We are looking to move to Staten Island, but have no idea how to narrow down where to look. We want an

Asked by Peter, New Jersey Thu Jul 24, 2008

affordable, safe neighborhood, somewhere sort of in the middle of the island (not near the ferry or tottenville). It should be less than 10 minutes from CSI. The school system is not important to us. I do know we need to drive around, but I was hoping to get a few suggestions of where to start looking.

I also was wondering are there any more parts of Staten Island that have a more urban feel, that have people walking in the street, cafes, etc….(besides st george)?

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spdburner’s answer
spdburner, Home Owner, New York, NY
Wed Jul 10, 2013
Lived in Staten Island most of my life. Dump been closed for like 15 years. Dump never smelled all over the Island. I do remember going over all of the NJ area bridges and having to hold my node because the smell was so bad. If anything smells nowadays most likely due to NJ spewing some illegal toxins. Anyway most of that was a long time ago although from time to time I still need to cover my nose when entering NJ. Commute to the city from Staten Island much shorter and cheaper from the Island to NYC if you work there. Food in NY blows most anything away from NJ. Water better. Obviously close to CSI. Best hood to live in is by the mall if you don't have a car as you have access to plenty of shopping, grocery, restaurants and public transportation. Lots of other great places to live by CSI that might be the best.
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Jessica Tacc…, Agent, Staten Island, NY
Wed May 20, 2009
Hi. There are some great areas surrounding CSI. These would include Willowbrook, Westerleigh, Castleton Corners, Sunnyside, Clove Lake, Sunset Hill and Silver Lake, among others. In Westerleigh, a drive down College Ave will give you an idea of the neighborhood. In Silver Lake a drive up Hart Blvd is a good idea and Castelton Corners, take a ride around the Slosson Ave area.As for an urban feel, cafes, shops, places to walk around, check out Forest Ave up by Hart Blvd, and New Dorp Lane. Also, check out the Cultural Center/Botanical gardens at Snug Harbor, on Richmond Terrace, and the green market up the block. For more info, you can contact me at Clove Lake Realty, 1267 Clove Road (718) 556-7797. We are on the North Shore about 10 minutes from CSI, and I would be glad to give you neighborhood info anytime. Thanks, Jessica, CLove Lake Realty
Web Reference:  http://www.clovelake.com
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Angrybuyerin…, Home Buyer, Staten Island, NY
Wed May 27, 2009
I spent a lot of time spewing the "taxes argument" about them being lower in Staten Island versus NJ, until I actually did the math. It's true that property taxes in NJ are probably double what they are in SI, but remember, while living in SI, you'll also pay NYC income tax in addition to NY State and Federal. If you and your wife both work, it's reasonable to think you'd actually end up paying MORE in taxes once it's all said and done.

Do what you want, but I highly recommend taking a harder look at NJ just to see how far your dollar can go. Also, don't forget about the admission fee you'll pay upon re-entry to Staten Island when you leave...even when traveling between boroughs.
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Joan, Home Seller, Doraville, GA/ Staten Island, NY
Mon May 25, 2009
Peter: Fresh Kills Park is the land fill area that NYC has 'capped' and is redeveloping as true parkland. Jeannette's experience was unfortunate. If you live near Fresh Kills Park or travel the West Shore Expressway - especially when the tides ad temperatures are just right - the odor is present. Her being in Annadale could have put her close to Arthur Kill Rd and Richmond Ave. - that area is low land and the impact of the tides on Fresh Kills is occassionally present. Drive around S.I. at various times of the day and night and you will see that S.I. is a great place to live.
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Jeanette, , New York, NY
Mon May 25, 2009
OMG, stay away, reconsider! I lived in Annadale, not bad, it even has some upscale homes but nothing is worth living in SI. No matter where you are on that Island when the smell from the dump kicks in, there is not a spot on that island that is spared. The bridge is up to, at least $8 if not more. The new "townhouses" are merely vertical boxes with shoddy workmanship. Ask anyone on the island (with the exception of a broker), if they would do it again......Go there, drive around & around & around and then seriously compare off the island. Good luck.
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Stephanie Ro…, Agent, staten Island, NY
Sat Sep 20, 2008
Hi Peter,

There are so many great areas in Staten Island close by to where you want to be with lots of good restaurants. Before you get started you should find out what type of home is good for you and your family, your price range and then start shopping neighborhoods. Certain areas have more high ranches than others, some have more townhomes than others. It is good to know what you want first then start looking for that in the areas you want to be in. It is good to go to neighborhoods in the day and also at night. Do some research and find out about the history of the neighborhood being that you are not from here. Feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to answer any questions.
Stephanie Rosenthal
Coldwell Banker hometime realty
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Johnathan Sm…, , Staten Island, NY
Sat Sep 20, 2008
Staten Island has alot of great areas but if you give me more information I will give you some great spots how about dropping me a email with all your details also please let me know the price range that does help pick a area too!


