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What can be done to prevent a neighbor from having her guests parking in front of an individual's home?

Asked by T, Mon Jan 21, 2008

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CJ Brasiel, Agent, San Jose, CA
Mon Jan 21, 2008

I assume you are talking about a single family home and not a cooperative complex like a condo or town home. If it is a single family home that is not governed by a Home Association or the like, then you may have to check with your local city/county ordinances about parking. Each community governs these situations differently.

If you haven't already spoken with your neighbor, I would suggest that as a first step. They may not be telling the guest to park there and may be very responsive to guiding their guest to a different area or making room for them in their own driveway or front curb. If it is a "lot" of cars and big parties, I am sure a city noise ordinance could probably help.

If it is a condo or town home check with your Home Association. Again, talking to the neighbor first is always the best step but if that doesn't work, find out what the "rules" are for your neighborhood or complex.

I also found this blog that has a link to Austin's ordinance that might help.

Good luck.

Web Reference:  http://www.CJBRealEstate.com
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Wed May 18, 2011
If the guests are parking on city streets and they are following the parking ordinance, then nothing. We need to remember that we do not own the street in front of our homes.
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San Juanita…, , Austin, TX
Mon Jan 21, 2008
Are they blocking your driveway? Do the guests do this consistently or just once in a while? I'd recommend a neighborly approach by talking to the home owners. If they're not blocking your driveway, there isn't much you can do. If they're parking in the street overnight consistently AND if you have an HOA (home owner's association) that clearly states this isn't allowed, I'd contact them (HOA mgm't. company )to take some action. If they're violating city ordinances then the police department can issue citations which can also be warning citations. I would like to think you could remain on good terms with your neighbors.
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Maxwell McDa…, , Austin, TX
Mon Jan 21, 2008
If it's a public street, unfortunately for you, not much. I'd start by asking your neighbor nicely and see how far that gets you. Do you have some viable reason for the request (ie you're moving in/out or need handicapped access) or do you just not like the way that the cars look in front of your home?

Your only other option is if the cars stay there for an extended period of time then you could conceivably have them towed as abandoned vehicles.

Best of luck,

Maxwell McDaniel
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Torquil Cree…, Agent, Austin, TX
Thu May 19, 2011
If it's not a tow away zone or fire lane,etc...or if there is no permit needed to park on that street--not much can be done legally. You have some excellent advice for the friendly neighbor approach.
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Jim McCowan, Agent, Arlington, VA
Wed May 18, 2011
Probably not a lot. Your best bet is to contact the local authorities and ask them.
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Agnes Gilcre…, , Corpus Christi, TX
Sun Apr 27, 2008
Not much...the streets are manned by the city. If it has become a habitual problem and if you are on good terms with the neighbor, you might want to chat with him or her about your feelings. But try not to get into a right and wrong match with your neighbor. Or you could set your sprinkler system to on, ha! ha!
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Bruce Lynn, Agent, Coppell, TX
Thu Jan 24, 2008
I think your best bet is to be creative...... maybe tell them that you are a really bad driver and that you're always scared you'll run into their car where it is parked. You could tell them you're getting ready to mow and you don't want any rocks to damage their car from the mower or the weed eater. Have your dog use their tires as a fire plug. Water your yard while they are parking and accidentally squirt the drive as they get out. You get the picture.
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Paul B. Perez, , Austin, TX
Tue Jan 22, 2008
Julie is so kind on some of these. I had a similar experience with a grouchy neighbor, we kept parking in front of his garbage cans, so the city wouldn't pick up his trash. He came over and asked us not to park in front of his hoouse. My girlfriend and her friends where submissive to his request, but not I. From then on I would park in front of his house before he put out his trash, so it would be up to him weather or not to have his trash picked up. After a while he asked me directly to not park in front of his house at which time I reminded him that we all pay the same tax rate for the right to park on any street at anytime unless otherwise properly marked. Then I told him that if he didn't like it, he could MOVE! My girlfriend thought I was being mean, but actually I was telling the truth. I of course went around to the 5 other surrounding neighbors and asked them if there was a problem with us parking in front of their house. None of the other neighbors had a problem; as a matter of fact most neoghbors invited it as it made the house look busy. (Most of the neighborhood where older retired folks) Four of the five neighbors told me that the guy who lived next door was just an old grouch who hated the world and anything that ruined the look of his perfect yard.
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You're a sociopath. The neighbor has good reason for being grouchy
Flag Mon Mar 9, 2015
I hope someone does something to you one day that you really, really don't like. That will teach you for being an *hole.
Flag Tue Mar 19, 2013
This sort of behavior from an adult shows deep, hostile issues. Get help.
Flag Sat Mar 24, 2012
Julie Nelson, Agent, Austin, TX
Mon Jan 21, 2008
Oh, I have personal experience with this one. My last house had the crankiest 90-year old woman for a neighbor (we always thought that her venom is actually what kept her going). She more or less thought she owned the street in front of her house (no, not in the suburbs, no HOA ... middle of the city neighborhood). So we killed her with kindness, trimmed her trees, put orange road pylons in front of her house when we had a garage sale and gave her a heads up when we were having large gatherings. Our darling friends would compete to see who could get there first to park in front of her house. We tolerated her sneers and had to occassionally remind her that it was a city street and anyone could park there but we also tried our best to get our guests to park elsewhere if possible. I think she is 93 now and still sneering at the neighbors.
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Dana Phillips, Agent, San Antonio, TX
Mon Jan 21, 2008
Well, that depends alot on how much you like your neihbor. First I would talk to them. If that doesn't work, contact your HOA, if that doesn't work or you don't have one to call, call the police. I spoke to an SAPD officer about it and he basically said that if the vehicle is blocking your driveway they might call a tow-truck depending on the municipality. Hope this helps.
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