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Are there scorpions in gilbert homes near pecos rd and gilbert rd crossing?

Asked by Atom, Phoenix, AZ Sat Jun 23, 2007

i am thinking of buying home in near pecos and gilbert rd cross. i am worried if that area has scorpion issue

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Don't let scorpions scare you into buying a home anywhere in Arizona. I was totally ready to move 27 years ago when I found my first one in my home. Since then, the great weather outweighs any bug in my life. If you prevent scorpions in your yard and home, they will move on to someone elses - and that was fine for me.

There are scorpions all over the State of Arizona and it is only time in the Valley before they will reach any home. When I moved to the East Valley from Washington State then to Awatukee (on a desert preserve lot) 10 years ago I did extensive research about the critter.

Scorpions are territorial, heat seeking, block wall crack and palm tree loving. If your neighbors have scorpions, it will just be time before they spread out to your lot - they like to live alone. Nurseries (tree farms), desert hillside homes and moving boxes are the easiest means to get scorpions. Farm fields being tilled and watered help to prevent the spread of scorpions (and termites), but let the field go unfarmed, become dry and they will migrate over time. Farmers with hay stacked up and old barns help to keep them in the area. It may take years, but they will slowly come. If you have crickets, you have the potential to have scorpions. Spray Monthly to keep their food source away is a good preventive measure.

The good news - the scorpions you see in the East Valley (unless you import them in a pile of wood) are not serious - like a bee sting and not fatal. The bigger the scorpion is the less potent. If you find a scorpion in your home, most times will be on your white ceiling - they go to the highest warm place (if they get enough time inside) and are easily squished. Scorpions do not clean themselves like other insects and the way to kill them (if you don't have pets or children) is to spread diatomaceous earth (for swimming pool filters) at your bases of windows, block wall, foundation and doors, seal all your stucco at the base of your home and all cracks on your block wall (that's good to prevent any insect), The scorpions die slowly when their body gets cut up when they crawl across. Monthly have a good exterminator spray 3' away from the block wall and 3' around your home - they may get into your home, but it will take 3 days to kill them with pesticide and they will be next to dead. Then as a final precaution, close all windows at night (they are nocternal) when the temperature during the day is above 80 degrees. They will try to find warmth in your home. Don't put vining plants or watering within a min of 3 feet of the base of your foundation around you home (that isn't just for scorpions, it is also for expansive soils, and termites).

I am in Gilbert now for the last 10 years at Greenfield and Warner and the Morrison Farm area with the old barns were known to have scorpions. It has taken 10 years for them to move across the 160 acre field to our development. Even thought I haven't seen scorpions yet, I spray monthly, close my doors and windows at night and follow all the things I learned when living on the Desert Preserve.

ASU entomology department told me the most effective way to kill scorpions is to lay out a 4'X4' wet burlap in your yard, get a black light, and big stick and go out in your yard at 4am - lift up the sack (they glow in the black light) and squish them.

Arizona is a great place to live and even our insects think so!

Be more concerned about using DEET Bug Spray to prevent mesquito bites in the evenings in Mesa and Gilbert during the summer months for West Nile Virus. We never have a cold enought winter to kill off all of our beloved insects.
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I'm a native of Arizona and I've seen scorpions in peoples houses even in the City areas. I live on a small ranch in the Gilbert area and here's how I've learned to control it. Make sure your doors to your house have a tight fit, don't leave open windows and avoid palm trees, they also love places where people store block and brick. Here recently I learned something new, next door, has a pile of blocks and all of the sudden I had scorpions all over but them we rescued some farrell kittens, captured the mom and dads and had them fixed, kept the kittens in the house and now we have no more scopions. I saw the cats eat them and it doesn't seem to hurt them. I'm sure not all cats will eat them, but these once wild cats do and now I don't have to spray for bugs as much as I did in the past.

Here's another little tip, Petsmart on Glibert Rd and Germann sells black lights for around $12, buy one and check it out, before you buy. It wouldn't stop me from buying a house if I found one, but if I seen a lot them, it might.

