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Do any real estate agents offer a commission rebate?

Asked by hobbyman45, Philadelphia, PA Wed Jul 31, 2013

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some agents here need to read our Code Of Ethics - it is against the code to denigrate or disparage another company's/agent's business plan just because you disagree with it.
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There are those who will rebate.
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If they're not a Realtor®, Debbie, then they may inpugn with impunity! Well, except for libel or slander suits!
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Commissions are negotiable. Ibeleive you get your value from me and my portfolio of clients back that up. If you need heart surgery you don't shop around for the best offer. You go with professionalism and experience. I may not be able to operate on your heart but I will use all my resources to get your home sold for market max.
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Mr. Ratka is correct in recommending that you seek an experienced professional. However, his heart surgery analogy is old and without merit. Heart surgery and a real estate transaction are clearly not comparable. Just ask any heart surgeon. Some progressive REALTORS have acknowledged that the efficiencies created by the internet has made the job of a REALTOR much easier than 20 or more years ago. In most cases the hours spent on a real estate transaction is a fraction of what was required in years past. With less time invested in the transaction it's only fair to pass those hourly savings to the client. Some agents just don't get it, as they didn't get Buyer Brokerage in the early 90's. But with time flexible commissions and rebates will become commonplace.
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Yes, I'm NYC based so I would double check that they operate in Philly but Hauseit pairs you up with a buyer broker who's pre-agreed to a commission rebate. I got 1% off the home sale price. Good deal, was a check given at closing.
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Yes, offers 1.25% Home buyers rebate and 3.5% total listing commission
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Commission rates are always negotiable. It wouldn't be uncommon to get as low as 4% commission, but it can vary. The key to negotiating is to compare and interview several agents.

We started UpNest ( to help you compare top agents that compete to earn your business. Since agents compete for you, they offer their very best rates and services. You'll also get to "comparison shop" like you do for all the other things you usually pay for. It's free and there's no risk to try us out, Good luck!
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Yes offers 1.25% rebate in Southern California
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Traditional real estate agencies charge an average of 6% commission every time but there are services like that operate at flat fee at the closing. Companies like this provide all the services a real estate agent does and more while reducing or eliminating at least 3% in commissions for its sellers and rebating its buyers up to 6% of the closing price.
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Rebates are legal in California. Even the US Department of Justice says "Rebates can save consumers several thousand dollars in a single transaction"… We offer commission rebates up front. Visit our website for details: -- No Upfront Fees - No Long Term Contract - Absolutely no cost to you - It doesn't get any better than this.
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Yes my Company Better Homes of American Heritage Federal Realty, is owned by American Heritage Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union pays a 20% rebate of the commission to any member. It only cost $15 to join and the money goes to charity.
So contact me to get your rebate. The only stipulation is you must use a Better Homes of AHFR realtor. Thats me :) 610-952-5882
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My brokerage offers a 50% commission rebate to buyer clients. More information can be found here: We can represent buyers in all parts of Pennsylvania.
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Although this question was asked a few years ago, we want to chime in for anyone else that comes across this conversation.

"Commission rebate" isn't quite the language that most agents use. When looking to save money, you should look into lowering commission rates and negotiating commission.

Commission is always negotiable, and the Department of Justice even condones it as good competitive behavior among agents. Many agents are willing to be flexible on commission rates, but it's not something they like to advertise. And most clients are not very capable or comfortable with negotiating rates.

If you use UpNest,, we will negotiate commission rates for you with our network of experienced agents. We created our online marketplace where home sellers can confidentially submit their homes, and multiple top local agents will compete to obtain your listing. Some agents lower their commission rates to stand out, and every agent that submits a proposal is an experienced agent, so it's not the same as working with a low grade discount brokerage.

Hope that helps!
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Phil Cannavo, Agent Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010 Yes I do offer rebates to my buyers as much as 1% of my Paid commission must follow! Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission Laws. Not all buyers will qualify but most buyers do qualify
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Yes. A new law that passed at the end of 2014 allows buyers agents to rebate up to 1% at closing.
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I know that there are some options available for a commission rebate, you just have to find the right real estate agent. I would suggest looking for different real estate agents in your area in a search online, and if they don't say online if they offer commission rebate, it might be a good idea to call and ask. Then you could probably find someone that will help you out with your real estate who has a commission rebate!
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There are Agents who will offer rebates. Sometimes as a special offering or because the situation warrants it. Just remember, you get what you pay for. Your Realtor's ability to negotiate on your behalf may save you much more than a rebate.
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Hello, if anyone is buying in California, I can offer 45% commission rebates, or list for 1.25%.


