Belle Haven section of Menlo Park

Asked by G Blanston, MP Sun Aug 5, 2007

How is this are in terms of crime? Should I consider it similar to East Palo Alto?

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Taljulavit, Renter, Menlo Park, CA
Sun Jun 28, 2015
I would check out the Menlo Park Police logs.
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Ishperber, Home Buyer, Menlo Park, CA
Wed Jun 24, 2015
If you are looking for a safe, clean community to live in Belle Haven is not there yet, it still up and coming. Acts of crime still spring up once in a while, break-ins, shootings...
Facebook has invested in the area but it still has a lot to go. Its absolutely a good investment.
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Brett Cavine…, Agent, Menlo Park, CA
Thu Mar 19, 2015
Alongside the Rotary Club of Menlo Park, I have been thrilled to help in the building of a community garden in the Belle Haven area of Menlo Park. With Facebook next door, I see this area as a true "watch list" type area that is up and coming in wonderful ways.

All the best,
Brett Caviness
Broker Associate

Coldwell Banker Menlo Park
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designmogul, Home Owner, Menlo Park, CA
Wed Jan 23, 2013
I have lived in the Belle Haven area for over two years. I am a single white woman and the neighborhood has pleasantly surpised me. My neighbors are gracious, friendly and helpful. I have spent many years living on the west side of MP and the community here is much stronger. I feel safe here and have never had any issues. Sure it's not as pretty but there is a lot of homeownership pride and it continues to improve. It's gotten a bad rap but those who live here know best.
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Erica Glessi…, Agent, San Jose, CA
Sat Jun 20, 2009
I find the site to be helpful. You can look at an area in comparison to the homes in nearby areas, as close in or as regional as you wish to look. You can look back six months or a year, or two weeks!

This should give you a snapshot of the kinds of crimes that are being reported, as well as the rate of crimes that are being reported. Growing up in Palo Alto, I do have to say that I thought about the area in much the same terms as East Palo Alto but you do have a nice proximity to everything that Menlo Park has to offer. You can ride a bike to downtown Menlo Park or downtown Palo Alto or Stanford. So it's a great location for proximity to cool and beautiful places.

Good luck!

Erica (nation-wide foreclosure listings) (inspiration)
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Sd Native, Home Buyer, Mountain View, CA
Sat Jun 20, 2009
I'm currently in escrow on a home in Belle Haven. I have to say that I am truly excited about the opportunity to live in this neighborhood, as it is, as well as for the potential that I think this community has. I have been camping out in the neighborhood lately, trying to get a feel for it, and I have to say that it feels pretty comfortable. The majority of the homes are well-maintained (admittedly there are a few exceptions, as there are with most communities). The neighborhood is fairly peaceful, and the residents seem like your typical, hard-working, middle-class families. I, myself, am unmarried and purchasing the property on my own. The particular property I am purchasing hasn't been maintained in a while, so I look forward to sprucing it up and contributing to the aesthetic of the community. I grew up in a neighborhood not too different from Belle Haven, but I have lived in many different communities since. I graduated from Harvard, lived in Cambridge, Massaschusetts for 8 years and lived in Washington, D.C., both in areas that experienced overwhelming revitalization (and the ensuing gentrification that followed it...) I currently work at Google, and I am counting the days until the close of escrow. I think that Belle Haven has the potential for gentrification, which I don't necessarily consider a bad word (i.e. significant rise in property values). It's already a very vital community, from what I can see, and I am very excited to become a part of this community and to help it grow. It's surprising to me how many of the people I know that live in the general area (I currently live in Mountain View) aren't aware of Belle Haven. I have high hopes for my home purchase and for the community in general.
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I am thinking of buying a house in Belle Haven for my two college graduating sons. We are caucasion. Do you think we should or is it too dangerous? Larceny, burglary and assaults seem high on the police report. Do you think the area is a good investment for appreciation?
Flag Wed Mar 13, 2013
Linda, Home Buyer, East Menlo Park, CA
Fri Feb 13, 2009
although my response is rather late i would like to speak on what Mr. Pinedo has said. I have lived in the Belle Haven area fro 41+ years, we have owned our home since 1966. Yes we have had some rough spots in the community over the years but i take offense when people seem to only speak on the negatives, obviously you are not from the area because you would have never spoken with such a misinformed notion. EPA "murder capital" how long did it take you to google that info? its rather funny how people are quick to place that title or remind the world of it. This tiny city that is 3 sq miles can have people still talking after 15years. if you took those same crimes per capita and placed them in lets say san jose, santa clara, san mateo or even portola valley would they gain the same title? being someone who has lived in the area and have family in both cities i will say that while it is good that Home depot, Ikea and the four seasons have come to the city they have in no way has been the life saver or guiding force that has and continues to cheer on the city and steer it forward. It is those that have lived here for the 30,40, 50+ years, those that leave every morning to go work in another city. those that have struggled and overcome the adversities and negative images that tainted the city. No business, regardless of how much tax dollars it generates can do it without the city or people that live there. you say that Menlo Park has been instrumental in upgrading the neighborhoods of Belle Haven. I ask you what have you personally seen that would warrant Menlo Park a pat on the back? did they give us a community center? no, our boys and girls club has been a part of this area for 40+ years, did they give us the Onetta Harris Community Center? no, it was always a part of our community for 40+ years as well and was named in honor of OUR communtiy activist. So i say to you Mr. Pinedo before you make a judgement call about a community based on what you can google on your computer, travel to Epa or East Menlo Park (belle haven area) and ask someone that has lived here.

To the potential Belle Haven home buyer-- this area has and always will be a place of community, not unlike any other city, i say if you really want to know what our area is like travel over and ask a longtimer. Do i love my city YES! believe me when i say no big box store can make a city and no amount of research will give someone that has not lived here the wisdom to make a sound judgement about MY neighborhood. I end this with welcome to the neighborhood.
-Proud and Concerned East Menlo Park Resident
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Mario Pinedo,…, Agent, Cupertino, CA
Sun Aug 5, 2007
Yes, the area is very similar to East Palo Alto adjacent just to the south. Although,there has been a dramatic change in the crime rate since EPA had the "murder capital" designation by the FBI in 1992. Menlo Park has been instrumental in upgrading the neighborhoods of Belle Haven and the separate city of East Palo Alto has done the same. EPA also has a phenomenal economic boom aiding this change. Home Depot, The Four Seasons, IKEA, Sun - all are making great changes in the community.
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The Hagley G…, Agent, Pleasanton, CA
Sun Aug 5, 2007
Your best bet is to call the local police department and get information from them.
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