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Sun Oct 15, 2017
Haley answered:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had this problem. I lived in a lovely little apartment in an upper middle class neighborhood. I really liked it but my husband hated it because he didn't like the car noise at night (which I didn't think was that bad for being so close to a fairly busy street). He wanted to move right away and I knew that if we wanted to have children, we would have to eventually, so I agreed with him. My parents' house hunt took six years and I didn't want our hunt to take that long, so I was willing to get whatever house my husband wanted. He had an impossibly long wish list, so I figured that the house would probably be pretty nice. After looking at several houses that should have been condemned and/or 1000 sq ft or less, we found one that had everything my husband wanted (3 plus bedrooms, attached garage, big front and back yard, not on a busy street) but it was a total dump. I hated it the first time I looked at it but knew we probably couldn't get anything better, so I agreed to move. We got $40,000 off the asking price and the owners deserted the house only hours after we agreed to purchase it, leaving all their belongings inside. (By the way, when both of those things happen, it's a REALLY bad sign.) I think even God or whoever runs the show up there thought so too, because we narrowly avoided getting into a very bad car accident the first time we drove by the house.

Well, from the first day we moved in, I regretted buying the house. It was just one problem after the other. The neighborhood, which looked okay on the surface, was actually horrible. There were dogs roaming the neighborhood at all hours day and night, randomly attacking people. I lived across the street from drug dealers/scumbags and my next door neighbor was beyond nosey, liked to party, and told her 1,000 plus friends that we were renters and it was okay to use our yard for whatever. The house had a ton of problems too, it had no insulation, so it was sweltering in the summer, freezing in the winter, and we could hear every single noise outside. The windows were single pane, made of the flimsiest aluminum you could imagine, and were all about to fall out. Also, what we didn't know, and the former homeowner straight out lied to us about, is that if more than one inch of rain fell in 24 hours, the whole basement would flood. This happened to us at least once or twice a year. Basically, there were holes everywhere, in the ceiling, floors, doors, everywhere, along with graffiti on the doors and every inch of surface upstairs. We had to replace every bit of drywall and redo every single surface in the house.

When it was mostly done, I thought I would be happy, but things took a turn for the worse. Most of the quiet neighbors moved out, (one even walked away from his home and let it go into foreclosure he hated the neighborhood so much) and nightmare neighbors moved in. One collected junk cars and when his very large driveway ran out of room, he used the front of our house as his personal garage, fixing up cars at all hours, even in the middle of the night. Other neighbors used our yard as their garbage dump, letting their dogs poop and pee on our front lawn and throw cigarette butts on it. One new neighbor was part of a motorcycle gang and used the street as his personal racetrack. He rode up and down the street pretty much day and night. These two people owned vicious pit bulls they couldn't control and had no problem attacking people. Our house had also been broken into several times. Despite all this, my husband refused to move. I told him once the kids were grown, I was out of there. He didn't care. He was staying there forever.

It took me having to contact a real estate agent myself and having the agent talk him into putting the house up for sale. It wasn't easy at all but I'm so glad we sold the house and bought a new one. Our new neighborhood is a million times better than our old one, and our new home is built very well and needs very few repairs. We only had to remodel the kitchen and get new appliances, which we were easily able to do with the money left over from the house sale.

I would say if you hate the house you live in as much as I hated my old one, get out as soon as you can. Don't worry about taking a loss. If you have to move back into your parents house or into a crappy apartment to save up money, do it. My old house took a huge toll and my physical and mental health, most of which I'm still suffering from unfortunately. Don't spend 18 years in a house and neighborhood you can't stand, like I did. Also, take your time when looking for a house, and see it a bunch of times before you say yes. Do your research which is easier now than ever, now that there is websites like Trulia, etc. Look at a lot of houses, not just eight or nine like I did.

I hope the OP found their dream house by now. I feel for them, I really do.
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Sun Oct 8, 2017
Kathy Burgreen answered:
As a retired realtor, let me educate you on some facts that active licensed realtors will NOT or cannot tell you:

Reality is owners who sell within the first 3 - 5 years after buying their home will LOSE money selling their home. It takes a few years depending on the local market to gain equity where you can sell your home for a profit. If selling quickly after buying, in most housing markets (not all), the seller will need to bring money to close the sale.

Buyers will look at recently sold homes that are similar to yours and in similar condition before submitting an offer on your home. Unfortunately if you recently bought your home, the price you paid will be used as a comparable. Therefore, every buyer who submits an offer will use the price you paid - then LOWER their offer. This means you will need to accept a buyer who is paying less than what you did.

For the reasons above, my question is - did you view the home before buying it? Did you have a home inspection? Did you have a walk thru just before closing? All these things are done for a reason. The reason being that the buyer has plenty of time to cancel the transaction and walk away BEFORE closing on the home. Therefore, my question is - why didn't you take advantage of these opportunities so you wouldn't be in your situation now. Your situation was easily preventable. Nobody forces you to buy the home. Buyers are responsible for verifying everything BEFORE signing any closing documents.

Bottom line - yes you can sell your home. However, expect to take a lowball offer and you will need to lower your asking price - possibly to less than what you paid. I just feel bad because you are going to lose thousands of dollars selling. As for selling itself, you can use Zillow, Trulia & other websites to post your home for sale or use a realtor.
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Fri Sep 8, 2017
EMT asked:
Seller originally agreed on paying for 12 months HoA fees but I just received a contract Addendum saying they don't want to pay. What should I do?
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Tue Jul 18, 2017
Sheila The Dumb Home Buyer answered:
The problem is that it was a rental. I thought It was time to buy and pay a lower mortgage than the rent payment I had. I didn't tell my landlord like I should have. I was afraid if he knew I was looking he would rent the house before I had time to find one.

