Does anyone know about the VINE CITY area of Atlanta? Future development plans? The home prices seem very low

Asked by Richard, Atlanta, GA Fri Apr 25, 2008

compared to other areas so close to downtown Atlanta. Pros/Cons of VIne City? zip 30314

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Lenahorn61, Home Buyer, Atlanta, GA
Tue Aug 18, 2015
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Robert Tinda…, , Atlanta, GA
Fri Oct 26, 2012
You can get great deals in Vine City! BUT it all goes back to "What's your Goal". Vine City is close to Downtown and therefore great for people working intown.
But there is great opportunity in because Walmart is building in the area along with the projected new Atlanta Falcon Football Stadium.
Vine City is also very convenient to West Midtown where growth is taking off!

Robert Tindall
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Joel Madden, Agent, ATLANTA, GA
Thu Oct 25, 2012
Vine City may be the right place for certain investors. You would be best to drive the area to become more familiar with it. One thing that may actually have a positive impact on the area is new walmart super center scheduled to open in the near future. This will be the first retail grocery store in the neighborhood, and should help. The neighborhood has a long way to go, but the prices are rock bottom.…

Joel Madden | Associate Broker
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Swrigh98, Home Buyer, Atlanta, GA
Thu Oct 25, 2012
I like how all of the responses saying "great investment!" Are realtors who would kill to sell a home there so they can take the boards off the windows, evict the squatting junkies, and finally stop losing money on the place. But really, you only get messed with if you make yourself a target. Stockpile some guns, get a pitbull or two (they're actually super sweet and great with kids but they'll protect your home fearlessly. Don't let the breed stigma deter you, get a puppy, and train it right.) And you'll be fine. If you put off the impression that you'll hold your own then you'll be left alone.
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I think "Investors" should find somewhere to invest in where they feel safe. If you are afraid of a people, it could end up being another Ferguson. Just Stay Out and allow those who live there to invest and keep their money in their own communities. Just a thought.
Flag Wed Dec 3, 2014
Good Samarit…, , Alpharetta, GA
Sun Aug 12, 2012
Vine City and English Avenue make up the area of west Atlanta known more commonly as "The Bluff", a predominantly black neighborhood (97%) with an uncanny reputation for crimes like drug-dealing, prostitution, and murder. I used to work down there on a regular basis as a technician for a pest control company. Generally we worked in pairs for safety reasons, and always armed ourselves with handguns before we entered multi-unit dwellings that were undoubtedly infested by both roaches and the dredges of human society. I cant even describe how disgusted I am with the way many of those people live. Very few of them are gainfully employed, and most of them are on some form of government assistance. I remember this one slum apartment on Paine St. near Joseph E. Boone. I was greeted by a sick, lesion-ed, wreck of a woman whom tried to solicit me for prostitution. Her neighbor informed me that she was a junkie and HIV positive. This place was so bad that the landlord couldn't keep light bulbs in any of the exterior light fixtures because they are routinely stolen and converted into crack pipes.
My advise to anyone whom plans to purchase a home in that godforsaken place a is NOT TO DO IT! My skin crawls just thinking about that place. Samaritan
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Vine City Re…, , Atlanta, GA
Wed Jul 8, 2009
I live in and own several properties in vine city....Vine City's location is the best in the City. 5 minutes to Midtown and walking distance to everything Atlanta has to offer. Some brand new homes have been ripped apart but now that the price of metal is low again, theives are staying away from the vacant homes. 600 delbridge street is currently for sale and the asking price is 23, 500. there are multiple offers which are above the asking price. Yes for the price of a toyota camry you can buy a 4 bedroom 3 bath newer home that needs minimal work in the center of the city. Get these deals while you can...they will not last long. All different types of people are moving in....and are buying to live there....not to invest there like it was before. Gay people and single women homeowners are the fastest growing demographic in the neighborhood. Crime is a lot lower than you think. Vine City is defined as Northside to the east....lowery to the west....simpson (boone) to the north and MLK to the south.
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Ebony, Home Buyer, Atlanta, GA
Mon Jan 26, 2009
I have a home under contract in Vine City and I am very excited about it. My street runs perpendicular to Northside Drive. When I look down my street towards Northside, I see the skyline and the new renovation for the Dome, which I'm assuming is additional parking. Even with the economy like it is, there are at least 3 construction projects going on on the streets across Northside Drive from the Dome, i.e. Magnolia, Thurmond, Rhodes, Jones, etc. Granted, the neighborhood is not very attractive looking but I don't believe it is very dangerous anymore. Personally, I think Vine City has seen its worst days already. I'm getting a beautiful new house for $65,000 (includes purchase price and renovations - yes, it had been vandalized). For all the people who are afraid of Vine City: Don't worry about it; that's just more houses for me to buy. ;)
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Charlie, Both Buyer And Seller, Atlanta, GA
Wed Jan 21, 2009
I went and looked at a lot of homes for sale in the vine city area. They are just shell of houses with all the plumbing, wiring, airconditioners removed. In the process of removing all this stuff they tear up the sheet rock. They also take out the carpeting. There is also the old herdon homes in the area. I saw a couple of prostitutes also. Talking about ugly. I did read the 20 year vine city revitalization plan. How much do you think the city of Atlanta can give to this area when the city is broke. The plan was started in 2004. If you drive around the area there hasn't been much improvements. Herdon homes got a new face lift. There is several fairly new homes that have been foreclosed on and gutted.
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Clay, Home Seller, Atlanta, GA
Sun Jul 6, 2008
i lived on vine street for 3 years, and it only got worse from beginning to end. we put the house up for sale in march of this year and moved out of the area. the day we moved the house got hit by the tornado, doing a small amout of damage. in the weeks to follow, the house was ravaged by the thieves and junkies in the "neighborhood". they ripped the gutters off the house, tore apart our caged air conditioners, broke into the boarded-up house and then put gigantic holes in the walls to pull out all of the copper wire and pipes. they even stole the porcelain sinks out of all 3 bathrooms. our beautiful house now has to be rewired, replummed, the walls must be redone, etc. the house basically is a shell, and even still they will not leave it alone. the drug dealer that sells in front of the house is violent and bold. the junkie squatting in the property next door is even bolder. i know that in the near future this entire area is going to turn around and probably be the next cool neighborhood, but as for us, that dream is over. the houses are cheap for a reason. believe me, i know.
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Ramiro Garcia, , Grants Park, Atlanta, GA
Fri Jun 6, 2008
Richard: I was just on the Atlanta Development Authority's web-site and there is information there discussing several intown development plans. Once the TAD is finally approved (hopefully) later this year, funding (tax breaks) for developers should move forward with the bigger projects.

