How do I find legitimate foreclosure information and information on how to purchase (or for auctions?

Asked by Sll, Pittsburgh, PA Mon May 4, 2009

where/when the auctions are what I need to do to participate) for the Pittsburgh area? I am not getting much cooperation from the realtor I am working with.
My interest is the Sq. Hill/Shadyside/Greenfield/Point Breeze areas.
Thank You.
(please, no links to pay to see the information site. I've tried those and they usually have no information to give after you've paid!)

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David Chiles, Other Pro, Los Angeles, CA
Mon Nov 29, 2010
Thank you for your question about finding legitimate information aabout purchasing a Foreclosure home from an auction.

Please be advised that your best resource for information about foreclosures is a good local agent who specializes in foreclosure.
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Benny Smith, Agent, Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Mar 9, 2011
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Keelieservice, , Pittsburgh, PA
Mon Nov 29, 2010
One best place is checking the for foreclosed homes. There you can check by HUD, Banks, VA and others foreclosed properties.

When you check and find a home, click on AGENT DETAIL. Deal with ASSET MANAGERS AND BROKERS.
The FSM and Brookers will help you and show you more homes.
here's the link

I will put foreclosed and auction sites links on my site for free shortly.

Good luck
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Daniel Seigel, Agent, Pittsburgh, PA
Wed Nov 17, 2010
First of all, you need to make sure that the Realtor you are working with understands the entire foreclosure process including pre-forclosure (Short-sales), foreclosure (Sheriff Sale), Bank Owned (REO), and Auctions. Your best bet is to find someone you are comfortable with, then sign a buyer's agency agreement. Will it require you to pay your agent if the seller doesn't? Yes, it will, but if you want really good information you aren't going to get it for free. At least doing it this way, you don't have to pay unless you actually buy something. I typically save my buyers more money in the transaction and rehab of the house than they pay me in commissions. Anyone who is good at what he or she does isn't going to work for free.

I'd also suggest checking out the local real estate investor group ACRE which provides advice and guidance for about $100 a year.

Be VERY careful with the auctions. When you buy at at Sheriff Sale auction you buy all the liens on the property as well. When you see that someone bought a house for $15,000, what you don't see is that the house has a $250,000 lien on it that must now be paid. Some of the "bank owned auctions" are actually the properties that wouldn't sell on the multi-list because they aren't worth what the bank is asking. I've been to at least one auction at the convention center where the auction company had employees in the audience bidding up properties -- a practice that is illegal in Pennsylvania. This isn't to say there aren't legitimate auction companies out there, you just need to be careful.

Get a professional to help you though the process. I would look for a Realtor that is also and investor and is more likely to understand the process.

There are a lot of good deals out there, but there are even more bad ones. Best of luck and let me know if I can help you.
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Yasmin Khalil, , Seattle, WA
Thu Aug 19, 2010
My favorite place is; be prepared with a cashiers check and know your limit!

Happy Bidding!

Jazz This House, LLC - Seattle's Foreclosure Expert

Web Reference:
Web Reference:
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Alicia Chmie…, , Frisco, TX
Thu Aug 19, 2010
Unfortunately many real estate agents do not know the answer to your question as most only work with the bank owned properties (post foreclosure). Real estate agents will not assist you with properties going to auction simply because there is noting in it for them. (Not to sound rude, but it's true. Why would anyone want to work for free?)

Simply stated, banks will sell their property at action to the highest bidder for cash. You can see where this gets complex. Unless the buyer has cash (certified funds) at hand on the courthouse steps, you won't be considered as a buyer. Are there lenders that will loan prior to auction? Yes, but they are private and hard to find. Unless you're a seasoned investor this is not a route I'd recommend.

Wait till the property is taken back by the bank then contact your real estate agent and make an offer.
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Gary Wilson, Agent, West View, PA
Thu Aug 19, 2010
We can help you and for FREE. Please give me your email address, and or phone number so that we can connect to see what other particular details you are looking for.
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Voices Member, , Benton County, OR
Fri May 15, 2009
Sil, Give these a look ... The info all comes from the entity selling the property and includes all the purchase/ bid information.…

For REO/Foreclosures give the actual Bank/Gov Databases a look, they also provide all the purchase/bid info.
These will provide the links to the databases....

As far as other types of auctions you can find them if you look. Just remember DUE DILIGENCE.
Here's a few just to look at.... ...……

Good hunting, Dunes
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Jean Ross, , Pittsburgh, PA
Fri May 15, 2009
I recommend you go to and contact the realtors that are listed with the properties. They are pros and many times know of properties 4-7 days PRIOR to BEING on the list.
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Sll, Home Buyer, Pittsburgh, PA
Thu May 14, 2009
I am still looking for information. Unfortunately those links didn't have any information on the dozens and dozens of houses I see listed as "foreclosure" here on trulia. I got a trial subscription to RealtyTrac and it didn't have any decent information either such as when where and how to buy and for how much the selling price or auction price. All they usually could contribute was a parcel number or an address which allowed me to look up the assessment page for the property, but this wasn't any help either. My realtor says she doesn't really deal in foreclosures unless they are listed and sold like regular properties.
There must be a resource out there, but where???
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Jackie Hamil…, , 15241
Mon May 4, 2009
SII, the REO properties will be listed through a REO Broker which your agent can set you up on a search so you receive those properties when they become available. Auctions are held periodically. There was one in Feb. at the convention center which was advertised and you were able to preview them prior to the auction. Here' are some links:… This next link is for city properties for sale which are usually tax deliquent properties which may or may not have additional liens.… Harry Davis Auction also does property auctions.…
You do not have to pay to do property searches on these sites.
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