Are we crazy to be considering a move to Milford, Pa.? My husband works in Mahwah, NJ, where we are currently renting.

Asked by Mrs.z, Milford, PA Sat Feb 5, 2011

We've heard that it's beautiful out there, and that we can get much more land and house for our money. We simply can not afford to buy a home in Mahwah. We've also considered Vernon, NJ among other towns in Sussex County.

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Fjupin50, Home Buyer, Morristown, NJ
Thu Oct 27, 2016
Actually The Village of milford Texas are double the taxes in Montague, which is only 2.5 miles away.. you can walk there. We have the Delaware River on this side,State Forest Park,and the river Delaware Park's, on the nj sidebar free! free flor recreation boating fishing ...not just residence but anyone who knows about this well-kept secret can enjoy it's it is also federal land in federally protected ...! that's a mile away from my house not even in a Montague nj.
Montague, Jersey is the most Northern end of New Jersey and the taxes here for my 3400 square foot home, I pay aliittl3 over $4000,and if you live out of the village of Milford, you are really much for the from the hospital now it's about an hour and a half and everything else that you don't want per your letter.
Even if you don't find my house which is a great deal when you compare and it looks good Montague is the better choice I'm a broker and I work the tri-state area for years and I chose this area because first Montague does not have a high school so if you have children they leave to go to Port Jervis for Sparta schools witches rated top 10 school's. ..
You'd have to live miles away from the village to get a 3000 sq ft. Hm. TO PAY $4,000 taxes!! home like the one I'm selling my location is better in that it's only two and a half miles from the village of Milford four and a half miles to Matamoras and 7 miles to Port Jervis, 20 minutes to the Galleria Mall in Middletown, and actually you can take 84 217 to get to Mahwah in less than an hour maybe 35 to 45 minutes tops I forgot about that rt....again my number is 845-699-2489 And if not my home , if i were you i would look into Montague nj
Did I mention no high school taxes we do pay taxes to the high schools that are like the ones I mentioned Sparta Technical School and two others I can't remember the name and also Port Jervis which is on the New York side seven miles away and then many other Catholic and other religious schools that are in the area within 20 mile radius or less if you or have children and this is concern for you. I can also help with financing and you could qualify before government loan not friending a FHA and the ones you normally I hear and read about there's others out there government loans depends on your income if you have 4 children and your income is? Anyway if you qualify you can buy a house with 0 to 1% down in New Jersey.... with this program I will not share with you at this point. And the application is literally one page choose two sides and you can get an answer if you qualify I wish I could pre-qualify you in days you're dealing directly with the government??? You can also let you know that even though you may not want to buy my house... call me see the house or I'll let you know about the government financing that I've used for many of my clients and even the staff that the government office know me as I put them clientsin the past.
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Fjupin50, Home Buyer, Morristown, NJ
Thu Oct 27, 2016
I feel this way if someone is in need I want to help them sure I want to sell my house but really not until I just read this article I hadn't thought about it I like the Privacy I did live in a town but now my son is in college and I'm kind of alone in a big house with an acre little to private and quiet for me... So and I'm not trying to get a customer out of you I'm not doing that much work anyway but I do want to turn you on to this government program since you cannot afford in Mahwah you're obviously in a budget like most of us that said I'm sure I can help especially if there's four of you three of you two of you and a certain amount of income and it doesn't have to be a tiny amount it could be over $90,000 and still qualify and even more depending on the area you might be able to buy one mama with this program however at the texts might hurt something to ponder
Warner regards,
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Fjupin50, Home Buyer, Morristown, NJ
Thu Oct 27, 2016
I have big by level and in the processing of finishing the basement could be mother daughter or separate and make into two families located in Montague beautiful area private area low taxes 20 miles to Newton hospital 15 miles or less to st. Clare's Hospital and approximately 45 to an hour to Mahwah nj. 30 miles to Morris County Hospital.

