Airplane noise in Marina Del Rey

Asked by P G, Mon Jul 1, 2013

Though no one seems to consider Marina Del Rey close enough to the airport, it does seem to have lots of planes flying over it, especially in the townhome/condo areas around Lincoln/Mindanao/Glencoe. Has this been a concern in selling/buying a townhome here ? Do you know if LAX funds any noise mitigation measures here as in Playa Del Rey ?

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Naomipolanco4, Home Buyer, Marina del Rey, CA
Mon Oct 24, 2016
there are like big airplanes from like war or something , flying by over here marina del rey , basically by the beach and am wondering what they are because 5 of them flew by
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Chad Cole, Agent, Marina del Rey, CA
Mon May 11, 2015
You won't hear airplanes living in Marina del Rey. There may be some noise from helicopters but that happens in all city areas.
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Tue Jul 15, 2014
There absolutely not that much noise in MDR
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Beachgoer1234, Home Buyer, Marina del Rey, CA
Tue Nov 19, 2013
Very little airplane noise but out of control helicopter noise at all hours of the day and night, especially over marina peninsula
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Well that is unfortunately life in such a big city as Los Angeles...the Helicopters are Police and Coast Guard depending what time of day...and that is not only in Marina Del Rey that is every where in Los Angeles.
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Dorene Slavi…, Agent, Torrance, CA
Mon Nov 11, 2013
There is an issue with noise from LAX with some Playa Del Rey areas and some in Westchester. The Airport has taken steps to help nearby homeowners with various sound measures.
I believe it has more to do with the actual "flight paths" the planes take then the proximity to the airport. I have never had a seller, or buyer, complain about plane noises in the Marina.
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Howard Lew, Home Buyer, Los Angeles, CA
Sun Oct 6, 2013
I went to Loyola Marymount University for 4 years back in the 70's...I noticed the noise the first 2-3 weeks but after that it wasn't an issue. I'm looking to move back to MDR now, because I loved the area so much back then and I think it would be a good downgrade for me, moving out of a single family home, a few years from my retirement. I'm always watching "Glencoe"...
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P G, Home Buyer,
Sat Jul 6, 2013
Thanks for all your responses. The plane noise is usually the jet noise grumble though the area is not on a flight path (not very loud). Probably something to do with wind directions, etc since it does not seem to happen at all times. The flight path problem seems to be more from small airplanes which seem to be coming from Santa Monica airport rather than LAX and they fly low!
I have heard it plenty of times in the strip mall, for example, at the intersection of glencoe and mindanao. I guess whether it is bothersome or not is subjective.
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Gail Mercedes…, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Wed Jul 3, 2013
Marina del Rey is about 10 minute driving distance from Los Angeles Airport. There has been no reports of direct airplane path noise in Marina del Rey. Areas mentioned Lincoln/Mindanao/Glencoe are not areas of direct plane paths. It has been noted in areas: Playa del Rey, CA, Inglewood, CA and Westchester Los Angeles, CA 90045 there is airplane noise. To my knowledge there is no LAX funding for Marina del Rey, CA as in Playa del Rey, Ca. Check with LAX Funding Dept. regarding funding as result of airplane noise and hazards.

Gail Mercedes Cole
EXP Realty
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Endre Barath, Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
Mon Jul 1, 2013
PG I live on Via Marina 300 yards from the ocean and 200 yards from the Chanel, I never hear Airplane noises. If I decide to walk along the channel and the ocean I hear planes taking off, hence it is an issue of where you live and exactly what your noise tolerance is. Keep in mind Single Family homes range from $5million to $1.5million so it all depends.

Should you like to work with me please reach out to me

Endre Barath, Jr.
Prudential California Realty
A Berkshire Hathaway Company

310.486.1002 (m)
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Susan Bo'ur, Agent, Manhattan Beach, CA
Mon Jul 1, 2013
It's clearly an issue for you, and that's all that matters.
Is there any other area you may be interested in?
(310) 600-4240
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Susan thinks Bev Hills would suit u fine, hey, and she happens to be an agent in that area, cowinkydink!!!!!
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I think Susan beieves Beverly Hills would suit you fine, what do you think??? No agenda whatsoever.....
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P G, Home Buyer,
Mon Jul 1, 2013
Ok. May be my threshold is lower but I do hear a plane flying over that area (e.g., townhomes in La Villa Marina or townhomes on Glencoe) almost one every other minute. These are usually the smaller planes. Of course the noise is nowhere comparable to Westchester but is definitely noticeable.
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Hartman Cole…, Agent, Marina Del Rey, CA
Mon Jul 1, 2013
Great question. I happen to live in a Loft in the exact area you are referring to and I don't have any more plane noise here than in other parts of the Westside I have owned homes. For me, I find Marina Del Rey rather plane free. I have never owned a home in Playa Del Rey however, but I have sold many homes there, and the plane noise in that area can vary dramatically. I am not aware of any current city subsidies in the Marina for noise related improvements. My standard advice is to spend some time first in the area you are looking, either walking the streets or at the nearest coffee stop that you might frequent. Then visit the unit/home you are interested in at different times of the day to determine what your sensitivity to plane noise/ traffic noise/ schools / garage door noise/ etc. is. I found each persons threshold to be unique. To illustrate, most often when I list a home in Playa, I sell it a current Playa resident because the noise is not longer a factor for them. They love the community and have outgrown that as a drawback though I find that for myself, I'm much more aware of it. Let me know if I can be of further help. I very familiar with the Marina. A happy buyer of mine is closing on her first condo here tomorrow....

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Susan Bo'ur, Agent, Manhattan Beach, CA
Mon Jul 1, 2013
I know this area very well. I have never experienced any airplane does not compare to Playa Del Rey at all.
I sell many condos in this area and have several buyers waiting for new properties to come in the market.
Please contact me directly if I may be of further assistance.
Have a great rest of your day.
(310) 600-4240
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Another thing to consider is that noise seems to be more noticeable at night, maybe it's the air density (I'm not a weatherman, I don't make $700K/yr standing there making motions, and generally relaying the message of "tomorrow is going to be like today was, maybe a little hotter, maybe a little cooler, maybe a bit more late night and early morning low clouds" (i.e. what a "cush" job", your biggest decision of the day is which hair product to use)...I would suggest going to the area, wherever one is considering buying at various times of the day and night, perhaps spend the night in a hotel with the window open a bit. I got sidetracked from my return to the Marina, but going to focus again, hopefully in a month or so...
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