Sameer Punjani
Broker / Owner
BRE # 01856690
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"Think about you really want to work with someone who pays you to work with them? "
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very true Mack!

there's no code of ethics to follow if one isn't a Realtor!
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if rebating is legal in PA, then I am sure some agents may offer it.
You can google this to determine if it is legal there.

If I recall, all but 9 states allow rebating, but usually there are restrictions as to how this can be offered.

NJ was one of the last states to make it legal....but it doesn't seem to be a very common offer, at least not in my area.
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Hello Hobbyman

If you are a buyers and looking for an agent to assist in the purchase of a home,, the you don't need to worry about commissions. They are paid by the seller.

Is there any reason you asked this question?

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You have to be either mathematically inept or morally bankrupt to make this sort of a statement. "They are paid by the seller" Really? I wonder who cuts the check for the seller. Both buyer and seller pay for both agents. The seller agrees to take a cut and the buyer agrees to pay a higher price so that both buyers and sellers agents can get their cuts. A lower commission rate on either agent results in savings for the buyer, so please save your real-estate rhetoric for someone who cant do basic math.
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Yes. They are usually the ones who do not have much referral business or other sources of business. They have to pay someone to work with them. Think about you really want to work with someone who pays you to work with them?

You should be getting referrals from friends and family and interviewing agents with lots of experience. Find someone who consistently does 30-40 transactions a year WITHOUT buying the buyer or seller and you will have someone who should be pretty good!

Carol Cei,ePRO,Realtor
ReMax Hall of Fame
Five Star Professional
ReMax Action Realty
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A sales commission to a REALTOR is like a reward for finding the buyer for the house. But, did the REALTOR find you or did you find the REALTOR? There are many 3rd party referral sites that find and sell buyer leads to REALTORS. The referral company fees vary, but can run as much as 30% of the REALTORS commission. So if a REALTOR is willing to pay a 3rd party part of their commission why wouldn't they offer it directly to a buyer who chooses the REALTOR directly? Well, that's what we do at Realty Broker Direct. You don't need to negotiate with us when we represent you. We offer commission rebates up front. Visit our website for details: It just makes sense!
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Stop to think if an agent knows he is only going to get part of his pay how hard is he going to work. Your agent is working for you and being paid by the Seller so what you are saying is that you want a hard working Agent and part of his pay. You only get what you pay for so call me and I'll give you part of my commission but I'm only going to do part of the work and you pay 100% of my office cost and income tax from the transaction. There are NO discount real estate transactions

Philip J. Cunningham Sr.
V.I.P. Realty Corporation
7942 Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19152
215-725-5700X49 cell 267-934-1971
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"A Smarter Choice" would be to hire me. I offer over 25 years of experience as a REALTOR, also with experience as a Developer and Builder. I offer a 1% of sale price rebate with full service for purchases over $300,000. I offer other rebates for lower priced purchases. I enjoy saving clients money just as I enjoy saving money shopping at Marshall's. I get the same product for much less that retail. How can I do it? My company name say's it all; Realty Broker Direct. Skip the agents and work direct with a Broker! It just makes sense!
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My firm offers buying clients a rebate that equals half of our commission for representing them. It is permissable in Pennsylvania to provide this incentive as long as the buyer uses it towards his/her closing costs. We provide this benefit to our clients all the while providing superior service. Watch the short animated video that can be found at the following address to see how it works.…
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The Real Estate Commission does not permot any rebate or portion of a sale commission to be disbursed to anyone but licensed real estate agents.

It is possible, with the willing property seller, to negotiate credit to you for part of your closing cost and there are additional programs that can provide grant funds toward a home purchase.

Jim Brophy
Associate Broker
RE/MAX 2000
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Dennis is 100% correct. As long as it is cited on the settlement sheet and it is used towards closing costs it is permissable.
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Mr. Brophy's reply is completely false. The Pennsylvanis Real Estate Commission does not prohibit commission rebates to clients. By State law real estate commissions are negotiable and rebates are perfectly legal.
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Absolutely! Visit our website to learn how easy it is to earn a rebate with your purchase;
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