Do you need to install the water softner system if I buy a home in Teravista area ? Thanks in advance

Asked by mhoangvan, Round Rock, TX Tue Oct 16, 2012

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Lee, Home Buyer, Round Rock, TX
Tue Dec 13, 2016
Water in Round Rock has a hardness of 11 grains per gallon average, which is considered hard according to USGS standards. Problems with pipes will surely occur in the long run, but problems with your sprinkler valves due to calcium scale are absolutely common in this area mainly because of high evaporation in the outdoor summer heat. Hard water may also cause ice maker related issues. I always say preventive maintenance is an owners choice. I personally dislike dealing with calcium deposits around my faucets, showers and sinks, but above all, the thing I dislike the most is the slippery feeling in your body, after taking a "hard earned" shower at the end of the day with softened water. Its like washing yourself with sea water. The sodium added to the water just wont allow proper soap rinsing and you never get to feel really clean. My house came with a huge Salt Water Softener, with two big tanks that took a lot of space in my garage which is not huge. After a long research, I decided to replace our salt softener with a Vulcan Anti-Scaler from Techno Mechanical Solutions in Austin. An affordable and eco-friendly way to prevent hard water issues without using salts. I was able to do the installation myself over the old softener pipes. The Vulcan requires no maintenance, just install and forget about it. No more salt buying trips to Lowes and carrying those back breaking bags. No more slippery feeling after taking a shower. No more calcium buildup around my fixtures. Treated water is safe for garden irrigation, your sprinkler system will also be protected. Vulcan dismantles prior limestone accumulations in old pipes. Any pipe material may be treated up to 20 inches in diameter. The maintenance free Vulcan is very compact and sits of top of your pipe, saving all garage floor space for your favorite toys. Great for eliminating water lines and improve filtration in pools and spas. German engineering with 10 year warranty. Treatment for a normal size house with up to 1 1/2 inch pipe around $1000. Space saver, effective, simple and affordable. Forgot to mention, my morning coffee tastes better without salt.
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kalaconstruc…, , Garden Villas At Curry Loop, Round Rock, TX
Thu May 21, 2015
It is not a compulsion and its up to you whether you want to install one or not. But it is always recommended to have one in this area as the water there is hard and most of the equipments get damaged due to water.
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RRTX_mom, Home Owner, Round Rock, TX
Thu Apr 10, 2014
I've been told by everyone local to definitely get a water softener. My house is 2 years old, haven't had a water softener. I have no spots of anything on my dishes - and normally spots are a sign of hard water - however, you can definitely tell there is hard water just from showering - b/c it dries out our skin pretty bad.

It is recommended to install one to prolong the life of your appliances etc. Also, drain your water heaters once a year (in the summer using a hose) so that way minerals don't build up and cause future issues.

You can get the water tested, just be wary of the sales people. We were quoted thousands of dollars (5k+) for a water softener and know people who paid over 7k for theirs, we wound up doing lots of research and found one we could buy at Home Depot for less than $700. Just know there are affordable options out there.
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Christi Bayl…, Agent, Pflugerville, TX
Tue Feb 25, 2014
I would get the water tested to see just how hard it is. Hard water will etch your drinking glasses, dishes, shower doors, etc. Not to mention it makes your skin scaly and rough. I live in Pflugerville and have a soft water system - we love it!
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Getting the water tested is the right first step. I have lived in areas that have had soft water and hard water. It can be a pain to have your dishes look like they are still dirty after they have gone through the washer. Though in the end it is up to you.
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JCA Design G…, Other Pro, Round Rock, TX
Sun Feb 23, 2014
I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you don't have a water softener in these parts you can expect to have residue on your dishes/glasses and buildup in your dishwasher. Personally I'm not such a huge fan of water softeners in most locations, but here in Round Rock I've found it to be extremely important.
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Laura Rosales, Agent, Austin, TX
Wed Jun 5, 2013
I am a Round Rock resident and I do not have a water softener in use ( my home has one but I have it re-routed). It truly is a personal choice. Central Texas has hard water due to the large amounts of Limestone in the ground water and Tera Vista is right across the highway from a Limestone Quarry (Texas Crushed Stone). My system is re-routed because I do not like how soft water leaves my hair feeling.. too soft - other than that, no real reason. You won't really effect your property value as I have yet to have someone purchase a home due to this feature or a lack of one. The home will be plumbed for it so you can always add one later. Best wishes, Laura Rosales-Realtor
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Betina Forem…, Agent, Austin, TX
Wed Jun 5, 2013
Its a personal choice. Some people live havibg a water softener, others don't see the value in it.
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Mitchell Kent, Agent, Marble Falls, TX
Mon Jun 3, 2013
Hello MHoangvan,

I live in TeraVista. I personally did not install a water softener. It is a personal decision to make. I will say that I have some spots in the shower, but put a jetdry product in the dishwasher for my glasses. The water here in TeraVista comes from MUD 10. The hardness is around 50PPM.

My father is a retired Hydrogeologist. I can say that if he lived in TeraVista he would not have one either. However, there are parts of Central Texas that I highly recomend them. Dripping Springs, parts of Georgetown, and anywhere there is a well in place.

I hope this information helps.

All the best,
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mhoangvan, Home Buyer, Round Rock, TX
Tue Oct 16, 2012
Thanks all.
These infos always help
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We live in Teravista and have not experienced any problems with the water. We have been here 6 years. There is a connection available in many of the homes in the garage if you wish to connect a water softener. If you are still looking at homes in the area I would be happy to assist you. (Alan Kirkpatrick)
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Carla Pennin…, Agent, Georgetown, TX
Tue Oct 16, 2012
I delayed installing one for a few years and had hard water issues. My ice maker was the first to indicate a problem. I also noticed that after we installed it my dishwasher did a better job. Personal choice for sure, but most would agree its a good idea in this area.
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Walter Rock, , Round Rock, TX
Tue Oct 16, 2012
I've lived in my Round Rock home for more than twenty years without a water softener. My water is supplied by the City of Round Rock and I have yet to see any buildup in my pipes or even on my faucets or shower heads.

Water softeners are personal decision, but hard water does do not cause pipes to corrode and water softeners are not very environmentally friendly.

Here are some interesting references:…
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Randy Ziehe, , Round Rock, TX
Tue Oct 16, 2012
Thanks for your inquiry regarding the water softner system. As a matter of our standard building process we include a pre plumbed "loop" for the future addition of a softner should a customer determine they wish to add one. We do not have one installed in our model home(s) which was a determination based on water system tests conducted after the home was complete and the meter set so that the water tested was coming from that homes water system.

The bottom line answer in my estimation is that expert testing conducted would suggest no, however this would ultimately be a choice each individual might make based on their needs and to facilitate an esy transition to a softening system we prepare the home to accept one without the homebuyer needing to contact a plumber and pay a higher cost to do the work as a remodel.

I hope this helps however please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

Best of luck,

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Raymond Huss…, Agent, Georgetown, TX
Tue Oct 16, 2012
With water coming out of Lake Georgetown, I would HIGHLY recommend it. Last readings showed 200-300mg/L hardness readings. Lake Georgetown water is in the "hard" range. This water will scale up everything in your plumbing within a few years.…

Hope this helps.

Raymond Husser
JBGoodwin Realtors
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Donna Watson, Agent, Cedar Park, TX
Tue Oct 16, 2012
Water softners are personal decision. However, all areas have hard water minerals and water softners are an advantage to keep pipes from corroding.
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