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Aanyone around the tri-valley area (dublin, pleasanton) know of any good home inspectors? I had one, but he doesn't seem to be as great as was

Asked by Towngeorge, Dublin, CA Mon Nov 23, 2009

told. Does anyone around the tri-valley area (dublin, pleasanton, livermore) know of any good home inspectors? I had one, but he doesn't seem to be as great as the agent said he was....want to get another to double check the work? thx.

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Looking through these answers I'm sure its been entertaining. I have personally worked with Carl and Tyler in the past and currently. Any advise provided by them is true and genuine. Carl is a Contractor and does operate a top notch real estate team. In my opinion with the scrutiny by banks all inspectors have to operate under clear rules and provide the best report for the client.
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Yeah what he said.............

The Readers Digest word of the Day.....Indignficants---A Group of Realtors that share a common................lol

Public Announcement....Spread the Best time to buy it's gonna get better Lawrence Yun message your dollars paid for. Do not waste your hard-earned money...............

The Eternal Devil's Advocate and local Bob and Amanda's used car sales & kitten supplies representative, Dunes

Remember at Bob and Amanda's "We have Foreclosed Cars for $1"

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no, I don't view you as anti-agent. I view you more as the eternal devil's advocate.

And you're right, that my indignation, and that of my fellow indignficants won't go a long way proving to the public that we're honest. It was just a counter to that feller who felt that most of us are monkey sludge... and gawrsh dernit... there are viewers (readers) who are predisposed to believe HIM.

and that's the trooth... pthhp.

( btw... much of this banter, back and forth between you and I is very tongue-in-cheek, and since there is no tone-of-voice, here on Trulia (a serious mistake on their part) I think the general public might think we're ARGUING back and forth... or being disrespectful, when (at least in my opinion) nothing could be further from the truth. I have much respect for Dunes and his opinions, and he for mine... there is no ill-will here, only conversation and mutual admiration )
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL

Yes you are entitled to a little indignation heck you are entitled to a lot. My point is not that you are not.....

I was attempting to explain something else, pass along an observation from a Non-Realtor....Do you think I'm actually Anti-Agent?

Please....You feel an unfair, inaccurate and insulting accusation has been made about your Profession...You share that with others in your Profession and are glad when many confirm your belief the accusations are completely false (Personal moment)..It's all good

My point is for the Non-Agent like me or perhaps for a consumer who does not know the players all we see is an Agent feels his Profession is mostly honest, a couple hundred Agents post comment after comment of I'm honest too, I wouldn't do that, I've seen bad Agents but I'm not one of them,I'm a consumer advocate, we only care about, I'd sell my children if it was in the best interest of my client, I don't care about money and it begins to morph into ALL Realtors are honest, we have ethics and blatant self-promoting examples of I
provide this Service because I'm honest....

These comments by Agents of their honesty (What else are they going to say) are not proof or evidence to us that A Majority of Agents are honest (Comments laced with "I have seen) or the accusations made are untrue..

I tend to believe you as I'm predisposed to value Agents and I know respect your opinions, but what of those who do not? They just see a couple hundred Agents declaring they are honest, they provide excellent service and care for their clients (A commercial) and then Agents elsewhere start taking up the cry "We are honest too"

To be perfectly blunt I have now watched people I feel to be little more than Spammers & BS artists join into the I'm honest cause I'm a Realtor moment and even seen some adapt it to It's more likely I'm honest cause I'm a Full Service Agent..

.It is not about you should not be indignant or glad to hear others in your Profession feel as you do, it's about how the public views and sees it presented as proof of a position or you can trust us.....

It's almost philosophical...We say we are Honest therefore We are

I'm not taking that as proof or confirmation of anything when considering a decision that affects a major Financial obligation nor am I going to suggest anyone else does either.....In my comments here to Towngeorge I even said I am not claiming to be right, go read it yourself and decide....

I do not think for one Moment that if you went to a site of another Profession and read a few hundred comments of members of that Profession stating their honesty and concern for the consumer you would say to yourself....Well I'm using that as proof the Profession/members are mostly Honest and I can Trust them to make recommendations affecting the largest Financial decisions I have to make..

Yes it's good it reaffirms your opinion to you but it proves nothing to the consumer beyond the members of a Profession that sells Services SAY they are honest.... but I'm a Consumer I am not surprised or impressed or convinced it makes it so.....

I'm honest, I follow the rules, now excuse me while I Spam and spread the Best time to buy Yun message.
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Without getting into it...
We use Specialty Inspections in Pleasanton a lot.
Web Reference: http://www.MoxleyTeam.com
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I think we're still entitled to a little indignation when the original comment that began this tempest in a teakettle (not towngeorge) suggested that the bulk of the Realtor world is not working in the buyer's best interests.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
The answer to your question Towngeorge

Just ask any Realtor (pick one out of the phone book) and get an recommendation for an inspector they are all honest and they all are only concerned for your welfare...Just ask em. They are all worth 6%, they are all ethical, they are all Consumer Advocates, they are all better than Agents who are not Realtors, they are all experts.

