Agents! I need some advise regarding buying a home in Keller vs Southlake

Asked by George Raymondo, Fort Worth, TX Wed Apr 10, 2013

I have been looking around in Southlake, Colleyville, and Keller. My wife loves a home in the Harmonson Farms subdivision. The house is on Foxcroft Lane, near the train that runs along the 377. The house is perfect yet I worry about the train noise. We were looking at home that was directly facing the 377 and the train tracks and the train went by blowing it's horn and I was amazed how loud it was, but that house had no obstructions, no trees, no houses, nothing to block the noise. The neighbors tell me they get used to it after about 6 months. Is it better to avoid this area of Keller and stick with Southlake even though my buying power is less? The homes in Southlake less than $475K are all old and in need of updating and TLC while Keller and Colleyville seem to be nicer and of course newer.

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Lloyd Martin, Agent, Keller, TX
Tue May 14, 2013
Hi George,
Don't settle for the train thing. We live 1700 yards from the tracks in a $400 home and we still "hear" the trains!
The answer is Trophy Club. It has the class of Southlake, almost, but prices between Keller & Southlake. A nice alternative with lots of appreciation potential.
Here is a list of those homes. Click on the link below.
Let me know if I can be of service. There are lots of new homes in Trophy Club also, but make sure you take a Realtor along with you. We can save you thousands on a new home purchase.
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John Straub, Agent, Fort Worth, TX
Tue May 7, 2013
Hi George
I just wanted to check in to see if you had made a decision on where to buy?
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Beth Elkass…, Agent, Hurst, TX
Mon May 6, 2013
There are several homes in your price point that are in very desirable neighborhoods with Keller ISD. I agree with you, you get a lot more home per sq. foot than in the Southlake and/or Colleyville area. Were you aware that there are outstanding subdivisions that are considered Fort Worth, but are in the
Keller ISD. I'll be happy to provide you listings per your criteria and you won't have to worry about the railroad tracks. Do know that when purchasing your 'dream home' the resale later in the future must also be considered. I hope this helps you! Good luck with finding your dream home.
Beth Elkassih, Realtor
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Rick DeVoss, Agent, Ft Worth, TX
Wed Apr 24, 2013
George ---

It has been a couple of weeks, and we haven't heard from you. Please do your family a favor and consult with an experienced Realtor before buying any house.

I got to thinkng about what you had written, and realized that you were actually talking about two different houses. (and maybe more) But, obviously, the house on Foxcroft does not face the railroad tracks. You should stay away from any that do. Or any house that is too close to the tracks because they will be hard to re-sell, and you will take a beating on the price.

If you are trying to compare houses in Keller with houses in Southlake, there is a problem. They are not the same location. "Location" is everything in Real Estate. Just the Zip Code alone can cause a difference in house prices! But there are many nice homes in Keller. We just need to be sure we are looking in the right neighborhood.

If you are thinking of looking at a new house, you need a Realtor to represent you. I guarantee that it will cost you more if you go into a model home by yourself. And keep in mind, the sales person in the model home is working FOR the builder, not the buyer. And, they don't have a Code of Ethics that they subscribe to like Realtors do. So do the smart thing and get a Realtor to represent you.

There are many good Realtors in the Keller area. Some have just been around longer than others...

Best wishes to your family!

Rick DeVoss

---ULTRA Real Estate Services
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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013
We can help walk you through some of the decisions you mentioned and more, but I like to do it in person or at least on the phone....and not in a public forum.

Southlake and Keller are very different places. You are right ...more or less in Southlake $500K is a starting point. Not 100% true, but generally.

Keller.....same thing ...not 100% true...but $500K is the top end.

The trains are long and may have some aircraft noise around bedtime and early in the morning if you are in flight path of Alliance airport. Mostly quiet in the day as it has been cargo and maintenance at that airport which means about 10pm and 6am noise.

Give me a call if you want to discuss.…
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Rick DeVoss, Agent, Ft Worth, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013

It sounds like you have travelled from California, and have been previewing houses in the Northeast Tarrant County area. One has to wonder if you were working with an Agent, and if so, why you are not seeking advice from that person, instead of throwing out an overhead question on this website. And if you were NOT working with an Agent, then why not? Anyone who is thinking of investing a considerable sum of money in a house, needs to engage a Realtor to represent them.

As a Realtor who has been selling homes in Keller, Colleyville, and Southlake for 33 years, I can tell you that this is one of the best areas in the country to get a fabulous home at a very reasonable price. You can have all the features you desire, with a pool, a media room, a 3-car garage, a large wooded lot, and all the extra rooms your heart desires. But the key thing that will determine the resale potential is the location of the property.

Keller is a large town, and there are many nice areas that are not so close to the railroad tracks as to be noticeable. There are some absolutely gorgeous homes in Keller. Perhaps you should take a look at the 76244 zip code as well as the 76248 zip code area. Buying a house near the tracks may seem like it is just a personal decision, and a question of how long it might take you to "get used to it." But you should stop and consider the problems you may have when you go to sell the house a few years from now. If it is causing you this much pause, it will certainly affect other buyers as well. And that is just the type of thing that makes a house take longer to sell. When a house "takes longer to sell", it typically will sell for less money than a similar property in a different location, ie., away from the tracks.

So, do yourself and your family a favor, and get with an experienced Agent. Stick with that person until you collectively find the right house for your family. You can't really go wrong buying a house in any one of the cities you mentioned. Real Estate values in North Texas have been very strong compared to the rest of the country. ...And they will continue to do so.

Best wishes to you and your family,
and welcome to Texas!

Rick DeVoss

ULTRA Real Estate Services

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Amy Steele, Agent, Southlake, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013
Were you using a local agent for this? The train goes by all day long. It can be loud but having lived by a train track in Oceanside I got used to it. Trains are just a way of life here. Its really up to you if you can live with it or not!
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David Roth, Agent, Keller, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013
Hello George,

There are many homes in the Keller and Colleyville area under that price point that are not near railroad tracks. If you are working with an agent, express your concerns to them.
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K.C. Jones, Mortgage Broker Or Lender, Irving, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013
That's a hard call. After a couple of nights I stopped hearing the train...but it might bother you...
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Dallas Texas, Agent, Dallas, TN
Wed Apr 10, 2013
Professional code of ethics prevents any Realtor make a comment. However your agent should be "pointing out" all the pros and cons of the area which allow you to make correct decision.

Contact my office today where I can show you many amazing homes work with your family specifications.

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Kyle Harden, , Keller, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013

The trains run on 377 frequently, probably about 3 or 4 an hour. I'd hate for you to spend money on a problem you cannot fix and there's no guarantee you will get used to it in 6 months. You may be kicking yourself in 6 months, but it's really a personal decision on if it's an acceptable tradeoff for you and your wife.

There are areas of Keller that have minimal to no train noise, so you don't have to write off Keller completely. There is also the North Fort Worth/Keller area of Heritage you can consider if you have concerns about buying power in Southlake or Colleyville.

It's going to come down to personal preference and some trade-offs to determine which is the best option for you. Let me know if I can help.
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John Straub, Agent, Fort Worth, TX
Wed Apr 10, 2013
Hi George
I live in the Keller area and I can tell you that the trains along 377 run 24/7. I used to live near a train track and I never got used to it..... If you are concerned now I would recommend that you pass on the home today rather than invest a good bit of money.
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