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For garden fencing - wood or metal?

Asked by Elizabeth Sagarminaga, California Tue Sep 25, 2012

What you think metal fencing or wood fencing should be used for garden fencing. http://blog.californiafenceco.com/how-to-protect-your-garden…

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Is a few things that you should consider first, like the style and age of your home. Normally metal match most of the homes styles, looks good and they need minimum maintenance. It really depend if a metal fence will go with your home decor.

Best of luck in your project,

Maria E. Cipollone

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You're definitely right, Maria. Metal fences work with a lot of different house styles. They're also pretty easy to maintain and replace if need be. That being said, wood fencing looks really classy and it can be a good way to keep your pets in the yard. I had a dog that would dig under just about anything, so wood fencing was the way to go with him. You might even consider a custom fence for your house. That way you could adjust the style of fence to fit your specific needs and wants. http://www.yorkfence.com
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I would have to agree with you. I think it is important to take a couple of factors into thought like the age of your home and the surroundings of the garden. You want things to look nice. I personally would go with metal fencing because you wouldn't have to keep treating it like you would with wood. There are pros and cons to both, but it ultimately is decided on what would look better with its surroundings.

Zach | http://www.trejosironworks.com
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I agree with Emily, whatever kind of fence that you choose will look great. I usually prefer metal fences, but I have never put one around a garden before. I would consider asking your neighbors to see what they think. http://www.daviskresakfences.com
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I agree, usually when I have a lot of tall green vegetables, I prefer a wooden fence. If my garden has a lot of flowers in it, I usually tend to go with a metal fence. It's all up to your personal preference. I'm sure that whatever you choose to do will look great. http://everytypefencing.com
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I agree that the style and age of your home can depend on the kind of fence you should buy. I would look around to see what kind of fences other homes of your same style have. This will help you figure out which one is best for you and your home. Good luck! http://www.cutpricefencing.com.au
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Metal fencing looks harsh unless your property is over an acre and the fencing is commercial quailty security perimeter fence. Most wood fences require maintenance and have a limited life span. Most wood fences only look good for the 6-12 months. A suggestion---for looks, ease of maintenance and cost. Try to locate 12-14 foot sections of concrete-substrate siding ( about 50 cents a lineal foot) . It comes in widths of 8 inches and is prepainted. It is designed to place horizontally. Simply cut 6-7 foot sections with a panel saw. These sections are used just like fence boards but in a vertical position. Build a wood fence structure using ACQ pressure treated wood.. Post holes 2 feet deep with 8 foot 4x4 posts. Use 2x4 ACQ pressure treated lumber for the cross members and stainless or Zinc coated exterior screws to hold the cement board. These materials are inexpensive, look good and can easily be repaired by replacing them. The color of the cement boards does not fade. The fence is excellent for privacy or garden barrier , can handle high wind loads but are not designed as physically resistant from fast baseballs and other projectiles. I found this as a very inexpensive good lokking fence. It is also a extremely fast build, once layout and concrte post holess have been cured.
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We used glass fencing in our garden. It allows the sun to always shine through to the plants. It really depends on your preference though. http://www.glassfencingandbalustradesact.com
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Some owners still prefer wood for the look, while it is still in good condition.

Kind regards,

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Elizabeth, it could depend on how many animals visit you as well as the design that you like. I know that some of the neighbors in my town have been setting up metal chain link fences around their garden. They tell me that it's mostly to keep the deers and rabbits out. http://www.surelinefencing.com.au
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My personal preference would be metal fencing. Metal fencing lasts longer than wood fences. All of the wood fences that I have had have broken pretty easily from people running into it or my dog clawing at it. Plus you can get metal fences that are just as nice looking as wood fencing.