Just call them, email them lol
Pick me Pick me!!!!!!!!
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I'm a part of a team ... "We" is the team ... it's not a global "we" ... and it's a small team at that ...

Towngeorge - sorry for hijacking your question ...
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"don't assume someone is truly working on your side, until you know it for sure. Nobody will watch out for your best interests as well as you!"

And that's why I question the indignation by Agents over someone suggesting they may not want to use Realtor recommendations.....I know that was not what started this discussion on the other thread but it has mutated....

Look below I even said I MAY NOT BE RIGHT and sent towngeorge to your Blog to form his own opinion....

I still got lectured or had (I'm honest) pointed out to me...
"We order inspections from the best inspectors we know of – not because of any deals, incentives, under the table cashback, collusion or any other arcane reason – we chose them because we want the best inspections. Period. I agree with Alan. And not just 'cause he's a fellow Mayor ..."

That comment doesn't say good agents, or if you find a good Agent...IT says WE....Whose WE? Realtors? Carl was using the royal WE?
The discussions have mutated into do not even suggest not using Realtors recommendations because they are Realtors or a chance to announce to potential clients....Not me I'm honest.

Guess I won't question any of the Mortgage Brokers Recommendations or the Inspectors, or the......

They might feel disrespected or insulted...........Thanks Consumer Advocates
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D - I have read some on Agent Genius... they can be fun, but talk about a tight network... whoooo!

There are, indeed, enough sleezy agents & Realtors out there to be wary, no question at all. And nobody would be happier to see them gone, than the hordes of honest, ethical agents. But my contention, all along, has been that there are far more honest and ethical agents, & Realtors out there, than the other.

Still, a good idea to be on your toes, trust but verify. 1 in 20 is still a strong number, yes, those are tough odds, when dealing with such a large purchase.... worth questioning until you know you're working with someone good. Do your homework, and don't assume someone is truly working on your side, until you know it for sure. Nobody will watch out for your best interests as well as you!
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Yes Alan, miraculously today Inspector questions have appeared and older threads brought to life..

What a coincidence..

I have followed ActiveRain as you know for awhile (even longer than you think) I really have no belief consumers actually pay attention to the 50 gazillion Blogs of Agents commenting on how wonderful they are...There are some excellent Blogs with information but honestly I would not consider that to be but a small % of those produced/posted......I am also being honest when I say I consider your Blogs top-notch even though I do not always agree (Go figure ; )

I prefer Agentgenious as I consider it a more open honest exchange of info and discussion to be perfectly frank ...... It would be interesting to me if there was some unbiased breakdown of the traffic at ActiveRain (How much is Agents vs non?)

You are right "how the inspector-talk makes the rounds. " it's the new we are consumer Advocates, I am honest, we have been disrespected, we need to educate the public banner to carry today replacing I'm worth my Commission, best time to buy.....Yun will be angry lol

Anyone with a differing view is disrespecting the industry, insinuating all Agents are bad/dishonest and a member of the uneducated masses........Just like they are if they differ with any Realtor opinion ....

Let me state quite clearly....I have read thousands of comments by Agents here, ActiveRain ect. where THEY discuss their practices, motivations and opinions of the public...I completely believe there are enough sleezy dishonest Agents for consumers to be wary/suspicious...Break it down any way you wish..only 5% are bad-10%-20% and tell me how many bad dishonest incompetent Agents/Realtors is that? A consumer has a 1 in 20 change of Disaster...1 in ten....1 in 6 what?

Don't think as many as 5% are bad ..10% ..20%?
Yes with any of those odds then be very very careful, suspicious and protective if dealing with what may be the largest financial action of your life...

Seems like a lot of yadda yadda over a practice/service that is optional (recommending) and I've been insulted if any one expresses a non-conforming opinion

Consumer Advocates, Consumers best interests at heart then clean up your own house it takes advantage of consumers nationally using your money......
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my, oh my... how the inspector-talk makes the rounds.

at the risk of starting all over again, I do believe that asking your agent for referrals is a great way to find a good inspector. If the one that they gave you doesn't appear to be "all that and a bag of chips", you could as for a referral from the managing broker, or perhaps a different agent, if you know one.

Any friends you might have who may have purchased recently, might be a good resource as well... ask lots of questions about their inspection, and how it went... did they like their inspector... was he thorough... competent... was the report clean and easy to read... informative, and not condescending...

