Am looking at purchasing a new home from ICI in Plantation Bay, Ormond . Does anyone have comments on quality of construction & dealing w/ICI?

Asked by Tj, Ormond Beach, FL Tue Oct 12, 2010

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Ici Used Chi…, , Florida
Fri Oct 15, 2010

These are the the most despicable people you could ever deal with....they "pride" themselves on quality and customer service. The Owner, Mori Husseini acts like a big man around the area with his supposed charitable ways...and this is the same man whose company doesnt perform to contract and doesnt perform repairs that are part of warranty. I have had my tile floor replaced twice in 4 years and it needs to be replaced again...and cannot get them to perform. Cant even get them to return calls....they act like they are doing you a favor that you could buy one of their houses.....

And add this to the list....they built my house with Chinese Dry Wall..which am now in the process of suing them, and their real estate agent ...which by the way they own Venture Development Realty, who you use at their sales center...Moji Babazedeh, the broker of record is also an EVP with ICI Homes....big title, small man. I actually had my house for sale and recieved a contract for sale...buyer conducted an inspection and it was found that my house has Chinese Dry Wall ....

I plan on going to the press in Orlando and Daytona Beach and making sure it gets on record that these people are underhanded in their dealings. There might also be a fraud issue with the dealings between ICI and Venture Develoment Realty in regards to the sale of my house...

RUN !!!!!!!
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Bonnie, Home Buyer, New Orleans, LA
Wed Aug 24, 2016
I have lived in Plantation Bay since 2010. This is a wonderful community. The ICI homes are well built. Of course, every new home has glitches, but ICI is very diligent about handling any issues found upon completion of the home.
The golf courses are beautiful. The setting is serene. Only 4 miles from the front gate to the ocean via the Scenic Loop at Walter Boardman to High Bridge Road.
The restaurants have very good wait staff and a wonderful chef.
Lots of deer, wild turkeys, herons, etc.
Take a look for yourself. There are weekend packages where you can 'try before you buy".
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Chuck, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Thu Apr 14, 2016
We have now been in our ICI home here in Breakaway Trails for 15 years and I must tell you we are very, very pleased with the way the home was constructed. Yes, I would most certainly recommend them. CMW, Ormond Beach, FL
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Allan.rosen, Home Buyer, New York, NY
Mon Apr 4, 2016
We bought a new ICI home in Plantation Bay in December 2015. There were some minor issues which needed to be resolved. This builder went above and beyond what I would have expected. They are intensely customer service oriented and customer focused. Their follow-up after the sale is fantastic. Overall, I think they built a good quality house and I would not hesitate to buy from them again.
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Byron Hebert, Agent, Ormond Beach, FL
Wed Nov 19, 2014
Well its been 4 years since TJ asked this question. I hope he found a home to his liking. There are pros and cons to many of the new home builders in the Ormond Beach area. The best way to make an informed decision is to work with a Realtor as a buyers agent during your search for a new home. This will allow you as a buyer to compare the builders and make a determination on which one is best for you. Also using a Realtor during the new home purchase costs you nothing, and the majority of time ensures you will get the best pricing from the builder.
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Phil Hanner…, Agent, Port Orange, FL
Wed Oct 24, 2012
I live in an ICI home in an ICI development. I have been here 8 years and only had one plumbing issue.

There are about 300 homes in our development. Very few problems.
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Dick Picard, Agent, Ormond Beach, FL
Sat Apr 23, 2011
I live in Halifax Plantation just across I-95 from Plantation Bay and have sold a number of homes in that subdivision. Up to this point I have not had the types of problems mentioned here but I would agree that there are many good deals available there and it is a very nicely maintained community. I would think that any Seller would have to disclose when they fillout the property disclosure if there was any Chines Drywall used to build the home assuming that they knew that. The home inspection is the protection and a simple addendum to the sale contract stipulating that Chinese Drywall is not acceptable should alleviate the problems encountered by others.

Dick Picard, Realtor/GRI/SFR
Exit Beach Realty, Ormond Beach
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Most homeowners have no way of knowing if the 'drywall subcontractor' used Chinese drywall or not, since most builders can't even tell. Plus, 'disclosure' forms filled out by sellers are only the 'uneducated opinion' of the seller and often sellers forget when the roof leaked or the stove exploded. Additionally, most home inspectors only do a 'so-so' job, working hand and hand with realtors, who both want homes to sell otherwise they don't make money. If the inspector (and I've used high priced CGC inspectors all 15 purchases I've made) tells you it's OK... there will still be issues so... buyer beware. When choosing a home for purchase, after looking at new or resale... get out of your car, walk to front doors of the homes in the neighborhoods your considering and knock, ring doorbells. Ask the residents already living there what their experience has been. This may give you a more realistic idea of what your experience may be like.
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Darlene S, Home Owner, Ormond Beach, FL
Mon Aug 29, 2016
I love my Plantation Bay Home. It backs up to a beautiful wooded area. We are visited by deer and wild turkeys frequently. I enjoy golfing the 45 holes of golf on well maintained courses. The community here is active and very social. My husband plays tennis and golfs also. We have made many friends and love our home.
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Plantation Bay sucks. We live there and hate it. There is nothing to do unless you join the ridiculously priced "club" and even then everything is extra. The roads are in horrible condition. and the only thing ICI is interested in doing is selling houses and cramming as many people as they can into this isolated community which is far away from everything. Big mistake buying here. This is an OK place if you are 80 plus and just want to sit home in front of the TV. Warranty department is responsive, but the house was built like a piece of junk with the cheapest materials available. trying to get out of here. Terrible experience.
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Bob Martin, Home Owner, Port Saint Lucie, FL
Tue Jul 19, 2016
ICI builds garbage. Their finish quality is the worst I have ever seen. Paint and drywall is horrendous. Windows are not straight. It's nothing but a rip off community from a poor quality builder. Good luck getting them to fix anything right. We have lived in one of their garbage houses for a year and can't wait to leave. The Iranian who own this place live in mansions while you live in junk built by underpaid subcontractors
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DARBOOM1, Home Buyer, Ormond Beach, FL
Sun Oct 26, 2014
Don't buy ICI you will regret it
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Sean, Home Buyer, Jacksonville, FL
Sun Jun 29, 2014
In Saint Johns Fl, Planatation Estates and Magnolia

