What is the affect of 365 V line above a water well?

Asked by Clydene, Warm Springs, Fremont, CA Fri May 11, 2012

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John Hostak, Renter, Fremont, CA
Sun Sep 8, 2013
Clydene -

There is abundant evidence of induced electrical field in horizontally placed objects like pipelines, wire fences, semi-trailers, etc. resulting in problems like enhanced corrosion of metals when high-voltage lines (e,g., 450,000 V) are emplaced above the objects. The US has not established uniform standards for health protection for these types of fields as yet.

Your concern, in the hundreds of volts, is not insignificant from the standpoint of electrical protection, but is unlikely to result in corrosion of a vertically placed well casing if they are metallic, and in all events has no lasting effect, if any, on the quality properties of the supplied water. If the casing is more recent and is of PVC, the effects are pretty much non-existent. Jerry's resources below from the Health Physics Society and Wikipedia are enlightening about the subject. Also, check the following where standards have been established (UK is a bit ahead of us in this area) for more information:

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Clydene, Home Owner, Warm Springs, Fremont, CA
Sun May 13, 2012
Thank you,
Since it is recommended to live beyond 300 ft of a high voltage line, I would think the radiation from it would affect our water since the well is a few feet from it.
There are so many pros and cons of the radiation from the lines causing health problems that since we are stuck with it, I'll have to choose "there's no evidence", for peace of mind. Common sense tells me otherwise when they themselves advise a distance of 300 ft.
We certainly could not have built this close and yet the power companies can surely put the lines where they want.
I have not read about water wells however so thank each of you for your input.
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Jerry Straks, Agent, Fremont, CA
Fri May 11, 2012
I am going to guess here. Do you mean a 365 kv (or 365,000 v) line, a "high voltage" line? I know there are some of those in the Warm Springs area. The topic would then be related to "EMF" or "electromagnetic fields," the same issue some have raised relative to microwave ovens, electric blankets and cell phones.

If so, there have been allegations, studies, and a lack of definitive answers for decades. I suggest looking on the Internet or your local public library to read up on the latest. You might start with Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation_and_health or what some physicists have to say here: http://hps.org/hpspublications/articles/powerlines.html

To summarize, studies have been unable to prove any conclusive relationship between high voltage wires and health impact. However, science cannot PROVE that something cannot or does not happen. That applies to this situation as much as whether barbecuing causes cancer or microwaving water is unhealthy (both of which some allege). The studies have not proven any connection, but additional studies are constantly underway.
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Brian Ripp, Agent, Fremont, CA
Fri May 11, 2012
Hi Clydene,

I also have not heard of this. Sounds like something dealing with acreage and wells. Although I have sold a property with a well, I am not familiar with your question.

As Dawn mentioned, the city (or county) would be able to assist you.

Good luck,
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Dawn Rivera, Agent, Fremont, CA
Fri May 11, 2012
Hi, Ive never heard of anything as far as that goes. Your best bet is to call the city and find out.....Dawn
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