Moving to Austin and am being warned away from Harris Branch. Why? High crime? People don't take care of their houses? Water problems? Something

Asked by Confused, Harris Branch, Austin, TX Thu Jan 26, 2012


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Matt_k95, Home Buyer, Austin, TX
Wed Aug 24, 2016
the house foundations shift,
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Acowan4, Home Buyer, Orlando, FL
Sun May 8, 2016
I live in harris branch directly behind the dump. I moved in Oct 2014 and the dump was in full force and when the wind blew my way I had to leave. Now the dump is closed and I have a mountain view. I havnt seen any crime in my area. Most of the residents are Indian and they are outside 24/7 and they bird dog everything that happens. The HOA is $500 per year and they havnt done anything for me lately. The biggest bi_tch I have with this neighborhood is that the streets are narrow and nobody parks there care in the garage. The cars line up on both sides of the streets making it impossible for two cars to pass each other. The water is ok but I do plan on installing a water softener. The taxes are high. $5000 per year Welcome to city of austin folks. The good thing is you can get a decent house, it wont be well built and the walls wont be square. But what do you expect from KB homes? The location is good if you work in Austin. You can make it downtown in about 15 minutes at 3am or 45 min any other time of the day. The closest HEB is at manor and 183 but this area is ghetto. I recommend going to Parmer and 35. Most people take care of there houses but you always have those special few who dont give a shizle park wrecked cars in the driveway and put them on blocks.
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Christopher…, Home Buyer, Austin, TX
Sun Jul 12, 2015
The landfill closes at the end of 2015 and supposedly there is going to be trees planted and exotic animals let loose?? We will have to see about that, either way the dump is to be no more and this is for sure to increase the value of homes in that area...
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Steven Van O…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Aug 8, 2013
The main concerns I would have would be living that close to the dump. The other concern I would have is the risk of foundation damage. While it is true Austin area homes have foundation issues, this area has a higher percentage of homes with serious foundation issues.
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Grellg1971, Home Buyer, Austin, TX
Sun Jun 30, 2013
I wanted the Harris branch to really work out for me. I personally have a hard time with the dump and what I see as a difficult resale. Check manor right up the road, growing , nothing much out there though. Good luck
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kd6blk, Home Owner, Austin, TX
Sat Feb 2, 2013
Harris Branch is one of the better values in Austin. Many of the homes are all brick or mostly brick construction with some of the prettier house designs. The location is one of the best for commutes to most all locations in Austin. I have lived here two years and never smelled the dump, nor have I ever seen a rat or seen any level of crime like one responder gave. We have never had water issues. Sure, some homes have had some foundation issues, but so do homes in other areas all over Austin. There are great values all over Harris Branch. The elementary school here where we have our HOA meetings is very highly rated and has a great feel to it. I liked it much better than the one my grandson goes to in Sunset Valley. My neighbors are all young couples with younger kids. We have events during the year and movie nights at the pool in the summer.
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Mark_Luigi, Home Buyer, Austin, TX
Sun Aug 26, 2012
I have lived on Ashprington Cove for the past thirteen years. Personally, on the crime, I would have to say YES, as I have been a target of orgainzed gang stalking for the past three months, to include most of my neighbors as purpotrators (payed off by a state entity). My home has been burglarized at least twice, my compters and phones were hacked, while my fence (front & back) was smashed in to let my dogs out. One neighbor (who fled after being filmed) is responsible for the hacking and vandalism, while the others acted as lookouts, or informants (they are all very close). Not suprisingly (per the level of the ordered stalking) the crimes, though reported over five times, do not appear to have officially occurred. The water is fine! The parking on the streets however is not enforced, which is dangerous for young children (who I always feel may dart out from behind a vehicle at any time). When there was enforcement, the HOA did not like to see trashcans in your drive, a visible boat or traylor, or a car parked on the street, and you would get a ticket with a fine. Oh yea, then there is the landfill that smells horrible in the winter or with breeze in the right direction. There are also plenty of rats running on the greenbelts due to the dumpsite and nearby pond and rainwater drainage points (behind homes).
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People Inves…, , Los Angeles County, CA
Sat Aug 18, 2012
I highly recommend looking for a healthier and safer place to live.. The nearby Waste Management dumpsite contains carcinogenic chemicals and highly explosive, highly flammable landfill gases. These gases can migrate offsite from the landfill at least 1,000 feet. This dumpsite is enormous and has been approved for expansion. Put your health and safety first, look elsewhere.
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Betina Forem…, Agent, Austin, TX
Fri Apr 6, 2012
Before moving into any community you should consider many things. Many of these things you can check out on the internet. I would suggest you look at the: school ratings http://(,,, crime stats, home prices, proxemity to amenities: stores, schools, dining options, recreation, your job, etc.

Personally I feel Harris Branch is very close to the dump and that is not an "amenity" I want to live close to. Also this area has had problems with shifting soils, which can lead to foundation problems. Fixing or leveling a foundation can be the most expensive problem to fix. AND fixing it can lead to other problems, like: cracked/broken windows, ruptured plumbing pipes, electric wiring being pulled from the Junction boxes. These secondary problems happen because the house shifts slowly over time/years. When you have a company come fix it that happens in a matter of hours so it causes a lot of stress on the house.