ICI has the problem of hiring AWFUL HORRIBLE Sub Contractors. These guys cannot put a window in straight, paint better than a 3 year old, dry wall SUCKS....they plaster it in lumpy dissaray, and then the wacked out painters come in and PAINT right over the bumps and dents. Our drywall and our paint is HILARIOUSLY despicable. When you do a walk through, upon closing, you could go for HOURS on how bad a job the SUBS do. They are the WORST. Finishing is not their GAME. The finishing on walls and frames and everywhere, is a JOKE.

ICI has NOW asked their Sub Contractors to take a pay cut. THAT SHOULD HELP! They areleady do a horrible job.

As of 2014 cannot claim Chinese Dy Wall, because I think they stopped using it. However their window sills, and trim is all a mess. bumpy, dented, paint running, drywall particles, and then the painters just PAINT RIGHT OVER IT :}

Plumbers are cookoo. They hook up the lines wrong. Hot to cold and cold to hot. The have to go BACK into a finished house and bust out shower / sink/ bath tubs and swap the lines over correctly.

DUMB and DUMBER .....the Subs that they use at ICI Homes Julington Creek

Pool company is Ok, but slow to finish details as well.
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Hornsby, Home Buyer, Ormond Beach, FL
Fri Jan 20, 2012
We have been home shopping in the Ormond Beach area. We found one ICI home in Plantation Bay that we were particularly interested in, but my wife smelled sulfur (rotten eggs) immediately on entering the house. We were told it was because the house has been locked up for months... so we waited a week and came back. Immediately on entering the house we smelled the sulfur. We left the doors open and walked around outside for about 10 minutes and as soon as we walked in we smelled the sulfur again. We came to the internet to see if anyone else had any issues and are very thankful for the confirmation we got here.
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Nan, Home Owner, Ormond Beach, FL
Sun Mar 27, 2011
Be very careful if you build a home with ICI Homes.

We purchased a home from ICI in April 2010 and have encountered two major problems that ICI is refusing to remediate. The first one concerns the shoddy work done by their concrete subcontractor and the second is that our hardwood floors were not installed correctly, resulting in about half of the planks bowing up on the ends. ICI charged us over $8000. for hardwood floors in the living room and dining room and they are visibly uneven. My research said that this is caused by moisture either from the concrete slab, or from the flooring and all installation materials not being in the house 48 hrs prior to installation. ICI agrees that the bowing is caused by moisture, but they blame us for the “humidity not being constant in the home”, which is a lot of bunk, since we moved in in May and had the AC on in the Florida heat every day for about 6 months. We’re basically out the $8000 we paid ICI, plus what it will cost us to have new flooring installed.

The cement driveway and sidewalks are a mess. We were told by others that the cement was poured on a day that it rained. According to the Portland Cement Association, “rainfall can result in a weakened nondurable surface” and “if the surface is dusty after 14 days of curing there are likely to be a problem.” The surface of our concrete is definitely dusty and very stained. In addition to this, we already have cracks in the cement because the expansion joints were not done correctly. They are not nearly as deep nor as wide as they should be. They are 1/2” deep or less and they should be 25% of the thickness of the concrete, which would mean that they should be at least 1” deep. The width should never be less than 1/4” wide, but most of ours are barely 1/8th” wide. ICI has totally ignored the faulty expansion joints and the fact that the cement was poured when it rained. Their response to our concrete problems was “Some variation in color in concrete is normal and can vary depending on the sand or ash used in the concrete mix and is not warrantable.”

So our recommendation is not to build with ICI Homes, if you buy a resale ICI home hire a really good inspector.
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Kim Smoke, Both Buyer And Seller, Ormond Beach, FL
Sat Mar 26, 2011
Moris is a BIG ACTIVIST in many things besides real estate.
He is an Iranian Promoter of IRANIANS FOR AMERICAN POLITICS.
I liked PB too..........but my homework was done when I saw the interests of the owners.
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Sandy Harrin…, , Ormond Beach, FL
Sat Oct 16, 2010

Attached are the active listings in Plantation Bay and Halifax Plantation. I have not had too much dealings with the new builds. ICI has built some beautiful homes in Ormond and other areas
I wouldn't discount the resales in that area as there are some incredible buys.
If your concern is Chinese something pre-2004 or brand new.

Sandy Harrington
(386) 547-4805
Adams Cameron & Co REALTORS
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