why are there so many houses for sale in the savannah green neighborhood? Is there something wrong with those?

Asked by Newbuyer, Urbana, IL Sat Jun 23, 2007

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Rrrr, Home Buyer, Champaign, IL
Tue Jul 10, 2007
it is because of the sprawl and cheaply built homes that are very close together.also florida avenue is going to become much busier becuse a wal mart was just built there.
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Savannah Gre…, Both Buyer And Seller, Urbana, IL
Mon Oct 11, 2010
I've lived there for a few years - my whole time in graduate school. I enjoyed it very much. I never had any problems. No flooding even though we had hurricane like rain. I never had to fix anything. I guess my house was well built. Compare to other construction, they did a very good job. I was told the builder is fourth generation. They put in high quality Anderson windows. I moved and live in a different state now and missed those double hung windows. I had an efficient HVAC and heater. My electric and gas bill were less than $120 for a two-story house. I have heat at 74 F during the winter and 71 F during the summer. I know people complained about the HOA but it only cost $60 a year which is only $5 a month. I'm not involved in HOA committe but I have to say you do get some benefits. You get snow shovel in the neighborhood. There is a community park that needs to be maintained too. It's nice if you have kids or pets. There's also the annual Community BBQ catered by Hickory River. It's a great quite neighborhood. The HOA tries to maintain this by advocating for stop signs to be added to prevent other cars from using it as direct route between Windsor and Washington St.
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Marianne, , Macomb, IL
Thu Feb 19, 2009
Mainly houses are for sale because people who bought there were profs, grad students and others who only planned to be in town for a few years. Everyone bought at the same time because it was built all at once. So now everyone's leaving at the same time. I think that the homeowner's assoc is not pushy is a good thing. This is a nice, diverse neighborhood. I no longer live there but I loved it. We would go for walks in the evening and talk to all our neighbors, it was really fun. The house was nice and new and the basement was huge, dry and had high ceilings.
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Manchicken, Home Buyer, Mahomet, IL
Mon Jul 30, 2007
It's because of their homeowners association agreement. The agreement for that subdivision even goes as far as to forbid weeds (or plants commonly considered weeds) from lawns, and places ordinances on fences and how you have to maintain your own home.

The Savannah Green agreement even allows the association to place a lien on your property if you are found to be in violation of their agreement.

These agreements make it so that even though you own our home, you are not in control. Ashland park has similar restrictions. The developers claim that it is to maintain property value for buyers and sellers, I don't believe them. I think that since the developers still maintain a high interest in the properties after they're all sold, that the developers are trying to keep their control of the development for further financial exploitation.

The reference I'm posting has all of the documents. I recommend you avoid home-owners agreements altogether.
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Zazasusu82, Home Buyer, Urbana, IL
Thu Jan 17, 2013
Thought I could share a recent perspective. It's now more than 5 years after the question was written and the percentage of homes for sale is probably lower now than it was then. These are really great homes especially for the price. We had Ameren conduct their energy audit on our home and they found it was extremely efficient and they had very few suggestions of what to change. It's great to be able to heat/cool 2200 plus sq feet always under $130. Never any water in basement. We have been here almost 10 years and we have said goodbye to many great neighbors who were mostly grad students at U of I, but a few that had job changes as well. The design of the neighborhood in meant to encourage interaction between neighbors and to be safer for kids. Kids can ride down the long sidewalk and not have to worry about cars going in and out of garages, just have to watch the alley ways. It is a pleasant place to live.
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AMLFord1975, Home Buyer, Urbana, IL
Wed Sep 12, 2012
I have lived in Savannah Green since the beginning, going on 10 years now. I've read everyone's posts and can agree and disagree with most of them. Overall, my home was a starter home for me, I purchased it as a young adult, just starting a family, with the intent that we would move down the road when our family size increased. Now, ten years later we are getting ready to put our home on the market to move into something bigger as our family has grown. I agree with posters that there are a lot of homes in the subdivision for sale. This is true and it is true that over the years many of the neighbors that have come and gone have been associated with the University and/or small families that are growing. (The house next door to me has sold 3 times and it has always been graduate students that lived there). It is with mixed emotions that we leave our subdivision. I have enjoyed ten years of energy efficient heating/cooling bills and great neighbors! The one poster was correct, for my 2,100 square foot home my average Ameren bill stays around the $150/month! I have been the victim of some of the construction concerns that have been expressed, such as siding lost in wind storms, cracked concrete, etc. Although very frustrating, it's also something that you must accept as being a home owner no matter where or who builds your home. I have friends who live in very upscale neighborhoods in CU who have had problems too! As for the homeowners association, it is not as strong as I would like, but it is only $60/year and it takes care of the park upkeep and the mowing for the empty lots in the subdivision. Most of the posters are correct in that many of the rules are not or haven't been enforced. Even though that is frustrating at times, it has not bothered us in a way that we don't like living here. I have raised my children in a neighborhood with wonderful neighbors that keep their eyes on my children when they are playing outside. There is a great since of community on my block and we have made many great friends. The hardest part about leaving our home now is that we are going to miss our neighbors and I'm worried about my children having the same friendships and security of outside play time in the new neighborhood.
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Ex Savannah…, Home Buyer,
Wed Apr 30, 2008
Well, I can answer this, but understand that my view is a bit jaded. I purchased a new home in Savannah Green, but moved 2 years ago due taking a job in another state. I would have moved anyway.