Good Luck : )
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I recently leased a home in Gilbert and have killed over 80 scorpions. Even thought they are not supposed to be out this time of year I found 2 in the last week IN THE HOUSE! It is my understanding that an infestation must be disclosed prior to sale but I would not leave anything to chance. Ask for everything in writing. A report from local pesticide company NOT associated with the Realtor or seller may help. Since I am leasing this house of horrors they are playing it off as no one knew and I am responsible for pest control. The previous tenants vacated 2 months prior to our moving in. find it impossible to believe that 2 species of scorpions in all stages of maturity suddenly took over the property. Watch your back. My cross streets are Higley and Ray. Lots of farm land surrounding the areas but no excuse for this.
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I am in the same boat. Do you live in Ray Ranch?
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Lucky! Just keep a close eye out as the weather heats up.They are hard to see on certain surfaces. A black light will help but be prepared, they show up VERY bright & it is a bit unnerving. I have dogs so it is scary. I have liquid antihistamine & baby aspirin on hand in case they get stung to ease pain & reaction until we can get to a Vet. We live just behind Gilbert Hospital & have always gotten the door to Doc in 30 mins or less in the ER. If we were isolated don't think I would be able to sleep. The Bark scorpions we have here are the most venomous & still not supposed to be life threatening but I have heard it is extremely painful to be stung. Better safe than sorry. Hope you stay scorp free!
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I am also higley and ray, but I haven't found any scorpions. Not one.
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You have a chance at having scorpions in any area of Phoenix. If you keep up on regular pest control and just stay aware then it's really not a big deal. I know many people that have never even seen a scorpion and they have lived here for years.
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i live at the crossroad of Ray and Gilbert and we have scorpions. This area was a new construction 6 years ago and I still see them esp. during the monsoon season. If you can controll the crickets then you might see one or two during the summer time. When I hosed my porch I would see one or two coming out of the crevices. I don't even use a company to spray. I spray myself around March and I use spectrizide that you can buy at Lowes and it seems to work. My neighbor has a company spraying once a month and she still gets it inside her house. Also, they love to hide in the block fences. I moved from another state and I was so scared of them when I first saw them inside my house 6 years ago but now I am used to them. Pecos and Gilbert is 2 blocks away from me so most likely there are scorpions there. But as said by the other people they are territorial - so maybe in that area you might not have it. Yes, they love palm trees. My other neighbor took down all their windmill palms. Goodluck - I don't like them too but as everybody said it - they lived here first.
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Dear Homebuyer,

Scorpions can be found anywhere in the desert. You do not have to back to the mountain in order to get them. So the answer to your questions is yes. At some point or another you will find scorpions in your home. You can have your home sealed and get pest control service.
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Scorpions can pop up anywhere here in the desert. While some communities have more of a reputation (think McDowell Mountain Ranch in the early stages of development), older, established neighborhoods are not immune to their charms. After 20 years in the same home in the Villa Monterey subdivision in Scottsdale (Chaparral & Hayden) without incident, a family member found two in a 3 day span. Whatever home you buy, pay close attention to section in the Seller Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS) which addresses the owner's knowledge of any past or present issues with pests. You might also hire a pest control company to perform a specific inspection for critters in addition to your standard home inspection and termite inspection. If there is a high scorpion presence, the standard solution is a physical barrier as they are somewhat impervious to spray.
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Hi Atom,
Scorpions are most often seen when you live at the base of the mountains and also you might see them in new construction areas. They are probably not going to be an issue at Gilbert and Pecos although we do live in the desert and no area is guaranteed to be scorpion free. The best thing to do is have a great pest control service and that should pretty much eliminate any pests that you may have.
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Interesting thing scorpions, you know they evolved from the ocean and are related to the crab? To see Scorpions wait until night and find them with a battery powered blacklight, (you can find them at most pet stores), Scorpions actuall flouresce!! Like all the Real Estate Pro's stated, they are territorial, and quite nocturnal. We used to paint long tweezer tips with flourescent paint, and hunt them in the desert when I was a kid, they make great pets, and require very little food.
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It is easiest to know that scorpions are very territorial... One home can have them, and right next door might never see them. They are just a pest - nothing more.
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It's important to know that scorpions are migratory. When one area becomes disrupted or unlivable, they will colonize somewhere else. For example, new builds dig up a lot of ground...sends them moving around to more settled areas. You will always run the risk of having scorpions if you live in the desert. I have lived in homes for several years and never seen one, then within a short time they start showing up. I agree with another response that there are ways to get rid of them. I am personally okay with pesticide because I don't like scorpions and I know it works. Contact me if you would like my exterminator. I live on a wash and my home was vacant when I purchased it, scorpions everywhere and I bought fearlessly because my exterminator is the best.
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There are scorpion all throughout phoenix especially around the perimeter of the valley.
There is a new company that is producing a new product that eliminates scorpions and other insects from entering the home and back yard without the use of pesticides. And it WORKS!
See there website pest
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You'll just need to check it out. One home can have them and the next home won't. If you have a cat, I've heard that helps.
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scorpion issues: REALTOR'S who are buying property too build NEW Houses and having ( scorpion issues ) they should use" MEERKATS " there favorite MEAL are ( scorpions )
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Scorpians can be more prevelant on one lot and not another. I live at Higley and Ray and we've never seen one. Keep your yard free of clutter, keeping trees cut well may help. We've had some friends that get a ton of them. You never know!
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I also live on Higley and Ray (Just moved in in February) and we have a MASSIVE scorpion problem. I have lived in AZ all my life and never experienced it this bad, even living in Awhatukee. We have only been here 2 months and have found 2 inside. We just killed over 15 in our backyard tonight while using a black LED light and a shovel. Its crazy. Our neighbors warned us after we moved in too and now we are stuck with a year lease here :(
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found my first scorpion in a rental on Gilbert and Pecos. I hope there isnt more to find. :(
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I live in the ISLANDS on Warner and MCQueen (border of Chandler/Gilbert). We bought a foreclosure/investor Flip house in Oct. 2011. We have probably had like 6-8 live scorpions inside and another 4 dead ones. I also have seen like 5-6 dead ones in the pool since then too. I spray with a company, & spray on my own. I maintain the lawn every 10 days and keep interior and garage clutter to an extreme minimum (we are neat freaks). I am using sticky traps and some kind of chemical powder now too (from the pest control guy). I am going to try the diatamaceous earth this week. I bought a black like and usually can find 1 or 2 scorpions in the backyard within 30 seconds. This area has been around for 20+ years and another family friend lives in the same neighborhood and reports about the same amount of activity that I have put in this message. You just never know if you are going to have them. I lived in a townhouse 2.5 miles away and saw 1 in almost 10 years....and i think i brought him in a box from my parents who live in fountain hills.
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We appreciate the questions on Trulia, did you get your questions answered?

