 25 years, since my family here and now am raising my own family here. Just a really nice place to live with great families who value where they raise their families.
In regards to Bellefair itself, most people who move there are looking for one a few things. First it is probally the only place in Rye Brook and even many other communities where you can get the big Colonial with 9 foot ceilings, large kitchens going into family rooms, etc for the price point.
Second Bellefair offers a bit more of a "community" than just buying an individual home. You basically have instant friends as there are quite a few houses in the area, great ammenities such as pool, basketball and even Country Store. Basically Bellefair is approx 1 1/2-2 miles from the original Village of Rye Brook so it was created so that you can have convience of living right near the Village but also wouldnt have to leave your own community if you didnt want to.
To me the 2 biggest complaints I have heard have been about airport and lack of true property. The airport really is a matter of where in Bellefair you buy a homes as some homes are further from the landing path of the planes than others and just how much of an issue it is to you. Most of the buyers I find dont really care at all and they consider buying there or are completly aganist it and go elsewhere. Really a matter of personal preference and I think the best advice is to see for your self and watch the planes go by.
The next thing I think comes more over time. Most of the buyers in here werent looking for large pieces of land to begin with so it doesnt bother them that they dont get it here. Over time, it seems many people start thinking about maybe looking for a home with a little more privacy and more property for the kids to run around or to entertain in. But then a buyer would have difficulty in trying to match the actual home to that of one in Bellefair.
Prices have certainly come down over the last year or 2 and I would imagine that based on the past you will start seeing more homes on the market come the traditional spring market. Not because I expect more people to sell but rather when you have a complex that large, the timing always seems to be that a few people decide to sell at same time.
So overall I would tell it is a great place to live and I would seriously consider it. My best advice would be to come up to Rye Brook, take a look at a few Bellefair homes and then that same day go see what the rest of Rye Brook offers. If you only care about the biggest house you can get Bellefair will win. If it is a combination of things you are looking for, Bellefair may still be your choice but at least then you have exhausted all options. If you need any help finding a home please dont hesitate to call me at 914-263-2743 as Rye Brook is my main focus in real estate.

Andrew Rogovic
Associate Broker Rand Realty
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