Asked by Jackee, Detroit, MI Mon Aug 3, 2009

my redemption period is about to expire and i have tried to negoitiate with the bank, they wouldn't negotiate in the foreclosure process. i tried other agencies and the bank wouldn't negoitiate with them, this was when i got my first letter about the foreclosure. Now what do i do? Is there a chance i can find out where my house is listed, on what website abd how can i buy it back? Why is no one willing to play hard ball with these banks. I WANT TO KEEP MY HOME!

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Keith Manson-…, , Milwaukee, WI
Tue Aug 4, 2009
If your in the eviction process, the foreclosure sale has been completed. If you are not in the property the eviction will be quick for the bank and the court will allow the bank to take over the property. Your redemption period should be over, if your at this stage. The property will not be listed until after the eviction and redemption is completed. After this you should be able to pull the information from the banks reo website or the local mls data. If the redemption period is still active, and you have the funds, you should contact the attorney that filed the foeclosure action to get the redemption amount and work out payment with them. I think everyone feels the same about how banks are dealing with people and that no one is out there to help people in default and the banks are not trying to help them. The process is very frustrating and trying to get to the right person with the right message may be difficult. It is not an easy process and once the train has started it is difficult to stop. The issue is that everyone looks for easy fixes and does not dig to find answers. So what is implemented to work with banks is nothing the addresses the problems but addresses the things that make a splash in the press.

Keith Manson
First Weber Group
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Maureen Fran…, Agent, Birmingham, MI
Tue Aug 4, 2009

The bank that foreclosed on your probably has a web site with their bank owned properties on it. Your house might not be there yet, but it could be. It will tell you who the listing agent is, and it might tell you other offer instructions. Get your own agent to help you. There could potentially be restrictions against selling the home to you.
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Patty Allen, , Clemson, SC
Mon Aug 3, 2009
Several here who answers these foreclosure questions should be answering this!!! WHERE ARE THESE REALTORS WHO ARE REGULARS ON HERE?!!! What caused you to end up in this situation? Was it a job loss, divorce, sickness, etc.? Can you prove it? You need your documentation. One thing I learned in this life is to DOCUMENT EVERY SINGLE THING! One NEVER knows when something important that affects your life may come down the road. ALWAYS get names and telephone numbers (home, office, fax) and e-mails and a personal business card in case anything goes against you. If ou have a camera on your cell phone, take their picture and leave if they won't talk to you. Do you understand what I am telling you? No one is going to protect you and yours and your personal business and knows your situation in life better than you do.

Were you served by mail from the old address forwarded to the new by the post office, or to your new address, or handed a subpeona to you by a process server?

I'd find a lawyer FAST who specializes in these FORECLOSURES and SHOW UP for the court date if he/she says so and hopefully goes with you. Lawyers usually DON'T charge for an initial visit to discuss a law problem. Ask on the phone hen you call. Ask around if you know anyone who has gone through a foreclosure if they can recommend a good lawyer.

Like an automobile accident, whether your fault or not, ALWAYS show up to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS and EXPLAIN YOUR SITUATION! That's what court is for. Many people would rather send a check and forget about it when there is help from those expecting you to be at the courthouse. Just watch who you talk to at court. You don't know who is for you or against you nor if you are talking with someone who wants to scam you or try to get your home for a little amount of money. I've seen people who were not at fault in accidents NOT show up and end up with the story of the one who was at fault show up and get it dropped or not have to pay for your car damage or your injury or get reduced rates and reduced points or no points on their driving record and no cost levied on them. The judge wants to see who cares MORE about their obligations.

When property has gone into pre-foreclosure heading to the next step of foreclosure, the bank has let it go already out of their hands to the courts. That's why no one can discuss it. It wouldn't be listed, yet, with any realtor. Right now it's probably pre-foreclosurer. It goes to a realtor after foreclosurer becoming an REO (Real Estate Owner) who wants it after the court date and will list it "as is" or try to get the going value for the area. Lots of listings on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) go on the computer for any realtor to sell it to anybody, but the one who holds the properety gets their sales cut as well as the selling agent. Then you do have problems on top of losing your home. You said you want to save it. How BAD do YOU want to do that?!!! F I G H T!!! at the court house being lawyered up!
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