Are Agents generally unresponsive? A month ago I got approved for a small home loan.

Asked by Bre, Paramount, CA Sun Jul 5, 2009

To date I am now on my 3rd real estate agent in 30 days.

The 1st agent showed me maybe 4 or 5 places but wouldn't confirm first if they are fha approved which is important. Last Sunday we found a place and she was going to confirm it it's on the FHA list. Well to date, exactly 1 week later i've not heard back from her. I guess i'm not worth her time

I got a 2nd person involved a few weeks ago (because real estate agent since the beginning wouldn't return calls for like 2 or 3 days, not have information, etc) and to date he's not shown me ANY properties. He's not set an appt to meet with me, nothing. I sent him an email letting him know i'd no longer need his services.

I am now on agent #3. I guess we will see how this goes but i'm so discouraged right now. I know that I was approved for a small amount for Los Angeles standards but shouldn't I still get good service? Everyone so far has put me on the back burner it seems. Is this how it's supposed to be?

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Dot Chance, Agent, Burbank, CA
Sun Jul 5, 2009

So sorry for your experience! Even if an agent is busy - they should be able to help! Agents need to treat ALL their clients with respect!
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Rebecca Cham…, , Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Sun Jul 5, 2009
I think purchasing in that price range is very competitive A lot of investors are purchasing using cash and so those with cash and especially FHA loans get pushed to the back burner.

You may want to look for a newer agent who has the time and energy to chase after those properties. Some people are making 100+ offers in the lower price range before ever getting even a counter back. You need someone who has the time to do that.

It's a great time to buy, but people don't realize how many properties have many multiple offers these days. I think the bottom is behind us.

Wishing you luck.
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Rebecca Cham…, , Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Sun Jul 5, 2009
The best place to find a competent Realtor is to ask friends and family for a referal. It may be that your expectations are out of line with the market, but any decent Realtor should communicate that rather than just disapear.

What is your budget and do you have enough saved for the downpayment and closing costs? (about 5%+ of puchase price for an FHA?)
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Shel-lee Dav…, Agent, Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Mon Jul 6, 2009

Sorry to hear about your challenges in finding a real estate agent who will help you find your new home. Part of the problem may be limited inventory in Paramount in your price range.

Specializing with 1st time homebuyers, I work with many buyers in the highly competitive price range of $125,000 to $275,000. This takes special attention, strong communication and the use of technology to expedite making offers (sometimes it takes multiple offers to land a home). These are the items that your real estate professional should be bringing to the table. Also, finding a professional that "thinks outside the box" could benefit you in your search.

First, your professional should help you understand the competition in your market so you have reasonable expectations. Second, with FHA financing, you might want to focus more on Single Family Homes, as many condo complexes are not FHA approved. And possibly expanding into adjacent towns and looking for homes that meet your other criteria could help you find a home. For example, in Paramount, there are 2 single family homes in your price range. If you expand to Lawndale or Long Beach, you increase the number of possible homes to well over 30 homes.

These are just a few ways to make your home buying dreams a reality. If you would like to explore other ideas and methods used to achieve home ownership, please contact me through my profile or give me a call. Your home is out there waiting for you to find it. Dare to Dream.

Shel-lee Davis
Real Estate Consultant
RE/MAX Palos Verdes Realty
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Dyanna, , California
Sun Jul 5, 2009
Bre, my name is Dyanna and I would be more than happy to help you/ Being qualififed for $150,000 FHA will be a little trying, but with some hard work and time we can find something together. Please give me a call at 323.359.7992 or e-mail me at

Good Luck.
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Eric Lein, , 13820
Sun Jul 5, 2009
Hi Bre...I am sorry you are not finding the right agent. If you like you can call me in the office here in Delhi, NY tomorrow and I can find the right agent for you in your area and have them contact you. Yes, some agents have no clue how to work with buyers. They shouldn't be licensed but that's another topic. I can be reached between 9am and 5pm Monday July 6th, 2009 at 607-746-7653. if I am not at the office leave a message and contact info and I will call you back as soon as I get back into the office. I may have to go show 2 properrties tomorrow but promise to help you find the right agent if you like. Just say the word.

Eric Lein
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Bre, Home Buyer, Paramount, CA
Sun Jul 5, 2009
Thank you Cher and Rebecca,

The bad thing Rebecca is agent# 1 helped my mother find a townhome about 6 years ago so we just knew she'd be perfect for me. Well, long story short, I believe the agent is having family/marital concerns so maybe that's why she kind of went ghost.

Yes, I do have the money for a down payment. I'll keep plugging along and i'll definitely do as you suggested if I continue to have the same problems.
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Bre, Home Buyer, Paramount, CA
Sun Jul 5, 2009
Uhh, excuse me "Fred' but I am quite serious. In fact i have told all 3 agents that I am. That is why I have a preapproval for an FHA loan. The first agent showed me 5 or 6 places in a span of 2 weeks but has yet to find me a place that is FHA approved. Last Sunday she showed me something and said "I'll find out it's on the list". I never heard back from her. This has been her pattern since we started working together.

This is why i got agent #2 involved and explained to him all the troubles i'm experiencing in the hopes that he'd be more competent. He hasn't called me, hasn't set up any meetings or anything. The only thing he's done for 2 weeks is send me a few listings. When I promptly respond back asking if we can view the property and also asking if it's FHA he doesn't respond.

This is why i'm now onto agent #3. This seems like a never ending cycle and i'm getting frustrated. It would be great to be into my new place by September but at this rate i'm not feeling very optimistic.

The only thing I can guess is that since I was only approved for 150k i'm not worth the hassle to the agents...
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Cher Varnum-…, , Ellicott City, MD
Sun Jul 5, 2009
No, that is not how it is SUPPOSED to be. If I were you, I would call a local real estate company and ask to speak to the manager and explain to them your predicament. I am sure there is a new agent that does not have a lot of business that would just love to help you. Do as much as you can to make the job easy. Give them all your facts up front. An agent can do a search to match your criteria and needs and you can review the houses online vs the time consuming visits. Narrow it down to 3-4 house and only go view the ones you REALLY want to buy. Everyone will be happy that way. Good luck!
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