How would you describe the social scene in Modesto?

Asked by Stephan, San Francisco, CA Mon Apr 23, 2007

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Jake, , Modesto, CA
Mon Oct 13, 2008
check it out, you want the truth, or you want the same bullsh*t lies that everyone says about modesto. modesto is beautiful in certain parts yes, but its a bad as* town, wit real skandilus gangs. this is the valley, aight and foos in modesto will shoot you, there are so many unreported murders and other crimes, and you aint never going to find it out till you get here. if you cant handle the rough, dont move here or your gon find yourself shot, stuck where you dont want to be, or movin again and costin more money. just so you know i aint bullshi*tin bout the gangs, since everyone likes to say that modesto is nice, lemme give you a small list of some of the gangs that i kick it wit or know, you have oak street possie on the west side fucc wit them theyll kill ya no questions, you have dssm, vssm, esm, northside boys, and many more norteno gangs, you have brick city, sst, spv(which are the skandils of skandilus) and many more southsider gangs, you have abz and other asian crip and blood gangs, theres only a few of those but they have many numbers, then you have the dealers, killers, and tweakers, you also have peckerwoods. not to mention we are right next to ceres, keyes, and riverbank. modesto aint no joke, its not a nice town. there are nice parts of town yes, but they still are dangerous, because thats where home invasions happen, and guess what? modesto is very well known for home invasions. if your lookin for a safe place to live, modesto aint it. try atascadero california.
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Eric Bryant, , Long Beach, CA
Fri Feb 8, 2008
Stephan, give me an idea of how old you are, and what your definition of "Nightlife" is? Modesto, and the surrounding cities have forms of "Entertainment" that vary greatly. I see you are from SF, having grown up in Alameda, and spent many a night in SF, I can assure you that life moves a bit slower here. Send me an email or something or go through my website. I would love to fill you in.
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J.R. ELLIS, , Modesto, CA
Mon Jan 28, 2008
Contact J.R. ELLIS at 209-556-7078 and I will give you information on all of the social happenings here in Modesto. The downtown area has been undergoing a dramatic revitalization over the past few years and there are many social opportunities available to you every day/evening of the week!
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Nino and Ami…, , Modesto, CA
Tue Jan 15, 2008
The social scene for different age groups include-- The State Theater, downtown pubs and clubs, Gallo Center for the Arts, Modesto Junior College, various fitness, workout, cycling groups, Churches, Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, and others hold annual charity fundraiser events. Poker rooms are big here too.
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John Brasil, Agent, Modesto, CA
Mon Apr 23, 2007
There are many events to enjoy within your neighborhood or as a community. A great event is Summers in the Park at Gresada Park. There are movies, music, food and more.
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Daniel Del R…, Agent, Modesto, CA
Sat Jul 31, 2010
If you're on facebook check out 101 Things to do in the Valley. You will be amazed on what the Valley has to offer.
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Dr Cheng, , Centrual New Jersey
Thu Feb 14, 2008
Modesto is a great town. My father has a very good friend living in million dollar area of Modesto, who used to teach at Chinese Culture University in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Lau got her Ph.D from Univ of Pacific, and invited us to visit one year when we came to the US from Costa Rica.

The town is wonderful! So I applied for Modesto Junior College to study there before going to Berkeley. The first time I was there, I went to housing office of the school and found Paul's house; I rented a room with other students in his house when he was laid off need some income. He is a great guy.

Later I moved to Mrs Squire's home where I got a room for only $70 a month. She is awefully nice, and let me did all the yard work there and paid me $4 an hour.

We have an International Club at Modesto Junior College where we sponsor many activities each year. We had International Talent Show each year when I sold over 50% of the tickets as vice president of the club just buy word of mouth.

When I visited doctor, in the waiting room chating with other patients, they bought some tickets from me, when seening the nurse, she bought from me, and then the doctor. This could never happen in big cities. The town people is like a big family.

Sometimes, we have dancing parties at the huge ballroom. Sometimes we have swimming pool party at the professor's home who has a world map on the wall showing all the countries he and his wife visited and many postcards and xmas cards received from alumni foreign students.

My Differential Calculus professor Dr. Henry Osner was perticular great. He encouraged me to go to Berkeley where he obtain his math degree.

I was also sent to tutoring center to tutor Fred who told me he got C and F in Calculus because he was mute and deaf, and his interpreter did not know Calculus, otherwise, his math was A in high school. I told him in writing that I am deaf and mute, my English comprehension was very poor, but I always got A+ in my test, nor did I have interpreter and I never took notes in class. He became very interested in my tips, and I shared with him by showing dozens of Calculus books in library, and his graded jump to B+ and in final his teacher told me he finish 4 hour exam in just 1 hour and 45 min, and he got an A+. I asked if the professor can gave me the exam paper, and he did, I still have that paper.

I also helped many other students, and they introduced me many of their friends and local life. e.g. every Saturday nights, all young girls and gentlemen drove cars into the main street and met each other; I thought that was only seen in the movie.

Dr. Lau took me to play minigolf and told me 50 years ago when she was in Shanghi, she played minigolf a lot in Shanghi. Dr Lau is millionaire; when she drive, she will tell me she own 50% of that hundreds acre of land, that whole development of townhouses...etc.

She also introduced me to her friend who own a coffee shop there that American customers love a lot. There were also people there drove to SF every morning around 4am to deliver their fishes, and came back at the evening, it is about 2 hours drive.

Every month, we have an outside lunch prepared by a senior club who visited lots of countries in the world and like to me foreign students like myself to hear the latest stories in foreigh countries first hand. They also share their travel photos and slides, and the prepare for a free lunch for us. When I thought about all these warm receiving while I was alone in Modesto years back, my heart still so touched and tears dropping.

There was a girl who tutored me English at Modesto Junior College was so nice to me. Every morning when I went to he library, I saw may students there, chatting like a party; it was so warm.

I met so many people there because I was involved with so many clubs and activities. I always feel Modesto a very nice town to live and study.

At night, I went to the Baminton Class to pay with dozens of other adult students, and I met a doctor who played so well; he won #2 in Hong Kong years back and graduated from UCSF. When he went back to SF, he often gave me a ride home. He even gave me a guitar book that I still have it.

Sometimes, I took Greyhound from SF to Modesto, and the station is not that far from the college, nor where I live. I did not have car but a bike. I often had to bike 20 minutes to supermaket to buy $10 food each week, and the people in supermarket was so nice; they would show me what to buy, especially senior people, I could learn a lot from them.

The people there are wonderful and social is almost everywhere. It is like everyone eager to make friends with me. Modesto is the best.

I read a new recently saying nearby Stocken got hit on real estate a lot, I am not sure if Modesto is fine? I wish I can help people there if they are in trouble.
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