Ramiro Garcia
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Lee Taylor, Agent, Decatur, GA
Mon Apr 28, 2008

I read through all 3 of your questions and the subsequent answers. You are wise to seek a good buy in Vine City - on a tree lined street, maybe on a bluff or ridge overlooking the downtown skyline with a remarkable view - properties that fit this description are in Vine City!

Nevertheless, Vine City is a house by house, street by street neighborhood. I have been concerned for my safety more than once on some of the streets of Vine City. You need to be duly diligent, secure and smart.

At the same time, you seem to have a grasp of the obvious - the issue about powerlines is a compromise that will surely leave you powerless when you decide to resell.

Why don't you buy the old English Avenue school and renovate it into some cool contemporary lofts?

Get your real estate on.
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Donna Smith, , 30054
Sat Apr 26, 2008
There are several homes in the Vine City area for sale ranging from $29,900 - $219,900. Some of these streets have been rehabbed, some yet to come. Sales are down as a whole but have now stablized and hopefully will begin to increase. As sales increase so will the marketability in the Vice City neighborhoods.

Now would be a great time to grab a good deal. Any home close to the city in my opinion is a good buy. I personally own a home in Vine City that is a rental property. I have no fear in entering that area day or evening to show it. I've always been of the opinion, you find what you go looking for. Want to find a "hood" as the other person called it, you can find "hood" in almost any neighborhood. Want to find some really nice folks who care about their surroundings and care about their homes, you can find that as well.

Vine City is the perfect location if you work or go to school in the city. Does it have some problems? Sure does, but show me an area that doesn't!

I would be happy to assist you in locating a great deal!
Call anytime

Donna Smith, Broker
Donna Smith Properties, Inc
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Teresa, , 30135
Fri Apr 25, 2008
I haven't lived there but have driven around the area several times. It's near the Dome and the MARTA station and would right now be considered "the 'hood." Those who live in the area will have a better bead on upcoming development. I work not far away and, while it's been a slow process, revitalization has taken place in many little could eventually happen to Vine City.
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