thinking about moving to missoula from northern california whats it like there?

Asked by Crazycatgal, Missoula, MT Thu Apr 26, 2012

how expensive is the housing and how are the people? whats the entertainment like?

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Sherry Fields’ answer
Sherry Fields, Agent, Missoula, MT
Mon Apr 30, 2012
Missoula is a small city with a big heart. One of the oldest parts of Missoula, known as the University district,has large stately turn of the century homes, many have been converted to apartments, condos and multi-unit dwellings, some with commercial uses. A large boulevard down center of Pine has been reconfigured in this section to reflect the original design of the street at the turn of the 20th century. This is the original home of the Wordens who together with the Higgins were the founders of Missoula. Walking distance to all amenities, the University of Montana and hospital.
There is lots of night life that suit the University crowd, with museums, live theatre, music and performances in the park. Additionally the University has brought some really big names in entertainment to the Adams Center.
The average price of a home right now is $200,000+ with a wide range of possibilities on either side of that figure.
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And I bet this realtor isn't even from Montana.
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Pollylynn, Home Buyer, Missoula, MT
Mon Jul 24, 2017
Whatever you do don't move here this town sucks it's boring the people are rude and if you're not a hundred 125 lb woman so basically make fun of you about your weight the criticize everything you're extremely rude make fun of disabled people make fun of the elderly they're too slow fever snooty and snotty they're not sociable at all so hope you don't waste your time and who do the snotty town anyway and it's not even that nice possibly Time magazine for rape capital and you don't want that if you have kids going to college or the University from one thing this town is disgusting and lot of people have moved away, people that were not born and raised here basically basically you get treated like s***
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Barett Snider, , Missoula, MT
Wed Sep 19, 2012
People that don't enjoy Missoula clearly don't have a grasp on what is good in the world, or maybe I am the one off kilter... To each his own.

This place is beautiful, as put perfectly below, Missoula has a big heart. Most of the people you will find here as kind as the place itself... The town is booming with culture, art, and life! We have our champions of the grid iron in the U of M Grizzlies for those die hard sports fans... Two beautiful rivers running right through town for any angler. A metropolitan feel, with the opportunity to cover yourself in nature only minutes away. Snow Bowl, our local ski area may not be a giant resort, but if you ski to be a skier then you have yourself a mountain with plenty of vertical feet.

Im not speaking as a realtor, I am speaking as Brandy Snider's 23 year old son/assistant Barett Snider... All 23 years of my life have spent here, working and learning. Speaking from the point of view of someone that has traveled around the world, parts of the country, and definitely a large portion of our lovely state, it doesn't get much better than Missoula.

If your a have a problem with being a responsible, hard working adult that enjoys beautiful mountain scenery with a splash of river and lake lifestyle... then Missoula isn't the right place.

It doesn't matter where your from... People like to talk about Montanans disliking Californians but it doesn't amount to where your from, it amounts to how you act. Montanans don't like stupid people, and they are born and live all over this great country. I would be ignorant to tell you to stay in California and keep your money there... Economics escape a large portion of us apparently.

Last best place... perhaps just the best place.

Just my opinions

Hope you decide to at least visit!
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Montanamomma, Home Owner, Montana
Sun Sep 9, 2012
Very expensive, people are nice if you're not a Californian or a Washingtonian or an Oregonian. What entertainment?
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Gustav, Home Buyer, Stevensville, MT
Sun Sep 9, 2012
Missoula is a great city. I have lived here since 1977, moving over from Bozeman. It is the "Berkeley" of Montana... saturated with socialists and environmentalists. If you are from northern california you are familiar with them.

Missoula area has experienced a boom/bust with out of state money, driving the price of real estate out of sight and now falling to realistic levels. Normal turn around for California/Texas/Washington people is about 5 years. It isnt so much the cold.... but how quickly winter returns. Check USDA website on "agriculture growing months"... its only 5 months in Montana. The out of staters are funny when they walk away/foreclose on their oversize/overprice home that no local person can afford.

Locals are hostile and jealous of out of state money.... a big reason why they tell you to stay away.

