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Asked by Jay Groccia, Boylston, MA Sun Apr 12, 2009

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Emily Erekuff, Home Owner, Menifee, CA
Mon Apr 13, 2009
Hi Jay,

Welcome to Trulia Voices!

Since this post isn't really a question, it would be better suited in the Trulia Blogs section of our site. Please remove this post and access the link below to create a blog instead. Blogging on Trulia is extremely easy and you can include links, photos and even videos in your post.

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Emily Gibson
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Jay Groccia, Agent, Boylston, MA
Sun Apr 12, 2009
I've got plenty of business, thank you for asking.

The purpose of the post is to educate home sellers that there is more than one answer to, "Why haven't you sold my house?" or "Why isn't anybody coming to see my house?", is "Your price is too high".

Sound familiar?

I want people to know that there are competent photographers in every market. I want to see them make money so they can keep paying their mortgages, feed, clothe, and keep their families healthy.

You may not personally value our services and that's just fine with me. I work with less than 1% of the real estate agents in Massachusetts (although I've created over 600 portraits of real estate agents in the state). So I'm fine with an agent hiring me for a portrait and if s/he never uses me for anything but, that's fine. I appreciate their portrait business. The one thing that I noticed from the agents that hire me, they hire me again and again - one agent has used me on over 40 listings and many (but not all) of them were over $1M.- and they all exhibit savvy. Good, solid, intelligent business people that know what motivates people and get their listing to sell. They all have their own website (and no a BLOG doesn't count) and a significant number of them even have a website build exclusively for the house. They aren't "cheap", "pushy", or any other derogatory stereotypes of the real estate industry. My hat's off to all of them.

What I hope to accomplish is if any agent reading this post has a light go off in their head and realize how to attain the next level in real estate marketing,

Props to
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Jay Groccia, Agent, Boylston, MA
Sun Apr 12, 2009
There was a time when 'curb appeal' meant having a beautiful front yard. Today curb appeal takes place on line, in other words, Curb Appeal 2.0. With a click of the mouse, you are in the house.

That means the first impression the buyer has is online and without any sales pressure. They can quietly look at each room and decide to move forward or click BACK. On, that decision happens in less than 35 seconds. If the photos of your home don't inspire immediately, you've lost the opportunity to sell to that buyer forever.

A COMPELLING online presentation is the only thing that matters. Newspaper ads don't matter, home magazines don't matter, postcards don't matter. So the real estate agent should be budgeting 1/10% to 2/10$ of the listing price to create that presentation and the bulk of that cost will be staging and photography. So for a $500,000 home, they should be budgeting $500-$1,000 for the staging and photography. If the real estate agent you use is reluctnt to spend any money marketing your home, then why are you even considering hiring them? FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) are already doing it - there are brokers offering fee for services menus where homeowners can pay a fee for MLS listing, a fee for hosting an open house, a fee for staging, photography, etc. If 'full-service' agents aren't prepared to step up to the plate, then in my opinion, they should find another profession. Because selling real estate is a profession, practiced by professionals that strive for excellence. Would you expect anything less from an attorney, surgeon, accountant (hey I own a good calculator), or airline pilot?

Today's real estate market demands one thing above all else: A compelling online presentation of the home. Everything else is secondary because we are now in a "Curb Appeal 2.0" world. With a single click of the mouse, you are now in the house.

Jay Groccia
Principal Photographer, OnSite Studiosâ„¢
Founder, OnlinePropertyShowcaseâ„¢
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