I am planning on investing in Shaker Heights. How is this area? Is crime high? How are the schools? Is?

Asked by Yungdock, Maryland Wed Jan 30, 2008

rental activity high and is it close to Case Hospital and University? Is foreclosure high? Is it a good idea to invest in Shaker Heights? How is Shaker Club Condos as a place to live? Any advice you can give me will be helpful as I am from Maryland and I am not familiar with real estate in Ohio. Thanks.

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Don Vida, , Buckeye-Shaker, Cleveland, OH
Mon Aug 18, 2008
I am actually a resident at Shaker club condo's, the building is an older building so it does have several plumbing issues. There is often a bi-monthly water shut-off in order to complete water repairs. The garage staff are very helpful as well as friendly! The office manager does not take kindly to the renters in the building as if renters do not pay the same association fees as purchasers. I would look into the other condos on van aken before even considering Shaker Club Condo!
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This month - February 2017 - is a record on shutting off water. 2nd day in a row, in the 1st day it had lasted 8 hours, and in the 2nd, no telling. Very inconvenient to say the least. Both the Bylaws and the Handbook, as well as the condo website, are silent about this occurrence. Had I known this, I would have never purchased the condo in the first place. I would recommend to stay away from Shaker Club condos.

Besides, Shaker doesn't have a leash law, meaning that pit bulls are running loose in the streets and are attacking people. There is at least one incident when the victim didn't make it. A few less known instances when runners were attacked in the streets. Still, Shaker residents are adamant about keeping their pooches aka pit bulls on the loose, and collectively put pressure on the major when he proposed a leash law.

Robberies are a common occurrence in Shaker area. Cars are hijacked, houses broken into and possessions stolen.
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Tman, , 30642
Thu Jan 31, 2008
Shaker has always been known for having "fat daddy houses", it's close to everything and is home to Balatons, probably one of the best Hungarian restaurants in the country ... but I would also look next door at Mayfield Hts with it's better schools and strong police force ...

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TheLuckyOne, Home Owner, Shaker Heights, OH
Sun Jan 31, 2016
Shaker Club condos is not a safe place to live in. The storage lockers are known to be broken into and possessions stolen, however the management does NOT give a damn. They are simply "not responsible".

Parking is yet another problem. Apparently at the time of conversion, there were 151 garage parking spaces that is coincidentally the same as the number of units. Initially it was planned to have one parking space per unit; apparently this has changed at some point later on. As a result, some of the unit owners are forced to park in the street. SUCKS if you ask me.

Bottom line, LOOK ELSEWHERE if security and safety are a concern to you.
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Happycamper8…, Home Buyer, Shaker Heights, OH
Sat Nov 12, 2016
BEWARE of Shaker Club condos

Most units are ABANDONED as a result of the recent changes. Renting them is a no-no so they're eerily empty; wanna bet they aren't haunted? The board president JG thinks he's a genius for inventing this. The other unit's are up for foreclosure. You get the picture.

The management thinks they own you, will go into your unit anytime you're out and shut your heat down for good. No telling how but the fact remains. Nothing you can do and the management knows this well.

Street parking is a nightmare, and garage parking is available at a whopping $1,000 a year - who can afford that?? Whoever's collecting the one grand, is tax-free.

