Is advertising Miami home in newspaper or paying for advertising on zillow helpful to try to sell house?

Asked by Kathy Ambros, 33156 Wed Sep 19, 2007

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Kathy Ambros, Home Seller, 33156
Fri Sep 21, 2007
Thanks for the advice on VFlyer. I made one and it added it to Trulia and a host of other internet sites I wasnt on. Finally my house is listed on Trulia!
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Pam Winterba…, Agent, Danville, VA
Wed Sep 19, 2007
In addition to craigslist and some of the internet products there is a product called vflyer at and postlet at

You can create a flyer of your home and it will syndicate to at least 8 other websites which will help in the mareting of your home.
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Steve Ostrom, Agent, Roseville, CA
Wed Sep 19, 2007
Here are my few thoughts on Zillow advertising. Basically you are advertising on the paid-for area of Zillow is a short subject line on the property and one photo to get people to click. There isn't much "ad space" so it has to be a good photo and a catchy or to the point 20 character phrase. Zillow advertising is very inexpensive and I don't know how popular it's use is in your area. It would be worth navigating the Q&A section in your area to see what type of lively action is going on specific to your town before entering a paid-for campaign. Again I believe it is less than a penny a showing (I know I am off slightly), but whether it will be useful, I guess it only takes one buyer right? Not high financial risk for 1000 e-showings. is truly one of the best ad places outside of (MLS feeds to agent search engines that client's subscribe to and have emailed specific criteria homes).

Newspapers are still important to certain people in certain areas. Paper is not completely gone. But paper is also more expensive. Some, meaning newspapers, are finally cutting some deals to stay somewhat more competitive with the internet (but not really), but we do still get open house calls on listings in the paper. Zillow, never. Craigslist ... quite a few. I always keep our Zillow listings updated because I figure it is free and you never know. I don't currently participate in any Zillow paid-for campaigns just the free listings. I would rather do Google-Base.
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Paula Bean, , Orlando, FL
Fri Sep 21, 2007
I would personally advise getting an agent and paying them for their expertise, rather than using someone for free. You will get what you pay for. It is very nice of them to offer to do this for you, but really, if they aren't getting paid, they can do little to help. Now you are left to deal with what an agent normally does. Typically you can make more money, even after paying an agent, than you can on your own, so if this doesn't work out for you soon, I'd go to plan B.

Find an agent in your area, pay them and make the buyers part of the fee really good and you'll see dramatic results. Of course that depends on what the market in Miami is like when you finally get an agent. Remember one thing, every month you stay in that house and pay that mortgage payment with the most of it going to interest, is not gaining you - it is costing you. Maybe $100 dollars is paying down the mtg, so don't waste a lot of time worrying about commissions when you will net more in the long run anyway.
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Ines Hegedus…, Agent, Miami, FL
Wed Sep 19, 2007
Miami is my market and can tell you that print advertising only gets me exposure to get other listings, it is not helping with showings or sales. Zillow is not something we use at all, but because of the disparity in pricing. Remember that almost 90% of buyers start on the Internet - it needs to be all over for people to find it.
I would also try Craigslist, although you can expect bottom feeders to contact you. Good Full-service Realtors pay a lot of money to expose their customer's listings, it's up to you to decide whether or not you want that exposure or want to pay for it yourself.
Good luck!
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Deborah Madey, Agent, Brick, NJ
Wed Sep 19, 2007
HI Kathy,

Many Realtors across the country are reporting that print advertising provides weak results. There are exceptions. I spoke w/ a Reatlor in Michigan this week who reported great newspaper results. That quite intriqued me, since it ran contrary to what I consistently hear across the nation.

Print, when a specialty publication, or a niche property, can be effective.

As a brokerage, we do not advertise on Zillow, and we don't hear feedback from buyers asking us about a property they saw on Zillow. That doesn't mean that no one looks on Zillow. You can post your home on Zillow for free, so certainly do that.

I suggest that you review all your answers collected here and weigh out the consensus.

Have you posted on CraigsList? That is free, too.

Good luck
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Kathy Ambros, Home Seller, 33156
Wed Sep 19, 2007
Thank you for the responses. My home is listed on the MLS nd on the portion of Zillow that is from the MLS. A family friend is a realtor specializing in foreclosures so he listed us for us at no charge. He does not do other marketing as this is not his expertise, so I am trying to help the process by advertising and doing as much as I can on my end by having my own open house etc. There is a 4/2 house across the street with a full service realtor (same price as ours that is a 5/2) that hasnt sold either so I think it is just the market. I figured making the price the same as our competition though we have a bigger lot and a 5/2 woule help speed the process along but we have gotten no showings.
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Patti Pereyra, , Chicago, IL
Wed Sep 19, 2007
Hi Kathy,

I'm not in Miami, so I can't comment on your market there and what has historically proven most effective for the Miami market.

I can tell you this, though, the most effective 'advertising' for homes in my experience as a Realtor has always been the MLS. There simply is no better exposure.

Honestly, print advertising, unless it is in a specialized, targeted publication (i.e, for high-end homes), has usually proven a waste of advertising dollars.

Because today's consumer is so tech-savvy, and the majority are now performing their home searches online, advertising on sites like Zillow and Trulia can obviously do no harm in getting your home sold (though, with Trulia, advertising a home for sale is not an option for FSBOs), however, in addition to that, if you don't already have your property on the MLS, I strongly urge that you get it on there, either by listing with a full-service agent, or, at the very least, with a flat-fee listing service if you wish to give it a go by owner.

And hopefully a Realtor from your market will chime in here to offer up their expert advice for your area....

Good luck!
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James Basilio, Agent, Miami, FL
Mon Oct 8, 2007

No, newspaper has a very low return. The best advertise is online or get a professional to help you sell your home. Remember that Realtor a connected.
My best regards,
James Basilio - Broker Owner of BasLer Int'l Realty -

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