You'll Definitely get more for your money, and the commute is not bad the schools are good, ...crime rate is low the hospital's near by are st. Clair's in Sussex town / Sussex NJ . And 25 - 30 minutes to Newton hospital, and Morristown is not that for 45 minutes more doctors and hospitals ...if you're interested in seeing my home it's only eight years young 8 Bills lane. Priced at $465.000(cell) 845-699-2489 I'm the owner: Im also a broker so I can walk you through the process to closing if it should come to that ... as i have expert knowledge in this area I'm selling homes getting financing for home buyers etc. if you need my assistance in these areas let me know and or if you're too busy I can do some of the running around for you as I do this for a living it and I'm used to it and of course no price it's charged to you it helps to sell it quicker and the buyers to get in quicker it's a win-win situation for both parties.
you can buy 2 homes here for the price of one in Mahwah and taxes over at least half or less fo most homes comparable speaking.again call if you like to see it ... oh,and it's 15 minutes to Middletown I'm not far from Vernon maybe 12 miles and I'm 2 miles from Pennsylvania border so there's a lot to do here and the Delaware River Rafting camping and fishing and you could grow your own free from GMOs on an acre and a quarter and even have two horses or 3 as its own store and also with healthy. And if you work there are lots of people that loves the jobs... doing gardening taking care of animals exedra, just an option food for thought. This is located in the town of Montague,( as in Shakespeare)New Jersey minutes away 2 New York State and Milford PA after eating your post sounds like this location, price would meet your ideals...!
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Erica Ramus,…, Agent, Pottsville, PA
Sun Oct 23, 2011
It is beautiful there! Why not consider it? The prices are lower than in NJ and the country is beautiful.
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Lyle Wolf, Agent, Morristown, NJ
Sun Oct 23, 2011
It is all about lifestyle and what makes you happy. For 5 years I commuted 62 miles each way to work. I loved my job, loved where we lived, and did not want to move. So, no you are not crazy.
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Elizabeth Mu…, Home Buyer, 23503
Sat Oct 22, 2011
Milford is absolutely wonderful for families and even retirees, for gay people or straight, for nature lovers and people lovers. Great schools, restaurants, 15 waterfalls, easy commute to Manhattan, friendly people and lovely homes in and extremely close to the edge of town (best of both worlds in the latter). Homes cost a fraction of what they do across the river in NJ or NY. I've lived here 12 years, not a real estate agent.

The closer you can be to the Borough (without being in the Borough) the better off you'll be. The Borough is expensive relative to places a mile or so away but generally it's so much more affordable in Milford than in nearby NY or NJ and just a much nicer place to be. Crossing the bridge over the Delaware into Pike County always makes me feel I've come to a more stress-free environment.
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Elizabeth can you contact me to I want to ask you a question about Milford
Flag Tue Apr 30, 2013
Keith Harris, Agent, Blooming Grove Township, PA
Sat Apr 30, 2011
Dear Mrs. Z.,
I myself moved from Sussex County NJ to Dingmans Ferry in 2007. Some of the factors were pretty basic. First, the properties are less expensive; I bought a new 4BR colonial for about $100,000 less than 20 minutes east of here. Second, the taxes are much lower. (I pay around $5200, whereas we were paying over $9000 in NJ for a home built in 1978.) The auto insurance is lower. Homeowners insurance is about the same as we were paying in NJ.

There are no State taxes on Pension income in PA. There is an Estate tax. Please consult an accountant for questions on taxes.

The school district here (Delaware Valley) is highly rated, especially through the Middle Schools grades.

On the "con" side, you do have to travel a bit further to find specialty shops, so we plan our shopping a bit better (and keep a second fridge in the garage!). The major hospitals are in Newton NJ, Port Jervis NY, and Honesdale PA. I also have two young children, so we have to drive them most places. I try to fill the gas tanks in NJ.

I would be happy to provide info on any other listings in our area that may be of interest. If you will give me your requirements as regards size, style, number of bedrooms, etc., I will gladly do a search and send the results, and any new listings as they arise, or to schedule a tour.

Keith Harris
office 570-828-9591
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Pookie, Home Owner, Milford, PA
Wed Mar 9, 2011
I am not a broker... I grew up on Long Island and commuted 60-90 minutes every day (to go about 35 miles!on Long Island in rush hour) so moving to Milford didn't seem horrible. In fact, I commuted from Milford to Brooklyn and did it in 1 hr 45 minutes... but that was at night.. not during rush hour. You have to figure when you are traveling and how long you can be comfortable in the car. But the schools are awesome, the real estate is a STEAL right now... nice homes for $150K, Great homes for $250K. Almost everyone here are translplants and the pace is a little slower, people are a little nicer, and everything is a little more affordable. Less crime... etc.We wouldn't move back to the city after being here.... Sussex is beautiful too, and probably closer, but the taxes, car insurance, etc is going to be more. I've heard Branchville is a little cheaper because the taxes are helped by Selective Insurance which is located there.
Hope some of this helps you!
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Arlene Quirk, Agent, Milford, PA
Sun Feb 6, 2011
Mrs. Z,
So many people do comute to NYC, NJ and various towns in between from Milford. The great thing about Milford and Pa is the lower taxes, the great schools and the great quality of life. You do get more for your money for sure! There are alot of people from Long Island that say they use to commute just as long from Long Island, now they just do it from PA with the same commute time.
Really depends on how much of a commute you are comfortable with. Many people do it and say coming home for a weekend and having such a nice surrounding is worth the commute. But only you can be the judge! I would take a few trips out to see the area and also judge the commute to get a feel for it.
I specialize in the Milford and Pike County area, so if you have any questions, feel free to call me, you can find all my contact info on my website. Good luck with your decision. Arlene
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Karen Rice, Agent, Hawley, PA
Sat Feb 5, 2011
That would depend on how long of a commute your husband is willing to take on. Milford is a very pretty little town but this area is not for everyone. :) The taxes and home prices are probably considerably lower than where you are now, but in the long run - is your quality of life going to be affected by the long commute?

Also, be sure to check out the area schools online - such as or other similar sites. Milford is in the Delaware Valley School District.

Good luck! It's a big decision and not one to make lightly.
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