There is a local saying when new people ariive, "I hope you brought your job with you".

Women not from here get tired of lack of shopping but the girls make do by having once a month 3 day shopping trips to Seattle or Salt Lake. Men love the outdoor sports and I love the high dry air. UMontana is fine old university and has a good influence on the community.

Crime is increasing with meth but not like Oregon yet. The tweakers are afraid of a lot of cowboys around here who will shoot their *** if they trespass. The good news is that the welfare system sucks because Montana has a balanced budget amendment. So.... the "free lunch" isnt much here. People unemployed get the idea that there's more "free" in california and with a beach view.... they're gone.

Montana is the "last best place" and the quality of life is excellent. However, money is scarce and you'll be forced to downsize.
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Perfectly said. clap, clap, clap.
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Getlost, , Missoula, MT
Sat May 19, 2012
Blood thirsty bears and wolves everywhere and they seem to have a taste for Californians. People are always carrying guns on their hips and the police are unresponsive to the massive amounts of crime. There are probably far better places that you would want to live in.
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Kevin and Ju…, Agent, Wildomar, CA
Sat May 19, 2012
We have a family friend who lives near there and likes it - check with a good Realtor in the area and good luck!
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Montanamomma, Home Owner, Montana
Sat May 19, 2012
DON'T. From a person who is not a realtor who has lived over there for six years in the past - don't. The housing is VERY expensive because Californians like you and Washingtonians come over, scoop up an expensive house, jack up the taxes for the neighbors, who are no longer Montanans because they've all been run out, live there two or three months out of the year, and then leave with their expensive, over-priced home on the market because they can't stand Montana winters. The smog in Missoula is also horrible in the winter. You're usually "socked in" under a cloud of stinky air that sits in the sky and stinks for months. There are no jobs, and for people with Master's degrees, there's $10/hour jobs waiting for them when they graduate from the college. The traffic is absolutely the worst because there are so many people per square inch. The city streets are a huge, conglomerated mess with traffic lined up for hours at certain times of the day. I don't know where people are living, as there are so many people in that small college town, that they must be two or three families to a residence. Move there if you like people who have long, shaggy beards and don't shave their armpits (women), don't change their clothes and wear "Burks" with socks all year long, and hang out on street corners holding signs saying "Will work for beer." Also, the town is chock full of environmentalists, most of whom come from rich families back East that don't know squat about Montana or its environment, who come in and chain themselves to trees (called tree huggers appropriately enough) and try to make their little difference in the environmental situation of Montana. They are doing more harm than good, ask anyone. Did I mention the crime? Oh, and don't forget the recent investigation into the high number of rapes at the college there.

Do us all a favor...stay in California. Find some other peaceful state to go and wreck. Missoula has had way too much of its share.
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Don't listen to him, we need to increase the population in Montana, we lost one of our state reps years ago due to population decrease. We barely have over a million people in the state. Missoula has less than 30,000 people. Please increase our population so we can add another rep to the House of Reps in DC and another electoral college vote! Also, the U of M made the top 50 safest college list: 23,
The University of Montana
Missoula, Montana

Total enrollment: 14,921

Criminal Incidents (most recent 3 calendar years):

Murders: 0
Negligent Homicides: 0
Forcible Rapes: 2
Non-forcible Rapes: 0
Robberies: 2
Aggravated Assaults: 1
Burglaries: 6
Car Thefts: 11
Arsons: 1
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O MY! What about the Texas family who just wants to come up to be close to their mom/grandparents/cousins in MT?
Austin Tx . is a hoppin place and Californians are moving here in droves too! Will we be able to make it in MT? Our summers are in the 100's and it's not even August yet! Wouldn't it be a little change of pace for a Texas family whose FAVORITE kind of days are overcast, grey, and cold because it rarely EVER snows here? Would we have to bring a job too? We are not rich Californians.. and not even Rich Texans. Just need a change of scenery and pace. Are you suggesting Hamilton?
Flag Wed Jul 9, 2014
Montanamomma, Home Owner, Montana
Sat May 19, 2012
DON'T. You'll be sorry. Stay in California.
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