A friend tells me that Park Forest is no longer a safe place to live. Are there lots of abandoned and boarded up homes? Is it unsafe?

Asked by Janet Ober, Park Forest, IL Mon Oct 22, 2012

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Causeican55’s answer
Causeican55, Home Owner, Park Forest, IL
Mon Feb 11, 2013
I'm really tired of reading about how bad Park Forest is. I've lived here and on the same block as the 65 Marquette Street house since 1969. No, it's not what it used to be, but neither are any of the other south suburbs. All the "good" people that move out seem to act so smug. What they fail to realize is that they are part of the problem. If good people stay and show that bad behavior won't be tolerated, then the "bad" people can't come in.

This is a quiet neighborhood and we'd like to keep it that way. What we need are new neighbors who care about their property and want a good place to live.
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Deborah.primm, Home Buyer, 60466
Sat Sep 20, 2014
bstreiff, Renter, Las Vegas, NV

I find your post most disturbing and filled with prejudice and stereotyping. Anyone looking for a home in Park Forest or any suburb will find changes, good and bad areas. No neighborhood is perfect, but I have relatives who live in Park Forest and all their neighborhoods are well maintained, quiet and low crime areas---and yes their are African-Americans in the neighborhood. The one downfall with Park Forest and the neighboring suburbs is the taxes. They are selling homes at great prices but gouging you with taxes. People are probably losing their homes due to the taxes. You can purchase a nice home for 75,000 on a short sale, but end up paying more than 1200-1300 a month due to 800.00 or more a month in taxes. Don't blame blacks for closing properties or issues in Park Forest----look at the taxation and the closed business that are driving the suburb down.
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Sajad Husain, Home Buyer, Indianapolis, IN
Mon Sep 26, 2016
I just moved to Park Forest (2016) and gut rehabbed a home for my wife and child. It's super scary!!! There are black people here!!! Even worse, there are white people here!!! There are also mixed couples here!!!!

IF I ONLY would have known, I would have moved to Kentucky!!!!!

So dangerous, when I'm walking around drunk with my dog, sometimes she barks. And one of my neighbors doesn't even cut his grass enough for my liking.

STAY away from Park Forest. Go where it's safe, and not all mixed up, like Dr. King's dream.....
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What part of Park Forest are you in? Its pretty safe over here in the Will County part off Monee road.
Flag Mon Nov 7, 2016
Suzanne Hami…, Agent, Orland Park, IL
Mon Oct 22, 2012
License laws prohibit Realtors from commenting on crime, saftey, etc. My advice is to research on the internet for crime stats, call the police department and ask questions and visit the area and see for yourself. Talk to some of the residents. Go to the village hall and talk to them. See how it is run.

I have sold a lot of homes in Park Forest. The people I have sold to think it is a nice place to live.

Park Forest does have vacant homes due to foreclosure. But so do many areas in the south suburbs. Many of these homes are being purchased by investors and rehabbed to new homes. Investors usually don't buy and put in money on rehab to areas that they are not going to get money out and profit.

And as many towns, there also are some vacant store fronts and businesses. That is the economy.

Plus, Park Forest has a lot of buying incentives now. So judge for yourself, but it is a good time to buy there at a low price and potentially get a buying incentive downpayment assistance and a nice newly rehabbed home.

Please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to send you some homes in Park Forest and nearby areas.

Suzanne Hamilton
Managing Broker/Owner
RE Marketing Consultants, Inc.
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Hi. My name is Alana. I was looking to move closer to my mom. She lives in Chicago Illinois. Over south, I currently live in Minnesota. Its beautiful and nice here, cost of living is low and reasonable. I been here 17years. I am on the Section 8 program. For 17 years. I like the Pangea townhouses in Park forest. How is it really there?
Flag Mon Mar 6, 2017
We currently live in AZ, and I go back and forth about moving back. We won't be back visiting in the area, based on current plans, until May. I have a friend who has been willing to look at a few homes for me. I'll do some further checking with the police department. The Trulia crime map and street views seem to look ok. I'll contact you if my friend is able to take a look. Thank you very much for your reply!
Flag Wed Oct 24, 2012
Ppleater76, Renter,
Fri Dec 30, 2016
Hahahaha! Sajad Husain, that is a most excellent answer. Thanks for the levity.

How did your rehab turn out? I love the style of the homes there and the prices are out of sight.
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I'm in the backyard with the dog sitting next to the fire listening to classic rock. This is much better than the gut rehab part was.

The house is basically brand new. $55,350 all in with the best of everything and no mortgage.
Flag Thu Apr 20, 2017
Sajad Husain, Home Buyer, Indianapolis, IN
Mon Sep 26, 2016
I just bought and gut rehabbed a home here (2016). It's super scary. There are people of color all over the place! There are also 36% whites living here, and they scare me even more!!! There are 4% mixed couples over here!!!

It's freaking terrifying. If I knew there were black people and white people living here, and brown people! and they were all hanging out together, I would have moved to Kentucky!

Stay away from Park Forest!!! It's like Dr. King's Dream!!! It freaks me the F OUT!!!!!
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bstreiff, Renter, Las Vegas, NV
Sat Oct 19, 2013
I raised four children in Park Forest in the late 60's. HOWEVER, this was before "Beacon Hills", section 8 housing community across the tracks was built. That was the beginning of the breakdown of Park Forest. My children had problems immediately, one of my daughters was threatened because she spoke proper English! Thank God this was close to my daughters finishing high school. My son had a harder time with being the "only" black in his classes. However, for him he got a very good education despite the changes in the neighborhood.
CHICAGO was the real reason for the downfall. Chicago decided it wanted the "city" back, so they removed the Black's and sent them as far as Danville, Illinois. This was the rebuilding of CHICAGO! One daughter lived there and her daughter said now there school is filled 'AIDS". I'm sure there were other areas and towns destroyed by the change.
Unfortunately, there are lots of people in this USA who could care less about their home or yours and if enough negative influences take over...there goes the neighborhood.
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Mandesa Bas…, Both Buyer And Seller, Chicago, IL
Wed Jan 16, 2013
Park Forest on either side used to be a great place to live! Now it is not! I have renters whom live on both sides and in front and back of me who either deal drugs or openly use them! I live in the W (Wildwood, Wilson, Washington) section of Park Forest. I am actually letting my house go because of how dangerous it has gotten out here. Last summer my son and daughter was walking home from the Aqua Center and three boys assaulted and robbed my son in daylight. My son said one of the guys was the man who lives next door. The police/detective said that they can not do anything to the guy because his girlfriend said he never left the house. This community has went to the rift raft that came from the project in Chicago! I lived here for 9 years and don't mind ruining my credit to leave this hellhole!
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lynnjanette, Home Owner, Saint John, IN
Sun Oct 28, 2012
I lived in Eastgate on Allegheny for 36 years. My house was the best on the block, totally remodeled inside and out. It got so bad there (drug dealers on both sides of me) I had to move 5 years ago. It broke my heart. I rode by there a few times only to see my six foot wood fence broken, the wall in the back torn down so the vandals could steal the stackable washer and dryer. I could go on and on. Some friends still live in that area and the other side of Park Forest and they say it is bad there too now. Investors buy property only to rent to section 8 and barely keep the property up to code. If you are thinking of moving there speak to the neighbors, village hall, police department and read the paper for how much crime is going on. I feel sorry for the people that can't afford to move, stuck in a town that is slowly becoming a slum.
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I appreciate the information, although it makes me very sad.
Flag Sun Oct 28, 2012
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