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What is common in your neighborhood? If others have no fences, then a metal fence may blend in better than a wood fence. If most neighbors have wood fences, do the same.
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For a garden I think that a wood fence would be a good option. Although there are many different types of fences that people use for gardens. My grandmother has a beautiful garden and is currently deciding on what kind of fence she would like to put up. http://www.glassfencingandbalustradesact.com
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What is the trim on your home? Metal, wood? Which do you like the best? Metal may last longer. Wood won't have gaps for some wild life to enter unless they go up and over. A combination of both is often beautiful if you have the right design. Look up fences on the internet or look at some homes to see what you like. Drive around your area and see what your neighbors are using. Do you like it? If so, decide if you want to copy cat or go with something else. Of course, this was asked in 2012 and it is now 2015. I hope you've made your decision. I would love to know what you decided.
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Questions posed need to be more specific. What type of garden....food or flower? What style house...how far away is the garden from the house? Are you trying to protect a veg garden from critters?
Without specific info you get answers as varied as concrete panels to bamboo (neither of which I would consider appropriate to contain or protect a garden.
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if you start and continue to do so. Plant young bamboo equally spaced in a straight line but at v shapes. Weave them in and out and continu
e to do so as they grow. creating a rooted fence line.
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I would say that it would depend on your personal preference and what you think goes well with your home. There are benefits to both wooden and metal fences. One of the best benefits in my opinion of a metal fence is how easy it is to maintain. Really it depends on what you are looking for in a fence. I would do some more research. http://www.arborfencecompany.com
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It would depend on the garden style in particular. Some look better with wood and others look better with metal. I would recommend looking at references or photos and see what you like the best. http://www.anotchaboveaffordablefence.com/services
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I think metal is definitely better for something like this. You're going to want to see through your fence at least a little bit. It will make it easier for you to keep the focus you need on the garden. Wooden fences to me seem like they're more for privacy. remembering those things can help you out quite a bit.
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I think it depends on what kinds of threats you have around your garden. If you are mostly just trying to keep out bigger animals like dogs and deer than a metal fence would do just fine. However, if you are dealing with smaller animals or really hard winds then a wood fence would work better to keep out the threats. Good luck! http://www.buyrningwood.com
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Hey Elizabeth, I think the fencing you should get comes down to your personal preference. I prefer metal fences because they are easier to maintain, and they are lighter than wood. But in the end it comes down to which you think would look better! http://www.centralcoastfencingindustries.com.au
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I think wood looks better, but metal is easier to maintain. For a garden, I would go with chain link. I like my perimeter fence to be wood, but few people will ever see your garden. Chain link fencing will also allow your plants to receive more sunshine.

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I think that metal fencing is probably going to be easier to install. It also helps you to be able to see the plants through the fence. Wooden fences do look better though. I think overall, you can't go wrong with either option, but you should talk to a professional and see what they think is best.
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never want to use a metal fence unless I paid for a really fancy one. I think that wood would be your best bet. http://www.familyfencetampa.com
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For me, your choice of fence all depends on what your home looks like. If you have siding, I think that wood fencing looks better. However, with a brick house, metal fencing often looks very classy. You could talk to your fence contractor to see what their opinion is, but you may even just want to go with the least expensive option. Let us know which you choose!
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If you are going from a completely aesthetic point of view, I would choose a wooden fence. It may not be as efficient, but they are really beautiful. I have a tall wooden fence surrounding my garden, and I love how it looks against my loose, dark soil. I'm sure metal would last longer than wood, though, for a fence. It just depends on your preference. http://www.prioritychainlink.com/
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It really comes down to preference. If you'd rather have metal go with metal. I personally think wood is better. If I was fencing in a garden area I'd make a wooden fence. I think you would benefit from looking around at some different designs and styles. Picking the one you like the most should be fairly easy when you have some options.
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I think that it all depends on the buyer, and the seller. If the buyer prefers iron, then they will value it much more than other building materials. However, one good way to decide what to use for fencing is to look at the current trends. Most likely if you follow the trends your home will look good.
Mark LEach | http://www.americansecuredfence.com/RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL-I…
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The fence really makes or breaks a garden. You want to make sure that not only the flowers in the garden look nice, but everything surrounding it. My wife and I have been thinking about putting in a new fence in our back yard. I think that we're going to go with metal though. http://www.fencenashville.net/Pages/commercial.aspx
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I think a big part of garden decor is a fence. A lot of people have fences with their houses and gardens, so it makes sense to just use them to help the garden decor. I would go with wood fencing. That always looks better than a metal fence. http://www.4cornersfencingco.com/
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It depends on the type of garden you have and what it looks like, since both options can look great. If you have more wooden decor in your garden, it might be better to choose a wood fence. However, with cast iron, that usually looks good with just about anything. I would look at different garden fences to see what you think would look the best so you can make the best choice! http://nwfence.com/ornamental-fences/1314066
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That is a great question, and it is really up to you and your preferences. I think it also depends on the purpose of the fence. I have a garden in my yard and I have two large dogs. I think it is best for me to have a metal fence so that my dogs can't get into the garden. If I was you I would look at different styles and functions and decide what you like best. Best of luck! http://nwfence.com/ornamental-fences/1314066
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Picking the right style of fence for your house and yard. I really like the look of iron fence. I think that it is classy and elegant. I would like to get one put up in my yard. I have a dog so it is important that I have a strong fence. http://www.odi-tampa.com/aboutus.html
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I think that wood looks better than metal fencing. It might be harder to maintain, but it is usually cheaper. I think they will work equally well, so just choose the option that you think looks better.

