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Asked by Amanda Saunders, Chestnut Hill, PA Tue Nov 12, 2013

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Tue Nov 12, 2013
LC Homes is a Delaware Home Builder with communities up and down the state. They have expanded their sales staff and construction crews in anticipation of a big year in 2014. They build a good home and do come back after settlement to fix items that come up and don't give a big hassle to the home buyer after settlement about fixing things unlike some other builders. They honor their warranties.

I would recommend them

John R. Thomas
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deegee1318, Home Buyer, Middletown, DE
Thu May 8, 2014
For anyone who is thinking about purchasing a new home from LC HOMES, especially in the Estates at St. Annes..... READ THIS FIRST! Here's a snap shot of our horrific experience....

Keith and I went to contract on a brand new home in the Estates at St. Annes with LC Homes in summer of 2013. Our original settlement date was May 30, 2014.

Well, it's May 8, and our phase of the neighborhood doesn't even have curbs yet. At this point, we are more than 6 months delayed. This morning, after much persistence on our part, we finally got an update on the curbs. According to LC Homes, DelDot is requiring the developer to put in a non standard footer for the curbs. The developer is refusing to comply. Therefore, they are at a standstill with the development of our phase with no resolution in sight. MORE DELAYS.

LC Homes keeps telling us repeatedly, "The developer controls and is responsible for the development of the land and the phase." The really insulting part here is that Capano is the owner of the land. Capano is also the developer of the land. And guess what? Capano is also the owner of LC Homes. No matter how you slice it, Capano is both developing the land and building my house.

We have been lied to more times than I care to count. We have been told that since LC Homes is not responsible for the delay, therefore they will do NOTHING to make this process easier for us. We asked for $4500 in free upgrades. They refused. We asked for them to lower the premium lot fee. They refused. We asked for them to let us live in a Capano owned residential property at a discounted rate so we have somewhere to live during this delay. They refused.

Keith and I are now going to have to pay a large amount of money to rent somewhere due to this delay. And, we have no idea how long we will have to pay rent because there are numerous delays every time we turn around.

Also, even though they have not delivered anything per our contract, the team at LC kept demanding that we pay our entire deposit. Obviously, we were not comfortable with paying the full deposit until we saw movement in the phase. When we shared our concerns, here is what we received via email:

"If you can’t make this work – I’ll have no choice but to cancel your contract for Breach– sell your cul-de-sac lot (that everyone wants) and resell a Waterford for $25k more and…make more money."

Threats to cancel our contract? Telling us you will sell our lot and make more money? I was appalled.

A few weeks later, we inquired about the builder letting us out of our contract. We received this email telling us we could cancel, but we'd lose $40,000 and our deposit.

"I understand your situation and your dilemma. Canceling is always an option. Due to your lots location, it will sell very quickly and I believe the builder will approve your release without further legal obligation, but you would stand to lose well over 40k plus your current deposit monies. I know my competition in Middletown, including re-sales, and it will be nearly impossible for you to find an equivalent home (3500sqft with your options, standards, Age, open space, lot size, cul-de-sac, location) for your current contract price in Middletown."

Then finally, we got this email:

"Also I have no control over canceling/releasing you from your legal binding contract. It is up to the builder. I’ve been with LC for 2 years and I’ve only witnessed 1 successful release. The client unfortunately was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer….and they wanted proof before they released. Contracts are signed for a reason."

I strongly encourage everyone to steer clear of LC Homes and any other Capano owned organization. As you can see, we've been through hell with no end in sight. I really hope that no one else ever has this type of experience, especially because buying a new home should be exciting and rewarding.

