Kat, Home Buyer in Palm Beach County, FL

An agent showed me several houses I wasn't interested in. Now I have seen one advertised by another agent.Must I ask the first agent to show it

Asked by Kat, Palm Beach County, FL Mon Feb 28, 2011

to me?

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The most important question is if you signed a buyer's broker agreement with the agent you had been working with which is something I strongly recommend that buyer's do not do. If you did not you are free to use any agent and you should shop around and find one who you feel will best represent your interests and be able to find the best home and negotiate favorable pricing and terms. It is almost never in your best interest to contact the listing agent as there is a conflict of interest that can cost you dearly when it comes time to negotiate. They have a relationship with the seller and have set a list price that may, or may not, be in line with what the real market conditions are surrounding that property. If you were served with a lawsuit, would you hire the attorney of the other party to represent you? Find a qualified buyers broker and let them work their magic during the negotiation phase of the purchase.

Your best bet at this point is to start working with a professional Realtor to help you along this path. A few recommendations I would make; I would tell you to not sign a buyer's broker agreement with anyone as stated above. This is a form an agent will use to tie you up and ensure any transaction you make will only be through them. Find an agent who is happy to perform their services with the knowledge that if they do not properly meet your expectations they will lose your business. Second, never call a listing agent about a home they have listed as their initial relationship with the seller will prevent you from working out the best deal. Finally, I would recommend that you interview at least three qualified agents to assist you and select one who you feel will have your best interests as their primary goal. I work almost entirely as a buyers agent and certainly would be honored to be on your list if you want to explore opportunities in Palm Beach or Martin Counties.

I hope this information is helpful but if you need anything additional please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Always at Your Service,

Tom Priester e-PRO
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Keller Williams Realty
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Hi Kat,

You're going to run into the ugly ducklings first before you find the home that calls out to you. I had to look at several homes before I found what I felt to be my match. Now, as an agent, I show at least three homes before I get a full heartfelt conversation of what the homebuyer really wants! It's a learning curve, that you will have over time with your agent. You don't want to start this learning curve every single time as you swap agents. I say ban agent swaping!

Happy hunting!

Ray Garcia
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Dear Kat,
I met a friend a couple of days ago and she was experiencing your exact dilemma. She was looking for properties in the West Palm Beach -Jupiter area and had spent 2-3 days (!!) with an agent who was showing her the areas they knew instead of listening to what she was looking for.

If you like the agent who has been taking you around stay with that person, if not move on. I agree that you should have a buyer's agent show you the specific condo or house you want to see. Remember it's the seller who pays the agents.

Try to find an agent specializing in that zip code. We have 18 local offices and if I don't specialize in your area, I'd be happy to recommend a buyer's agent who does.

Good luck!!
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Good Morning Kat;
Unless you signed an agreement you don't have to use the first agent.
But if the agent is responsive and is really trying, please give the agent a chance to find you a home.
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Did you sign any buyer/broker agreement with your current agent? If you didn't, then you do not have to ask your current agent to show you the new home. If you did sign something, you should look at the agreement to see what it says.

Do you like your current agent? If you like your current agent, you should ask him/ner to show you the property. It may be that he/she did not show it to you because it did not meet the criterias you provided? If you do decide to find another agent to show you the property, make sure you find a buyer's agent because the listing agent may not have your best interest in mind since they are representing the seller.

Good luck!
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Hi KAt,

If you like your agent and would like to continue to work with him or her, then give them a chance to show it to you by setting up the appointment especially if your agent is a good buyers agent. You want to have someone who protects your interests in the transaction. It is sometimes difficult for a listing agent to separate your best interest from their sellers.

Good Luck!
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Agents can show and sell any home listed in their state. I wouldn't recommend you call the listing agent of the new home, either use the previous agent or find a new one.
Part of learning what a client likes or doesn't like comes from spending time with a client and showing them a few homes. After I've been out with a client a time or two, I learn so much more about their likes and dislikes. Consider giving the first agent another chance. Best of luck.
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Hello Kat - Many people put themselves in the same position you are in. The Internet makes it so easy to shop for a home but finding a good agent can be a shot in the dark. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Seller agency is assumed. I highly recommend hiring a Buyer's agent to work for you. That person will get to know you and your situation and can assist you in finding properties that fit your requirements. I will usually have what I call an "elimination day" with prospective buyers. We will see several homes that we have chosen together and eliminate those that don't appeal to the buyer. This gives me a better idea of what to look for. It also gives the customer an opportunity to get to know me and how I work. Why did the agent show you houses in which you weren't interested? I suggest you interview two or three agents in the area where you want to live. Ask for referrals from friends you trust to agents they use. Meet those people and ask them how they would represent you, if you hired them. When you meet with the agent you have chosen, describe what it is you want. A professional won't waste your time (or hers) showing you properties that don't suit. I don't recommend calling the Seller's agent to represent you. In some states, dual agency is legal but it is seldom in the best interests of the buyer. Hoping the best for you in your home search - Jo Anna
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In case you're not aware, Short Sale listing prices are "ficticious" so you may not be able to buy the property even at full listing price.

Also in a Short Sale, the underlying lenders prefer to see two different agents for the seller and buyer. In many cases the commission will be the same for the listing agent if she has to do all the work for the seller and buyer as she would be paid if the buyer is represented by her own realtor.

Some buyer are not aware that agents do not earn a salary. An agent only gets paid once a closing occurs so it may be unfair if you do not include your agent--unless you intend to compensate your realtor for the time she spent with you thus far. Don't forget to include the cost of her gas, auto insurance, licensing fees, time spent making appointments and searching for properties, answering your emails, etc, etc.

And... if you are also considering bank owned listings, you will certainly miss out on the best deals if you want to go the route of trying to get listing agents to show you properties. By the time the bank owned listing agent calls you back, the best deals will already be under contrat by buyers working with Realtor who have gone out the first day and wrote their offer.

Good luck and try to treat everyone fairly.
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The answers so far seem to be pretty much in agreement. You are usually, legally free to choose any agent or no agent at all. The right thing to do is not what is always done.. it should be - more often!

The first agent will feel very appreciated if and when you do call them. Agents can and do invest alt of time and energy to try and satisfy the needs and wants of prospects, usually most often, without a salary. ... when in reality- often, the buyer has no real insight as to what their needs, wants and budget will allow. So... No you Must not ask the first agent, second or third agent... you must do what you feel is right.


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