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Bamboo is another good choice -- and it's not at all expensive. Keep us posted on what you choose to do. Metal fencing will last for years and years.
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I think the fencing you want to put around your garden ultimately is decided by what you think will go nicer. Metal fences will last longer and not require as much maintenance as apposed to wood fences. However, wood fences do tend to make the house more natural. I honestly like wood fences despite all the care you have to put into it.

Zach | http://www.alpinefenceglenview.com
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With all of these plans that I'm making for building a custom home, I'm stressed! I never even thought about fencing. There are so many choices, I'm excited to plan my yard and fencing. http://www.braccifence.com
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The choice of wood are metal would depend on your taste, what the community is like, the type of home, andhow much maintenance you want to put into a fence. I would suggest looking around your neighborhood , that might be helpful.
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I agree, it really depends on a lot of things. There are some types of houses that look better with a cedar fence around them. Other houses however, look a lot better with a metal fence. It all really depends on your personal preference. http://www.djfencellc.com/services.html
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Hi Elizabeth,

Many people like the look of wood, and it is something they are used to, but metal tends to last longer in many cases. Would there be watering right up near the fence?

All the best,

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I have a 6' Wooden (Oak) fence. The neighbor put it up for the man that owned my house. He had old cars he worked on. Now 25 years later the fence is pretty. Has weathered to a soft brown. Is still sturdy, serves as a privacy fence, (the cars are gone) and I have a nice lawn under a huge cypress tree. I round thermometer hangs on the fence over my small garden. On his side he enjoys the surface; there are bird houses, shelves, bird feeders, and cute country decorations. You would have to look twice behind my wild flowers and landscaping to see the fence. It is as though there are no other houses. Works nicely for a city.
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Where is the fence going? I'm my mind a chain link fencing for behind the garden would be good. You could grow some plants up it, like peas, beans, or tomatoes.
Michael Foster http://www.qualitychainlinkfencing.ca/services.html
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I absolutely love picket fencing but, like Maria said, you need to make sure that it will match the style of your home. You could always call a fencing company and ask for their opinion. They will be able to give you numbers and advice on what will look and work best for your garden.
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She probably already got her answer as the question is two years old.
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I think that wood fencing looks better in a garden, but metal fending is more practical in a garden. I know that isn't what you wanted to hear, since you're choosing between them, but those are the pro's and cons. It depends on how often you're willing to replace your wood fencing. It might be every 10 years, whereas your metal fencing might be 20 years. It is your call, but my vote is for the wood fencing. http://www.americansecuredfence.com/RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL-I…
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Consider the location - how much sun does it get? California Sun can really beat up wooden fences, and it will require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good versus a metal fence.
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Mr.Patrick provide a great answer. It' a all based on the climate of the place you live in. I think wood fencing is better and it gives a home more security.
Web Reference: http://www.deck-rail.com/
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Really? Plastic in a garden?
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I'm 100% in favor or the newer plastic fences actually...they look nice and just really last. They also require less maintenance than wood or metal fences.

Wood is nice, but also suseptible to insects, particularly termites.

Metal (wrought iron) can look really nice as well, but does require some maintenance from time to time. It can provide a "richer" look however when done well.

As the other poster mentioned, if you live in an HOA, make sure you consult your CC&Rs before doing anything.

Good luck! Home improvements can be a lot of fun.

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It really depends on the climate you live in, I would say wood is best and then you can seal it to protect it from deteriorating. Metal might seem more logical as to lasting longer however asthetically most homes have wood and it does look better, it is warmer and more inviting. I have seen some PVC white fencing products that look really nice so that might be an option also. One last thing, if you live in an area with an HOA they might have certain restrictions on allowable fencing products, if thats the case always check with them first. Hope this helps.
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