Considering relocation. Linden Hills is the type of neighborhood I would enjoy. Please suggest other neighborhoods of similar quality.

Asked by Angela, Houston, TX Sat Jun 19, 2010

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Jim Mason, Home Buyer, Minneapolis, MN
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Angela, keep looking in SW Mpls...1st-Linden Hills, 2nd-Lynnhurst, T3rd Kenny, Armatage, Fulton & Windom., All those neighprhoods belong to the Mpls Southwest (High School) school district (Top 150 in the nation) and have excellent elementary and middle schools as well. This is where parents from around the city send their kids to school if they can. Frankly, these are the only public schools in the city I imagine youll want your kids attending.

All these neighborhoods are walking distance to the lakes, have quaint neighborhood shopping, good park sports programs and are areas your boys can be out riding bikes and messing around after dark (Your teenager anyhow) without worry. I went to Mpls SW and let me tell you for a restless teenage boy I could get to Uptown, 50th France, Lake Harriett Bandshell, Southdale Mall & Mall of America either on my bike or a quick-safe-cheap bus ride away. This is where your boys will want to be, lots of fun things to do in a city environment and only a 10 minute bike ride home when done.

If you cant find a decent place for 300-350k in this area youre just not trying hard enough imo.

Best of luck to you and your family.
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Stieg Strand, Agent, Eden Prairie, MN
Wed Jun 23, 2010

I think that all the responses make sense. It would be best when you come to town that your agent take you to preview a house or two in several different neighborhoods. In my experience with out of town buyers, there is a great likelihood that you will end up desiring an area that you didn't consider. Choose an agent that will take their time with you, so that your choice brings you long term satisfaction and comfort.

Blessed to Serve,
Stieg Strand
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Russ Birdsall, Agent, Franklin Square, NY
Wed Jun 23, 2010
This may sound silly, but

My wife and I were looking to move out of state, New York, and this site was a blast. You have to answers a "few" questions first but it was worth it in the end.

Russ Birdsall
Prudential DE in Franklin Squar, New York
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Nouk and Joe…, Agent, Edina, MN
Wed Jun 23, 2010

Too many areas to chose from. If you like older neighborhoods and homes then all the suggested areas by all agents are very good. However, since you have young children, I assume you probably want the best schools for the kids. I highly recommend east Edina. You'll have the nationally recognized school system, you'll have several parks closeby such as Pamela Parks and playgrounds, you'll have Southdale shopping center that includes several good/fun restaurants and a big 16 screen AMC theather. This area is the heart of the first tier suburb - Edina.

I can certainly help you find a good, solid house in your price range. However, these homes will not be tudorlike homes. Most of the homes in the area are either a 50's rambler or a 1 1/2 story. You have to see some of the listings to decide for yourself.

Please let me know if you would like me to send you more info about the schools and listings in Edina.

Nouk Haschka
Edina Realty
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Stephanie Fox, Agent, Minneapolis, MN
Mon Jun 21, 2010
I do want to mention that is you want to be near a lake (or creek or the river) you can go pretty much anywhere in Minneapolis. I live in the Diamond Lake neighborhood and can easily walk to three lakes and four large parks. On of these parks is only a half-block from my hours.

St. Paul is beautiful, but has fewer lakes. In neither city can you live directly on a lake – they are all part of the vast city park system and there's public access to all of them. The Twin Cities has the only officially federally designated scenic drive in the country that is urban, not rural or wilderness. Park of this scenic drive is through a residential area.

Stephanie Fox
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Angela, Home Buyer, Houston, TX
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Thank you all!

What attracted me to Linden Hills is the style of neighborhood (quaint), older homes, etc; New suburban construction with immature landscaping is very unappealing to me. I want an older home that has been gutted/renovated while maintaining the charm. I've set my budget at $300-350K. That tends to limit my options in Linden Hills as I want an updated home (the kitchen will sell me), 4 bd, min 2200 sf. We have children 14, 10 & 3 so the community and schools are very important.

I will look into the suggested neighborhoods. Thank you again. Angela.
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Jim Mason, Home Buyer, Minneapolis, MN
Sun Jun 20, 2010
I'm originally from the SW area and am returning to Mpls soon myself and looking for alternatives to Linden Hills.

I like Linden Hills because of the proximity to the lakes, great schools and the walkable neighborhood. In that same vein are Armatage, Lynnhurst and Kenny. They're all part of SW Mpls like Linden Hills and share the same schools. They tend to be just a notch down in prestige and a few blocks further from the lakes but are just as safe, walkable, share the same schools and are a bit more affordable.

Also, look at the E Nikomis (Wenonah, Keywadin, Morris Park) where houses tend to be cheaper and more spacious and which, like Linden Hills are on or near a lake (Nikomis). Nikomis is a great place for walking, people watching, etc. just bit more blue collar than the trendier Calhoun, Isles & Harriett.

My .02 Jim Mason
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Stephanie Fox, Agent, Minneapolis, MN
Sun Jun 20, 2010
Before I would start to send you listings, I'd like to know exactly what about Linden Hills attracts you. Is it the style of houses? The lake? The types of shops and restaurants nearby? There are a lot of really pretty neighborhoods in Minneapolis (and St. Paul, too) but we should talk about what you need so I can get a better idea of where you should look.

