is plainsboro worth the longer commute vs east brunswick, plainsboro does have a better school system?

Asked by son, New Jersey Sat Oct 13, 2007

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John Sacktig, Agent, New Jersey, NJ
Sat Oct 13, 2007
I understand that PLainsboro has a great school system. But I am an East Brunswick resident and I am biased as to my particular school system. I did my personal research when I looked for a home and found East Brunswick to be great and a very good commute into NYC and I must say that I am very, very happy with the schools and East Brunswick as a community.

I agree with Deborah that realtors have to watch themselves, but I am speaking of my particular experience and satisfaction, both as a resident and a realtor.

Contact me for information regarding East Brunswick, the commute and the school system and I can tell what I personally know about the area. I can also help you find a home.
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Sat Oct 13, 2007
I think you could use the same links as I provided in another answer to a question you asked about schools in East Brunswick.

Realtors must be careful, even when commenting about school districts, as it may be construed as steering. Steering is prohibited by law, and a recent commissioned study concluded that direct information about schoold districts was steering. I disagree w/ the findings of the study, but nonethless, need to be careful that I do not engage in any activity that could, accidently, be construed as steering.

Sorry for the unexpected explanation that you probably didn't opt for..........

I do see some agents and Realtors provide direct school info, and do not criticize those who do. Upon reading the results of the study on steering by the Fair Housing Alliance, we, as a company, opt to provide 3rd party reports and data in lieu of direct opinions. BTW, I don't agree with the results of the study that concluded real estate agents steer via school info. And, I am 100% in support of Fair Housing for all.

Anyway, the same sites provided in your other post will provide data and report cards about any and all schools in the state of NJ.
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John Sacktig, Agent, New Jersey, NJ
Fri Jun 13, 2008
Sorry Dr. Cheng, but you are wrong about the commute. East Brunswick, by Bus.. 35 - 50 minutes.. a lot less crowded the then the overcrowded standing room only trains. The train , you would have to drive to New Brunswick, which is 2 stops from edison, so you have a better chance of getting a seat on the train.

If you drive a car and need to go someplace.. Piscataway and route 287 are not very good for commuters.. Very frustrating. Try parking your car at the Edison train station! Not good. I know people in Edison that drive to Metuchen and Metro park and New Brunswick to aviod the Edison train station....
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Ivyzmama, , 08816
Tue Jan 8, 2008
It depends; do you only want to see your kids on weekends, as if you’re a non-custodial parent? Do you want to see them in the morning before you head off to work, do you want to come home before they go to sleep at night? Do you want to have a chance to attend some school functions or weekday extracurriculars? You have to take commuting time into account. After all, don’t you have things to teach your kids, too? It’s not all about the school district. For some people this matters more when the kids are younger; but some kids who get really involved in neat extracurriculars in the teen years need a parent’s attention to shepherd their talent, early career, internships, etc. – while the other parent takes care of the other kids’ needs! Plainsboro is nice, but it’s going to take you 2 hrs minimum each way to get in and out of NY daily; 3 hrs in inclement weather. If you really can work on the train, that’s good but I didn’t find it really productive to work while people’s wet umbrellas were dripping on me, etc. A lot of time is spent driving to the train, parking, walking from the lot to the train, waiting for the train, transferring to the subway, walking from the subway to work – that’s not going to be productive time.
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Dr Cheng, , Centrual New Jersey
Tue Jan 8, 2008
Do you know that Piscataway High School, East Brunswick and West Winsor were 3 high school orchestra won #1 in the music festival in South Brunswick High School, I attended last year. Did you know East Brunswick High School won #1 in NJ Science League Competition on Biology in 2007? Well, both West Winsor and Piscataway were also very top. My son got the plaque at Piscataway High whose first NJ Science League Competition on Physics in 2007 won #1 over hundreds of all other high schools in NJ, including East Brunswick and West Windsor.

Now, I chose to live at Piscataway because of commute to NYC is easier, Edison Train Stn has express train to Midtown for only 40 minutes. That implies MORE time for me to spend with my kids. I would say if you working at Philadelphia, you want to go to West Windsor, if you work at Holmdel or Middletown, you want to go to East Brunswick. If you work at NYC, you may want to live at Piscataway or Edison.

Oh! forget about Edison's JP Steven High, they got #1 in NJ Science League Competition on Chemistry, so you can also consider Edison, in addition to Piscataway, if you working in NYC.

Keep in mind, you must be very smart, but if you exhaust in long commute, you make your kids in "disadvantage" in competition. When my kids competed in NJ Science League on Biology, Chemistry and Physics, he won over all the teams from JP Stevens (e.g. he got 184 on Physics, JPS only 124, Bridgewater only 120), East Brunswick and West Windsor.

I went to beat up principals of 10 schools at Piscataway a lot for many years, and now Piscataway is GREAT! You may come to join Piscataway Experience tomorrow night to see for yourself ...

Oh! forgot to mention, for FBLA business competition in 2007, Piscataway High won over all three JP Stevens, East Brunswick, and West Windsor Hights. 10 students got #1 on various of activities, and my son's business plan won over 40 states' #1 and step into Final in Chicago National Competition, and eventually got the plaque back. His partner's sister also graduated from Piscataway HS and went to Hardvard Univ. His another friend got full score in SAT and won full scholarship from Rutgers Univ, and may go to Columbia Univ. Another black kid, ranked about 20's at PHS already got admission to Stanford Univ. Yet another black kid down the street going to Georgetown whose sister went to Princeton Univ. (I mentioned race because many people thought only Chinese or Indian did well in academic, which is NOT true in Piscataway High School.) Piscataway High School is emerging star.

Oh! Another one, my son just won the medal back from today's Science Olympiad at Princeton Univ, competing with schools from Montgomery, West Windsor, East Brunswick, JP Stevens ...etc. and two other his team also won the medals back.

So, do NOT compare with the "average" scores, compare with the TOP students and cut down your commute and give your kids more support, same as your school district.
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Shalu Thaman, Agent, Princeton, NJ
Thu Nov 15, 2007
By your question, it appears that youre reference is to a daily drive into Manhattan.

Plainsboro offers bus & train options....the difference would be 1 exit via NJTP.

If you were to factor in your purchase price point , age of home , property tax rates, resale value & how much house do you get for your money , depending on each of these may be able to sift through to the most suitable location.

In terms of ranking, based on 2006 rankings, West Windsor Plaianboso regional schools schools did rank much higher than East Brunswick school district. ( source- NJ dept of Education)

Hope this helps.
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