Web Reference:  http://www.johnresales.com
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Bobcat, Home Seller, Staten Island, NY
Sat Aug 30, 2008
come see my house close to everything great neighborhood NOT A TOWNHOUSE low maintainence House has that urban loft feeling .We are former manhatten residents new neutral colors Come add your personal touch. 196 Justin ave 10306 call my agent. See my listing on Trulia Better pictures on Zillow
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Joan, Home Seller, Doraville, GA/ Staten Island, NY
Sat Aug 16, 2008
Peter: Buy my house! It's located in Manor Heights (not to be confused with Mariners Harbor). Manor Heights is an area sometimes included in Westerleigh or Willowbrook but it is actually next to Todt Hill/Ocean Terrace. It is hilltop property (no worries about water-runoff), near the Expressway and ExpressBus Route(but far enough away for no noise impact) , within walking distance (2-3 blocks) of a great Chinese take-out (Tacks), a good pizza place, and a nice Italian Deli. Walgreens just opened a store 3 blocks away and there is a new Dunkin Donuts about 4 blocks away. The neighborhood is safe, the neighbors are nice, the homes are well cared for and not cookie-cutter. You can walk to the church or temple. It's an easy walk to the Wagner High School (to use the track & field for recreation). It's an easy walk to the new JCC (it has an incredible pool). You are near walking trails to HighRock and the new Nature center on Rockland Road. From my house you can see the trees of Kaufmann & Pouch Camps and remember why you live on Staten Island. Where ever you decide to move - I hope you enjoy Staten Island. There is a lot to do. The park at Great Kills is wonderful for fishing or walking. The bakeries on Staten Island are great. Raph's Italian Ice is always a treat. College of Staten Island is closeby & they have some great concerts. Contact my realtor at Morello Realty Homes@MorelloRealty.com or 718 987 6800 and see if the house in Manor Heights is the one for you. Good Luck!
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Tom, , Staten Island, NY
Wed Aug 6, 2008
That's a good question. More people don't realize it, but Staten Island's one of the cheapest places you'll see in the NYC metro area. I noticed it said you were from NJ. NJ is much more expensive than SI and is even more than pretty much every borough of NYC, except Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. I'm glad you've seen the economic advantage of moving in Staten Island.

Staten Island has much lower real estate taxes than NJ. For a split end home in let's say Middlesex or Union county, you could be paying up to 10 or 11 grand. In Staten Island, probably about 4 or 5. That money does get directly distrubited into the public education system which is why New Jersey's education is so much better than the Board of Ed. The Board of Ed only graduates 45 percent of it's kids, which is pretty embarrassing for it's city's affluence. Even if you did send your kid to a Catholic/Private school, you'd still be saving money. I know public school's aren't the issue for you though, so you wouldn't have to be burdened by the over taxes.

Unlike most of NJ, there are few community college type priced school's in NJ. I know one is in Trenton, the College of NJ. CSI is pretty affordable and is technically a university. Another advantage of living on SI besides it's real estate being cheaper is that your car insurance would be lower and if anyone works in Manhattan (or SI), you wouldn't have to pay that nasty commuter tax. The Express bus service in Staten Island is adequate and underrated for the most part. Most people on the island are either unaware or so cheap they take the train to the Ferry which can kill up to 2 hour's each way. Meanwhile, you could probably get to Manhattan quicker on an Express bus (5 each way as opposed to 2 each way - since you get charged in St. George for the train). You'd actually get the transfer when going into Manhattan, but if someone chose to drive to the Ferry they'd be paying for that.

One of the best ways a Staten Islander could commute to Manhattan could be this new way of taking the city bus into Bayonne. It'd especially be well for those in the Port Richmond area. They only make two stops in Bayonne, one being the NJ Transit rail. The ride is only about 20 minutes and is only 4 dollars to bring you near Midtown. The route actually starts out in Eltingville and would take about a half hour to do the whole run because it is a local bus service.

When you look at Staten Island, there are three area's. The North Shore, the Mid Island and the South Shore. The most populated of the all is the Mid Island, but it's also the biggest and the best part of the island to live in. Most homes on the North Shore are old. They usually range from 75 to 100 years old. Most of the new homes on the south shore are townhouses. The supply of homes on Staten Island has become so out of control, along with the amount of homes that have jumped on the market. It makes the property less profitable and it'll make people take longer to sell. Staten Island is a good place to own though. For New Jersey, it's probably not because of all the taxes' you'd be paying. You'd be lucky if you broke even after all the work and taxes put into the home.