You need to make a list of the factors that are most important to you and have a Realtor help you find a neighborhood that is a good fit for your personal needs. It does not have to be me, but you should have someone/a Realtor help you with this process. Remember the Seller pays the Buyers Agent. So whatever you do, DON'T go into a purchase without help. You won't save any money by going directly to the listing/sellers agent as the fee is negoitiated before the house is even put on the market.

I wish you luck!


Betina Foreman- Realtor, C.N.E.
Austin Home Girls Realty
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Hleelake, Renter, Austin, TX
Mon Mar 26, 2012
I didn't see it in the responses but I think the MOST obvious answer is that Harris Branch is really close to the dump and in the not too distant past there's been speculation there's groundwater contamination. Also, I would ask if the proximity of the dump site could create any potential for methane leaks in the neighborhood.
Good Luck!
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Don Groff, Agent, Austin, TX
Fri Feb 10, 2012
Hi Confused,

I would ask the person who gave you the warning. There are lots of great areas to live in and around Austin. What you should do is come and explore those areas for yourself so you can see where you want to call home.... after all you will be the one living there.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please let me know. I can also send you a relocation package that will be very helpful in showing you what the Austin area has to offer.

Best of luck to you.

Don Groff
REALTOR® | Mortgage Broker
Keller Williams Realty | 360 Lending Group
o.512.669.5599 m.512.633.4157
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Michael Estes, Agent, Leander, TX
Fri Jan 27, 2012
Hello Confused,
It is hard to say why someone is warning you, if you value their opinion then you should ask an expert to provide the informaiton you need to make an informed decision. Some of the info you will need I have attached a link to all the Demographic data for 78754 which is the zip code for Harris Branch. The only way this data is relavent is if you compare it to other data or other zip codes you might consider living in.
The right answer in my humble opion is
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Glenn Smith, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
There are many places to live in the Austin area. I would be more than happy to show you what looks like it will hold it future value which would make it not only a great place to live, but a good investment at the same time. Do you play golf? or have kids? Golf courses and great schools really help the resale value of a home.

Glenn Smith - REALTOR
Resident Realty
512 771 6371
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vivianne dor…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
Hello, Confused,

Why do you want to find a home in Harris Branch in particular? Close to work? Have friends or relatives liver there? If so, they probably have told you all there is to know about that area. If there are any concerns, why insist on moving there? There are so many other neighborhoods you could look into where there are no moving soil problems or any other problems you may have heard of. It's best to look into all areas that would suit your proximity to work or any other criteria and then make a decision. I would be glad to help you with you relocation, give you info about other possible areas and help you find your next home. Just contact me.
When are you moving? I can start sending you listings once I know more about your criteria, whether you want to lease or buy.

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Michael Newm…, , Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
Hi there "Confused"! The input you read here will be helpful to you, no doubt. Every area has a certain amount of documented evidence and third party information that makes comparison more manageable. That's only part of the issue in your home search. The question to ask yourself is, "Do I want an experienced and dedicated person, who is committed to my best interests, help me through the whole process?" That's how the experience will be positive and productive. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Especially when you need only ask for help from a reputable REALTOR and it's a free service to you. When your car breaks, you go to a dependable mechanic, right? You're likely to be happy with the result. That's what you deserve!
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Kimberley S…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
Bill is correct. The soil moves a lot in this area. There are many good areas in Austin that will not have this problem. If you are not working with a Realtor, please get one. I specialize in relocations and will be happy to visit with you more about areas that meet your criteria, that are better suited for you. I also will be happy to forward an interactive relocation program to you.

Kim Sherman
REALTOR/Broker Associate
Resident Realty, LLC
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William Frie…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
Dear CHB,

From several years of looking at and selling homes in the Harris Branch area, I find the biggest concern to be with foundation cracking. The surrounding types of soil are made up of heavy black & yellow clay which both shrink when dry and swell dramatically when wet. Homes with foundations not built to withstand that type of movement will experience cracking. The execptionally dry summer this past year contributed to a lot foundations being overly stressed. That should be your first item of concern. The best indicator are the streets that are going through this type of soil will be the ones giving you that roller coaster ride.

Bill Friedrich
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tim sweeney, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
that is true the soils tend to have a high plasticity index on the east side of I-35, but not just in Harris Branch, and as far as that goes you can find foundation problems anywhere the soils do vary a lot in Austin, but east of I-35 it's more common.
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Warren P. Wi…, Agent, Round Rock, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
If you are not currently working with an agent, I will be glad to help you understand factors that add or detract from values of location and assist you with finding the best value in a home.
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tim sweeney, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
I think you need to ask the person who warned you, I have no idea.
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Stephanie Ze…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu Jan 26, 2012
I can't comment on crime, but I am aware that the ground is unstable in that area and some homes have had foundation issues, I have seen this for myself. FYI, the school district is Manor ISD.
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