If you are looking to buy an LC Home in phase 5, or even phase 6 (which they claim they have a waiting list for) of this neighborhood, I'd look elsewhere. Trust me, this is just a snap shot of our experience. There are too many lies to even document here. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about our experience!
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Asareka, Home Buyer, Bear, DE
Fri Jul 17, 2015
LC home is a NO GO. They will sweet talk you and make unrealistic promises to get you to sign the contract with earnest deposit and after that you are stuck. My wife and I signed our contract back on Janauary 31st, 2015 at the Enclave at Odessa. Delivery date was to be September 20 +- 30 days. It's July 17th,2015 and they have not even apply for a permit yet because they are at a stand still with the county over a walking path they are supposed to construct but they don't want to. The sales person didn't or pretended not to know what was happening with upper management . So I did their job for them by contacting the New Castle County land use inquiring why the permit has not been issued. They told me they were (LCHome) giving 75% of the permits initially and the rest of the 25% will be issued after the developer is in compliance. Sadly enough, they don't know when the situation will be resolved but they keep making unsuspecting potential homebuyers sign contracts without telling them what is going on. I find it to be very unprofessional and deceitful. Trust and reputation is everything but LCHOMES don't seems to care about that. It's all about the bottom line to them. I have requested for the contract to be voided and my earnest deposit refunded. I will update with the status of my request.
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I am looking into buying a home at Estates at St. Annes. This is one of there Quick Delivery. I am concered about the quality of the home and your honest opinion. The home i am looking at is the waterford Model 3800sqf. My concern is that how can they install a single AC unit 5ton with that house size. I spoke to the builder they told me that there house are energy efficient and that they have not even sold one waterford Model with dual zone AC. According to them one unit is more than enough and the air is distributed well in summer and winter months. I will like to know your thoughts, the size of your home and if you have any issues.

My currently home is 2300sqf and during the winter and summer months it the second floor is alway struggling.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you
Flag Sun May 22, 2016
These folks at LcHomes don't care about good reputations. It's lies after lies and making up stories. They have not even apply for a permit with the county but keep making people sign contracts with earnest deposit and then hold you hostage. They giving me the go around about voiding the contract and refunding me earnest deposit . I guess their words don't mean anything and it's only going to take legal means for them to deliver. I am done talking with them an seeking legal counsel. According to the contract they have up to 6 months from the initial settlement date to deliver. And my original settlement date is September 20,2015 and they don't even have the permit.
Flag Sat Aug 1, 2015
Rfr790, Home Buyer, Middletown, DE
Sun Jan 4, 2015
LC Homes is a No Go!
I am a homeowner in Saint Anns. We've experienced a horrible mortage with Southwind, delays, a back yard that badly held water, creaky wall in master bedroom, and horrible customer service. For more info feel free to email me at
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Cmauricejones, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Thu Sep 29, 2016
Misrepresented, New Construction home buyer, Newark, DE,
My husband and I were in the process of purchasing a home inTimber Farms from LC HOMES. We went through the process of putting down our deposit, picking out everything to make our home beautiful. We were excited and ready. We were not able to see the exact lot because the street was not built. The house was to be finished around the end of the year, maybe Jan or Feb. We were originally told Oct 2016, then the end of the year, then Jan or Feb 2017. We were told our deposit could be paid in increments as the house was being built, but then we were told it was due by 7/31/16. Once we made our $8,000 deposit, then the road was put in.

We could now see our lot. When we saw the lot and what was directly behind it, I cried. There is an asphalt company practically in my backyard. This should have been disclosed. My husband and son both have asthma and my mother-in-law (who will also be living with us) has COPD. You could smell asphalt half way up the road. THERE IS NO WAY WE COULD LIVE THERE. This was such bad business! You could not see anything from the construction site before the road was put in; it was hidden by mounds of dirt and trees. My husband asked several times what was around our yard since we were in the cul de sac. The seller could have told us, we could have made an informed decision to pick a different lot or not buy at all. And they refuse to give any of our money back. I've heard bad things about the Capanos bad business dealings but thought since this was an established neighborhood there wouldn't be any problems. Now we know why they didn't build homes there when the rest of the development was built.

I wonder who else has been stuck by them in this development buying a home on Asphalt lane (Marie Ct.)
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Thank you for sharing the terrible experiences most of you have had with these builders. We truly appreciate your time to share and wish each of you a positive closure/outcome with your homes. Truly feel for you. Contact the Delaware Attorney General?
Flag Tue Feb 7, 2017
Hi Cmauricejones, any updates on this? I am in the same situation with Marie Ct. too. What is your situation now? Did you successfully take out your deposit?
Flag Mon Jan 16, 2017
Did you find a lawyer ? I'm having problems with LC Homes and would like to sue.
Flag Tue Oct 25, 2016
Dear mu105, have you been down Marie Ct.? Sorry to hear that you had to put down 30k, not sure why. I guess we should be thankful we only put 8k since we may not get it back. (We are still fighting with them.) The smell of asphalt is terrible on that street and my family's health is at risk. We are talking about almost half million dollar homes. It's bad business.
Flag Thu Oct 20, 2016
Dear mu105, have you been down Marie Ct.? Sorry to hear that you had to put down 30k, not sure why. I guess we should be thankful we only put 8k since we may not get it back. (We are still fighting with them.) The smell of asphalt is terrible on that street and my family's health is at risk. We are talking about almost half million dollar homes. It's bad business.
Flag Thu Oct 20, 2016
We are in the same situation for Marie Ct. Initially, we were told September for delivery, then October, then November, then January, and now February. Each time, LC Homes never contacted us with the update. We had to go to them. Also, we were required to put down $30,000 due 7/31/2016 as well. I wonder why we were told 30k and not 8k or 10k which seems to be what others have paid. (Hope this isn't another type of issue.)