I'd stay away from the south shore, even if you were planning on living in a split end home. I'd stay away from any townhouses, unless you have no other choice. You'd be better off renting a split end. Townhouses are not real homes. They're condo's or apartment's at best. The parking accomodations are usually not good. People are on top of each other. It's made it more vulnerable for kid's to start trouble on the south shore which is experiencing lots of rising crime, graffiti, car thefts and drug selling/usage especially.

For what's around CSI, those neighborhood's the other people on here recommended would work. Westerleigh is nice. Most homes in New Springville are pricey because of there size and there newer than most other homes on the island, but it's nice. Great Kills, New Dorp and that part of the island isn't bad either. I'd stay away from anything north of Clifton. Neighborhood's like Port Richmond, Rosebank and Clifton are decent, but overpopulated. The public transportation service with the buses are at it's best in those parts of the island though.

For a decent three bed room home that's built post-WWII, you'll probably look to spend in the neighborhood of 4 to 425. You can really negotiate now. For something that's more like 80 years old, you'll probably spend 300-350 varying on it's condition. More of those homes exist in older neighborhoods like Tottenville, Charleston and Richmondtown on the south shore and Port Richmond, Marinors Harbor and West Brighton on the North Shore. In general, geography doesn't really play much of a role when it comes to cost in SI. Certain neighborhoods that are run down like Stapleton with good geography actually cost less.

Neighborhoods I'd definitely recommend are Willowbrook, Graniteville & Clove Lake.
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;, , Riverhead, NY
Mon Aug 4, 2008
Peter, make sure when you hire a real estate agent that the NYDOS disclosure is provided- it lets you know if the agent represents the seller, you, or both. Without your own representation, you may be sent to an area that works for the listing agent, and not your circumstance. While that isn't your question, it will impact the areas that agents suggest.
Web Reference:  http://optionsrealty.com
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Ann Marie Fo…, Agent, STATEN ISLAND, NY
Mon Aug 4, 2008
Peter, before you start to look there are question you have to ask yourself & questions that a Realtor should be asking you. Ex. What is your Budget? Do you have children? Do you Drive? Are you looking for a long term investment? How many bedrooms do you you need or want? Are you looking for a House or will a condo do? Are you a person that can maintain a home or are you looking for something with a maintanance program?

If you wish we can send you a "PROSPECT DATA FORM". This is a questioneer that we use to pin point your needs, your wants & your must haves. Once we have all the information on what it is you are looking for, we place you into our 'PLATINUM E-MAIL LIST". Any & all listings that hit the market that fit you critiera will be automatically e-mailed to you the day it HITS the market.

As far as what I gathered , you seem to like the Neighborhood Feel. A Place where you can walk to a store, restuarant, shopping, meet a neighbor or 2, that community feel. Many of Staten Island areas offer that & more. It' s just a matter of what you are looking for, a Home or Condo.

Currently we do have a 1 bedroom condo that is located in one of Staten Islands prestigious shopping areas "THE STATEN ISLAND MALL". This area is the heart beat of Staten Island. Everything is in walking distance. APPLEBEES, TGI FRIDAYS, CARRABBAS, OUTBACK, DUNKIN DONUTS, CARVEL, PIZZA, BEST BUYS, STOP & SHOP, K-MART, even OTB for that once in a while PLACE A BET URGE. EXPRESS & LOCAL BUSES, & YES IT IS ONLY 10 MINUTES FROM CSI.

Feel free to contact me at anytime & I will be more then happy to assist you. After all real estate is

Ann Marie Focca
Licensed Broker
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Rosemarie Ri…, Agent, Staten Island, NY
Fri Jul 25, 2008
Hi Peter, I would say that Westerleigh is definitely a place that would be close to CSI and have an urban feel as well. Especially somewhere close to Forest Ave. Forest Ave is nicknamed "Restaurant Row" with many restaurants and cafe type places, as well as many other types of shopping. It is also an older more established area of Staten Island with tree lined streets and homes with lots of character.
I would be happy to assist you in finding your new home. Email:rrivicci@appleseedhomes.com or call
Rosemarie Rivicci
Appleseed Realty,GMAC Real Estate
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Caesar Galin…, , Staten Island, NY
Thu Jul 24, 2008
Hey Peter,

To narrow down on your search, what is your price range? The areas you might be of interest are Westerleigh, Willowbrook, Heartland village, Bullshead. These are great neighborhoods and with quick access to CSI,(do you attend or one of your relative will be attending there? if so this are great areas. ALso what are you looking for 1 fam detach, 2fam etc.

If you have any questions we can discuss this further. You can email me directly at Cgalindo@prosperityreg.com.

I look forward in speaking to you.
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