I think that one of the first issues is that the Homeowner's Association did not enforce ANY of the rules. This lead to an abundance of high fences, lots of weeds in the lawns, and general disrepair. I guess that the only rule that was enforced was the annual $60.00 fee, that was to have gone toward shoveling snow in the neighborhood - but that never happened the whole time we were there.

I did enjoy that the basement was dry and that was something that I didn't have to worry about. The furnace needed repair after 1 year. Many houses within eyeshot of my home had siding fall off during a wind event: actually, it really wasn't a strong wind, I think that the siding was put on in a hurry. Even the repairs were not done well. There was no Tyvek under the siding in the homes in our phase of building.

The alleys and roads were poured cement, but heavy trucks drove down them before they fully cured, and therefore there were several major repairs done in the 1 1/2 years that I owned my home. My back porch fractured within 5 months of moving in, and I had to "jump" out of my back door. Even though it was under warantee, it took months for the porch to be repaired, and even at that, the repair was less than desireable. Further, the contractor drove over my freshly seeded (again...and again) lawn.

I was especially unhappy with the realtor that was selling the majority of the property in this subdivision. Enough said about him.
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Bellymelly, , Urbana, IL
Sat Aug 11, 2007
The Homeowners Association Agreement is a little strange, however, there is not very much of it that is enforced. As I'm looking around, The neighbor's backyard here - lots of weeds ... and many people have built fences and have ignored the type/height of fences that the agreement specifies and also it's distance to the curbs/street. From what I can gather from the folks that live on my street - 1 family has moved to Virginia, 1 to Wisconsin (both these families were owned by Grad/Ph.D students from U of I), 1 couple is moving because of Grad School (Chicago), 1 Family is moving abroad (london)... The community of champaign-urbana in general is somewhat transient. Grad Students with families buy homes, and newer homes are attractive because they don't have to work very hard on them. The housing glut in town was quite extraordinary this summer, and hopefully, that will get a little better soon.

The Wal-Mart has been a little bit of life-saver for us, soon, there will be a Meijer (on Philo) and Menards (near the Wal-Mart), and new restaurants (Philo and Windsor). I've investigated myself as to why there are so many houses on sale in this area, and the results are mixed - grad school students, moving to more established neighborhoods (some people really get bugged when there are no mature trees around!), jobs in other states (some young professors, some others), large number of starter homes. My next door neighbor contends that the streets are straight and there are low trees, so you can look straight down the street and see the signs of the houses on sale - just looks like a lot. My realtor puts it down to the transient community. I think (personally) that it's a mix of factors and what appealed to me was that my home was ready to move in. it is energy efficient (i'm a little bit of tree hugger - and the bills are lower), my neighbors are mostly young start up families, there was good diversity on my street (that was important for me), the basements were clean and dry, didn't smell funny! and the house doesn't look it's consumed by garage (there are garages in the back).

I too, am not sure if I will be here longer than the next 4 years.

Just my two cents...
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