I went and bought a house that turned out to be a handy man special. I am middle aged and have a chronic bad back, I specifically told my realtor I can't do a fixer upper. They sold me this house anyway.

I know some of you will say, 'Well, gee, didn't you look at it?". Of course I did. Keep in mind, a realtor will sell you ANYTHING just to get their commission. It's hard to look at 'everything' when they walk in and open everything up for you, (Stupid practice as it only makes the house dirty), and whisk you through. They stare at you while you are looking and provide absolutely no knowledge about the house itself. I understand why people people choose to sell by owner.

It really gets me angry that there was no owner disclosure, the owner should be ashamed.

Like I said, the house has problems, I'm talking about a screen room and backroom that flood every time it rains. Those rooms are useless. This house was very neglected, no windowsills, deadbolt lock on the front door, every sliding glass door is broken. Every vertical blind track is broken. Remember now, the house is opened up before I enter. Bugs, of course it has bugs. Appliances don't work, (Funny, they worked during inspection). It needed a little gutter work, turns out, all the gutters need replaced. Spiders, Oh my god, the spiders. I am not used to living like this. It's feel awful and negative.

The yard has no grass, it is all weeds and ants. Totally needs new sod. Couldn't tell right away because it was cut so low. Good real estate ploy. Every other yard in the neighborhood has grass, must be the soil. So, no more Easter eggs hunts etc. Again, I don't live this way. I'm so embarrassed. I made a huge mistake.

I loved my other house. It had grass and flowers and no ants! No bugs, clean, perfect layout. Nothing weird. I felt so at home. Turns out my landlord really liked me and I probably could have eventually bought that one. I am sick to my stomach. I know this is a mistake I can't fix.

I hate being home. I cry all the time. There is no fixing this place to where I like it. I just want to go back.
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Fri May 26, 2017
Paula Chapman answered:
I have the same feelings about a move I made this very week...and we are closing next week.
Bottom line, we did not have to move for work or anything like that. We used to live on the river but moved 2 years ago (sept) to a house due to the fact that the other house was on a steep hill and the driveway was hard to manage in the snow. we had been there 6 years.
We found we missed being on the river. The new house had a lot of character and was very pretty and updated, had many things we never had before like an en suite.
So we found a house after a long time looking, but it is another town, another school district. Just about 3 to 4 miles from the old town, but still...another county, higher taxes, and again, different school district.
I am feeling like I made a big mistake. I should have insisted we only look for a plot of water front land to escape to. We did not find anything ideal but we could have waited. And we could not find another riverfront home in the other town in our price range as prices have skyrocketed.
I feel selfish that my son has to start anew in a new school district (starting high school in sept)
So how can I answer you? i don't know. But i think this is normal and we will survive. Regret is very common for humans, and for sensitive people even more. I miss everything, including just brief situations. I get very attached and always have. Even worse the older I get. you'd think it would get better with time!
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Wed Apr 5, 2017
Nissanstern asked:
Tue Apr 4, 2017
Mary answered:

I have emailed you regarding this concern.

Thank you for using Trulia!

Consumer Care Advocate
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Mon Apr 3, 2017
Nissanstern asked:
Tue Feb 7, 2017
Scott Godzyk answered:
Trulia does not edit listings, you have to have the agent who listed it previously, edit their listing moving it to expired or withdrawn.
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Mon Oct 17, 2016
Pm194224 answered:
want to take bus from fairlawn nj to port authority ny
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Thu Jul 28, 2016
Wendypineda asked:
We are first time home buyers in New Jersey. We're looking to purchase in Ringwood or Fair Lawn and I've heard programs exist for down payment assistance. Is this correct? If so,…
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Tue Jul 12, 2016
Olga Roginkin answered:
Depends on a listing. A homeowner with his listing agent makes decisions, including decisions about the listing price, and who pays the fees. More often, the fee is paid by the tenant. However I am seeing lots of listings where tenant and home owner split the fee, or the homeowner pays 100% of the fee.
You, as tenant should always ask and negotiate all points that are important to you.
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Thu Jun 9, 2016
Susie answered:
Don't be sad! Remember there was a reason (s) that you chose this one and not the other. If it is in your budget hire an Interior Decorator to work with the space..OR use online resources to design the space. I know you will learn to love it ... more
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Mon May 30, 2016
Skmarzolf asked:
The home we are looking to buy has a "bedroom" with a finished opening approx 8" x 24" going from the bedroom to over the staircase. Can this still be considered a bedroom?
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Tue May 10, 2016
Cogan282 answered:
Meeting in person for an estimate would be best call clean cut construction 201-406-4024 for a free estimate
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Wed Aug 19, 2015
JZ answered:
Thank you all for your responses!

There is no other work. The house we're buying is a single family home, typical smooth transaction, no issue...
We did try to confront him with a few fees, such as what is his $425 title exam fee for in the condition that title company charges title search fee already?

His response is

' No fee and/or cost is "necessary,"--I could work for nothing. However, both of us signed an Agreement, and I expect to fully live up to my obligations under the Agreement, and have not sought to re-negotiate the Agreement, and, it is expected that both of us will do same. '

Sounds like a big cheesy, fat cat making money on unsuspecting client!
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Thu Apr 23, 2015
Paige Smith answered:
I would definitely ask the roofer if the contract is still valid with you being the new owner. If it is then he needs to fix the roof. I would look more in to that. ... more
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