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Asked by Chris Jones, Wethersfield, CT Thu Sep 18, 2008

This property is NOT in Foreclosure in any way shape or form. STOP CALLING, KNOCKING ON MY DOOR and MAILING me your letters of interest. I am not selling the house. Take this as your warning NOT to contact me about my house. Trulia is INCORRECT and should NOT be posting false information!!! \

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Hi Chris, It certainly is annoying, but the gov. has made this Public Information and In My Opinion is just a way for them to humiliate a home owner and a deterrent to pay your bills. Next they'll mandate 'Im losing my house to foreclosure' t-shirts.
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many times, a home that is deliquent in payment or even in default may show up as forclosure
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Pro se is a truely admirable and a heroic approch. But the injustices of our system will continue to wear you down. You eventually need an attorney which i am not. Maybe I can offer some additional insight to the subject.

The lender your dealing with is not the lender of record. Its a servicing arm of the Wall Street investors manged by a Trust. The trust is precluded from owning any assets - HELLO! but, they cannot. So they are trying random and conflicting methods for attacking you and trying to get your home. In other words your home is up for grabs and the parties calling you are trying to get out from recourse. That means they had some involvemnt in being paid at the close and now have to make good on guarantees of one sort or another. Whatever is triggering the "repurchase" they are taking liberities with you that are against the law.

Here, if you want to really return the favor, send the parties your talking with a "satisfaction" of mortgage or reconveyance". Its a demand issued by you for a payoff . How in the world will that work? (I get attacked every time I say this by nay say'ers when I write about this). Ask for the original note as starters! If they cannot provide it thats evidence the loan was paid off already by mortgage insurance, or over collateralization.

A Government bailout made good on thousands of loans like yours....Right. So now the insititutional frenzy has started to collect (default or not) for somthing they think is up for grabs. IT NOT, hear me. Write me if you like at
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Thanks to all again for the sentiment. Yes I was in the early stages due to my bank's clerical error. But due to my knowledge of law and doing many pro se cases on other things I got everything withdrawn before it even got to a court hearing. It wasn't easy but I stayed on top of the court, the plaintiff, and its lawyers. The court ppl remarked that I was a rarity in this new foreclosure market as I was so relentless and knowledgeable. And what is really wacky the plaintiffs (the bank) were on my side! They were the employees though not the upper mgmt. The bank didn't see it as a clerical error at first and wanted to play hard ball.

Customer Service said they got it from county records and had my bank's name. We don't have county records in Connecticut. They got it from Wethersfield town records which is NOT posted on the Internet. They have to either go down there or call them for copies to be mailed at cost. Vision Appraisal web site does not show any Lis Pendens which simply means "lawsuit".

I'm not complaining about them posting public records, that's OK I guess. What some may be missing is that if you pay Trulia (et al) a subscription fee you get WAY more info on people in Foreclosure. My gripe is that if I was not contacted by Trulia (et al) to OPT IN/OUT on publishing my name, address, phone number, and financial data. I believe it should not be allowed. The same goes for White Pages, Google, 411, etc. They all have opt-out sections where you can have your information blocked or deleted.

The part that burns me up so bad is all of the phone calls and visits from their clientèle. This is almost like stalking. They are facilitating stalking mentality of their paying clients. Your right when you say the free listings don't display too much and I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the paid subscription part. And I also have a gripe that they don't keep the data updated periodically enough. If I didn't say something it would have stayed up there as PREFORECLOSURE for several months probably.

I'll be happy if they offer a free self-service OPT IN/OUT section to foreclosure victims. Finding out about it should remain on us to surf the net to find it. Its called "due diligence".
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Hey Chris,

I'll add my congrats to those who said they are glad you worked things out successfully, and to you who said you had a minor problem with your bank but were able to work things out within a few weeks. It isn't easy for a lot of us. Times are tough. I empathize with you, me and millions of others.

I caught site of the link that had Wolcott Hill written on it. I'm around the corner, so we are neighbors, Chris. Hey, the link only says a house on "Wolcott Hill" and not your specific address, or did I miss something? Most of us are not going the extra step to look on town records .. or on sites that have already accessed the details ... to find out about the specifics of a Lis Pendens situations.

One point is well taken: Trulia may need to reevaluate their reporting of Lis Pendens situations and not blatently name it on their site under a category called "Foreclosure". It has to be humilating to personally see one's address described as such. In legal terms a Lis Pendens is simply a written notice that a lawsuit has been filed concerning real estate. Recording a lis pendens simply secures plaintiff's claim against the property. There's more to it, but for anyone interested in a full disclosure of the meaning of Lis Pendens, just google it. I just want to add my concurrence to that of Chris's that sites, like perhaps Trulia and others, should rethink their "category descriptions" and not necessarily "categorize" a property under the terminology "foreclosure" just because a filing of Lis Pendens has been recorded on land records.

On the other side of the coin:
Public Information is indeed available to one and all. So, filings on town records are indeed available for all to see and can therefore be passed along by web sites and others.

Ralph Ovalle
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It looks like you were in the early stages of foreclosure. Glad you got it worked out. Good Luck.
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Thanks guys... They seem to be responding quickly. I can see this as the next big epedemic in the mortgage crisis - tacit violations of people's privacy. Didn't they know that mostly PREDATORY LENDERS and SPECULATORS pay for their service? If one more person steps on my porch or calls me I'm calling 911. My Attorney General is interested in this unforseen problem. I had a minor problem with my bank and we worked it out behind the scenes within a few weeks. Why these web sites felt they needed to carry my private affairs with the world is obvious - GREED! They will pay for that as my AG is a bull dog about web sites and privacy issues. He attacked MySpace recently and they have the virtual legal scares to prove it. These guys gave out my contact information, home address, and financial details and I did not OPT IN for that! That's also a federal beef too. These VISITORS are relentless too. Trying all sorts of trickery and subterfuge to disguise their real lust for land grabs. Sound familiar? If I had feathers and a tipis it would be a complete package - LOL
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Unfortanately this happens an awful lot, it is very frustrating. Your beef is with Realty Trac who searches county registries. If you go 30 days late and your lender files a demand for payment which begins the foreclosure process, they pick it up and then they give or sell their feed to sites like this and many others. Contact them to get it removed from there records if there is a mistake. Where they take it from public notices you may want to check with your bank also.
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I would suggest you check in the land records. It is possible a lis pendens has been filed on your property in error. If you don't find anything, contact RealtTrac. Tehy appear to be the source of this listing.
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"This property is a Lis Pendens. This is the initial document filed by an attorney or trustee on behalf of the foreclosing lender that starts the foreclosure process. This 0 square foot property has 0 bedroom(s) and 0 bath(s). The estimated loan balance is $195000. To access more extensive information..."

It looks like Realty Trac got hold of some information from the recordersoffice- it could be some sort of lien, any kind...

ANY information found on-line really needs to be verified; I have made mistakes myself when describing property, used the wrong picture, or even worse used someone elses picture that was later transfered to a very inappropriate image...

I think the information gets downloaded to Trulia automatically- I can understand your frustration.
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