Please feel free to clarify and or contact one of us directly for private matters.
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Put diatomaceous earth around entry ways and buy a black light. I live in Ahwatukee and have killed over a hundred and counting the last 2 years. Never knew we had so many until I bought a black light. The grandkids and I go out and find at least 5 to 6 every night. Most I found in one night 15. Spray, spray spray but they still come back. I don't dig my hands in the dirt anymore because they will bury themselves in the dirt and potted plant containers. We don't have tornadoes, earthquakes or massive flooding, just dust storms and scorpions. 60 years in the Phoenix area and thats the way it is.

Big Dave
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Yes, there are. I have some friends who live in the area and they have had some. Not many, but a few. It's certainly controllable, and shouldn't be a deterrent to moving into the area. I have some great pest control companies that I can refer you to if you're interested.


Todd Hall
(602) 492-1565
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pssst ...... this question was asked 3.5 years ago!
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Certain areas are more prone to scorpions than others........but, you never know. I've lived in Gilbert for 21 years and have never seen a scorpion. I heard recently, that someone 1/2 block away is bothered by them. I recommend hiring a pest control company to conduct a scorpion search.
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I have lived out here 37 years. I have been fortunate not to have them in my home or if I did we never came across them but I have had neighbors that always had issues with them. So basically the answer to your question is that they are pretty much every where. If concerned with a particular property send a specialist out to investigate it for you. I know that areas with orange and pecan trees tend to get them.
Are you currently working with a REALTOR? If not, you should be so that they can assist you this. If this is anything other than a foreclosure there should be disclosures with the property.
If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

Cynthia L. Knight PLLC 480-231-6567
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Hi Atom,

If the seller of the home you are considering has lived in it, they should provide a disclosure statement (SPDS). This has a question specifically asking if the homeowner has seen scorpion activity on the property. If so, you can ask more questions about the extent of the activity. I've lived in the East Valley for more years than I care to admit :o) and in my experience it holds true that scorpion presence can vary from street to street. Currently, the people across the street have seen a couple, and on our side we haven't seen a single one in 3 years!

Good luck in your home search!
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Scorpions are prolific in my neighborhood at Pecos and Greenfield. We have learned to live with the critters and do our part to keep them at bay. I have spoke at length with Mike at Copperhead Exterminating and he said that Scorpions are difficult to get rid of once they are there. Mike also lives in my neighborhood and he gave me some great advice.

1) Scorpions live in Arizona and you will most likely encounter them if you stay in Arizona.
2) Diatomaceous Earth can be purchased at pool companies, Home Depot and Lowes and scattered around the exterior of your home. It is like you and I crawling across sandpaper on our bare hands and knees. In other words....they WON'T want to do it!
3) Make sure you find the cracks in your foundation on the exterior of your home and fill them with spray foam also available from Home Depot and Lowes.
4) You can use sticky traps around doors and windows where the critters can creep in.
5) Cats are immune to scorpion stings so if you have a is a bonus. Both cats and scorpions come out at night.
6) A scorpion will glow like a roman candle under a black light or ultraviolet light. It is a good way to see them at night. I know of a neighborhood in PV that is filled with some very astute entrepreneurs, a group of 12 year olds take a black light and hunt them and charge the homeowners $1 for each one they catch and kill.
7) Remove wood and rock piles, stacks of wood, etc as the nasty little critters like to “nest” in these areas.
8) When all else fails...get some chickens and let them free-range. Of course make sure you double check with your HOA first! ;)

Michelle Shelton
Keller Williams Realty East Valley

Here is a good article to support your decision:
Web Reference:
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There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to scorpion infestations. I have friends in many new builds (some near the open desert) who haven't seen them and then friends in established neighborhoods/ former farmland who get them all the time. Pesticide doesn't kill them either. You can only kill their food source. Any house I bought, I would get a blacklight and check myself.
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One other thing in relation to scorpions. Be especially wary around old wood piles. The smaller bark scorpions are the ones that pack the most wallop.
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There probably isn't one square inch of Arizona that doesnt hold the possibility of having Scorpions!
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I have lived in Arizona most of my life and currently live in that area of Gilbert. I have made sure that the homes I have bought were built on former farm area rather than raw desert and in over 35 years of living in Arizona I have personally NEVER seen one in my home or on my property.
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