... and dunes... I hadn't considered the fact that there were no "non-pro" comments on my blog... but, if there are any non-pros floating around active rain, they're certainly welcome. Meanwhile, I've pasted the same blog right here on Trulia if any "non-pros" would care to comment. (link below)
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL

You're not going to convince me of anything so I'm guessing you are commenting for Towngeorge's benefit....

I stated my views and why I held them......

I said "That's just my opinion/take and I do not even claim I'm right, just that it is my view."

I referred towngeorger to Alan's Blog "In order to be fair " (a Blog I remind you with NO non-pro input) and added "allow you to decide for yourself"

How more fair can I be? I haven't said don't believe them, I didn't even claim my view was right just that IMO it a major decision that impacts him and I am confident if he read different opinions (183 of them last I looked, all pros) I believed he could make his own decision of what HE wanted to do/think...

I believe consumers are intelligent enough to do that.........

I'll try to make it even clearer......Town George, I am not saying I am right or you should believe as I do or you are wrong in any way if you do not, I have merely expressed my opinion...Please read the Blog by Alan, listen also to what the Pros say, research, ask questions and decide for YOURSELF.............

Promote the industry and the practice/service to Towngeorge I already have an opinion and I shared it along with Alan's Blog.
Is that OK?

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We order inspections from the best inspectors we know of – not because of any deals, incentives, under the table cashback, collusion or any other arcane reason – we chose them because we want the best inspections. Period. I agree with Alan. And not just 'cause he's a fellow Mayor ...

Any inspector can and occasionally does destroy a deal – however, because I’m also a licensed general contractor with extensive field experience I can confront them when necessary. It’s only happened twice – and in both cases, I was proven to be right. I’ve also called out things that inspectors have missed. Done that a bunch, actually.

And I’ve only had one deal killed by an inspector. And that particular buyer didn’t buy ANY home – she figured out that “every” home had problems …

In addition, buyers can and do choose any inspector they wish – and we always give them the choice. We provide them a list of contacts we have: if they choose someone from our list, fine. Or they can go find any one they want on their own. Problem is – if they choose someone on their own, they have no one to blame except themselves if something goes wrong.

We recommend certified inspectors who have extensive training and a LARGE liability insurance policy. If we recommend an inspector who does a shoddy job, that doesn’t just a deal … that can kill a career.
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Inspectors seem to be Agents new hot topic (replacing Commissions.... they hope ; )

1. I would check if I were you just exactly what the requirements are to be an inspector in CA..(You may be a bit surprised...negatively)

2. You may consider the possible motivation for an Agent to recommend certain Inspectors to clients.
(Ever heard of "deal-killers?)

3. The Inspector is protection for YOU...You should select them, interview them, verify their expertise and be absolutely sure they are representing You (It's you who will be impacted financially if the inspector does a bad job of protecting you) and not seeking to establish a relationship with the Agent in order to secure....
possible future employment.......

In order to be fair and allow you to decide for yourself the importance of your decision and the possible motivation of all the players I would suggest reading/viewing these discussions between Agents and a few Inspectors (Uncorrupted by us ignorant non-pros)....


ActiveRain Blog...A lot of I would never do wrong, I'm honest, we are consumer advocates stuff but still worth the read/look as there are spurts of interesting views...
Contains some interesting comments (Anyone can be one in CA.comments)

You want an Inspector that works for you to look over something that concerns a large financial committment... Personally I have a bit of a problem using someone to inspect a property recommended by the people who stand to profit if he is not competent. (Yes I am a suspicious person when it concerns my $100,000-$200,000-$300,000 ect.obligations and think anyone who isn't is a fool) You know what they say about a fool and their money...

That's just my opinion/take and I do not even claim I'm right, just that it is my view.
I would like to invite you to inform yourself and see what Agents are saying to other Agents/inspectors and form your own opinion......

It's gonna be your financial obligation, do what you think is best for YOU...........

Good luck, Dunes
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There are two factors here:

Quality has to be the primary factor when choosing a home inspection company. The second factor would be insurance. Not all inspectors are properly insured.

We use HomeGuard for most of our inspections - they are very competent, professional and do Termite, Property and Roof Inspections. It is very handy being able to call one company to do all three, and they provide the Roof Inspection free is you order the other two inspections. They also provide discounts off their already low prices if you pay at the time of the inspection. Lastly, they also provide a home warranty which, if you buy the entire package, can save you quite a bit.

Other companies would include:

Omega Termite And Pest Control

Sentinel Home Inspections


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Hello Towngeorge
if I was looking for an inspector I'd call Brian Handy
Sentinel Inspection Services
4120 Pomona Way
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 443-6723

Windermere Properties of the East Bay
John Petrocelli, REALTOR®, CRS
Green, EcoBroker®
510-750-3797 (CELL)
510-489-7473 (OFFICE)
john@petrocellihomes.com (email)
http://www.petrocellihomes.com (web)
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