That said, some neighborhoods that might interest you are West Calhoun, Tangletown, Diamond Lake, Bryn Mawr, Mac/Groveland and Kenwood. In St. Paul, you might was to look at Highland Park or the Summit Ave. area (the largest stretch of Victorian homes in the country.) There are also some beautiful homes on the bluffs above the Mississippi River.

I should say congratulations on your move. I came here in the mid-'80s after a bi-costal life and can't imagine living anywhere else. Let me know if you need any more information on living in the Twin Cities. My home and our office is in South Minneapolis so I am quite familiar with all the neighborhoods here.

Call me anytime, day or night, if you have any questions. 612-728-2204.
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Frank D'Ange…, , Minneapolis, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010
Hello Angela,
If you love Linden Hills it would appear you want to be near the lakes and in a quaint neighborhood. I have owned real estate in Linden Hills and have since moved to the Ecco Neighborhood. East Calhoun has much less over head airplane noise and is in direct proximity to all three lakes: Calhoun, Harriet and Lake of the Isles.
We absolutely love living in the Ecco Neighborhood. We're litterally 4 blocks from the happening Uptown nightlife and a block from Lake Calhoun. Access to Hwy 100, 35 W and 94 is literraly minutes away.
I've lived an a variety of neighborhoods, Ecco has been my favorite. It can be characterized as a vaction retreat in the City.
Best wishes on your search for a great S. Mpls neighborhood.… (Ecco)
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Adam Duckwall, Agent, Minneapolis, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010
I see that some of the other agents suggested a number of the neighborhoods that would be highest on my list for their similarity to Linden Hills. To name a few:
Macalester/Groveland ,St. Paul
(Tangletown within Mac/Groveland)
(Kings Maplewood within Mac/Groveland)
Merriam Park, St. Paul
Highland, St. Paul
Crocus Hill, St. Paul,
Ramsey Hill, St. Paul,
Summit Hill, St. Paul,
North St. Anthony Park in St. Paul
...ok, by now you can see that I like St. Paul.
Bryn Mawr, Minneapolis
Kenwood, Minneapolis,
Prospect Park, Minneapolis
There are truly great options for you on both sides of the river.
I'm curious as to what the nature of your relocation might be. Might you be working in Minneapolis or St. Paul, or do you have the flexability to work from home? Depending on how long a commute you might be willing to deal with (if you have one at all), you are going to have a lot of options that you would be wise to at least look at long enough to scratch off the list. Also, how long do you think you might be staying in the Twin Cities? (if you can possibly answer that question)
I would recommend that you make some prospecting trips to the Twin Cites and that you head out and look at a number of these areas in great detail with your realtor. I find that most of my transfer buyers look at about 30-50 homes with me in order to get a feel of the market that they are approching, however, depending on how broad your search ends up, you could view even more than that. This process doesn't take as long as you might think as you can see up to about 30 homes in a 2 day trip if you're really on a mission. Best of luck and feel free to contact me if I may be of any assistance. Adam Duckwall, Realtor in St. Paul
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Alex Boylan, Agent, Minneapolis, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010
I love Linden Hills but its just so hard to get in and out of. One of my favorite neighborhoods is Bryn Mawr. and the other would be the Highland Park/Mac Groveland area. Good Luck with your searches and feel free to call or email me if you have further questons with either of these areas.
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Brad Anderson, Agent, Maple Grove, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010
Angela, as an agent I would need to sit down with you and find out exactly what you are looking for. There are many factors to consider.
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Mark Hronski, Agent, Little Canada, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010

There are lots of great neighborhoods in Mpls to consider when thinking about relocating. Most of it comes down to your preference of home styles, amenties desired in a home and neighborhood along with price point. The easy answer is to say all the higher end areas of Mpls and be safe, but without knowing your specific needs its hard to answer this question with a list. I will provide some areas here to consider along with detailed information on each neighborhood. I would suggest giving me a call or sending me an e-mail so I can truly give you first class service. I am glad you are considering relocation to Mpls area, please let me know if I can help you out in anyway.

Mpls crime rate information:

Neighborhood Information

Calhoun Isle- Dean…

East Calhoun…

East Harriet…

East Isles…

Bryn Mawr…

Diamond Lake…


Linden Hills…


West Calhoun…
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Susan Hoffla…, Agent, Shoreview, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010
Hi, Angela!
As an agent, if I was meeting with you in person, I would ask you what you find interesting about Linden Hills in order to answer that question with the answers you're looking for. So, what are the things you find inviting about LInden Hills????
I would say similar neighborhoods to Linden Hills would be the Mac/Groveland and some of the Highland area of St. Paul. There's also the Town & Country/Merriam Park neighborhood in St. Paul. In Minneapolis, that whole area of SW Minneapolis has similar amenities to Linden Hills. But, also the St. Louis Park and Edina areas that border SW Minneapolis would afford you some of the same features that you might find enjoyable about Linden Hills.

Let me know if you have some answers to help better assess what you're looking for.
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Steele V. Pr…, , Minneapolis, MN
Sat Jun 19, 2010
There are similar neighborhoods near Lake Nokomis as well as in Edina. Not to mention the Mac Groveland and Highland neighborhoods of St. Paul. As a relocation specialist I would often show these areas as well to those interested in Linden Hills.

Best wishes.

Steele V. Propp
Schatz Real Estate Group
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