The place is a mess. Still want to move it? Do at your own risk.
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Dennis, , Beachwood, OH
Tue Jan 26, 2010
To the person in Maryland, you asked about the hospital and other areas of specific interest. Case West Reserve University, University Hospital complex, and the world known Cleveland Clinic, along with Notra Dame University, Cleveland State University, John Carroll University, and so many more health and educational systems are located within a 7 to 14 minute drive. Foreclosure is almost zero, although there are very few cities that can claim that in todays world. You asked about Shaker Condos. If that is the life you chose to live. However, the dream world in Shaker Heights is the breathtaking housing! A 5,000 sq foot extremely high quality home with all the bells and wows, and on a breathtaking street, will cost about 1/3 that of the east or west coast. Again, crime is not something one can escape in todays world, but everything is relative. It is always a shock rather than the norm in Shaker. With 1 1/2 min answer time to any police call (and they come not in Battalions, but in Regiments!!) there is little risk of crime and continues to decline as you go to the higher ends of town. I was the State of Ohio Superintendent of Real Estate (the state license real estate law official) before I left government and had the opportunity to see almost every area of Ohio, and many other states. The Governor mansion in Ohio is impressive, however, there are thousands of homes in Shaker that far out do the govs mansion. It is simply a quality city. See my other post, look at the pictures from a sky view, and let me know if there are other questions you may have. OH, I am retired and have no reason to share anything with you except experience.
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Dennis, , Beachwood, OH
Tue Jan 26, 2010
The housing stock in Shaker Heights is nothing less than outstanding. Very few if any other cities in the United States offer such quality in a quantity. With the huge trees in the city, it has been known nationally as the tree city. The public service is superior to any other in Ohio. Trash is still picked up in the backyard, and dead animals, including pets, are handled by the city. Police and Fire has the quickest response time available, if and when it is needed. The public schools are of a B plus to A quality, however that is greatly complimented by the most top notch private schools available from k-post grad, such as University School for Boys (k-12,) John Carroll University, and so many more. The elected officials are all high quality professionals who dedicate that high energy in a part time capacity to further enhance the operational effectiveness of the city. Take the entire package and give it a grade, and it rates nothing less than an AAA. I placed my home in Shaker on the market for sale, and have had deep regret each day since. Now, after looking for two years in all the cities in this county and others, I am in the process of again buying in Shaker, at 60 years old.
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Beth La Rue, Agent, Pepper Pike, OH
Sun Nov 22, 2009
To find out about Shaker Heights you can check out their wesite http://www.shakeronline and the school website is shaker.org. I always encourge buyers to visit the area they are interested in on both weekdays and weekends and at different times of the day. This may be hard as you live in Maryland but it is often the best way to get a feel for a city. While I am a real estate agent, I also call Shaker Heights home. I have 2 daughters in the Shaker Heights school system and I am truly happy with their schools.
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Shaker Parent, Home Seller, Shaker Heights, OH
Tue May 26, 2009
My daughter just finished her second year at college and has thanked me for being raised in Shaker Heights and for the wonderful school experiences she has had, all the AP classes, the wide range of people she has known in school, etc. Shaker schools are very diverse--all races, religions, international families. She went to Italy with the band, unfortunately, she did not go with the band when they went to China (2007). Two students in her class (Shaker 2007) went to Harvard, one or two to Yale, one to Princeton, Brown, Northwestern, MIT, Bucknell, McGill (Canada), etc. Many students in the public schools have physicians, lawyers, CPAs, Ph.D's etc. for at least one if not both parents. It has been said that Shaker is made up of the " Eds (Ph.D's) and the Meds (doctors at Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals (Case Western Reserve University), Metro)". But it is a financially diverse community also. Your child will learn about and be comfortable with many people. Shaker High School is adding the International Baccalaureate Diploma program also. Look at Shakeronline.com. I am getting married to a John Carroll University (University Heights) administrator, and so my condo is for sale--contact pacepatti@yahoo.com
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Yungdock, Home Buyer, Maryland
Thu Jan 31, 2008
Thank you all for your advices. I really appreciate it and find them helpful. If others out there have an opinion about shaker heights, please don't hesitate to share. The more the merrier. Thank you.
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J.b., , Ohio
Thu Jan 31, 2008
Shaker Heights has always had national attention for its garden city planning, beautiful mansions and great schools. It does have a mix of housing prices and styles from multi-million parkland estates, to modern condos, to two-families, rental apartments and spacious single-family homes. Historically Shaker home prices have appreciated better than other neighboring suburbs but this is 2008 and there is an unprecedented number of good homes on the market. The foreclosure rate is mainly in the lower-income streets and still slightly below the national average (which is about 1.7% nationwide, I'd say Shaker's is about 1.5%). It's impossible to predict what will happen in the next two years but it looks like now is a good time to buy with lots of choices. Yes, Shaker is a very easy commute to Case, UH and the Cleveland Clinic, University Circle, Little Italy. It's one of the features that make it very attractive.
Web Reference:  http://www.shakeronline.com
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CJ, Home Buyer, South Euclid, OH
Wed Jan 30, 2008
Shaker Heights, has been in the national spotlight for it's great Schools. Shaker Heights is a great suburb.
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