We were given a number to call the manager. We have left several messages and have yet to receive a call back. We still do not have answers that can be confirmed by documentation.

We continue to monitor the New Castle County Land Use website - Project # 20150174 -
On this site, you will be able to see when the permits were applied and paid for and other useful information.
Flag Wed Oct 5, 2016
This should say Newark, DE not New York
Flag Thu Sep 29, 2016
Scase6, Home Buyer, Dewey Beach, DE
Mon Jun 6, 2016
Don't purchase one. - A Rehoboth resident.
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honesty, Home Buyer, Middletown, DE
Mon Jun 16, 2014
I too am building a home with LC Homes in the Estates At Saint Anne's. In the same phase 5. Yes they are having delays but our salesperson informed as at time of contract that since it was a new phase that we would have some delays. We also signed (like everyone else) a document stating that we understood there could be delays and that we would not be compensated if there was. It seems to me there are two sides to every story and only one is sighted on this site. As you can tell from reading the recent review, the person never mentions the fact that they signed the same document we did. They also never mention the fact that the sale person also told them the samething when they were asked to sign the agreement as we were. These people should ashamed of themselves to bash a builder knowing that the expectations were given at time of contract. You can obviously tell by his review that he is upset they wouldn't give "compensation". Meaning they wanted money from the builder even though they knew and signed the same document we did! It seems to me this person is just unhappy they couldn't get money from the builder! I can only hope that this person is either canceled or decides to cancel and pays a higher price for their next home! I would hate to have this unhappy person as my neighbor!
I would recommend LC Homes to all buyers next to any builder building in the Middletown area! We got an exceptional deal and a wonderful lot! Thank you!
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Did you file a report with the BBB? Their rating is A- which is very good.
Flag Mon Sep 21, 2015
If this review as posted by someone associated with the business and not an actual buyer... wow, that would be extremely dishonest! I would hate to think that a business or someone associated with that business would go to such extremes to pretend to be a buyer and post fake reviews online discrediting reviews of actual buyers...
Flag Thu Jun 19, 2014
It's funny - this same exact story was posted on several different review websites. Almost as if someone copy and pasted it. Maybe someone with ties to LC Homes. Hmmm ...
Flag Wed Jun 18, 2014
Do you work for the builder? Sounds like it with all the talk of contracts and documents. How do you know what they signed? How do you know what the sales person told them? What lot did you build on? This post seems shady to me.... Just my opinion
Flag Wed Jun 18, 2014
Is this the builder?
Flag Wed Jun 18, 2014
Virginia Egan, Agent, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Fri Jan 10, 2014
My buyers and I have had good luck with LC homes. They build a nice home and stick to the schedule as surprises. Their townhome and duplex communities in Rehoboth Beach are very successful due to the right combination of price point and proximity to the beach and local shopping and restaurants.
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As a homeowner in an LC community, I would beg to differ. Our home was delivered 3 months behind, walls are not straight, etc., etc. Too much to type. We have been in the house for close to 2 months and they have "run out" of sod twice. We have lived with a dirt front yard since settlement. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE BUYER OR THE QUALITY OF THIER HOMES. - an unhappy Rehoboth Beach resident.
Flag Mon Jun 6, 2016
Carla Scheder, Agent, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Tue Nov 12, 2013
My recent experience with LC Homes has been a positive one. The project they have at Grande at Canal Pointe in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
A recent client custom built a townhome with LC Homes and the clients were happy with the entire process. They settled and moved into to their townhome and have been enjoying the property, community and the Rehoboth Beach area as a second home.

There are several resales also available in that particular community in condominium units and single family homes also
Overall, the most recent experience with LC Homes has been a positive one.
All the Best!
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Were your clients happy with the build and quality?
Flag Thu Nov 14, 2013
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